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Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar
Price : CALL

I am selling Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar, some Pear and misc. Location Hwy 69 Greenville TX Hunt county Contact Sirish at 512-909-8752 if interested. Need land cleared for agriculture.
Precision Cut Lumber - Architectural Structures
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*Doors, Windows, Frames. OUR LUMBER LIST : Teak, Balau, Pinkyado, Selangan, Padauk, Pine, Oak, Merbau, Alan Batu, Keruing, Mersawa, Kampus, Sandalwood, Beech, Maple, Tamarind, etc.
Chiang Mai
Mae On
African Exotic Hardwood
Price : CALL

We have all types of African Exotic Hardwoods such as , bubinga, Iroko , Wenge , Azobe, Padouck We already welcome you! Is it Wenge? Teak?Just name the plant and we shall do the rest from here.
NJ Black Walnut Tree
Price : CALL

Tree felled in storm on 7/28, in NJ looking to sell, will need to pickup / cut, good access to tree long bed log loader not a problem. Felled due to storm, 50 foot Walnut tree. Was a healthy tree, large straight limbs, large trunk.
Drying wagon for flat bed drying
Price : CALL

The mobile Flat Bed Drying Wagon is a most unique and economical unit. It was designed for drying edible beans, small specialty grains and grass seeds at a high controlled temperature to obtain minimum damage during drying and handling.
Cladding Siberian larch
Price : CALL

All Heart Offers Durability Benefits & A Uniform Color. High Manufacturing Standards Consistent Quality. Accepts Stain Well Offers Variety of Design Options. Environmentally Responsible.
Dried Cocoa Beans
Price : CALL

Please let us know your interest. Cocoa bean is mainly used to process various chocolate products, and is used in candies, beverage and baked food. We are offering hand picked dry raw certified Organic cocoa beans.
Decking Siberian larch
Price : CALL

Environmentally Responsible. Dense / Stable (Uniformly Kiln-Dried). Aesthetically Beautiful Tight Grain and Golden Brown Color looks great!. Packaging Allows for Easy Handling. Least Expensive Quality Decking Material! Excellent Price/Performance Ratio!.
Bishop Wood
Dried marigold flower
Price : CALL

Dried marigold flower. Samples and pictures can be send. Production field is in Romania southern part. I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send.
Lakes - Tall Timber
Price : CALL

Come see for yourself! Storage for boat or RV. Electricity & water at road frontage. Abundant wildlife, including deer, turkeys, armadillos, eagles. Unbelievable night sky. Remarkably, unspoiled beauty of former Boy Scout Ranch.
Chiltepin -Hot dried peper
Price : CALL

Common names include chiltepin, chiltepe, and chile tepin, as well as turkey, bird s eye, or simply bird peppers, due to their consumption and spread by wild birds. Names include chiltepe, chile tepin, as well as turkey, bird s eye, or simply bird peppers,...
Spray dried brewers yeast
Price : CALL

In terms of the amino acid content, the feeding yeast protein EXTRA is close to animal feeds. The yeast cells contain 40-54% of protein and 18% of glycogen, they are reach of group B vitamins, mineral salts and indispensable amino acids.
Live,dried and Frozen Snails
Price : CALL

Snail empty shells AND EXTRACT also available for delivery. Snails have very high nutritive value and shells have high level of calcium. For more information on pricing and delivery conditions , do not hesitate to contact email at
Ag Products Dried Morel mushrooms
Price : CALL

Fresh available as long as the season lasts. $6000 USD plus shipping. Packed in vacuum seal bags. $20 a pound plus shipping. Sealed in vacuum bags. Moisture content 0 to 5%. 40 pounds of dried on hand.
Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut
Price : CALL

Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut We have a large stock of stable kiln dried semi-processed reclaimed Oak flooring boards from beam-sawn Oak. Available for F Shipment White Oak 4/4-8/4 Red Oak 4/4-8/4 White Ash 4/4-/8/4 Walnut 4/4-8/4 Please send...
Walnut timber and kernel of walnut
Price : CALL

