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New! PUREgrowntm 450 GSM Hemp/Flax Felt Roll
Prices start at : 99.99 USD / each

Provides consistent growing conditions for young plants! PUREgrowntm makes this hemp/flax felt using all-natural fibers. To use, moisten the felt with mist or with a quick dip in a water bath and drain any excess water.


    Product Benefits

      • Premium hemp/flax felt: Product Features
      • Thickness (mm): 3-1/2: Specs
      • Roll width (inches): 9: Specs
      • Lightweight and easy to use: Product Benefits
      • Ready to plant, no pre-treatment required: Product Benefits
      • Density (GSM): 450: Specs
      Prices start at : 7.95 USD / 12.0 lbs

      Drench until there is runoff from the bottom of the pot. An excellent final flush that can be used at any time to dissolve mineral and salt buildup. Salt Clearing Solution. Soil and Soilless Mixes: Fill a watering can with fresh water and add 1-2 tsp...
      • brand: General Hydroponics
      Air Stone Discs
      Prices start at : 7.5 USD / 1.00 lbs

      Diameter Sizes: 4-Inch 8-Inch Grower's Tip: Bubbling fresh oxygen through your hydroponic reservoir will cause the pH of the nutrient solution to drop over time. Aerate and circulate your nutrient reservoir with Active Aqua Air Stones by Hydrofarm.
      • brand: Active Aqua
      T5 LED Bulb
      Prices start at : 62.39 USD / each

      The LED T5 doesn't just grow plants better than fluorescent, it saves money. With electricity savings alone each lamp pays for itself and saves hundreds of dollars over the 5-year warranty.


        • 4ft bulb: Specs
        • Color temperature is 4,000K: Specs
        Flexible Stones
        Prices start at : 3.5 USD / 1.00 lbs

        Grower's Tip: As the temperature of your reservoir increases, the dissolved oxygen potential of the nutrient solution decreases. Due to overwhelming demand Hydrofarm has brought back their popular Active Aqua Flexible Air Stone.
        • brand: Active Aqua
        Pylon Plastics M-35 Plastic Marker
        Prices start at : 47.96 USD / each

        Pylon Plastics M-35 Plastic Marker PLASTIC MARKER WHITE 100PK PLASTIC MARKER WHITE 100PK Pylon Plastics M-35 Plastic Marker
        • Brand: Pylon Plastics
        • manufacturer_part_number: m-35
        Hyper Fan Stealth 6 in 315 CFM
        Prices start at : 260.39 USD / each

        The result is very high CFMs and exceptional static pressure performance. The same state-of-the-art digitally controlled electronically commutated motor (ECM) and heavy-duty sealed ball bearings which make the original Hyper Fan so reliable and quiet,...
        • Brand: Hyper Fan
        VIVOSUN 36\
        Prices start at : 79.99 USD / each

        On the interior, a 95%-reflective mylar lining gives an efficiency boost to lighting setups of any power configuration. No tools needed. Fast Installation: Our grow tents are easy to install even if youve never done something like this before.
        •  Size: 3'x3'(36"x36"x72")
        •  Durability: Our grow tent stands solidly, supported by strong metal poles.
        •  Light proof: Our grow tent blocks all light from escaping.
        • Brand: VIVOSUN
        Hyper Fan Digital Mixed Flow Fan - 8 Inch | 710 CFM | Energy Efficient Technology, Quiet Operation, Lightweight, Includes the Hyper Fan Speed Controller - ETL Listed
        Prices start at : 1 USD / each

        In addition to the highest airflow and highest static pressure, Hyper Fan's have the lowest power consumption, ensuring the best performance and the lowest cost of ownership. The State-of-the-art Digital DC motor is reliable and long lasting.
        •  They are the answer to a unified environmental solution for your garden
        •  Hyper Fan's develop higher static pressures and higher airflows than any other mixed flow fans in the market
        •  Best in its class - delivering the highest CFM's per watt of any fan in the industry
        Buy-Hive Hydroponic Grow Tent Indoor Plant Growing Room Water Resistant Garden Greenhouse Floor Tray Observation Window
        Prices start at : 55.99 USD / each

        Other grow tents use fragile plastic poles. Functional- Comes with a water-resistant removable floor tray which ensures a clean and enclosed environment for your plants to flourish, and the light-proof and tear-proof reflective Mylar lining can assist...
        • Brand: Buy-Hive
        Titan Controls Mercury 4 - Multi Function Fan Speed Controller
        Prices start at : 110.24 USD / each

