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Hoof Care Livestock Supplies For Sale In St Paul

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Sheep Hoof Trimmers
Prices start at : 13.95 USD / each

Hot drop forged and hardened.
St. Paul
Handy Hoof Trimmer
Prices start at : 72.95 USD / each

Trims overgrown hooves on horses and cattle quickly and efficiently. 30" hardwood handles.
St. Paul
140DXR Hoof Trimmers for Sheep & Goats
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / each

Fits comfortably in the hand for reduced fatigue. Precision-ground, chrome-plated steel blades for durable cutting performance and retained sharpness. Lightweight with a non-slip grip.
St. Paul
Bovi-Bond Hoof Blocking Kit
Prices start at : 22.29 USD / each

No fumes or odors. Strong, quick-bonding urethane adhesive adheres a block to the bovine hoof. Sets up in just 30 seconds and is weight bearing in 2-3 minutes. Fast and easy application.
St. Paul
Kopertox Water-Resistant Hoof Protection
Prices start at : 26.95 USD / each

Kopertox provides water resistant protection for the treatment of thrush in horses and ponies. Clean hoof thoroughly and apply once or twice daily.
St. Paul
Goat Disc Silver Coarse Grit Flat Disc
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / each

This disc is designed for the toughest of hooves and can remove hoof material quickly, easily, and smoothly. Designed for goats and sheep, but also appropriate for equine use. It can promote better hoof health and is easier to use than hand trimmers.
St. Paul
New-Hoof Concentrate Triple-Action Formula for Dairy Cattle
Prices start at : 44.39 USD / each

Mix 1 quart to 50 gallons of water for prevention. Mix 1 part New-Hoof to 2 parts water for treatment. Approved for livestock, including dairy and sheep. A safe, biodegradable product designed for a control program in your footbath to lower the occurrence...
St. Paul
QuickHit Gel for Dairy Cattle
Prices start at : 45.95 USD / each

Contains salicylic acid, copper, and zinc to produce a highly effective solution. Spray or drench to the point of run-off for at least three consecutive milkings, or until problem is resolved.
St. Paul
Technovit Hoof Kit
Prices start at : 61.95 USD / each

To use, the Technovit powder and liquid are mixed and applied to a properly prepared hoof to attach the wood block, lifting the sore toe off the ground. Use for cattle with joint abscesses, foot rot, etc., associated with only one claw.
St. Paul
Bovi-Bond Clean Cut Nippers
Prices start at : 14.49 USD / each

The easy, even way to open your cartridge of Bovi-Bond. Miniature nippers make a nice, smooth tip cut for better processing of Bovi-Bond.
St. Paul
Sullivan\'s Sole Paint Hoof Conditioner
Prices start at : 27.50 USD / each

Sole Paint aids in the relief of discomfort associated with minor cracks and bruising of the hoof. Sullivan's Sole Paint Hoof Conditioner is designed to condition the hooves of swine, cattle and horses.
St. Paul
Goat Disc Blue Medium Grit Flat Disc
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / each

It can promote better hoof health and is easier to use than hand trimmers. The Goat & Sheep Trimming Disc – Coarse Grit is a 2" flat profile, coarse abrasive disc with a 10 mm center hole.
St. Paul
Heavy-duty Sheep Chair Replacement Canvas
Prices start at : 42.23 USD / each

Replacement canvas for heavy-duty sheep chair.
St. Paul
Aerosol Wound Spray
Prices start at : 13.99 USD

Cut Heal Aerosol Wound Spray gives comprehensive and amazing wound care results for major to minor wounds.
  •  Brings the coat back to original color
  •  Prevents secondary infections
  •  Does not become ineffective in sunlight
  •  Prevents flies from gathering on the open wound
  •  Made in the USA
  •  Creates a breathable, flexible barrier
St. Paul
Wonder Dust Wound Powder
Prices start at : 7.19 USD

