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Horse Fence Horse Tack For Sale In Chicoutimi Jonquiere

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Circle Y  Yoakum horse bridle
Price : CALL

Quality leather and stainless brass bridle retails at 109.00 dollars. Hello my name is gabriel i am selling a fine leather and stainless brass horse bridle tack for 50.00 dollars brand new never used.
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Used western tack
Price : CALL

All the tack it will take to put a barn together. My husband worked at the race track for 30 yrs. I have all the equipment to furnish a barn and anything needed for horses. I think some blankets and much more.
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Dare Voltage Spike Protector
Prices start at : 22.99 USD / each

Shop our on-line catalog with over 120,000 products for you and your horse. Dare Voltage Spike Protector Voltage Spike Protector is a 110V surge protector. Many of our products ship out the same business day!
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Tape To Tape Connector Wide
Prices start at : 6.70 USD / each

Allow additional time for delivery. Tape To Tape Connector Wide Tape To Tape Connector Wide in stock and ready to ship. Wide Tape To Wide Tape Connector, Allows The Electricity From 1 Politape Strand To Be Transmitted Vertically To The Politape Strand...
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
1 Amp Replacement Fuse for Electric Fencers
Prices start at : 4.59 USD / each

1 Amp Replacement Fuse for Electric Fencers Replacement 1 amp fuse for all fused 110-volt model electric fencers.
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Dare Round Nose Pliers
Prices start at : 17.49 USD / each

All purpose fence tool for use when working on a fence. Dare Round Nose Pliers Multi-purpose fence tool for fence installation. Color: Black Size: 10"
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Patriot P5 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer - 12 V DC/110 V AC
Prices start at : 131.60 USD / each

It features an LED indicator that pulses when the energizer is working and a robust covered knob design for easy, safe installation, and good wire connection. It is solar compatible.
  •  DISTANCE RANGE (miles) 15 miles
  •  OUTPUT VOLTAGE (UP TO) 8.0 kV max, 4.5 kV @ 500 ?
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Crestridge High Prairie Saddle
Price : CALL

Custom built for any narrow built horse breed. High cantle for a secure seat. Brown with black smooth seat. I knew pretty quickly that I wanted more room in the saddle. The high cantle and supracore seat were the main buying points for me as well as the...
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Tru-Test Inc. Stafix Fault Finder Electric Fence Tool
Prices start at : 154.90 USD / each

Stafix Fault Finder Electric Fence Tool Tru-Test Inc. Stafix Fault Finder Electric Fence Tool in stock and ready to ship. Allow additional time for delivery. Quick and Easily Locates Faults Along The Electric Fence Line Displays Current, Voltage and Current...
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Never Rust Aluminum Wire
Prices start at : 38.80 USD / each

Your cat will love using his new litter box it is roomy and has an open closer that will keep litter in its place. Never Rust Aluminum Wire Never Rust Aluminum Wire comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Made Of A Durable Plastic That Is Safe For...
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Zareba Wood Post Poly Tape Insulator
Prices start at : 8.79 USD / each

Molded of heavy-duty polyethylene. Extends the tape 2 inches from the post. Tape holder locks for easy installation. Color: Yellow Size: 25 Pack Includes 25 double-headed nails. Zareba Wood Post Poly Tape Insulator Keeps poly tape from moving on the post.
Chicoutimi Jonquiere
Egg Basket
Prices start at : 7.57 USD / each

Coated to protect eggs, this basket can safely transport up to 3 dozen. With the SummerHawk Ranch Egg Basket, it's okay to put all your eggs in one basket. Open basket design makes it easy to rinse and dry your eggs without over handling.
  •  Holds up to 36 eggs
  •  Durable wire construction


    • Product Width (in.): 8
    • Livestock Supplies Product type: Equipment
    • Product Height (in.): 5.75
    • Product Depth (in.): 8
    Chicoutimi Jonquiere
    Old Ironsides Steel Cased Gate Handle
    Prices start at : 5.60 USD / each

    All metal parts permanently assembled using 20 tons of force. No flimsy snap-on/push-on fasteners used anywhere.. Large insulating grip measures 5 1/8 long with a 2 1/4 diameter flange for extra shock protection..
    Chicoutimi Jonquiere
    S100 Replacement Module
    Prices start at : 42.99 USD / each

    S100 Replacement Module Replacement power module for international fencer # s100.
    Chicoutimi Jonquiere
    PATRIOT Jumbo Ring Insulator
    Prices start at : 12.49 USD / each

