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Horse First Aid Horse Health Care For Sale In Saint Jean Sur Richelieu

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Small Barn Equine First Aid Kit
Prices start at : 209.95 USD / each

All kits come packed in a durable, bright red bag so they're easy to locate when needed. Used and endorsed by Lynn Palm, International horse trainer and clinician. EquiMedic provides unique first aid kits for everyone from the novice rider to the professional...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Basic Equine First Aid Med Kit
Prices start at : 86.95 USD / each

EquiMedic provides unique first aid kits for everyone from the novice rider to the professional cowboy or eventer. Used and endorsed by Lynn Palm, International horse trainer and clinician.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Equisport Equine Support Bandage
Prices start at : 3.27 USD / each

Size: 4" x 5 yards Stabilizes gait of fatigued horses. Excellent for young horses in training, horses with severe rundown and horses recovering from injury. Equisport Equine Support Bandage Case of 18 - Equisport Equine Support Bandage comes with our...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Horse & Pony Weight Tape
Prices start at : 4.99 USD / each

Horse & Pony Weight Tape Weighs Horses Up To 1321 Pounds , Tape will not Rip, Rot or Mildew Size: 80"
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Betadine Surgical Scrub
Prices start at : 21.80 USD / each

Effective against most gram-positive and gram negative bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant strains, as well as viruses, fungi, yeasts, nycobacteria and protozoa. Kills most bacteria in 15-30 seconds, decreases risk of wound infection.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Chain End Twitch With Wood Handle
Prices start at : 9.19 USD / each

They actually release endorphins (when used correctly) which relax the horse. Handle is 18" in length. Note: Twitches are not meant to cause pain. Chain End Twitch With Wood Handle The Chain End Twitch Polished wooden handle Twitch with chrome plated...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Oralx Rebound-3 for Horses
Prices start at : 508.02 USD / each

Case of 12 Size: 34gr/triple dose In addition to stress, chemical additives, worming remedies, and antibiotics are factors which can seriously affect the composition of normal intestinal flora.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Wound Kote Aerosol
Prices start at : 6.79 USD / each

Contains 500 applications. Propylene Glycol. A quick-drying, deep penetrating antiseptic dressing. Ingredients: Methyl Violet, Acriflavine, Technical Furfural, Sodium Propionate, Urea, Glycerine.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Topical Fungicide With Sprayer
Prices start at : 7.49 USD / each

For use on cattle sheep horses dogs and cats as an aid in the control of summer itch girth itch foot rot ringworm . Results should be apparent in a matter days. Soak affected area liberally with fungicide.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Vetericyn Hydrogel Spray
Prices start at : 36.30 USD / each

Vetericyn HydroGel kills antibiotic-resistant strains of bacteria as well as fungi, viruses and spores. HydroGel is designed to slowly evaporate, there is no need to wipe away film or residue from previous applications.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
HorZe Plastic Twitch
Prices start at : 4.23 USD / each

HorZe Plastic Twitch HorZe Plastic Twitch comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Plastic twitch with nylon cord.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Abetta Bandage Scissor
Prices start at : 6.20 USD / each

Allow additional time for delivery. Bandage scissors with poly grip handle. Abetta Bandage Scissor Abetta Bandage Scissor in stock and ready to ship.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Tecnu Poison Oak Ivy Treatment
Prices start at : 12.49 USD / each

This unique waterless cleansing formula removes the source of the rash caused by poison oak, ivy and sumac. Take control of the outdoor itch that plagues you. Don t just cover it up.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Touchtape Puck 1 Inch x 6 Feet Tapeless
Prices start at : 17.49 USD / each

To be cut to desired length. TAPEless's clinically proven, patented wound dressing holders are designed to hold a primary dressing in place without the use of tape & other adhesives.
  •  Clinically Proven
  •  Anatomically Designed
  •  Washable/Reusable
  •  Holds All Wound Dressings
  •  Non-Constrictive
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Case of 12 - Hawthorne Cool Cast Bandage
Prices start at : 72.99 USD / each

