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5-Foot Power Cable for Boost Light Bar
Prices start at : 14.99 USD / each

Power up your Boost Grow Light! Once your Boost Grow Light is mounted — using the handy Flush Mount — you need some power. Plug in this 5-foot power cord and GROW! Thrive designed their Boost Light Bars so you can easily daisy chain up to 19 units!...
British Columbia
Interconnection Cable for Infinity Light
Prices start at : 25.99 USD / each

The interconnection cable enables an electrical interconnection and daisy chaining between Infinity lights if the fixtures are not mated end-to-end via the male-female connections.
British Columbia
Active Air ACFB8 8-Inch In Line Booster Fan, In line booster fan By Hydrofarm
Prices start at : 63.99 USD / each

We look forward to serving you in the future. "We are doing everything to offer our customers with best services and best products .We promise that we'll be responsible all the way to the end once our services begin acfb8 8-inch in line booster fan If...
  •  Includes an 8 foot, 120v power cord
  •  Can be mounted in line with your existing duct work to increase airflow
  •  1 Year Warranty
  • Brand: Hydrofarm
British Columbia
T5 LED Bulb
Prices start at : 62.39 USD / each

Heat output is 45% lower than fluorescent helping save on HVAC costs. The LED T5 is not only superior to fluorescent lights but also to most other dedicated LED fixtures. Simply plug-and-play.


    • 4ft bulb: Specs
    • Color temperature is 4,000K: Specs
    British Columbia
    Commercial T5 2FT 4 Tube Fixture
    Prices start at : 112.99 USD / each

    Hydrofarm Dirt Genius provides ingenious solutions to your gardening problems. Lend Mother Nature a hand with Dirt Genius and watch your garden bloom. Their propagation mat products increase the success of your seedlings and cuttings by raising the rooting...
    •  10' grounded power cord
    •  Includes 10 ft. grounded power cord
    •  High lumen output in any growing environment
    •  6 Year Warranty: (5 Year Manufacturer Warranty + 1 Year VMInnovations Warranty)
    •  Measures 23L x 13W x 3H in.
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.00 x 20.00 x 25.00 Inches
    British Columbia
    Ktaxon 48\
    Prices start at : 89.99 USD / each

    - Tool-free Connector & Dual Ventilation Socks - One-year Warranty: CoolGrows is dedicated to providing quality products backed by unbeatable service in order to give our customers the complete package that they deserve.
    • Brand: Ktaxon
    • Manufacturer Part Number: Dose Not Apply
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 48.00 x 48.00 x 72.00 Inches
    • 100% Reflective Tear-Proof And Waterproof Mylar: Yes
    British Columbia
    When I Grow Up
    Prices start at : 31.62 USD / each

    When I Grow Up An exuberant eight-year-old details for his teacher and classmates the astonishing variety of inventive careers he is thinking of pursuing when he grows up. An exuberant eight-year-old details for his teacher and classmates the astonishing...
    British Columbia
    Intbuying Hydroponic Site Grow Kit 54 Holes Garden Plant System #141121
    Prices start at : 89 USD / each

    Item Included:#141121 1*Holder and main pipe Accessories Produces high-quality vegetables, herbs, melons, and berries--45-day yields!More nutritious and better-tasting than soil-gardened produce.Indoor or outdoor grow system is designed for fast, maximum-convenience...
    • Brand: Intbuying
    British Columbia
    Enviro Controlled Indoor Grow Bag, 10 per Bundle
    Prices start at : 17.19 USD / each

    Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth! The perfect match for your hydroponic operation, from the homegrown herbs to the large grow operations serving many customers.

    Product Benefits

      • Produces bigger yields & promotes vigorous root growth: Product Benefits
      • Prevents roots from circling (naturally root prunes): Product Benefits
      • Creates insulation from winter cold and/or summer heat: Product Benefits
      • Bundle Count: 10 per Bundle
      British Columbia
      Hydrofarm Heavy Duty Light Riser Hanging System
      Prices start at : 13.61 USD / each

      Overall Depth - Front to Back: -6.89". -Locking system secures your object in place. "> The LUMii Lift makes hanging reflectors, filters or other equipment a snap. -Quick release switches let you loosen the rope and re-adjust to the height required.
      • Model: LULIFT
      • Brand: Hydrofarm
      • Material: Healthy Harvest
      • Age Range: 5 to 7 Years
      • Type: Accessories
      British Columbia
      Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Gourmet Herb 7-Pod Seed Kit
      Prices start at : 14.31 USD / each

      Our most popular Seed Kit! Amazing flavor 100 percent germination guarantee Miracle-Gro AeroGarden Gourmet Herb 7-Pod Seed Kit: It has a 100 percent germination guarantee, and the instructions are included to get you started.
      •  If a Pod doesn't germinate, Miracle-Gro will replace it for free
      •  Includes 7 pre-seeded pods, 7 grow domes and a full season of patented, specially formulated liquid nutrients
      •  Genovese basil, Thai basil, chives, mint, cilantro, parsley and dill
      •  Begin harvesting in 3 to 4 weeks and continue harvesting for up to 4 to 5 months
      •  100 percent germination guarantee
      • Brand: AeroGarden
      British Columbia
      Hydroponics CO2 Regulator Grow Room Flow Meter Control CO2.
      Prices start at : 54.95 USD / each

