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5 lbs. Kills Fire Ants Yard Treatment Bait
Prices start at : 18.97 USD / each

Made for broadcast application, this product lasts all season, so your DIY pest control is long-lasting. AMDRO Kills Fire Ants Yard Treatment Bait provides season-long fire ant control.
  •  Helps prevent new mounds from forming and destroys visible and hidden mounds
  •  Made for broadcast application using a spreader
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
  • Product Depth (in.): 4 in
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
  • Product Height (in.): 18 in
1 Qt. Water Base Spray Kills Bedbugs Ticks and Mosquitoes
Prices start at : 62.94 USD / case

With a sprayer. The active ingredients is Permethrin which effectively kills bedbugs and other insects. This products comes in 1 qt. Kills Bedbugs, Ticks and Mosquitoes Water Based Bedbug Spray is a Ready to use liquid with sprayer attachments to kill...
  •  Comes in a 1 Qt. sprayer
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Product Height (in.): 11.375
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,Outdoor
  • Product Width (in.): 3.375
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Bengal UltraDust 2X Fire Ant Killer, 24 oz
Prices start at : 12.84 USD / $0.54 / oz

You can get rid of an entire hive in just one night. Keep out of reach of children and do not touch or consume the powder. This odorless ant killer lasts for up to eight months per application for reliable results.
  •  Kills on contact
  •  24 oz of Bengal fire ant killer per package
  •  Treats 150 mounds
  •  Lasts for up to 8 months
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.06 x 3.06 x 10.12 Inches
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.72 POUNDS
4 lb. Diatomaceous Earth Crawling Insect Killer
Prices start at : 8.97 USD / each

Garden Safe Brand Crawling Insect Killer Containing Diatomaceous Earth is a no-odor, non-staining insect killer that contains diatomaceous earth. Insects come in contact with or ingest this powder and die within 24-hours.
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  DIY pest control kills cockroaches, ants, silverfish, beetles and other crawling insects as listed
  •  Long-lasting insect control
  • Pest Common Name: Ants,Beetles,Roaches
  • Application Type: Dust
Aspectek l 4600sq ft l Predator Eye PRO l Kick Stand Solar Powered | Predator Light Deterrent Light | Night Time Animal Control for Wild Animals Rodents, Cats, Dogs, Birds, Raccoon, Wolves, Foxes
Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

PROTECT: Larger size protects more of your property, yet can still be easily mounted with the kick stand included AUTO REPELLER TO NIGHT PREDATORS: Eco-friendly and economical: solar-powered and starts working auto, magically at night to deter pests WATERPROOF:...
  •  HR1924
  •  878312003930
  •  Aspectek
  •  It is now larger in size to protect more of your property, yet can still be easily mounted.
16 oz. Aerosol Carpenter Bee and Ground-Nesting Yellow jacket Killer Foam
Prices start at : 4.17 USD / each

This spray is designed to kill yellow jackets and carpenter bees on contact. The Spectracide 16 oz. Carpenter Bee and Ground-Nesting Yellow jacket Killer Foaming Aerosol features an expanding foam spray to provide coverage in hard-to-reach areas.
  •  Spray into hard to reach areas
  •  Spray foam
  •  Safe for Pets
  •  Organic
  •  Safe for Edibles
  • Pest Common Name: Bees
Wasp Deterrent
Prices start at : 9.32 USD / each

Contains 2 simulated wasp nests. Wasps will instinctively flee an area they find to contain an unfamiliar nest. Therefore, it discourages wasps from building other nests close by. No. 0900: Material: Paper & Wire, Coverage Area: 200', Pkg Qty: 2, Package...
  • Manufacturer Part Number: L00900
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.24 Pounds
  • Model: 00900
Bell  Howell Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

When you want to keep unwanted creatures away from your home you can turn to a trusted brand name to get the job done. Made from plastic material, each unit is built to protect one level of an average size home.
  •  Ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology
  •  90-day limited warranty
  •  Repels mice, rats, spiders, ants and roaches


    • Manufacturer Part Number: 50153
    • Model: 50153
    • Brand: Bell + Howell
    Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention SA-S-SF8 Stay Away Spider Repellant
    Prices start at : 50.85 USD / each

    Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention SA-S-SF8 Stay Away Spider Repellant : Earthkind Stay Away, Spiders, Scent Pouch Earthkind Stay Away, Spiders, Scent Pouch Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention SA-S-SF8 Stay Away Spider Repellant :
    •  Visit us at Money back guarantee.
    •  Safe for home use.
    •  Earthkind Stay Away, Spiders, Scent Pouch
    •  Carton made from 100% recycled paper.
    • Brand: Stay Away Natural Pest Prevention
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.50 x 3.40 x 1.33 Inches
    Kills Ants Stakes 8 Pack, Kills the queen & entire colony By Amdro
    Prices start at : 9.39 USD / each

    Insert these ready-to-use stakes into the ground around the perimeter of your home to keep ants out, or use them in your garden and landscaped areas to protect your ornamentals. Kills Ants Bait Stakes kill ants at their source to prevent them from coming...
    •  Kills ants now and helps prevent their return
    •  All Amdro products are gu
    •  Use outdoors for home perimeter ant control and for protection of ornamentals and flower beds
    •  Kills the queen & entire colony
    Prices start at : 23.51 USD / each

    Contains a combination of three insecticides that stop the flea life cycle in three ways and controls other insects. 2-[1-Methyl-2-(4-Phenoxyphenoxy)ethoxy]pyridine - 0.100%, Pyrethrins - 0.050%, N-Octyl Bicycloheptene Dicarboximide - 0.380%, Permethrin...


      • Brand: DURVET - FLEA AND TICK D
      • Model: 011-1131
      • Manufacturer Part Number: 011-1131
      Garden Safe Neem Oil Extract Concentrate, 16 ounces
      Prices start at : 9.74 USD / each

      Get your baskets ready. Neem oil extract can be used as a fungicide, insecticide, and miticide. Controls more fungal diseases than Safer fungicide or Ortho EcoSense. Prevents and controls powdery mildew, black spots, downy mildew, anthracnose rust, leaf...
      •  Controls more fungal diseases t
      •  Pkg Qty: 1,
      •  Size: 16 oz,
      •  Package Type: Bottle
      • Model: HG-10422
      • Manufacturer Part Number: HG-93179
      Orthene 12 oz. Fire Ant Killer
      Prices start at : 11.52 USD / each

      This product can be used along with Ortho MAX Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules as part of the Fire Ant 2-Step Program. Use it as a mound treatment for home lawns and around ornamental plants (including flowers, shrubs, and trees).
      •  Destroys the mound and kills the queen
      •  Guaranteed to kill or your money back
      • Product Height (in.): 9.75 in
      • Safe for Pets: No
      • Pest Common Name: Ants
      • Application Type: Dust
      Raid Max Bed Bug & Flea Killer, 17.5oz
      Prices start at : 7.19 USD / $0.42 / oz

      This formula is conveniently non-staining on water-safe fabrics. This bottle of bed bug and flea killer measures 17.5 oz. It effectively kills bed bugs and their eggs, fleas and ticks, leaving you happily pest-free.
      •  Kills bed bugs and their eggs, dust mites, lice and ticks
      •  Non-staining on water-safe fabrics and surfaces
      •  Lice and ticks
      •  Kills dust mites, lice and ticks
      • Brand: Raid
      • Model: 664397
      Endure Fly Spray
      Prices start at : 24 USD / each

      Bottle with sprayer. Contains RepeLock , a special conditioner that binds to the hair shaft and won't sweat off. Provides up to 14 days fly control. Repels and kills mosquitoes. Endure Fly Spray Endure Fly Spray Stays on and keeps working, even in wet...


        • Manufacturer Part Number: 3002431
        • Model: 3002431
        • Features: Protects Against Biting and Nuisance Flies, Gnats, Deer Ticks, Mosquitoes and Lice 32 Ounce Sweat Resistant, Fly Spray Product Contains Repelock, A Special Conditioner That Binds To The Hair Shaft and Will Not Sweat Off Unique Feature Is That It Stays On and Keeps Working, Even In Wet Conditions Provides Up To 14 Days Of Fly Control
        32 oz. Annual Tree and Shrub Insect Control Concentrate with Systemaxx
        Prices start at : 18.87 USD / each

