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Nature Greenhouses
Prices start at : 681.99 USD / each

Door is 2ft wide by 6ft high. Dimensions are 72.25in L x 73in W x (53in side H or 85in apex height). The sturdy, corrosion-resistant aluminum frame features strong bolt-together connections that go together quickly and easily.

Product Features

    Product Benefits

      • It's great for those pampered patio pots: Product Benefits
      • Panels are virtually unbreakable and 100% UV protected: Product Features
      • Comes in either 6' x 6' x 7' center height or 6' x 8' x 7' center height: Specs
      • The clear, polycarbonate twin-wall panels on the Nature greenhouse have twice the heat retention of single layer panels: Product Features
      • Get a head start on your seed flats in the late winter/early spring: Product Benefits
      • Roof vent, gutter and galvanized steel base included: Product Features
      United States
      Intake Shutters
      Prices start at : 102.99 USD / each

      Operated by either motor or gravity! The LRW Shutter is an all aluminum damper featuring an extruded aluminum frame with interlocking aluminum blades for maximum weather seal. This shutter has nylon bearings on all movable linkage.

      Product Features

        • Aluminum blades: Product Features
        • Aluminum blade brackets and tie bars: Product Features
        • Extruded aluminum frame: Product Features
        United States
        Cold Frame Hoop House
        Prices start at : 1197.89 USD / each

        Economical solution produced from quality! These hoop houses are a traditional cold frame for over-wintering of plant material. Allied steel tubing with Gatorshield rust and corrosion galvanized treatment.

        Product Features

          • 16' x 48': Specs
          • A comparitively inexpensive way to over-winter your containerized plants: Product Features
          • Ship wt: 405 lbs
          • Height: 8.25 ft
          • Length: 48 ft
          • Can also be used for winter storage of tools, lawn equipment, ice melt, etc: Product Features
          United States
          4 ft. x 8 ft. Greenhouse Black Extension Kit
          Prices start at : 784.68 USD / each

          The idea is simple, as your gardening greenhouse needs grow so can you greenhouse. Extension kit allows for the expansion of your greenhouse. The Monticello 4 ft. The design and installation is simple and takes under 2 hours to assemble.
          •  Automatic opener roof vent ( 2 ft. x 2 ft.) opens and closes based on interior temperature to help prevent plant wilting and dry out
          •  Integrated dual rain water gutter system
          •  Dual low profile easy roll sliding entry doors with locking ability ships fully assembled
          •  A frame roof design with joist supports allowing for additional snow load capacity and insulation for more economic use
          •  High impact UV stable 8mm commercial grade twin wall polycarbonate walls and roof construction
          • Product Height (in.): 90
          United States
          Gorilla Grow Tent 2-Foot Extension Kits
          Prices start at : 79.99 USD / each

          Increase your yield with these extension kits! Do you need more space in your Gorilla Grow Tent? Increase your yield by up to 33 percent! This kit includes both poles and additional fabric.
          • Fits Tent Size: 2 Feet x 4 Feet
          United States
          Polyamide Line, 8 or 12 Gauge
          Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

          Installs quickly and easily and is UV resistant, corrosion and maintenance free and is seven times lighter than steel wire. It is ideal for shade covers, orchards, vineyards, netting and even fencing.
          • 15 year lifespan: Product Features
          • Gauge: 8
          • Length: 207 ft
          • 8 gauge is 4 mm thick, with a 1,278 pound force breaking strength: Specs
          United States
          Greenhouse Accessory Bundle
          Prices start at : 261.89 USD / each

          No need to look around and purchase separately, this is the best value for your money. Kit includes 8 Plastic light weight shelves (2 per kit) that can easily be repositioned for changing needs, 1 Automatic Vent opener that keeps your greenhouse at the...
          •  1 two level steel work bench, specially designed by Palram to accommodate and organize your greenhouse, organize and increase your greenhouse work space with the Palram steel work bench, this heavy duty work bench has two galvanized rust resistant shelves and a galvanized steel frame
          •  4 plastic shelf kits, total length on shelving combined is 16 ft. the Palram Professional Greenhouse Shelf Kits helps maximize the usable space in your greenhouse and can be easily adjusted to accommodate changing crops
          • Material: Metal, Plastic
          • Product Width (in.): 36
          • Product Weight (lb.): 67.5lb
          • Returnable: 90-Day
          United States
          6 in. x 4 in. Single Stage Thermostat for Electric Ventilation System
          Prices start at : 109.00 USD / each

          Must be hard wired. The RSI Thermostat is designed to work with any electric ventilation system or solar powered ventilation system. The RSI thermostat is a single pole design with a large dial that is accurate to 2.
          • Large dial: Yes
          • Product Width (in.): 4
          • Product Type: Thermostat
          • Product Weight (lb.): 2lb
          • Product Depth (in.): 6
          • Manufacturer Warranty: one year warranty
          United States
          Dramm Environmental Thermostat Single Stage
          Prices start at : 85.89 USD / each

          High quality thermostats designed with rough environments in mind! Place in the area to be controlled to gain automatic, accurate control of: heating, cooling, and ventilation. Use the single stage model to activate your shutters, fan, or other equipment.

