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Horse Fence Horse Tack For Sale In Saint Jerome

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Western Saddle,Pad,and Bridle
Price : CALL

Asking price- $400 Being sold so my daughter may buy English tack. Asking price- $400 Included; Saddle Sturrups Girth Pad Bridle Reins And Bit Brown Western saddle and bridle set, pad included.
Saint Jerome
Crestridge High Prairie Saddle
Price : CALL

High cantle for a secure seat. The high cantle and supracore seat were the main buying points for me as well as the gorgeous look of this new saddle by Crestridge. Additional info and pictures available on request.
Saint Jerome
12.5-Gauge Wire Link (3-Pack)
Prices start at : 14.45 USD / package

Strip approximately 1 in. Quick and easy with no special tools needed. Use with 12.5-gauge wire. Securely splices wire together with a smooth safe connection. Of polymer coating and insert bare wire into wire link.
  •  Splices 12.5-gauge wire
  •  Aluminum housing
  • Livestock Use: Multi-use
  • Maximum Vertical Spacing (in.): 0
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Bundle Quantity: 3
Saint Jerome
Stubben Dressage Saddle
Price : CALL

Great riding saddle, fit a 17HH TB with hight withers. All leathers and irons included. 17\" seat, size 50 girth, irons and leather in excellent condition. Wonderful condition Stubben dressage saddle.
Saint Jerome
Gate Hinge Kit
Prices start at : 13.10 USD / each

Gate Hinge Kit Gate Hinge Kit comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Gate hinge for stall gates.
Saint Jerome
Price : CALL

Unfortunately NO time to ride and this saddle is going to waist. Color: MAHOGANY with white buckstitch accents. This saddle is suitable for everyday riding or the show ring! This is a quality saddle that will last for years of use.
Saint Jerome
Patriot Charger To Rope/Braid Connector
Prices start at : 4.79 USD / each

Color: Silver Size: 5" x 4" x 2" Patriot Charger To Rope/Braid Connector Designed for use with electric fence chargers or energizers. Used to connect polirope or braid strands to charger.
Saint Jerome
Tube Style Wood Post Insulator
Prices start at : 9.70 USD / each

Rigid high density polyethylene with carbon black for superior uv resistance.. Color: Black Size: 4" Ribs prevent insulator from sliding. Tube Style Wood Post Insulator Tube Style Wood Post Insulator, if you are not 100% satisfied our excellent customer...
Saint Jerome
1 Amp Replacement Fuse for Electric Fencers
Prices start at : 4.59 USD / each

1 Amp Replacement Fuse for Electric Fencers Replacement 1 amp fuse for all fused 110-volt model electric fencers.
Saint Jerome
Zareba 2Mi Ac Ss Fencer
Prices start at : 44.70 USD / each

Recommended for use in weed-free conditions. Zareba 2Mi Ac Ss Fencer 2 mile range. Sealed plastic cabinet. Ideal for hobby farms livestock and small animals. 115 volt, 60 cycle, ac input/output.
Saint Jerome
Shires Set Of 3 Right Angled Scratchers
Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

Each panel is 10.5" tall x 9" wide. It allows horses to safely scratch without being abrasive. Shires Set Of 3 Right Angled Scratchers The scratcher is a flexible, texturized panel that is made of a durable polyethylene material, not rubber, so the product...
Saint Jerome
Dare Slinky Gate
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

Retracts to keep gate off ground when open. Dare Slinky Gate Dare Slinky Gate is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Do not use with horses. Assembly includes one Rub'rgate handle, one large galvanized spring, two pinlock-style wood...
Saint Jerome
Solar Fencer
Prices start at : 267.40 USD / each

Metal housing and electrical components. Comes complete with sealed 6 volt battery, ready for use. Advanced solid state circuitry. Ideal for livestock or predator control. Features latest state-of-the-art solar panel with over 42% more battery charging...
Saint Jerome
T Post Vinyl Cap
Prices start at : 11.50 USD / each

Color: White Size: 25 Pack T Post Vinyl Cap T Post Vinyl Cap. T-post vinyl safety cap white.
Saint Jerome
With Nail Insulator
Prices start at : 4.80 USD / each

Install like any insulators. Smooth and glossy like porcelain. Will not crack or shatter if struck with hammer. Color: White Size: 25 Pack Triple grove line insulator. Take any size fence wire.
Saint Jerome
Wood Post Insulator
Prices start at : 5.19 USD / each

Metal wire holding clips not required. Wood Post Insulator Wood Post Insulator With Nail. Overall length approx 1 1/8" Diameter 1 1/8" Size of hole 3/16" Color: Black Size: 25 Pack
Saint Jerome
Patriot Pinlock Insulator
Prices start at : 12.10 USD / each