        6 foot temperature probe is accurate to within 2°F. Temperature control range is 55°F to 95°F. 6 Amps maximum/120 Volts/60 Hz. Allows user to select minimum fan idle speed between 25% & 60% of fan rating.
        • Brand: Titan Controls
        Never Grow Up
        Prices start at : 18.33 USD / each

        Never Grow Up 9781982107215 9781982107215 Never Grow Up
        • ISBN-13: 9781982107215
        • Original Publication Date: 20181204
        • Subject: Biography/Autobiography
        • Original Languages: English
        • Count: 1
        • ISBN-10: 1982107219
        Quictent SGS Approved Eco-friendly 16\
        Prices start at : 62.99 USD / each

        Considering the safety of you and your plant,we highly recommend that DO NOT buy grow tents without SGS certificate. Inner Lining Material:100% Highly Reflective Water-Proof Mylar Tube:16x0.8mm Steel Rods Each Rod Capacity:10 lbs Overall Capacity:50 lbs...
        •  Much Thicker net poles?Up to 0.8mm thickness net pole makes the whole frame much safer & solid,
        •  Strong Anti-burst Metal Zipper: Solve the customer pain points!
        •  Passed SGS Testing & Certification: Eco-friendly, genuine Safe and reliable for your plants!
        Power Cable for Infinity Light
        Prices start at : 20.79 USD / each

        AC power cable to provide power to one or more Infinity lights.
        NEW! (2) Hydrofarm 60\
        Prices start at : 194.19 USD / each

        These heavy duty modular commercial heat mats will provide uniform heat for hundreds of seedlings or cuttings. Package Includes: (2) Hydrofarm Commercial Heat Mats The Hydrofarm MTMDU Seedling Heat Mat is re-engineered for better performance and greater...
        •  Color: Black
        •  Daisy chain up to 5 units (4 add-on units MTMDA plus the this Commercial Mat)
        •  Part number: MTMDU
        •  Rugged and durable with waterproof connectors
        • Manufacturer Part Number: 2 x MTMDU
        • Brand: Hydrofarm
        Slide and Lock Clips for Infinity Light
        Prices start at : 2.09 USD / each

        Mounting clips that provide a sliding and locking feature for the Infinity light when mounting the light flush to a surface above the light.
        Green LED
        Prices start at : 13.75 USD / 1.00 lbs

        They actually produce a wavelength that's invisible to plants. Need to check on your grow room at night? Benefits: • Prune, water or harvest easily without disturbing your plants • Up to 50,000 hours of bulb life • 360 degrees of light dispersion...
        • brand: BWGS
        Ktaxon 32\
        Prices start at : 55.85 USD / each

        Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure. LIGHT PROOF - Our grow tent blocks all light escaping. Such a room-saving and lightweight plant growing tent is worthy of purchasing! Features: 1.
        •  Removable Mylar Floor Tray for easy cleaning
        •  Quick tool-free installation
        • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 32.00 x 32.00 x 64.00 Inches
        • Material: Outside: Oxford Cloth, Inside: PEVA High Reflective Silver Aluminum Foil, Frame: Iron
        Dual Outlet Grounded Timer
        Prices start at : 11.49 USD / each

        Timers are also essential for many hydroponic system applications. Controls 2 outlets simultaneously! Using an analog timer to automate your lighting adds convenience and encourages productive growth with consistent hours of light.

        Product Features


            • UL-listed: Product Features
            • 15 amps: Specs
            • 24 hour cycle: Product Features
            • 1725 watts: Specs
            Neoprene Inserts
            Prices start at : 10.45 USD / 3.00 lbs

            Available in FIVE convenient sizes. Ideal for use with clone machines, aeroponics and hydro-systems. A slit from the center to the outside edge makes inserting and removing clones simple.
            • brand: Botanicare
            Black Bucket Deep Water Culture Hydroponic System
            Prices start at : 57.5 USD / each

            Red (acidic) indicates that the pH is too low, blue (alkaline) indicates that the pH is too high, a yellow to a yellow-green indicates an ideal pH. ViaStone grow rocks included (nutrients of your choice sold separately).
            •  Contains everything you need to start you hydroponic single plant garden
            •  Comparable replacement for model VBBDW500
            •  Easy to assemble/disassemble, no tools required
            • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 10.00 x 10.00 x 14.00 Inches
            • Brand: Viagrow
            • Manufacturer Part Number: V1DWC
            Hydrofarm Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb & Gro 12 Site 2Gal Hydroponic System| GFO7KT
            Prices start at : 494.69 USD / each