          Product Features


              • Approxamately 1 degree differential: Specs
              • Sealed wiring strain relief: Product Features
              • Non-corrosive construction: Product Features
              • Durable PVC weatherproof housing: Product Features
              • Single Stage Thermostat: Specs
              United States
              Work Bench System for 8 ft. x 8 ft. Greenhouse
              Prices start at : 241.68 USD / each

              The Work Station can be installed either during initial construction or at a later time. Since the installation of the support bars uses the inside bolt tracks the shelving could be set at any height within the greenhouse (up to 4ft off the ground).
              •  10 yr warranty
              •  8 ft. Wide x 2 ft. Deep x 30 in. High
              •  Heavy duty support bars holds up to 600 lbs.
              •  High impact PVC vented work bench top
              •  Quick assembly construction
              • Product Weight (lb.): 26lb
              United States
              Nature Series 0.33 ft. x 0.33 ft. x 18 in. Greenhouse Anchoring Kit
              Prices start at : 70.15 USD / each

              The Palram Anchoring Kit allows you to anchor into soft or hard surfaces, providing great holding capabilities. It is cleverly designed to fit your existing Palram Greenhouse; Harmony, Mythos, Hybrid, Balance or Octave, and can be secured to the foundation...
              •  Securely anchors greenhouse to the ground or foundation
              •  Easy installation
              • Product Weight (lb.): 4.6lb
              • Product Depth (in.): 4
              • Product Type: Accessory
              • Returnable: 90-Day
              United States
              Landmark Plastics 3.5-in Standard Round Pot, Case of 450
              Prices start at : 45.49 USD / each

              And what they don't. Landmark Plastics 3.5-in Standard Round Pot, Case of 450 For 30 years Landmark Plastic has been making life easier and less chaotic for growers, from propagation to patio.


                • Bi-level drain holes promote root pruning and discourages root circling: Product Features
                • Dimensions are 3 & 1/2in W x 3 & 1/4in H: Specs
                • Thermoformed pots: Specs
                United States
                Exhaust Fans
                Prices start at : 1115.99 USD / each

                PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY. Coolair has developed a complete ventilation system for farm use combining the Type NBF fan with a Type LRW all aluminum shutter and heavy gauge galvanized steel wall housing (square box or slope) for exterior mounting, allowing...
                • Dimensions: 30-Inch Square
                • Horsepower: 1/2 Horsepower
                United States
                14 ft. W x 8 ft. D Aluminet Greenhouse Shade Net
                Prices start at : 99.00 USD / box

                May fit other similar-sized greenhouses from other manufacturers. The Grandio Shade Nets are purpose made to reduce intense sunlight by 50% to keep your greenhouse cooler. Shade net is cut and tapered to fit Grandio 6 ft.
                •  High-quality tapered edges with brass grommets
                •  Elastic composition allows operation of all Grandio vents
                • Product Height (in.): 1 in
                • Material: Aluminet
                • Returnable: 90-Day
                • Color Family: Metallics
                United States
                Base Kit 6 ft. x 6 ft. for Greenhouse
                Prices start at : 140.00 USD / each

                The Rion Base was engineered to provide additional stability and additional head room for Rion Eco-Grow Greenhouse sized 6 ft. Like all Rion products, the Base Kit assembles in a snap.
                • Product Width (in.): 80.3
                • Product Depth (in.): 176.8
                • Product Weight (lb.): 23.8 lb
                • Material: Resin
                • Product Height (in.): 5
                • Product Type: Base Kit
                United States
                T O Plastics SureRoots Forestry Tray 50 Cells 25 Trays Per Case
                Prices start at : 104.89 USD / each

                Bottom has center round hole compatible with most dislodging systems. 50 star shaped deep plugs. X shaped bottom design for air root pruning. 25 trays per case. Cell Dimensions 2" wide, 5" deep.


