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Decking Siberian larch
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Great Workability Features = Time & Cost Savings Long Lasting!. Maintenance Optional. Least Expensive Quality Decking Material! Excellent Price/Performance Ratio!. Dense / Stable (Uniformly Kiln-Dried).
Bishop Wood
Flooring Siberian larch
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Premium Sizes Provide a Traditional Look. All Heartwood & Tight Grain Features Create Aesthetic Benefits!. Readily Available!. Uniquely Similar to Antique Heart Pine! However, Siberian Larch is a Fraction of the Cost! Compliments Very Well the Timber-Frame...
Growing A Larch Tree: Larch Tree Types For Garden Settings
Although most are massive trees, there are a few types of larch trees for gardeners with less space.‘Varied Directions' grows 15 feet tall with irregular branches that give it a distinctive winter profile.
Tamarack Tree Information – How To Grow A Tamarack Tree
As long as they have full light and regular irrigation, they should thrive.If you are growing tamarack trees, you will find that they grow fast. They grow wild from the Atlantic all the way across to central Alaska.
SiberWood Ltd.

We manufacture and sell wood products since 2003. Our partners in Siberia select for us raw wood materials of demanded quality and send that to our wood processing factories in the city Saint-Peterburg.
  • Type: Manufacturer
  • Slogan: Siberian larch products in New-York
New Jersey
Winding River Village
Siberian Larch
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Dear Sirs, Our company is a producer and seller of different kinds of timber. The sizes can vary according to your demands. Quality 1-4 by GOST. We can offer you sawn timber of different sizes, especially 32mm x 125/150mm x 3.0-6.0m, 50 mm x 125/150 mm,...
Krasnoyarskiy Kray
Keane Group, LLC

Sea Dog Kennel is a Portuguese water Dog kennel located in... Sea Dog Kennel is a Portuguese water Dog kennel located in PA
  • Type: Breeder
New Fortune Industrial Co.,Ltd.

Since 2002,New Fortune has actived in the market.Our major subject is to study,develop & research the new compounds in the fields of Fine chemicals, Agrochemicals & Biochemicals.
  • DBA: Fine Chemicals
  • Parent Company Name: New Fortune Industrial Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Sheng
Nesan Madencilik inc.

We are a Natural Zeolite (clinoptilolite) mining/producing company, we wish to find buyers/markets for our products
  • DBA: company
  • Type: Exporter,Producer,Supplier

We are chinese manufacturer of agrochemical, our main products including household insecticide,rodenticide.
  • Type: Representative
Jiangsu Sheng
Kencana sakti cv.

We are manufacturer of organic fertilizer, rock phosphate, guano phosphate and fresh bat guano
  • Type: Exporter
Bona(xiamen) company Ltd.

With the newest and advanced technique, we manufacture and supply highly purified Quaternary Ammonium Compounds
  • DBA: manufacturer
  • Type: Manufacturer

Welcome to visit my homepage. We are a leading supplier of chemicals and pharmaceuticals in China since 1974.
  • Type: Exporter,Manufacturer,Supplier
Achlor liaocheng ltd.

