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Triazicide 32 fl. oz. Ready-to-Spray Lawn Insect Killer
Prices start at : 8.47 USD / each

A relaxing, bug-free environment is one spray away. Spectracide Ready-to-Spray Triazicide Insect Killer for Lawns and Landscapes is a ready-to-spray, fast-acting formula that protects your lawn and garden against more than 260 damaging and nuisance insects.
  • Pest Common Name: Ants,Aphids,Beetles,Fleas,Flies,Grub,Moles,Mosquitos,Ticks,Worms
  • Ready-to-spray nozzle makes it easy to apply and it covers up to 5,120 sq. ft.: Yes
  • Product Depth (in.): 2.75 in
  • Pest Type: Ants,Aphids,Beetles,Chinch Bugs,Fleas,Grubs,Japanese Beetles,Mites,Mole Crickets,Mosquitos,Sod Webworms,Ticks,Whiteflies
  • Product Height (in.): 11.38 in
  • Safe for Edibles: No
Pro Concentrate for Mosquito Misting Systems 16 oz. for 55 Gal.
Prices start at : 59.00 USD / each

It will refill a 55 Gal. It is a 25D Exempt formula that actually works to keep your backyard safe from undesirable insects. It is completely non-toxic to humans and pets. System one time.
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  Controls mosquitoes, no-see-ums, and other flying insects
  • Pest Common Name: Ants,Deer,Fleas,Mosquitos,Roaches,Spiders,Ticks
  • Application Type: Powered Spray
  • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Concentrated
  • Product Width (in.): 2.5
Prices start at : 9.06 USD / each

Superior "Catch-N-Hold" adhesive. Easy access, low profile sides so mice don't go around them. Plastic tray holds up very well in damp garages and basements. Bonide 47030 Revenge Baited Glue Trays For Rats 2 Count Pack Of 12 Superior "Catch-N-Hold" adhesive.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 47030
16 oz. Natural and Non-Toxic Spray Ant and Crawling Insect Killer
Prices start at : 14.64 USD / each

EcoRaider kills target insects with same or higher effectiveness comparing to traditional pesticides, without using synthetic pesticide toxins. In addition, EcoRaider also effectively kills beetles, crickets, dermestids, fleas, flies, gnats, lice, midges,...
  •  Fast acting and sure kill test by purdue university
  •  Can use indoor or outdoor
  •  Toxin-free and dermatologically safe; child, pet, bird and fish friendly; natural pleasant aroma
  • Pest Common Name: Ants,Caterpillars,Deer,Fleas,Flies,Ticks
  • Product Height (in.): 10 in
  • Application Type: Spray Bottle
Extreme 32 oz. Concentrate Lawn insect Killer Plus Fungus Control
Prices start at : 12.71 USD / each

It controls and prevents listed major lawn diseases and fungus. Black Flag Extreme Lawn Insect Killer Plus Fungus Control kills harmful insects on contact. The dual-action formula is fast-acting.
  •  Use as a fungicide to control and prevent listed lawn diseases
  •  Kills listed insects on contact
  •  Kills harmful insects on contact
  •  Organic
  •  Safe for Edibles
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer
Prices start at : 59.97 USD / each

Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer: Protect your yard and greenery from being chewed on with Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer. Sharp stakes keep the posts in place. Requires 6 AA batteries, not included Havahart Electronic Repellent for Deer:
  •  Havahart deer repellent covers approximately 1,200 sq ft
  •  Covers approximately 1,200 sq. ft.
  •  Model: 5250
  •  Requires 6 AA batteries, not included
  • Model: 5250
  • Brand: Havahart
Bifen IT 4oz- Bifenthrin Insecticide Same as Talstar Pro
Prices start at : 15.77 USD / each

It is the most common professional insecticide in use today. Bifen IT is a 7.9% bifenthrin insecticide that kills and controls over 75 different pests. Bifenthrin is very safe to use and does not have an odor or leave a visible residue when applied.
  •  The Bifen mix ratio varies from .2 ounces to 2 ounces per gallon of water depending on application site and target pest.
  •  Bifenthrin 7.9%
  • Brand: CSI
Copper Sulfate Crystals  - 10 Lbs.
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / each

