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6 Gal. Grow Pail
Prices start at : 99.98 USD / each

Designed to grow a variety of plant types (large or small) and can be used outdoors or inside with the help of grow lights. Compatible with most liquid nutrient regiments, the Black Magic Grow Pail is the foundation for your successful at home growing.
  •  Comes with easy-to-read water level gauge
  •  Compatible with standard tomato cage or stake
  •  Reversible pump and rounded edges for easy reservoir cleaning
  •  Can grow 1 large plant or up to 4 smaller plants
  •  Easy enough for a beginner
  • Package Quantity: 1
Vortex 736705 Inline Fan 6 inch 452 CFM
Prices start at : 1 USD / each

Proudly made in Canada by Atmosphere. These blowers feature a 10 year warranty. Speed controllable and balanced motors with permanently lubricated ball bearings ensure vibration-free operation.
  • Brand: Vortex
  • manufacturer_part_number: 736705
AEROGROW INTERNATIONAL INC 900813-1200 Sprout Black AeroGarden
Prices start at : 112.42 USD / each

Slim, Elegant Design, Use In Kitchen, Home Or Office, Easy To Use Control Panel Automatically Creates Optimal Conditions For Your Plants By Turning The Lights On & Off & Reminding You When To Add Water & Specially Formulated Liquid Plant Food, An Energy...
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 900813-1200
5-Site Aeroponic Vegetative Clone System
Prices start at : 51.4 USD / each

This system comes with net pots, neoprene collars to support cuttings, drain and water level indicator which allows for easy water level monitoring and draining of the water. The aeroponic manifold and mister are easy to take apart and clean.
  •  Easy to take apart and clean
  •  5 Gal. black bucket keeps light from entering the rooting chamber allowing maximum growth
  •  Drain and water level indicator makes system easy to use
  •  Includes water level indicator
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Hydroponic System Type: Deep Water Culture
3 Setting Hydroponics Inline Fan Blower Speed Controller
Prices start at : 49.91 USD / each

One control switch for 3 setting: Variable Speed, OFF, and Full Speed. Make your fan quieter when adjusting to low or medium speed. Brand new in box ready to be operated upon arrival.
  •  Fuse Protected.
  •  The great marimo ball from Japan
  •  Balls are over 5 years old
  •  Speed control dial to control variable speed: Low, Medium
  •  One control switch for 3 setting: Variable Speed, OFF, and Full Speed.
  •  UL listed.
Hyper Fan 8\
Prices start at : 270.99 USD / each

The Hyper Fan Stealth delivers the highest CFM's per watt of any silenced fan in the industry. This results in a reduction of 15 dba's which is perceived to the human ear as 75% quieter.
  •  The result is very high CFM's and exceptional static pressure performance. The Hyper Fan Stealth delivers the highest CFM's per watt of any silenced fan in the industry
  •  Like the original Hyper Fan, the Stealth fans use 50% less power than traditional fans
  •  A speed controller and integrated mounting brackets are included
  •  This results in a reduction of 15 dba's which is perceived to the human ear as 75% quieter
260CFM Ventilation Fan Hydroponics Ventilation 4 inches Inline Cooling Duct Fan Exhaust Air Blower Vent
Prices start at : 54.8 USD / each

Strong 4Inch 260CFM Inline Fan Hydroponics Exhaust Fan Duct Cooling Fan Boosting And Enhancing Room Space Ventilation Features: Specification: Package Includes: 1 X Fan 1 X Fan Mount 1 XPU Leather Cover Merchandise Strong 4Inch 260CFM Inline Fan Hydroponics...
  •  Item Size: 29*25*20.5
  •  Extreme power Inline Fan has been modified to establish a superior air flow.
  •  Package Dimensions: 29*25*24.5cm
  •  suitable for various environments such as hospital rooms, indoor growing rooms, commercial cooling and more.
  •  1 XPU Leather Cover
  • Brand: KEEPSIF
3 ft. x 3 ft. Ebb and Flow Hydroponics System
Prices start at : 698.48 USD / each