        Bonide ANNUAL Tree and Shrub drench kills borers and other insect pests for up to 1-year. Mix and pour at the base of trees and shrubs (no spraying needed). Kills emerald ash borers.
        • Product Depth (in.): 2.25 in
        • Pest Common Name: Aphids
        • Returnable: 90-Day
        • Pest Type: Aphids,Black Vine Weevils,Borers,Japanese Beetles,Lace Bugs,Leafhoppers,Lilac Leaf Miners,Mealybugs,Pine Tip or Shoot Moths,Psylla (Psyllids),Sawflies,Scale Insects,Thrips,Whiteflies
        • Application Type: Liquid
        • Kill borers (emerald ash) before they kill your trees: Yes
        2 Pack - Combat Quick-Kill Ant Killing System 6 ea
        Prices start at : 13.05 USD / each

        Combat quick kill ant bait kills common household ants, including the queen Works overnight Contains 0.01% Fipronil 6 Bait stations Starts killing within hour Pack of 2 for the UPC: 023400559015 Combat Source Kill safeguards your home with complete ant...
        •  6 Bait stations
        •  for the UPC: 023400559015
        •  Starts killing within hour
        •  Works overnight
        • Brand: Combat
        Bird-X Plastic Bird Spikes Kit with Glue, 10\'
        Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

        These bird control spikes are made to require no maintenance or upkeep. Bird-X Plastic Bird Spikes act as a deterrent, stopping birds from being able to land. Each order of Bird-X spikes comes with 10 separate sections of barrier as well as glue for secure...
        •  Each section covers 1 linear foot with a spread of 2.5"
        •  Permanent control solution
        •  Long-lasting, effective barrier
        •  More convenient than metal alternatives
        • Manufacturer Part Number: SP-10-NR
        • Brand: Generic
        Terro T2502 Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pack
        Prices start at : 9.27 USD / each

        Non-toxic Fast-acting 60 day supply Terro T2502 Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pack: Terro T2502 Fruit Fly Trap, 2-Pack: Trust Terro to bring you high quality products every time.
        •  Net contents1.0 fl oz
        •  Ready-to-use trap prevents fruit flies from breeding and multiplying
        •  Carded
        •  Designed to lure adult fruit flies, using a special non-toxic food-based liquid lure
        •  Fast-acting
        • Recommended Location: Outdoor
        16 oz. Neem Oil
        Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

        Use it on vegetables, fruit trees and ornamentals. The Monterey 16 oz. 70% Neem Oil is a broad spectrum insecticide, miticide and fungicide that controls numerous diseases as well as mites and insects.
        •  16 oz. bottle with hose end connector
        •  Concentrated formula also works as an insect repellent
        •  Contact insecticide and miticide that kills aphids, scales, whiteflies, leaf rollers, mites and more along with their larvae and eggs
        •  Covers up to 5,000 sq. ft.
        •  Harvest up to day of application
        •  Preventative and curative fungicide that controls powdery mildew, rust, scab, black spot and more
        Fruit and Vegetable Insect Killer 32 fl oz Ready-to-Use Spray
        Prices start at : 13.18 USD / $1.62 / fl oz

        32 fl oz Ready-to-Use Spray Targets and kills aphids, beetles, caterpillars, crickets, earwigs, lace bugs, leafhoppers, mealy bugs, mites, plant bugs, scale crawlers, thrips and whiteflies OMRI Listed and compliant for use in organic gardening Will treat...


          • 32 fl oz Ready-to-Use Spray: Yes
          • Assembled Product Weight: 32 oz
          • Model: 5134-6
          • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.73 x 3.08 x 10.84 Inches
          • Manufacturer Part Number: 5134-6
          10Ft x 50Ft Mosquito Garden Bug Insect Against Netting Barrier Bird Hunting Net
          Prices start at : 36.99 USD / each

          •  1. Please allow 1-3cm error due to manual measurement.Pls make sure you do not mind before you bid.
          •  1. Pest control: The insect net can basically block all kinds of insects, mosquitoes, pieris rapae, plutella xylostella, cabbage moth, prodenia litura, achillea, ape leaf insects, aphid. Significantly reduce the use of chemical pesticides. Can be used to grow pollution-free crops.
          •  2. Disease prevention: Virus disease is a catastrophic disease for many vegetables, it's mainly spreaded by insects, especially aphids. Insect net cut off the main transmission way, therefore, it helps greatly reduce the infection of vegetable viruses, control effect about 80%.
          •  3. Regulate the temperature, soil temperature and humidity: Tests show insect nets help plants enjoy up to 3-5 lower temperature. Also, it can effectively prevent frost. Insect net helps reduce the indoor precipitation and the indoor evaporation.
          •  4. Block sunlight: Insect nets can shade to a certain degree and reduce the possible inhibition caused by the strong light.
          •  2. The color may have different as the difference display,pls understand.
          Ultrasonic Electronic Pest Repeller Mouse Repellent Plug In Pest Control for Spiders Mosquito Roach Bed Bug Ants Flea
          Prices start at : 14.25 USD / each