Also, it can be used inside the home as an antiseptic to kill off germs. Characteristic Ratings Supports formation of fruits High absorption properties Disease prevention Growth stimulation for animals Resourceful farm chemical.Rate of use: For pipeline...
  • Brand: Seed Ranch
Bed Bug Killer 16OZ by EcoRaider, Green & Non-Toxic, 100% Kill & Extended Protection
Prices start at : 17 USD / each

It is easy to use, lethal to insects, but safe for children and pets. Highest performance in eliminating bed bug eggs; EXTENDED DRY RESIDUAL PROTECTION - University study shows EcoRaider residual provides extended protection for two weeks on bed bugs...
  • Brand: EcoRaider
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.00 x 2.50 x 10.00 Inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EB1RM50016W
  • Recommended Location: Indoor
9 l Gnat Nix Fungus Gnat Control Top Dressing
Prices start at : 25.87 USD / bag

Growstone Gnat Nix, is the only scientifically-proven, chemical-free fungus gnat control on the market. It's not just free of harmful pesticides and chemicals, it's made from 100% recycled glass.
  •  Safe for Edibles
  •  Organic
  •  Safe for Pets
  • Pest Type: Fruit Flies
  • Pest Common Name: Flies
  • Non-toxic, chemical-free fungus gnat control: Yes
Price : CALL

Indoor and Outdoor use. KILLER INSECT RTU ANT SHLD GAL Insect killer ant shield ready to use size 1 gallon Kills ants and other pests on contact and keeps on killing for up to 9 months indoors; the convenient sprayer hose and cap assembly makes it easy...
  • spiders and other pests in and around your home.: Yes
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.31 x 9.50 x 12.81 Inches
  • Model: HG-51301
  • Assembled Product Weight: 11.22 Pounds
23 lbs. Fire Ant Killer
Prices start at : 34.97 USD / each

The deep-penetrating and odorless formula kills the pesky pests and their queen. Over and Out, Advanced Fire Ant Killer banishes fire ants from your yard. Treat the mounds to kill fire ants fast and then apply the ready to use granules to your yard to...
  •  Fast acting kills fire ant mounds in 15-minutes
  •  Covers up to 10,000 sq. ft.
  •  One application provides 6 month fire ant control
  •  Kills, controls and protects for up to 6-months so your do it yourself pest control goes further
  •  For use on lawns, ornamentals, flowers, and home perimeter
  • Safe for Edibles: No
Havahart Above-Ground Electric Fence Kit
Prices start at : 76.46 USD / each

Havahart Above-Ground Electric Fence Kit: Protect your property with this Havahart Above Ground Electric Fence Kit. It includes 100' of wire for above-ground installation. It is effective against raccoons, rabbits, skunks, squirrels, groundhogs, woodchucks,...
  •  Includes 100' of wire
  •  Protects flowers, shrubbery, gardens and trash from unwanted animals
  •  Use as a property perimeter barrier against raccoons, rabbits, skunks, squirrels, groundhogs, woodchucks, rodents, cats and dogs
  •  Model of Havahart fence: SS-750RPX
  • Type: Fencing and Netting
Max 11.5 lb. Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules
Prices start at : 16.97 USD / each

Ortho MAX Fire Ant Killer Broadcast Granules controls new fire ant mounds from forming for up to 6 months. This product should be applied with a broadcast spreader, and it treats up to 5,000 sq.
  •  Destroys mounds in 15 minutes
  •  Treats up to 5,000 sq. ft.
  •  Kills both mound and queen
  • Safe for Edibles: No
  • Product Depth (in.): 5 in
  • Product Width (in.): 11.5 in
Rescue FFTR2-SF6 Fruit Fly Trap 2-Count
Prices start at : 12.88 USD / each