Complete hydroponic kit using Flood and Drain method comes with everything you need to set up your new growing station (light system and nutrients sold separately). This automated hydroponics method of ebb and flow delivers the perfect amount of water,...
  •  Grounded single outlet multi pin timer has 48 on/off daily settings with easy to use trippers that can be pushed down for each fifteen minute on cycle
  •  Easy to assemble state of the art white steel hydroponic stand
  •  Food grade hydroponic tray, outside dimensions of 42 in. W x 42 in. L - system is 24 in. H. - inside tray dimensions are 38 in. x 38 in.
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Container Width (in.): 40.5
  • Color/Finish: Varied
EZ-Clone 360 Sprayer Red, Bag of 50
Prices start at : 22.55 USD / each

SKU : ADIB008Y5RI6M Features : Features : Features : EZ-CLONE is now conveniently packaging all of our Misters in the perfect replacement amount for all EZ-CLONE Classic Cloning Systems, or any small or large use application.
  •  This cactus grows best in the shade in a hanging pot. It's long branches can grow up to one yard long. Each tentacle is covered with tiny spines.
  •  5 Pounds of Greenway Biotech Copper Sulfate Crystals Pentahydrate 25% Copper- 100% Water Soluble
  • Model: EZMIST-360-50
  • manufacturer_part_number: 360
60 x 60 x 120cm Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent Black
Prices start at : 62.54 USD / each

Can be mounted with ease 2. Dimensions: (23.85 x 7.87 x 5.7)" / (60.6 x 20 x 14.5)cm (L x W x H) 4. Bracket Material: Iron 6. Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure.
  • Brand: Unbranded
AeroGarden Harvest Touch Indoor Hydroponic Garden Kit in Red
Prices start at : 199.95 USD / each

Set up in minutes and get growing right away. Plants grow naturally in water no soil needed. Everything's included: seed pods, plant food, and an LED grow light. The AeroGarden is the ultimate kit for growing fresh herbs right on your kitchen counter.
  •  Includes 6-pod gourmet herb seed kit
  •  Light extends up to 12 in. H above plants
  • Color/Finish: Red
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Container Width (in.): 12
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Hydroponic Starter Kit
Prices start at : 274.98 USD / each

Together, these create a complete hydroponic starter kit designed to help your plants thrive at every stage of the growing process. Designed by experts in the field for gardeners without a field, the Black Magic Hydro Starter Kit is here to help you achieve...
  •  An easy-to-use hydroponic system
  •  Provides a complete foundation for hydroponic gardening
  • Container Length (in.): 26.5
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Ktaxon 48\
Prices start at : 79.98 USD / each

Material: Outside: Oxford Cloth, Inside: PEVA High Reflective Silver Aluminum Foil, Frame: Iron 2. -Great for experts, enthusiasts, beginners and veteran gardeners -Heavy duty 600D Oxford fabirc as the outer surface -Highly reflective and properly insulated...
  •  Inner Lining Material: 100% Highly Reflective Water-Proof Aluminum Foil Non-toxic material
  •  hydroponics indoor growing tent with heavy-duty zippers and double stitching for light protection
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 48.03 x 48.03 x 79.92 Inches
  • Material: PEVA High Reflective Silver Aluminum Foil, Frame: Iron
HYDROFARM ACDF6 Hydroponic Active Air 6\
Prices start at : 156.99 USD / each

Get the Hydrofarm ACDF6 & ACDF4 Inline Fans at a great price from VMInnovations. 1 Buy = 1 Hydrofarm ACDF6 Hydroponic Fan + 1 Hydrofarm ACDF4 Hydroponic Fan! The Hydrofarm ACDF6 & ACDF4 Active Air In-Line Fans offer innovation and performance at a great...
  •  60Hz
  •  Quiet operation
  •  Durable ceramic-coated metal housing
  •  Thermally Protected AC Motor
  •  High Quality Molded Impeller
  • Brand: Active Air
AeroGarden Seed Starting System Accessory for Sprout Models, Plastic
Prices start at : 17.28 USD / each

