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Andrews 2-in-1 Sprinkler/Soaker Hose
Prices start at : 13.09 USD / each

Adjustable Length: End clip can be removed and reset anywhere along the hose to adjust length. The original 2-tube standby. Ideal for flower beds, borders, vegetable gardens, walkways, lawns and shrubs.
  • Length: 30 ft
  • Ship wt: .5 lb
Melnor Flat Soaker Hose
Prices start at : 10.49 USD / each

The flat design rolls or folds up tight to store in a small space and is available in three lengths; 25, 50 and 75 feet. Easy to handle, easy to store! Give your plants a good, deep soaking for optimal hydration.


    • Rolls up flat and tight unlike round soaker hose; easier to store and transport: Product Features
    • Length: 25 ft
    • Available in 25', 50' and 75': Specs
    • Garden hose couplers: Specs
    Spot Sprinkler
    Prices start at : 2.69 USD / each

    Buy both a sprinkler and a quick connect and save! The sprinkler will always lay flat, even if there is a twist in the hose! Small area watering made easy! Made from quality materials for years of use.


      • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee: Specs
      • Coverage Area: 30 ft x 30 ft
      • Base Material: Die-Cast: Specs
      • Maximum Pressure (PSI): 120: Specs
      • Total Length, Width, and Height: 4.25 x 3.12 x 1.125: Specs
      Nelson Plastic Water Shut Off Valve
      Prices start at : 6.49 USD / each

      Ergonomic shut off with soft ergo grip! Metal and poly shut-off regulates flow with full shut-off. Won't fail under standard water pressure.


        • Ergonomic shut off with soft ergo grip: Product Features
        • Impact-resistant plastic: Specs
        • Metal swivel: Specs
        Traveling Lawn Sprinkler by Orbit
        Prices start at : 65.69 USD / each

        Manufacturer recommends using 5/8" hose with the Traveling Sprinkler. Remembering to move the sprinkler every hour or two can be annoying, why not try one that moves itself! You don't need to baby-sit this one: just start it up and let it work for you!...


          • Adjustable spray arms allow for 15ft to 45ft wide path: Specs
          • Rust-resistant cast iron metal body: Specs
          • Effective coverage of 11,000 sq.ft.: Specs
          • Powerful two-speed transmission: Specs
          • Automatic shut off included: Specs
          Maxijet Irrigation Hole Punch Tool With 8 Goof Plugs
          Prices start at : 3.89 USD / each

          High quality product made to last! Low volume accessory hole punch tool with 8 goof proof plugs for punching holes in 5/8" poly tubing.
          Leonard Tower with 3/4in Impulse Sprinkler Head
          Prices start at : 179.99 USD / each

          Adjustable full/partial circle, sprays up to 90 ft in diameter. The riser is 42 inches of 3/4" galvanized water pipe, not lightweight bendable aluminum. Easily and Evenly Water Large Areas with this Workhorse! The Leonard Tower is truly a commerical quality...


            • This kit includes the ATS72 Leonard Tower Sprinkler Stand and the BS34 Brass Impulse Sprinkler Head with 3/4" Male Pipe Threads: Specs
            • Adjustable full/partial circle, sprays up to 90' in diameter: Specs
            Dramm Full Volume Water Breaker
            Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

            Release full water volume without pressure! Aluminum alloy with 2" face. Use with Handi-Reach extensions.


              • Standard female fitting: Specs
              • Aluminum and brass: Specs
              • Can be used with standard 5/8 or 3/4 hoses, shut offs or extensions.: Specs
              Hose Guide With Ground Socket
              Prices start at : 6.79 USD / each

              Since the socket is flush to the ground you can pull the post out and mow right over it! Allows garden hose to glide around the corner of your garden without damaging valuable plant material! This exclusive hose guide features a spinning post with cap...


                • Hose guide is 4.25" high: Specs
                • Green poly: Specs
                • 8" ground socket: Specs
                • Patented design allows garden hose to glide around the corner of your garden without damaging valuable plant material: Product Features
                Toro Irrigation 5/8in Tubing Fitting: 1/2in Tee FNPT
                Prices start at : 1.39 USD / each

                The standard figure eight clamp allows for simple completion at the end of the line Provide a quick and easy installation of 5/8" Blue Strip Hose and 5/8" Drip In PC Dripline! These fittings are an internal hose fitting with an exterior Ring-Loc ring...
                SuperStand Sprinkler Stand, 3ft Height, 1/2in Connection
                Prices start at : 46.49 USD / each

                The 3-foot height enables it to spray over plants and other obstacles. Connects with 3/4-inch garden hose thread. Solid fiberglass legs and high impact plastic top make this stand nearly unbreakable.