Rescue FFTR2-SF6 Fruit Fly Trap 2-Count: This product was made with durability in mind. Starts working in minutes Controls a fruit fly problem in 4 days All natural attractant Rescue FFTR2-SF6 Fruit Fly Trap 2-Count:
  •  Controls a fruit fly problem in 4 days
  •  Uses feeding lure and color to trap fruit flies
  •  Starts working in minutes


    • Model: FFTR2-SF6
    • Brand: Rescue
    • manufacturer_part_number: FFTR2-SF6
    HURRISE Rotating Head Owl Decoy Protection Repellent Bird Pest Scarer Scarecrow Garden
    Prices start at : 13.99 USD / each

    Features: Specifications: Condition: 100% Brand New Material: PE Color: Grey Type: Have sounds / No sounds (Optional ) Size: (L) x (W) x (H) 16 x 15 x 37 cm / 6.30 x 5.91 x 14.57 inch (appr.) Package Included: 1 x Prowler Owl Notice: Please allow 1-3cm...
    •  Install prowler owl decoy in any open outdoor area where pest birds or small critters.
    •  Head rotates in the breeze to add realism.
    •  Never perches so birds can't acclimate.
    •  The owl model can also be used as a teaching aid to help students better understand the content.
    Underground Carbon Monoxide Rodent Exterminator, Manning, UE-12
    Prices start at : 18.94 USD / each

    Effective control on all rodents up to 275', killing more than 1 at a time. No. UE-12: Coverage: Up to 275' Underground Exterminator Immediate results using pressurized car exhaust, which goes to the rodents, who must breathe, killing them painlessly,...
    • Assembled Product Weight: 6.93 Pounds
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 13.45 x 9.00 x 9.50 Inches
    • Manufacturer Part Number: UNDERGROUND
    Prices start at : 4.33 USD / each

    Traps flying insects. Safe, effective; no pollution, no fumes/odor. FLY CATCHER RIBBON FLY CATCHER RIBBON Traps flying insects.


      • Recommended Location: Outdoor
      • Manufacturer Part Number: FR3B
      • Model: FR3B
      Fruit Fly Barpro Fly Control Strip Pack of 5 (5)
      Prices start at : 53.99 USD / each

      Within about 24 hours, this vapor has worked its way into the pests' hiding and resting spots, killing all the bugs in the area. The dose of the active ingredient (Dichlorovinyl Dimethyl Phosphate, or DDVP) is so incredibly small that it's only a risk...
      • Brand: Fruit Fly BarPro
      6 oz. Fire Ant Bait
      Prices start at : 9.05 USD / each

      If you've dealt with fire ants before, you know the importance of using a reliable product to get rid of them. Ants think the bait is food, so they take it back to the colony to share.
      •  Ready to use formula, does not require mixing
      •  Starts to kill ants immediately
      •  Organic
      •  Safe for Pets
      •  Safe for Edibles
      • Product Width (in.): 6
      Black Flag Outdoor Fogger Insecticide
      Prices start at : 32.75 USD / each

      Black flag fogging insecticide is ideal to use before backyard picnics, barbeques, outdoor parties, pool parties and special events. Insecticide for Black Flag and Burgess foggers.


        •  Coverage Area: Up to 1/2 acre, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bottle
        •  Active Ingredient: 3-Phenoxybenzyl, Size: 64 oz
        •  Use in and around the garden, lawn, deck, patio, or swimming pool.
        • Manufacturer Part Number: 190256
        • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.00 x 12.25 x 9.75 Inches
        • Model: 190256
        1 Qt. Water Base Spray Kills Bedbugs Ticks and Mosquitoes
        Prices start at : 62.94 USD / case

        Kills Bedbugs, Ticks and Mosquitoes Water Based Bedbug Spray is a Ready to use liquid with sprayer attachments to kill bedbugs, fleas, ticks, spiders, mosquitoes and other insects.
        • Pest Common Name: Ants,Aphids,Bed Bugs,Beetles,Fleas,Flies,Mosquitos,Roaches,Spiders,Ticks
        • Comes with a 1-year limited warranty: Yes
        • Concentrated or Ready to Use: Ready to use
        • Safe for Edibles: No
        • Application Type: Pump Spray
        • Returnable: 90-Day
        Cutter Dry Insect Repellent Unscented (Aerosol), 4-Ounces
        Prices start at : 7.85 USD / $0.85 / oz

        Features an unscented, 10% family-friendly DEET formula that resists sweat to remain effective for up to 2 hours. Length of protection ranges from two to 10 hours (depending on the percentage of DEET in the product).