Your AeroGarden will nurture your seeds with optimal amounts of water and plant food, and provides plenty of light and warmth for reliable germination, growth, and healthy root development.
  •  Accessory that lets you start up to 15 seedlings
  •  Specially formulated liquid plant food
  •  15 biodegradable grow sponges made from pure Canadian sphagnum peat
  •  Seed starting and transplanting guide
  • Color/Finish: Plastic
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
EZ-Clone Clear REZ Solution
Prices start at : 17.72 USD / each

It is completely safe, non-toxic and can be used throughout all stages of the growing process. Noninvasive water treatment.��� Keeps water and internal workings crystal clear.��� Preventive measure for multitude of problems.��� Suitable...
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.70 x 2.70 x 7.00 Inches
  • Count: 1
  • Brand: EZ Clone
  • Model: EZREZ-16
  • Material: Healthy Harvest
Aeroponic Plant Cloning 32 Manifold
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / box

Our top of the line Manifolds are ultrasonically welded to insure a long life of trouble free use. The new and improved EZ-CLONE Custom Manifold is better than ever. With individually sized manifolds for each system size of the EZ-CLONE.
  •  Each manifold comes with a lifetime limited warranty
  •  Pair these with our EZ-CLONE 360 misters for an unrivaled combination
  •  Ultrasonically welded during the manufacturing process to create the strongest bond possible which protects against splitting
  • Container Width (in.): 10
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor,Indoor
  • Hydroponic System Type: Aeroponic
Grow Anything Anywhere Tower 12 in. x 55 in. Antique Green Steel Mesh Planter
Prices start at : 134.99 USD / carton

Originally created to add taste to deployed troops military rations - it feeds itself with nutrient using the science of Fluid Dynamics while plant roots grab onto lava rock instead of soil to provide roots with the consistent supply of moisture they...
  •  .
  •  Special nutrients need no electric or pump to circulate to porous lava rock and rock substrate for "soil-less" growing to supercharge root growth
  •  Needs no electricity or pumps, no prior agriculture experience needed
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Container Height (in.): 12
  • Package Quantity: 1
3 ft. x 3 ft. White Flood and Drain Benched System with Light Stand and 400-Watt Electronic Dimmable System
Prices start at : 1030.84 USD / each

This automated hydroponics method of ebb and flow delivers the perfect amount of water, nutrients and oxygen to your plants. The Viagrow 3 ft. Experience rapid growth rates, high yields, increased nutritional value, better fragrances and flavors.
  •  Easy all-in-1 kit ready to go right out of the box
  •  Grows 16 plants comfortably
  • Container Height (in.): 42
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Container Width (in.): 74
  • Hydroponic System Type: Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain)
Zimtown 32\
Prices start at : 54.99 USD / each

Strong metal poles with easy click connector system. Our grow tent stands solidly. Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure.
  •  Our easy-access door unzips smoothly, and the observation window makes it easy to peek inside
  •  Our grow tent blocks all light escaping
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.00 x 32.00 x 64.00 Inches
Aeroponic 8 oz. Rooting Compound
Prices start at : 28.84 USD / box

This water based rooting compound seals the tissue around the cut stem, while supplying the proper hormones. This is a full spectrum for mineral nutrients and vitamins. This is required for the cuttings to promote abundant root cell development.
  •  Wide mouth containers so it can easily be applied to your cutting
  •  Use on both softwood and hardwood cuttings
  •  Designed to initiate rapid and dense root growth
  •  Promotes abundant root cell development
  • Color Family: White
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Vortex 711 CFM S-Line S-800 Fan, 8\
Prices start at : 1 USD / each

Built with double insulated walls, noise is reduced to levels that were previously thought to be unattainable. All s-line models are assembled with high impact resistant polycarbonate casings, an integrated back draft damper & a mounting bracket designed...
  •  An extremely energy efficient AC brushless motor powers the patented mixed-flow dual impellers
  •  Built with double insulated walls, noise is reduced to levels that were previously thought to be unattainable
  • Brand: Atmosphere
Emily fts Garden System, No Media EMSYSTNM
Prices start at : 107.94 USD / each