            Active Aquas Grow Flow System is the most efficient ebb & flow system on the market. Expand the Active Aqua Grow Flow System with the convenient Grow Flow Expansion Kits. Flora Series contains highly purified concentrates for maximum solubility and pH...
            •  Comes w/ 1/2" Fittings, Inner Bucket, & Necessary Connectors & Tubing
            •  Larger hole can also be cut in the cover to act as a port for adding nutrients, checking pH, etc.
            •  (1) Premium Grasslin Timer
            •  6 Modules - each consisting of a round 2-gallon pot with " fittings, an inner bucket, and all necessary connectors and tubing
            •  6 Modules - each consisting of a round 2-gallon pot with ½" fittings, an inner bucket, and all necessary connectors and tubing
            •  Adjustable ladder level control lets you fill containers to the desired height
            Zimtown 48\
            Prices start at : 59.99 USD / each

            Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure. LIGHT PROOF - Our grow tent blocks all light escaping. Also, quite room-saving and lightweight, it is worthy of purchasing! Features: 1.
            •  Removable Mylar Floor Tray for easy cleaning
            •  Heavy Duty Zippers & Double Stitching for Light Protection
            • Brand: Zimtown
            • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 48.00 x 24.00 x 60.00 Inches
            Prices start at : 37.5 USD / 3.00 lbs

            Once they “set up shop,” these amazing microorganisms also help reduce transplant shock, stimulate root growth, and make nutrients more available for plant uptake. Features: • Fights a broad range of disease • Can be used from seed to harvest...
            • brand: American Hydroponics
            Little Buddy Hydroponic Shears
            Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

            Locking mechanism allows for safe and easy storage. Offers an extra long 3in blade for harvesting or pruning hydroponic and indoor plants! Made from titanium coated stainless steel or stainless steel, durable plastic and TPR overmold, the Hydroponic Shears...


              • Lightweight construction to reduce fatigue: Product Features
              • 7 & 3/4 in long overall: Specs
              • Non-slip grip: Specs
              • 3 in long blades available in either stainless steel or Titanium coated blades: Specs
              • Ship Wt: .5lb
              • Stainless steel spring: Specs
              Titan Controls Medusa - 4 to 8 Light Flipper/Controller (3/Cs)
              Prices start at : 467.94 USD / each

              Not only does the Medusatm Series flip lights, it's also a lighting controller, essentially being two products in one. Once the trigger cord has been activated according the user defined timing pattern, the digital part of the controller goes to work.
              • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 21.00 x 16.00 x 3.75 Inches
              • Manufacturer Part Number: 736487
              • Brand: Titan Controls
              3-5-4 Nutrient Solution, Step 1, Quart
              Prices start at : 12.99 USD / each

              See nutrient details on line. 1 gallon in 500 gallons of water. Use 1/2 oz per gallon of water depending on plant stage of development. Provides plants with the optimum level of nutrients and is 100% environmentally friendly! Nutrient solution One & Two...


                • Also contains magnesium, copper, iron, manganese, sulfur, zinc: Specs
                • 3-5-4 formula: Specs
                • Designed to be used with Nutrient Solution Two: Specs
                PUREgrowntm 750 GSM Hemp Felt Pads, Pack of 6
                Prices start at : 17.99 USD / each

                These sheets measure 9-1/2 inches x 19-1/2 inches. This retail/refill pack includes 6 hemp sheets. Consistent growing conditions allow for consistent production of young plants. The density is 750 grams per square inch (GSM).

                Product Features

                  • Easy to use: Product Features
                  • Ready to plant, no pre-treatment required: Product Features
                  • Lightweight: Product Features
                  • Made from natural hemp fibers grown without pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers: Product Features
                  NEW Hydroponic 19009 107W Seed Start Seedling Propogation Heat Mat | 48 x 20.75\
                  Prices start at : 49.99 USD / each

                  Light, water, and planting instructions are included on the mat, and it includes a 6 foot power cord. The 19009 Hydroponic Seedling Heat Mat is engineered for better performance and greater durability.
                  •  107 Watts
                  •  Increases success of seedlings and cuttings
                  •  Warms root area 10-20°F over ambient temperature to improve germination
                  •  Part Number: 19009
                  •  3) Use with fluorescent lighting or distant lighting in a greenhouse. HID lighting or direct sunlight will likely be too strong for seedlings and rooting clones.
                  •  2) Position you seedling tray on top of the mat. Use of a propagation dome on the tray will help maintain warmth & humidity