  •  Dressing powder & blood coagulant for use on wounds, cuts, abrasions & capillary bleeding
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Stops bleeding fast, dries up wounds quickly & controls tissue granulations
  •  4 oz. bottle
  •  Weight: Approximately: .36 pounds
St. Paul
Dairy Foot Bath
Prices start at : 99.95 USD / each

Measures 65" long x 34" wide x 5" high. Made of an FDA-approved UV-protected plastic that is strong and durable yet lightweight. Has a 3-year warranty.
St. Paul
Hoof Boss Cow Hoof Trimming Set
Prices start at : 269.99 USD / each

(We recommend the separate Herd Boss Trimming Disc for high volume maintenance trimming). The Hoof Boss Cow Hoof Trimming Set includes: It can also assist in the preparation of both hoof and block when treating an injured hoof.
  •  Chain File: Diamond Coated 5 mm
  •  4 Tooth Chain with Disc: Tungsten Carbide Chain
  •  HOOF BOSS: Electric, Extended Neck Angle Grinder
  •  Instructional DVD: Easy-To-Follow Instructions
  •  Tool Carrying Case: Lightweight, Durable
St. Paul
8-Tooth Chain Trimming Disc for Goats, Sheep, and Pigs
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / each

The 8-tooth chain disc is best suited for use with goats, sheep, and pigs and is ideal for maintaining large herds or flocks of animals. The 8-Tooth Chain Disc consists of a 2” diameter, 8-tooth, carbon steel chain and two patented 10 mm mounting discs.
St. Paul
Hoof Nippers
Prices start at : 24.95 USD / each

Jaws come together in center. Drop forged heavy duty construction. A good all around nippers.
St. Paul
Sav-A-Hoof Gel
Prices start at : 17.95 USD / each

It can arrest hoof disease that otherwise may result in hoof resection. Unique, concentrated, time-release formula that fights white line disease, seedy toe, thrush, Candida yeast, anaerobic and aerobic bacteria, mold and fungus, and it lasts for weeks.
St. Paul
Bellota Mini 13\
Prices start at : 21.95 USD / each

Handy tool for work on foals, ponies, and minis. Made of special chromium steel for lasting durability. Length includes handle.
St. Paul
Magic Cushion Hoof Packing
Prices start at : 49.95 USD / each

May be used under a protective hoof pad or applied to the hoof and secured with a simple wrap. Using gloves or an applicator, apply sufficient Magic Cushion to cover the entire sole and sulci of the frog to 1/2" depth.
St. Paul
Farrier 15\
Prices start at : 36.95 USD / each

Will not become brittle when quenched in water. Manufactured from special low-carbon steel for lasting strength. Ideal for handling average size shoes.
St. Paul
Hoof Trimming Disc
Prices start at : 28.95 USD / each

Trims 25-50 head before it needs resharpening. Features a clog free see-through design. May be resharpened 15-20 times with a carbide sharpener (fits in a chain saw sharpening tool).
St. Paul
Farrier\'s Apron
Prices start at : 78.29 USD / each

Leg straps with snap closures keep farrier's apron in place. Leather farrier's apron keeps supplies close at hand. Adjustable waistband with quick release buckle fits 29"-52" waists.
St. Paul
Technovit 12 Treatment Kit w/Plastic Blocks
Prices start at : 133.25 USD / each

A strong acrylic bonding material forms when Technovit powder and liquid are combined which is used to affix the plastic block to the affected hoof. Technovit Hoof Treatment System enables hoof problems to heal by taking pressure off the wounded hoof.
  • Weight: 2 lbs
St. Paul
Horseshoers/Groomers Stand
Prices start at : 38.95 USD / each

It's lightweight and easy to transport and made of 7/8" steel rod to last a lifetime. Ideal for the farrier or the average horse owner. If you've ever knelt down or bent over to work your horse's feet, this is for you! Powder coat paint finish.
St. Paul