Works with high-tensile wire, poliwire, or politape in both permanent and temporary fences. Patriot Pinlock Insulator For use on wood posts or T-Posts. Color: White Size: Jumbo
Saint Jerome
1320 ft. 12.5-Gauge Brown Safety Coated High Tensile Horse Fence Wire
Prices start at : 175.1 USD / roll

PolyPlus installs like high tensile wire and is engineered for durability, resistant to wear and withstands extreme temperature conditions. PolyPlus is a permanent economical horse fence that uses a 12.5-Gauge Galvanized High Tensile Wire embedded in...
  •  Non-electric
  •  Available in white, black and brown
  •  Buying Guide:
  • Livestock Use: Multi-use
  • Color Family: Brown
  • Returnable: 90-Day
Saint Jerome
Tru-Test Inc. Patriot Wide Tape To Tape Vertical Connector
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / each

Patriot Wide Tape To Tape Vertical Connector Allows Electricity From One Politape Strand To Be Transmitted Vertically To The Politape Strand Below Suitable For Use With Politape To Up To 1 1/2 Inch Wide Color: Metal
Saint Jerome
Weaver Leather Livestock Fence Tie
Prices start at : 6.89 USD / each

Color: Black Size: 1 x 18 Weaver Leather Livestock Fence Tie Weaver Leather Livestock Fence Tie comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! This single-ply nylon fence tie features nickel plated swivel snaps at both ends.
Saint Jerome
Egg Basket
Prices start at : 7.57 USD / each

Coated to protect eggs, this basket can safely transport up to 3 dozen. With the SummerHawk Ranch Egg Basket, it's okay to put all your eggs in one basket. Open basket design makes it easy to rinse and dry your eggs without over handling.
  •  Holds up to 36 eggs
  •  Durable wire construction
  •  Vinyl coated to prevent breakage
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Product Depth (in.): 8
  • Product Height (in.): 5.75
Saint Jerome
Round pens and horse panels
Price : CALL

I have new horse panels 4 sale for best deals call thanks larry b Horse panels round pens
Saint Jerome
Patriot Electric Fence Lead Set
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

Patriot Electric Fence Lead Set For use with all patriot energizers Simple, easy to use, and more convenient than undergroung cable/joint clamps Connect energizer to fence wire and ground system
Saint Jerome
Gripple tensioner for wire fences
Prices start at : 28.99 USD / each

For use with 12 gauge to 14 gauge wire. Gripple tensioner for wire fences Used to join and tension wire, can be used on low-carbon or high tensile wires. 700 lbs maximum load.
Saint Jerome
Patriot PMx200 Fence Energizer
Prices start at : 176.40 USD / each

Led indicator indicates if the energizer is on and working. Low impedance technology for effective reliable performance. Color: Black Size: Up To 50 Mile Patriot PMx200 Fence Energizer Provides powerful protection for livestock against predators.
Saint Jerome
Round Corner Post Insulator
Prices start at : 24.99 USD / each

Holds polytape up to 11/2 inches. Western screw insulator for sucker rod 1/4 inch to 7/8. Color: White Size: 25 Pack Round Corner Post Insulator Round Corner Post Insulator.
Saint Jerome
54 in. Black T-Post Sleeve with cap ( 25-Pack)
Prices start at : 216.67 USD / package

Made out of high-density polyethylene, the T-Sleeve is very durable and impact resistant to provide years of maintenance-free service. T-Sleeve Covers converts metal T-Post into an attractive, safer post that requires no insulators when used with electric...
  • Color Family: Black
  • Made in the USA: Yes
  • Livestock Supplies Product type: Horse Fencing
  • Manufacturer Warranty: None
  • Minimum Vertical spacing (in.): 0
  • Product Height (in.): 54
Saint Jerome
Posted Private Property Property Sign
Prices start at : 2.07 USD / each

Bright yellow sign with black lettering Color: Yellow/Black Size: 11 X 11" Posted Private Property Property Sign Posted Private Property Property Sign. Sign to warn people should keep out of this area.
Saint Jerome
Pneumatic 1-3/4 in. 9-Gauge Barbed Fencing Staples (1,000-Pack)
Prices start at : 105.8 USD / each

The Freeman FS9G175 includes 1,000 staples per box to ensure you have job sized quantities at the tip of your fingers. The Freeman 9-Gauge, 1-3/4 in. L Hot Dipped Galvanized Fencing Staple is compatible with both the Freeman PFS9 and Stockade ST-400.
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Product Length (ft.): .146
  • Horizontal Spacing (in.): 0
  • of Line Wires: 25
  • of Vertical Spacing Sizes: 1
  • Hot dipped galvanized: Yes
Saint Jerome