                Product Features


                    • The strong, yet flexible legs provide stable footing, pivoting in or out for quick setup and compact storage: Product Features
                    • Solid fiberglass legs and high impact plastic top make this sprinkler almost unbreakable: Product Features
                    • Stands three feet high: Specs
                    • Weighs 2lbs: Specs
                    • The three foot legs fold easy for transporting and storing the unit: Product Benefits
                    Maxijet Irrigation Nursery Elbow Stake 25gal Container Assembly, 45 degree downward spray
                    Prices start at : 1.79 USD / each

                    -45 degree spray angle. With two shut off holes to crimp vinyl to close off water flow. Gives you a 360 degree spray that stays where you need it! Elbow stake stop-ring sets this stake at the perfect depth.
                    Pro Series 1-inch Soaker Hose, For Longer Runs
                    Prices start at : 62.99 USD / each

                    For below ground irrigation bury 2 to 6 inches deep. Cut to length or repair your soaker hose using our 50M58, CR58M, AND CR58F couplers. Reduce water usage up to 70%! Just connect the hose to your outside faucet or garden hose and turn the water on to...


                      Product Features

                        • Length: 100 ft
                        • Made in the USA: Specs
                        • Cut to length or repair your soaker hose using our 50M58, CR58M, AND CR58F couplers.: Product Features
                        • Available in 100-foot or 250-foot length: Specs
                        • Manufactured with more than 80% recycled materials: Specs
                        • Adjust length per installation and water flow availability.: Product Features
                        New! Gartenkraft Retractable Hose Reel
                        Prices start at : 149.99 USD / each

                        You can easily lift the unit off the mounting bracket. This reel makes rewinding your hose a breeze! The Gartenkraft Retractable Hose Reel features a unique unwind/rewind system. Once you finish the job, a short tug on the hose releases the lock, and...

                        Product Benefits

                          • Unique unwind/rewind system: Product Features
                          • Easily removed for winter storage: Product Benefits
                          • Access panel in house allows easy tension adjustment or hose replacement: Product Benefits
                          • 180° swiveling hose reel mounting bracket allows for superb mobility: Product Benefits
                          • Hose length (feet): 50: Specs
                          • Unique safe lock device with double lock protection makes it safer when replacing hoses: Product Benefits
                          Hose and Cord Hanger
                          Prices start at : 4.29 USD / each

                          MAY COME IN BLACK, ORANGE, OR GREEN DEPENDING ON AVAILABILITY. Simple and effective storage! Convenient strap keeps hose in an easy-carry bundle. Holds up to 100' of 5/8" hose or 75' of 3/4" hose, depending on the size of your coil.
                          New! Radius 2-in-1 Butterfly Hose-End Nozzle and Sprinkler
                          Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

                          You can easily change it from a sprayer to a sprinkler by flipping open its patented wings. Switch it from a powerful jet to a gentle rain. You put the hose down and walked away only to return to a huge puddle of water.


                            • Sprinkler covers up to 870 square feet.: Specs
                            • Nozzle has 9 different spray patterns.: Specs
                            • 7.5" L, 2.75" nozzle width: Specs
                            Zero-G Hose
                            Prices start at : 25.49 USD / each

                            Engineered high density G-Force woven fibers offer durable, long lasting wear equal to commercial grade hoses. Failure to do so results in the two ends fusing together via galvanic corrosion.
                            • Length: 25 Feet
                            • Does not expand or retract: Specs
                            Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

                            Touch N Flow Pro lever activated valve for full flow quick watering. Great for hard-to-reach plants—reduce arm fatigue and strain! When you have 1 or 2 baskets to water, that's not too bad.


                              • 11 gpm @ 60 psi: Specs
                              • 36" long: Specs
                              • Has water breaker and Touch N Flo valve: Specs
                              Head Wrench for Irrigation
                              Prices start at : 78.79 USD / each

                              A specialty tool for irrigation professionals! The Head Wrench perfectly fits all brands of spray heads, all rotor heads and Jar-Top valves up to 4 in diameter. The Head Wrench is drop forged, precision machined and made in the USA.

                              Product Features

                                • Engineered specifically for rotor & spray heads: Product Features
                                • Bottom teeth engage OEM cap fins: Product Features
                                • Angled jaw for easier access & precise grip: Product Features
                                • Fits Jar-Top valves: Product Features
                                Ames Jackson Swivel Hose Reel Cart
                                Prices start at : 244.99 USD / each

                                Front feet with rubber anchors to prevent movement during use. Fit into tight spots with this ingenious hose cart! The entire reel portion of this cart swivels 270 degrees, so you can travel down a narrow path and then pull hose straight forward if you...