The full package of documents and certificates. Modern equipment in the line with quality manual work. We deal with selling of walnut timber and kernel of walnut 1/2, 1/4, 1/8. Different volumes.
Sun Dried Tomato Farm Argentina
Price : CALL

Package includes all custom built plant, equipment and implements. Two further has are planted with stockfeed. Workers accomodation with private bathroom away from the main house. Products are Nationally Registered and Certified.
San Rafael
Available fresh/frozen and dry matsutake
Price : CALL

Matsutake 1.whole slice 2.100% natural,no additives 3.we provide all kinds of dried wild edible matsutake mushrooms Matsutake mushrooms are the property of Lijiang delicacies. It is rich in crude protein, crude fat, crude fiber and vitamins B1, B2, vitamin...
Apricot oil Dried apricot and apple
Price : CALL

We introduce our self a trader of all kind of agricultural products form Baltistan. Our main products includes dried apricot,apple,banana,walnut,apricot seed/kernel and apricot oil of very superior quality.
Flooring Siberian larch
Price : CALL

Readily Available!. Environmentally Responsible. Micro-Beveled Edges Prevent Projections. Uniquely Similar to Antique Heart Pine! However, Siberian Larch is a Fraction of the Cost!.
Morel mushrooms wild dried morels.
Price : CALL

We deal in wild dried morels. So buyers interested please contact We are established agents of morel mushrooms and are keen to spread our market so we need established buyers. So we want trusted dealers who can buy our product at good price and those...
Himachal Pradesh
DAP,diammonium phosphate
Price : CALL

It is soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol, acetone and ammonia. The relative density is 2.338. Common Name :DAP (diammonium phosphate) Molecular formula : NH4 2HPO Molecular weight : 132.05 Appearance : White crystal or powder CAS No. : 7783-28-0...
Sell wood ear mushrooms ( dried black fungus)
Price : CALL

Raw Material Dried Black Fungus 2. At the moment Nutriworld Co., Ltd is exporting Dried Black Fungus to all most country on the world. Black Fungus Sliced, Scrap Dried Black Fungus b.
Dong Nai
Thong Nhat
Supplier of fresh, frozen &dry matsutake mushroom
Price : CALL

We deal in other types too Beech Mushroom ,Black Trumpets Cauliflower Mushroom ,Chantrelle ,Crimini Mushroom ,Enoki Mushroom Ganoderma , Golden Mushroom We can also supply other kinds of mushrooms .
China Tarim dried fruits wholesale co ltd
Price : CALL

China Tarim dried fruits co ltd ., We offer walnuts, raisins, chiness date, jujube, almonds, apricot china xinjiang is one of world dried fruits source and world cheapst price
Xinjiang Uygur
We have Quality Fresh & Dried Beef Tendons
Price : CALL

Product Type:Beef tendons Style: Dried Drying Process: SUN LIGHT Part: Edible Offals Shape: Piece Packaging Detail: 100 KGS IN JUTE BAGS Weight (kg): 100 Shelf Life: 2 YEARS Certification: GMP, Health Certificate Place of Origin: Cameroo
9 pounds of dried Morel mushrooms
Price : CALL

Willing to ship within the US. Mostly medium to medium large black morels but do have a couple pounds of medium to large grey and yellow Morels as well. I have approximately 9 pounds of dried Morel mushrooms for sale.
Burmese Teak Planks, AD, 1 inch thick
Price : CALL

  • Origin: Myanmar
  • Width: 4 in
  • Volume: 15 - 100 m3 Spot - 1 time
  • Type: Planks (boards)
  • Thickness: 1 in
  • Grading system: European grading rules
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Reana del Rojale UD
Beech Planks (boards) 3/4 FN from France
Price : CALL

  • Volume: 35 - 35 m3 Spot - 1 time
  • Drying: Kiln dry (KD)
  • Length: 2200-2500 mm
  • Width: 120+ mm
  • Origin: France
  • Type: Planks (boards)