          • Model: HG-96058
          • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.78 x 1.78 x 6.75 Inches
          • Manufacturer Part Number: HG-96058
          Bell  Howell Electromagnetic Ultrasonic Pest Repeller
          Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

          The Bell & Howell pest repeller is designed to work through the wiring within the walls, and it emits a signal that will drive pests away. When you want to keep unwanted creatures away from your home you can turn to a trusted brand name to get the job...
          •  Ultrasonic and electromagnetic technology
          •  Bell & Howell pest repeller model# 34685799
          •  90-day limited warranty
          •  Repels mice, rats, spiders, ants and roaches
          • Brand: Bell + Howell
          • Model: 50153
          Spectracide Bug Stop Home Barrier, Indoor Plus Outdoor, 1-Gallon
          Prices start at : 6.84 USD / each

          Bug Stop Home Barrier Product Facts Where to Use: Indoors: In Cracks and crevices, along baseboards, under sinks, behind stoves and refrigerators, and anywhere insects may hide. Up to 12 Month Control for Cockroaches On non-porous surfaces.
          • Assembled Product Weight: 8.73 POUNDS
          • Indoor plus outdoor insect control: Yes
          • Recommended Location: Outdoor
          • Brand: Spectracide
          • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.50 x 7.45 x 12.00 Inches
          Bug-B-Gon 32 oz. Concentrate Lawn and Garden Insect Killer
          Prices start at : 8.97 USD / each

          Ortho Bug B Gon Insect Killer for Lawns and Gardens Concentrate kills 235 listed insects, including spiders, ants, fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, and Japanese beetles. And kills up to 6-month outdoors.
          •  Safe for Pets
          •  Safe for Edibles
          • Starts killing within minutes: Yes
          • Indoor/Outdoor: Outdoor
          • Pest Common Name: Ants
          • Returnable: 90-Day
          Bayer Advanced Season Long Grub Control PlusTurf Revitalizer
          Prices start at : 31.28 USD / each

          Protect your lawn from grubs while revitalizing the soil with this bag of Bayer Advanced Season-Long Grub Control Plus Turf Revitalizer. This Bayer advanced grub control system needs to be applied only once and works hard to feed your grass while protecting...
          •  Creates a season long protective zone to kill grubs before they do damage
          •  Pkg qty: 1
          •  Size: 12 lbs
          •  Apply anytime spring through late summer
          • Manufacturer Part Number: 700710S
          • Brand: Bayer Crop Science
          Amdro Kills Ants and Spiders, For Outdoor Use Granules, 17.5 Ounces
          Prices start at : 10.86 USD / each

          Secure the perimeter immediately and rest easy for up to two months with this powerful application. This product lets you turn the tables on ants, spiders, and dozens of other listed insect intruders.
          •  Rain or watering immediately after application greatly increases effectiveness
          •  Kills in 24 hours
          •  Use on lawn, flower garden and home perimeter
          • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.25 x 3.25 x 9.88 Inches
          • Model: 100099415
          • Brand: Amdro
          Raid Fumigator Fumigating Fogger, 3 Pack
          Prices start at : 12.88 USD / each

          Dry fog leaves no messy residue. Drives bugs out and kills on contact. Delayed fogging action. Deep-penetrating fog kills bugs where they hide. Raid Fumigator creates a deep penetrating, fumigating fog that flushes bugs out from where they hide and kills...
          •  Drives bugs out and kills on contact.
          •  Fresh Scent
          •  Dry fog leaves no messy residue
          •  No wet mess or oily residue on surfaces.
          •  Dry fog leaves no messy residue.
          • Brand: Raid