                                  • Holds 400' of 5/8" hose: Specs
                                  • Tubular steel frame: Product Features
                                  • Weighs 45 lbs empty: Specs
                                  1000F Commercial Grade Big Sprinkler, Impact
                                  Prices start at : 199.99 USD / each

                                  Sprinkler includes 5 nozzle sizes so you can match sprinkler output to your water supply capability. These carts are fabricated with care and precision in a USA facility. The 1000F-Heavy Duty Sprinkler Cart is constructed with a 1" heavy gauge steel pipe,...
                                  Toro Irrigation Y Filter
                                  Prices start at : 30.09 USD / each

                                  Easy element access for trouble-free maintenance, plus a 1/2" male threaded outlet with cap for quick flush cleaning. Superior performance and durability under demanding conditions! Nylon 150-mesh disc-type filters are suitable as primary or secondary...
                                  • Connection: 1in Male NPT
                                  • Rate: 35GPH
                                  7 Pattern Turret Sprayer
                                  Prices start at : 13.19 USD / each

                                  The Orbit Thumb Control D-Grip Contractor Turret Pistol nozzle offers a choice in spray patterns - find the right now for every task in the home and garden, from a gentle, rain-like shower for gardens to a powerful jet stream perfect for cleaning away...

                                  Product Features

                                    • Soft touch dial guard makes it easy to select and change spray patterns even when wet: Product Features
                                    • 7 spray patterns for a variety of watering needs, including jet, full, flat, cone, center, shower and mist spray modes: Product Features
                                    • Contoured for a non-slip grip and comfort, with the d-ring shape that makes storage easy: Product Features
                                    • Contractor-grade construction for years of dependable performance: Product Features
                                    10-Foot Extra Long Leader and Extension Hose, 5/8-inch
                                    Prices start at : 13.89 USD / each

                                    Made in the USA. Provides the reach you need! At a full 10 feet, this leader and extension hose is ideal for use with hose bib extenders and allows you to place hose reels farther from the faucet.


                                      • Ship weight: 2 lbs: Specs
                                      • 10 feet long: Specs
                                      • Wall thickness of 1/8in.: Specs
                                      • Four-ply material: Specs
                                      Metal BaseOscillating Sprinkler
                                      Prices start at : 26.99 USD / each

                                      And is ideal for medium sized lawns. Adjustments are simple with 4 different coverage options (left, wide, right and narrow). Covers up to 3,600 sq. The 21 brass jets provide even coverage.


                                        Product Features

                                          • Coverage area: 3,600 sq. ft.: Specs
                                          • 3,600 sq. ft. for medium sized lawns: Product Features
                                          • Maximum spray distance - 35ft: Specs
                                          • 4 coverage settings: Product Features
                                          • Manufacturer warranty - Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee: Specs
                                          • 17-3/4in. x 9-1/4in. x 3in. high: Specs
                                          New! Leonard Angled Watering Wands with Stainless Steel Watering Nozzle
                                          Prices start at : 25.29 USD / each

                                          Micro-sized holes in the head provide you with the perfect balance of volume and force. Two great watering tools — one low price! This kit combines two of our most popular watering tools — an angled watering wand and a stainless-steel nozzle.
                                          • Wand Length: 24 Inches
                                          Wobbler Overhead Sprinkler Head, 1/2-inch NPT
                                          Prices start at : 7.85 USD / each

                                          Spray diameter from 30.8ft. Engineering-grade thermoplastic with no metal parts for corrosion resistance. Operating pressure: 20 to 35 psi 1/2in. Male pipe threads. Maximize your watering! Wobbler heads provide extremely uniform coverage, even at lower...


                                            • Nozzle opening is 3/32": Specs
                                            • Ship wt: .5 lb
                                            • Spray diameter from 30.8' @ 1.1 gpm to 32' @ 1.47 gpm: Specs
                                            • Good droplet size for low evaporative loss: Product Features
                                            • Spray Dia @ psi: 31.0 - 32.0 ft. @ 3.0 ft above crop
                                            • Application: Overhead: 20-35 psi
                                            Nelson Rubber Hose Washer with Brass Filter Screen 3pk
                                            Prices start at : 2.09 USD / each

                                            Made in the USA! Keeps lines clean.


                                              • made in the USA: Specs
                                              • Plastic construction with durable brass screen: Specs
                                              Leonard ArborRaintm Hydration System, 20 Gallon
                                              Prices start at : 20.39 USD / each

                                              It provides total coverage by hydrating both the root ball and the surrounding soil. We cover this product with a 5-year warranty! Pick up a Leonard ArborRaintm Quick-Fill Wand to make filling a breeze!


                                                • Inside diameter (inches): 6: Specs
                                                • Low profile and brown color blend in with surroundings: Product Benefits
                                                • High-capacity hydration system: Product Features
                                                • Capacity (gallons): 20: Specs
                                                • Emitters: 2: Specs
                                                • Fill port diameter (inches): 1-5/8: Specs