      For safety always wear protective gear. Co2 is stored at very pressure and a liquid Co2 is at cryogenic temperatures which can cause injury, burn, explosion, or death. Co2 should be handled by a trained professional and extreme caution should be taken...
      • Brand: Trinity
      • Model: 21726
      British Columbia
      DuraBreeze Inline Pro Fan 8\
      Prices start at : 1 USD / each

      Issue regarding this listing , pls contact me - DuraBreeze Inline Pro Fan 8", 667 cfm ,,#id(roguehydroponics it#195331867109514 DuraBreeze Inline Pro Fan 8", 667 cfm ,,#id(roguehydroponics it#195331867109514 issue regarding this listing , pls contact...
      • Brand: Regarmans
      • Condition: New
      British Columbia
      120 x 60 x 150 Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Grow Tent Black
      Prices start at : 64.65 USD / each

      Dimensions: (48.7 x 7.87 x 5.43)" / (123.7 x 20 x 13.8)cm (L x W x H) 4. With dismountable design, it is easy to install.Also, quite room-saving and lightweight, it is worthy of purchasing! Features: 1.
      • Brand: Fortressmount
      British Columbia
      NEW! HYDROFARM MT10006 17W Seedling Jump Start Heat Mat + MTPRTC Temp Controller
      Prices start at : 57.99 USD / each

      Plus, the Hydrofarm MT10006 Seedling Heat Mat is UL Listed. The new Hydrofarm MTPRTC heat mat thermostat is digital for greater accuracy. Also included is the new and improved Hydrofarm MTPRTC Digital Temperature Controller.
      •  Warms root area 10-20F over ambient temperature to improve germination
      •  120 Volts
      •  The only UL Listed seedling heat mats on the market!
      •  9" x 19.5" Mat - Fits under one common seed flat
      •  Light, watering and planting information on mat
      •  6 foot power cord
      British Columbia
      Never Grow Up
      Prices start at : 18.33 USD / each

      Never Grow Up 9781982107215 9781982107215 Never Grow Up
      • ISBN-13: 9781982107215
      • Original Publication Date: 20181204
      • Book Format: Hardcover
      • Publication Date: December, 2018
      • Count: 1
      • Subject: Biography/Autobiography
      British Columbia
      UBesGoo 48\
      Prices start at : 63.43 USD / each

      Features: Specifications: Package Includes: 1 x Tent Cloth 1 x Bracket Accessory Description: Grow Tent is ideal for growing beautiful indoor plants easily and safely.Your seedlings will benefit dramatically from the enclosed environment because you have...
      •  Tent Dimensions: (47.24 x 23.62 x 59.06)" / (120 x 60 x 150)cm (L x W x H)
      •  OUTSIDE: Heavy Duty 600D Lightproof Oxford Cloth
      •  Heavy duty 600D lightproof oxford cloth
      •  Fabric Material: PEVA High-Reflective Silver Aluminum Foil
      •  FRAME: Diameter 16MM White Paint Coated Metal Rods
      • Brand: UBesGoo
      British Columbia
      Ktaxon 32\
      Prices start at : 53.08 USD / each

      Its high-strength materials as well as delicate workmanship ensure good durability and solid structure. ATTENTION TO DETAIL - Zippers zip easily. Also, quite room-saving and lightweight, it is worthy of purchasing! Features: 1.
      •  Quick tool-free installation
      •  Removable Mylar Floor Tray for easy cleaning
      • Brand: Ktaxon
      • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 36.00 x 36.00 x 64.00 Inches
      British Columbia
      Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Ga. Hydroponic Bucket System Grow Kit, 2 Pack | RS5GALSYS
      Prices start at : 72.99 USD / each

      The Active Aqua Root Spa is a Deep Water Culture System. These 5 gallon bucket systems are simple and grows large plants efficiently. You will quickly realize the advantage of the simplicity of this easy to use, inexpensive, and no hassle system! Pumping...
      •  Multi purpose air hose delivers air from the pump to the bottom of the bucket
      •  Air pump to oxygenate your water to encourage root growth
      •  Manufacturer warranty: 2-year warranty
      •  0.25 inch black tubing
      •  Includes: 1 bucket, 1, 8 inch bucket basket, 1, 0.5 inch grommet, 1, 0.25 inch tubing, 1, multipurpose air hose assembly, and 1 air pump
      • Manufacturer Part Number: 2 x RS5GALSYS
      British Columbia
      Hydrofarm Active Aqua Grow Flow Ebb & Gro 12 Site 2Gal Hydroponic System| GFO7KT
      Prices start at : 494.69 USD / each