As Manufacturer and Exportor of chemical disinfectants, our main products are Sodium dichloroisocyanurate(SDIC), Trichloroisocyanuric Acid(TCCA), Cyanuric Acid(CA),Chlorine Tablet(Effervescent).
  • DBA: manufacturer
  • Type: Supplier
Shandong Sheng
Siberian Larch Timber 22-50 mm
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Our company offers Siberian larch timber of natural humidity in several directions. We are Russian timber company which owns sawmill near Saint-Petersburg (70 kilometers from the borderline with Finland).
  • Length: 2000; 2700; 3000; 4000; 6000 mm
  • Thickness: 22; 25; 32; 35; 42; 50 mm
  • Grading system: Russian sawn timber : grading rules acc. to GOST 26002-83
  • Type of species: European Softwood
  • Origin: Russia
  • Incoterm: CPT - carriage paid to Country Latvia
Leningrad Region
St. Petersburg
Offer for 31 mm Siberian Larch Planks (boards),Germany
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Lumber dried KD 16% + / - 2%. KD 16%+/-2%, radial cut.
  • Type: Planks (boards)
  • Thickness: 31 mm
  • Quality: 0/ii
  • Incoterm: DAP – Delivered at Place (named place of destination)
  • Drying: Kiln dry (KD)
  • Length: 3000 - 6000 mm
Siberian Larch lumber
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Our company offers Siberian larch timber of natural humidity in several directions. Please send us request with specification and we will immediately calculate the price of timber's delivery to the required point of destination.
  • Key feature: FSC
  • Width: 100-150 mm
  • Region: Krasnoyarsk region
  • Moisture content: 40 %
  • Quality: 1
  • Treatment: No treatment
Leningrad Region
St. Petersburg
Fresh Sawn Siberian Larch Timber, 26-80 mm
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Delivery condition EU DDP. Price on request. - Translated with google
  • Thickness: 26 - 80 mm
  • Volume: 20 - 240 m3 per month
  • Incoterm: DAP – Delivered at Place (named place of destination) Country Germany
  • Length: 3000 - 6000 mm
  • Origin: Russia
  • Drying: Fresh sawn
Vacuum Dried  25;  32;  50 mm Kiln Dry (KD) Siberian Larch Planks (boards) from Russia, Irkutsk
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Also available: air-dry edged (AD) and fresh-cut / green for 310 EUR / m3. Other dimensions on request. The product is also available with FSC certificate. - Translated with google
  • Region: Irkutsk
  • Grading system: Russian sawn timber : grading rules acc. to GOST 26002-83
  • Length: 1; 4; 5; 6 m
  • Key feature: Vacuum Dried
  • Quality: I-IV
  • Type of species: European Softwood
Stare Babice
Fresh Siberian Larch Sawn Timber, 25; 32; 50 mm thick
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Lumber is natural humidity All dimensions are indicated in invoice sizes. We supply timber from our production facilities in Siberia to the city name Idritsa (Pskov region), this place is in 50 km from the border line with Latvia.
  • Drying: Fresh sawn
  • Thickness: 25; 32; 50 mm
  • Volume: 20 - 3000 m3 per month
  • Packaging: Packaged to length
  • Length: 2000; 2750; 3000; 4000; 6000 mm
  • Treatment: No treatment
Leningrad Region
St. Petersburg
Siberian Larch Taruki Timber 20-45 mm
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  • Quality: A
  • Width: 40-45 mm
  • Volume: 20 - 100 m3 per year
  • Drying: Kiln dry (KD)
  • Type of species: Asian Softwood
Natural Veneer, Larch , Rifted
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Regular production, mainly quarters (Echt Quartier); bigger volumes available, more photos available
  • Volume: 500 - 20.000 m2 (sqm) Spot - 1 time
  • Thickness: 0.5; 0.7; 0.9; 1.4; 2.4 mm
  • Type of species: European Softwood
  • Length: 250+ cm
  • Surface area: 20.000 m2 (sqm)
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  • Thickness: 1;2;3;4;5;6;8 in
  • Grading system: US Structural grades
  • Type of species: North American Softwood
  • Quality: light framing construction
  • Length: 8+ ft
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Standartspezi a carload looks like this (about 75 cbm) 2 packages of 3.00 m 2 packages 4.00 m 5.10 m 2 packages 8 packets 6.00 m - Translated with google
  • Thickness: 32 mm
  • Grading system: Russian sawn timber : grading rules acc. to GOST 26002-83
  • Incoterm: DDP - delivered, all transport and duties are paid by the seller. Country Germany Region Europa
  • Width: 150 mm
  • Quality: 0-III
  • Packaging: Truck bundles
Bad Grund
KD Larch Planks 18 mm
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Siberian Larch (Softwood) 18x145 mm 130 mm working width 400 cm long 670 pieces Rabat Sawing Visible side finely sawn
  • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Netherlands Region Zuid-Holland
  • Quality: FSC mix Credit
  • Volume: 670 - 670 pieces Spot - 1 time
  • Grading system: Euro. Norms: strength graded - carcassing graded sawn timber (EN338-EN1310)
  • Thickness: 18 mm
  • Length: 400 cm
South Holland
Poles, Larch, 1+ m
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Our offer includes various diameters and lengths. We are a producer of turned wooden barn. Palisade is produced from acacia, oak, larch, spruce and pine. We also do obstacles for horses, hurdles for horses.
  • Part of tree: Without top
  • Diameter: 5; 7; 8; 9- 5; 10; 12; 14 cm
  • Volume: 28 - 110 m3 per month
  • Length: 1+ m
  • Quality: a/b/c
Hunan Zhuzhou Chemical Industry Group Xiangyu Refining Chemical

We also can offer the down-stream products of mentioned above Our company is the largest manufacturer of hydrazine hydrate & P / O-chlorotoluene in China, so we can offer any kinds of those products & supply it with good quality and low price.
  • Type: Exporter,Manufacturer

We are offering pine oil, terpienol, terpene polymer, tung oil, pine tar, rosin ester, etc Chinese leading pine chemicals and aromatic chemicals supplier.
  • Type: Manufacturer
Fujian Sheng
Sanchoo Enterprises

Distribution business to connect large manufacturers of agricultural products with small businesses or individuals in the most cost effective manner.
  • Type: Consultant,Distributor,Exporter
Forest Hills