Useful in treating strains and injuries, and as a light support following intra-articular injections. Size: 3" x 10" yards Embollient leg Bandage. Reduces inflammation, swelling and tenderness associated with arthritis, tendonitis and periostitis.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
One Man Twitch
Prices start at : 10.61 USD / each

One Man Twitch One Man Twitch comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! One Man Twitch Keep your horse concentrating on the twitch while necessary treatment or shoeing is needed.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Colorado Saddlery Twitch
Prices start at : 13.25 USD / each

Colorado Saddlery Twitch Colorado Saddlery Twitch comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! The Colorado Saddlery Twitch has a heavy duty chain with a 27" hardwood handle. Only experienced horse people should use a twitch.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Derma Cloth To Clean Cuts/Skin Diseases
Prices start at : 13.00 USD / each

The Derma cloths with microban safely clean wounds and skin lesions. It aids in the treatment of skin diseases. Size: 6" x 0.25" x 13" Derma Cloth To Clean Cuts/Skin Diseases Derma Cloth To Clean Cuts/Skin Diseases.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Sharpvet Hypodermic Needles
Prices start at : 14.99 USD / each

Hand-ground with straight taper, non-plugging points. Hypodermic Needles Stainless needles that fit every injection system and need. Produced from top-quality stainless tubing. Sharpvet Hypodermic Needles Sharpvet Hypodermic Needles, if you are not 100%...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Agri Pro Allison Medical Disposable Syringe
Prices start at : 3.69 USD / each

Take disposable needles (not included). Sold individually. Allison Medical Disposable Syringes Economical syringes feature large finger flange for a no-slip grip and easy-to-read calibrations.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Powerflex Equine Bandage - Case of 18
Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

Change wrap frequently for best results. Wrap leg, not wrapping too tight, to provide support or to hold a dressing in place. Case of 18 assorted rolls. Providing 23 lbs of tensile strength.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Durvet Immediate Response
Prices start at : 16.49 USD / each

Designed for immediate response to symptoms of scours, gut ache & treatment of diarrhea, & exposure to moldy hay or forage. Rapidly restores your horse s digestive balance. Contains: Yeast Extract, Primary Yeast Dehydration, Mucilage, Vegetable Oil, Dried...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Aluminum Hub Needle
Prices start at : 32.99 USD / each

This product can not be shipped to the following US States: CA,DC,DE,NH,NY, & RI Size: 14 Guage/2" Tri-beveled, anti-coring tips are computer ground for consistant sharpness. Anti-friction coating eases injection and withdrawl for minimal penetration...
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Equiderma Zinc Paste
Prices start at : 22.46 USD / each

Equiderma Zinc Paste Equiderma Zinc Paste Great for pastern dermatitis and sunburn. Soothing and healing.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Covidien Monoject Blood Collection Tubes - 100 Pack
Prices start at : 69.99 USD / each

Available with or without additives. Not for sale in PR For procedures requiring serum, general chemistry and serology procedures, silicone coated tubes feature red stoppers and contain no additive, 16 mm, 3 ml or 10 ml draw.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Co-Flex Bandage
Prices start at : 1.70 USD / each

Size 4" x 5 yards. Co-Flex Bandage An economical bandage for use on large and small animals when a lightweight compression bandage is required. Use for wound dressings, de-claw procedures, light support wraps, catheters, wrapping horse tails and leg wraps.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Pura Naturals Ear Cleaning Kit
Prices start at : 13.89 USD / each

Kit Contains: 4-Pura Finger Spones and Ear Cleansing Serum. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Chain End Twitch Wood Handle
Prices start at : 9.89 USD / each

Will not slip or stop circulation. Chain End Twitch Wood Handle Chain End Twitch Wood Handle is an excellent product we know our customers will love.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu
Banixx Pet Care
Prices start at : 14.10 USD / each

Can be used on foals, puppies, kittens, rabbits, birdsw, show goats, sheep & cattle, exotic pets & more Size: 8 oz Banixx Pet Care Products are earth-friendly: has no antibiotics or steroids.
Saint Jean sur Richelieu