      Flora Series contains highly purified concentrates for maximum solubility and pH balanced for ease of use. You can connect up to 24 growing modules to a single 5-gallon system and up to 48 modules with the 2-gallon system! You can also build your own...
      •  (1) 7 Gallon Controller Bucket
      •  Bottom diameter: 22 1/4"
      •  “Active” hydroponics system compared to rockwool resulting in faster growth and larger yields
      •  6 Modules - each consisting of a round 2-gallon pot with ½" fittings, an inner bucket, and all necessary connectors and tubing
      •  Individual pots (modules) allow you to easily move / relocate plants
      • Condition: New
      British Columbia
      Hydroplanettm  2-Inch Net Pot, Orchids,Aquaponics,Aquaculture,Hydroponics Slotted Mesh 50PAC
      Prices start at : 15 USD / each

      Hydroplanet 2-Inch Net Pot, Orchids,Aquaponics,Aquaculture,Hydroponics Slotted Mesh 50PAC Hydroplanettm 2-Inch Net Pots Spec: -Promote healthy roots with even drainage -Numerous but narrow slits properly contain appropriate-sized grow media -Top Quality...
      • Brand: HydroPlanet
      British Columbia
      80 x 80 x 160cm Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic Plant Growing Tent with Window Green & Black
      Prices start at : 109.99 USD / each

      Such a room-saving and lightweight plant growing tent is worthy of purchasing! Introductions:Build the most suitable living environment for your cherished plants and take good care of them simply by taking this 80 x 80 x 160cm Home Use Dismountable Hydroponic...
      • Recommended Location: Indoor
      • Brand: Generic
      • Color: Silver
      • Type: Storage
      British Columbia
      Floralife P.A.C. Professional Agricultural Cleaner
      Prices start at : 31.99 USD / each

      Floralife P.A.C. is a heavy-duty chlorinated cleaner for nonporous surfaces such as greenhouses/packing houses, floors, benches, coolers, tools and equipment. Specifically formulated active chlorine detergent contributes 450 ppm of active chlorine when...

      Product Features

        • 1 gallon jug: Specs
        • Specifically formulated active chlorine detergent contributes 450 ppm of active chlorine when used at a rate of 2.5 fl. oz. per gallon of water: Product Features
        • For cleaning nonporous surfaces in greenhouses, nurseries, interiorscapes, botanical gardens, atriums, packing houses and commercial /retail florists: Product Features
        British Columbia
        Donaldson P821575 Air Filter, Primary (Pack of 3)
        Prices start at : 52 USD / each

        Donaldson P821575 Air Filter, Primary (Pack of 3) Donaldson P821575 Air Filter, Primary (Pack of 3) Donaldson P821575 Air Filter, Primary (Pack of 3)
        • Brand: Donaldson
        • Manufacturer Part Number: P821575
        British Columbia
        Hydroplanettm Adjust Reflector with Cord, Large Grow Light
        Prices start at : 105 USD / each

        Hydroplanet Adjust Reflector with Cord, Large Grow Light Hydroplanettm DE Double Ended Large Adjustable Wing Reflector Spec: -Twice the power and efficiency of most other reflectors -Increase the growing area under each lamp by up to 75% -Increase yield...
        • Brand: HydroPlanet
        British Columbia
        VIVOSUN 96\
        Prices start at : 189.99 USD / each

        No tools needed.
        Size: 4'x8'(96" x 48" x 80") Size: 96" x 48" x 80" Durability: Our grow tent stands solidly, supported by strong metal poles. One-year Warranty: Our warranty is ironclad and truly hassle free.
        • Brand: VIVOSUN
        • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 49.00 x 12.00 x 7.00 Inches
        British Columbia
        Hydro Organics/Earth Juice HOJ01701 Catalyst Fertilzer - 55 Gallon Drum
        Prices start at : 1387.28 USD / each

        Highly recommended. For indoor/outdoor plants, soil and Hydroponics. A natural-organic molasses-kelp based liquid nutrient that aids plant growth and production. Hydro Organics/Earth Juice HOJ01701 Catalyst Fertilzer - 55 Gallon Drum Hydro Organics/Earth...
        • Assembled Product Weight: 495 lb
        • Brand: Hydro Organics
        • Manufacturer Part Number: HOJ01701
        British Columbia
        FoxFarm Open Sesame Early Flowering Formula Fertilizer Nutrients, 6 oz | FX14104
        Prices start at : 22.33 USD / each

        Start applying during the 5th or 6th week of your plants life at every other watering and watch them open up. It contains minimal salts and other buildups that can be damaging to new plants.
        •  Targets nutrients to the root system for stocky, sturdy, strong, high-producing plants and buds
        •  Optimal level of nutrients with minimal salts and buildups
        •  Bring your plants to bloom with the touch of your hand
        •  FoxFarm Open Sesame early flowering formula
        • Manufacturer Part Number: FX14104
        • Assembled Product Weight: 0.5 lb
        British Columbia
        Air Stones
        Prices start at : 1.5 USD / 0.50 lbs

        Sizes: Small (1.7″ diameter x 1.6″ tall) Medium (2.0″ diameter x 2.0″ tall) Large (2.0″ diameter x 4.0″ tall) Grower's Tip: To increase oxygen levels in a nutrient solution it is much more effective to use many tiny bubbles than a slow stream...
        • brand: Active Aqua
        British Columbia