          Package Includes:1x Pest Repeller Please note that if you have a hamster pet at home, please DO NOT use this Ultrasonic Pest Repeller About This Item: 1. Red light - represent ultrasonic wave working, this wave are inaudible to humans and pets.
          • Manufacturer Part Number: 0
          • Brand: Fitnate
          Bond Galvanized Citronella Bucket Candle
          Prices start at : 17.17 USD / each

          Bond is committed to bringing you the very best in quality, service, value, and innovation. Bond has earned its trust by always fully standing behind every product and program they present.


            • Assembled Product Weight: 1.265 Pounds
            • Brand: BOND MFG P
            • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 16.54 x 8.66 x 22.04 Inches
            • Galvanized metal bucket with handle: Yes
            • Model: 989648
            • Manufacturer Part Number: 989648
            Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer, Granules, 10 lb
            Prices start at : 6.92 USD / each

            Kills over 40 types of lawn-invading insects of contact Kills insects above and below ground Spectracide Triazicide Granules, 10 lbs: Spectracide Triazicide Granules, 10 lbs: Youre the master of your domain, and to keep your landscape in line, you have...
            •  Kills over 100 different insect types
            •  Money back guarantee
            •  Spectracide granules work hard on your lawn do you don't have to
            • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 18.00 x 11.00 x 2.75 Inches
            • Model: 53944
            • Assembled Product Weight: 10.15 POUNDS
            #1 Ultimate 2500 Volt Rechargeable Electronic Bug Swatter Zapper Zaps Racket Fly Wasp Mosquito Killer - 3 Layer Mesh Terminator
            Prices start at : 9.95 USD / each

            Eco-Friendly Net Dry Cell Hand Racket Rechargeable Electric Swatter Home Garden Pest Control Insect Bug Bat Wasp Zapper Fly Mosquito KillerFeatures:100% Brand new and high quality!Kills Mosquitoes, Bugs, and InsectsNo Chemicals and No Environmental Pollution...
            • Brand: LavoHome
            JT EATON Mechanical Mole Trap 490
            Prices start at : 17.31 USD / each

            Recommended for use by golf clubs, country clubs, parks, farms, schools, cemeteries, etc. Sensitive tripping mechanism easily set. 6 prong spears. Complete with instructions for setting.
            •  Comes with a 1-year limited warranty
            •  Durable galvanized steel construction
            •  Can be used over and over again
            • Brand: Jt Eaton
            32 oz. Ready-to-Spray Concentrate Lawn Insect Killer
            Prices start at : 11.98 USD / each

            Use Ecologic Lawn Insect Killer Concentrate Ready-to-Spray to kill carpenter ants, harvester ants, crickets, flies, cockroaches and other insects as listed. It is safe around children and pets.
            •  Kills ants, mosquitos, roaches, flies and other listed insects
            •  Use on gardens, lawns and areas where children play
            • Pest Type: Ants,Crickets,Flies,Mosquitos
            • Safe for Pets: No
            • Returnable: 90-Day
            • Pest Common Name: Ants,Flies,Mosquitos
            GULFSTREAM HOME & GARDEN INC 100530122 SevinPT Concentrate Ins Killer
            Prices start at : 15.48 USD / each

            GARDENTECH SEVIN CONCENTRATE BUG KILLER Sevin, PT, Concentrate, Insect Killer, 0.35% Zeta-Cypermethrin, Liquid Sevin Formulation For Control Of Garden Bugs, No Odor, Kills Over 500 Insect Pests, Protects Over 250 Fruits, Vegetables & Herbs, Fast Acting...


              • Manufacturer Part Number: 100530122
              • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.00 x 9.00 x 7.00 Inches
              • Model: 100530122