    If you are using a low impedance fence energizer you will also need insulators that provide excellent arcing protection due to the high energy output of these energizers. 25 insulators per bag.
    •  All Patriot insulators come with a 5 year warranty
    •  Designed to be easily attached to compatible fence posts
    •  Tried and tested to ensure reliability and durability
    •  Patriot extender insulators protect existing fences by extending electric fence barrier from existing wires
    •  Made from quality plastic and porcelain materials that are UV stable and designed for long life
    Chicoutimi Jonquiere
    54 in. Black T-Post Sleeve with cap ( 25-Pack)
    Prices start at : 216.67 USD / package

    Completely covers the post with pre-cut notches for coated wire. Is ideal for use with a 6 ft. With a height of 54 in. Will need to utilize polymer coated T-Post clips to secure fence wire to sleeve.


      •  Buying Guide:
      •  Round 54 in. long
      • Color Family: Black
      • Livestock Supplies Product type: Horse Fencing
      • Horizontal Spacing (in.): 0
      • of Line Wires: 0
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Custom Tack Trunks and More!
      Price : CALL

      Horses is our Profession as well as our fellow equine enthusiasts. Feel free to call with any questions and I will be more than happy to assist you. *Barn Group order discounts. Tack Trunks + more: Unbelievable Prices for top of the line Custom tack trunks.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      S100 Replacement Module
      Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

      S100 Replacement Module S100 Replacement Module comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Replacement circuit pak for s-100 fencer.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Power Wizard Solar Pw100S Energizer
      Prices start at : 234.99 USD / each

      3 year warranty. Plus, easy to service. Recommended for small areas, horses, cattle and small animals. 0.15 joule output; 12 V internal battery (included). Feature high performance digital technology, rugged all-weather construction, internal lightning...
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer - 12 V DC/110 V AC
      Prices start at : 138.99 USD / each

      Technical Information: This energizer features a unique, clip-on wire feature that allows mounting on fence wire. Patriot P10 Dual Purpose Fence Energizer - 12 V DC/110 V AC The P5 Fence Energizer is a great choice for fencing a small number of livestock.
      •  DISTANCE RANGE (acres) 100 acres
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Dare Tension Measuring Spring
      Prices start at : 6.99 USD / each

      Tension Measuring Spring To be installed in each fence line next to fence strainer to keep wires taut during temperature changes. Dare Tension Measuring Spring Dare Tension Measuring Spring is an excellent product we know our customers will love.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Partrade Kwikee King Gate Latch
      Prices start at : 6.55 USD / each

      Partrade Kwikee King Gate Latch The Partrade Kwikee King Gate Latch
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Patriot AC Power Adaptor (110V)
      Prices start at : 27.90 USD / each

      Patriot AC Power Adaptor (110V) 110 volt power adapter for patriot chargers: P5, P10, and P20 Dual Purpose Fence Chargers.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Baygard Horse Surround Fencer
      Prices start at : 93.99 USD / each

      Safe, effective, shock designed for animals that are sensitive to electric shock like horses, dogs and short haired animals. Metal housing and electrical components. All warranty claims must be returned directly to the manufacturer.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Tube Style Wood Post Insulator
      Prices start at : 9.70 USD / each

      Ribs prevent insulator from sliding. Performs in any climate.. Rigid high density polyethylene with carbon black for superior uv resistance.. Insulator only - without staple.. Color: Black Size: 4"
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Country Tuff Horse Fence Max Tight 48X100
      Prices start at : 129.99 USD / Each

      This square knot provides extra vertical strength to withstand impact from large animals. It also allows flexibility in installation over hilly terrains. Class I galvanized horse fence resists corrosion and ensures a longer fence life.
      • Weight: 122.0000
      • Model Number: 0490-0CT
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      PATRIOT Electric Fence Rope/Braid Clamp
      Prices start at : 6.60 USD / each

      Sold individually. PATRIOT Electric Fence Rope/Braid Clamp Stainless steel Ideal for joining polirope or braid rope together.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Dare Fence Taps
      Prices start at : 30.99 USD / each

      Open 3&4 100 s. Dare Fence Taps Crimps meant to make wire repairs or to tie off the ending joint of a fence. Color: Silver Size: 100 Pack
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere
      Dare Rub\'rgate Rubber gate Handle
      Prices start at : 2.60 USD / each

      Allow additional time for delivery. Generous, sensibly spaced flanges allow plenty of hand room. Has a firm grip and acts as a layer of insulation. Enclosed spring stretches 3.5 inches to keep wire taut.
      Chicoutimi Jonquiere