-Seed starter cubes. Overall Depth - Front to Back: -24.8". Features: -No media. Also available without media so you can customize your system with media of your choice.System Includes2 gallon reservoirAir pump and tubingSeed starter cubesNutrient pH...
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 24.80 x 16.90 x 8.50 Inches
  • Features: higher yields and increased nutritional value features seed starter cubes, nutrients and ph test kit individual planters allow to rotate or add new plants pump irrigation system for easier watering measures 24.8l x 16.9w x 8.5h in.
Hydrofarm HMDC1000 1000ppm Calibration Solution
Prices start at : 8 USD / each

Use with other EZ Fit fittings and tubing 100' Hydrofarm HMDC1000 1000ppm Calibration Solution: Hydrofarm HMDC1000 1000ppm Calibration Solution: Sealed with a coated foam liner.
  •  Calibration solution
  •  Use with other EZ Fit fittings and tubing
  •  Sealed with a coated foam liner
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1375-0625
  • Brand: HM Digital
  • Color: White Blue
Black Bucket Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System
Prices start at : 57.5 USD / each

Bucket that serves as a reservoir, air pump, air stone, 1 oz. ViaStone grow rocks included (nutrients of your choice sold separately). Comes with an easy to match pH color chart. Drops pH kit, tubing for an inexpensive and bubbly Deep Water Culture Kit.
  •  Lasts many seasons and breaks down easily for easy storage
  •  Comparable replacement for model VBBDW500
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Color Family: Black
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor
  • Container Width (in.): 10
Hydrogarden Deluxe Reservoir Tub and Lid
Prices start at : 87.98 USD / each

Reservoir Tub and Lid is a replacement or add-on part for your Grow Up Hydrogarden Deluxe Unit. Grow Up Hydrogarden is built to last for years of outdoor and indoor use. Of water and includes an access cap that makes refilling your water and nutrients...
  •  Reinforced lid
  •  Food grade plastic
  •  Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use
  •  Reinforced lid that locks in place
  •  Easy access cap for refilling
  • Product Weight (lb.): 9lb
Ktaxon (4-Pack) 200W COB Full Spectrum Hydroponics LED Grow Lights for Veg and Flowering Greenhouse Growing Lamp Kit
Prices start at : 165.9 USD / each

Color: White 3. Widely used in greenhouse, landscape lighting, home garden, or small pot plant 2. Brand new and high quality 3. Plug Type: US Standard Package Includes: 4 x LED Grow Light 4 x Power Cable 4 x Iron Hook
  •  Reflector Cup Designreducing light and PAR value loss and providing better growing environment for plants,maximum satisfy plants light need.
  •  Efficient Cooling System improved up to 40%, extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency,money-saving.
  •  Efficient Cooling Systemimproved up to 40%, extremely long life reduces re-lamp frequency,money-saving.
  •  Reflector Cup Design reducing light and PAR value loss and providing better growing environment for plants,maximum satisfy plants light need.
  • Color: White
  • Watts: 200 W
Radonaway 23033-1 rp265 radon mitigation fan, 6\
Prices start at : 199 USD / each

Rp series fans provide superb performance, run ultra-quiet and are attractive. They are ideal for most sub-slab radon mitigation systems.SKU:ADIB002950G6M SKU:ADIB002950G6M all radonaway fans are specifically designed for radon mitigation.
  •  Super quiet operation
  •  Meets all electrical codes
  •  6" inlet and outlet
  •  Thermally protected motor
  •  ELT Listed - for indoor and outdoor use
  • Recommended Location: Indoor
Hydroplanettm 60x60x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing
Prices start at : 120 USD / each

Hydroplanet 60x60x80 Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent for Indoor Plant Growing Hydroplanettm Mylar Hydroponic Grow Tent Growing Spec: -Usage: Indoor growing -Material: 100% reflective tear proof Mylar -Color: Black & Blue -Dimension: 60' x 60' x 80' Hydroplanettm...
  • manufacturer_part_number: 60x60x80
  • Brand: HydroPlanet