                  • Cell Dimensions 2" top width, 5" depth: Specs
                  • 25 trays per case: Specs
                  United States
                  White Felt Tape
                  Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

                  Protect and extend the life of your greenhouse film with our whitefelt tape! Avoid degradation of film from heat and abrasive surfaces.Felt tape are in rolls 1.5 in wide x 48 ft long with a thickness of 1/8 in.This felt comes with an aggressive acrylic...
                  • 1/8 in thick: Specs
                  • Adhesive on one side, felt on the other: Product Features
                  • The felt side can protect greenhouse poly from rough-surface frames: Product Benefits
                  United States
                  Universal Small Building Electric Powered Exhaust Fan
                  Prices start at : 315.53 USD / each

                  The fan structure is now 100% enclosed in the building and the louvers are on the outside of the structure. Two ways our fan can be mounted, from the outside or from the inside. Our fan is designed to fit all structures, but the purchaser needs to be...
                  •  Low profile is perfect for in areas with limited space, build in shutter
                  •  Perfect for Areas with Limited Space
                  •  1 Year Limited Warranty


                    • Product Width (in.): 17
                    • Product Height (in.): 6
                    • Product Depth (in.): 17
                    United States
                    ITML Panterra Decorative Bowls, Sold by the Pack
                    Prices start at : 178.79 USD / each

                    This classic bowl design, in a textured finish, features a wide base for increased stability, soil volume and water retention! Features a dual drain bottom for drainage and aeration.
                    • Ship wt: 20 lb
                    • Outside Dia: 10-inch
                    • Color: Clay
                    • Height: 4-7/8 inch
                    United States
                    Heavy Duty Greenhouse Shelf
                    Prices start at : 43.92 USD / piece

                    Each shelf supports up to 90 lbs. Your Palram greenhouse is prefabricated to easily mount or reposition a shelf—do so with one of these heavy-duty modular units. And is fashioned with channels running underneath the horizontal rails from which to attach...
                    •  Modular design allows multiple shelves to be seamlessly installed side-by-side
                    •  Constructed with heavy-duty galvanized steel brackets and aluminum crossbeams
                    • Manufacturer Warranty: No
                    • Product Width (in.): 24.5
                    • Product Weight (lb.): 5.5lb
                    • Material: Metal
                    United States
                    6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 6 ft. D Harvest House Pro Clear Cover
                    Prices start at : 20.59 USD / box

                    Allows full view of plants and flowers inside your greenhouse. Ideal for growing plants and seed propagation. The clear cover is designed to fit over the Harvest House Pro with X-Up technology and provide maximum heat and light for your plants.
                    •  Shelving and framing unit not included
                    •  Provides maximum heat and light to plants
                    •  Easily fits over existing greenhouse shelving
                    •  Additional cover for harvest house pro easy X-up greenhouse shelving
                    •  Fully transparent
                    • Returnable: 90-Day
                    United States
                    Multi-Use Potting Table/Work Bench
                    Prices start at : 56.98 USD / each

                    Above the tabletop and can hold tools, mugs, spices, pots, or pans. The Table/Work Bench works well in commercial applications too: store tools, supplies and equipment, or use a coffee station in the break room.
                    •  Constructed of durable galvanized steel
                    •  Multiple-use table can be used indoors or out
                    • Returnable: 90-Day
                    • Product Height (in.): 44
                    • Product Weight (lb.): 30lb
                    • Product Depth (in.): 24
                    United States
                    New! Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouses
                    Prices start at : 1795.00 USD / each

                    This cover utilizes a woven layer technology, maximizing its strength and versatility. Each model offers a generous growing space. Choose your desired size below. Harvest Right Geodesic Greenhouses feature a UV-protected woven plastic cover.


                      Product Benefits

                        Product Features

                          • Fitted door: Product Features
                          • Light diffusion (percent): 88: Specs
                          • Height (feet): Varies: Specs
                          • Anti-dust - Repels static which attracts dirt that impairs light diffusion: Product Benefits
                          • Diffusion increases photosynthesis which allows for increased yields: Product Benefits
                          • IR, AD, UVA, and anti-dust protection: Product Features
                          United States
                          Greenhouse Steel Potting Bench - 2 Bench Bundle
                          Prices start at : 156.54 USD / each

                          This strong two tiered potting and staging bench works perfectly with Palram's greenhouse offerings. Freestanding it can be moved easily within the greenhouse. Easy to assemble. Use for potting or staging plants along with other gardening tasks.
                          • Product Weight (lb.): 22lb
                          • Product Depth (in.): 19.75
                          • Returnable: 90-Day
                          • Product Height (in.): 31.5
                          • Strong and stable enough to use as a work station: Yes
                          • Product Width (in.): 45
                          United States
                          1.93 ft. W x 0.2 ft. D x 25.2 in. H Side Louver Window for Rion Greenhouse
                          Prices start at : 97.93 USD / each

                          The Side Louver Window can be fitted with Rion's Automatic Louver Opener to provide the ideal airflow into the greenhouse. The shutters are controlled manually for variable airflow to aid in cooling on warmer days.
                          •  Fast and easy installation
                          •  Adjustable ventilation provides and increase airflow and aides cooling during warmer days
                          •  Compatible with Rion's greenhouse' range
                          • Product Width (in.): 23.2 in
                          • Color Family: Greens
                          • Product Weight (lb.): 4 lb
                          United States
                          T.O. Plastics Tray for 4-in Round Pot
                          Prices start at : 93.99 USD / each

                          T.O. Plastics Tray for 4-in Round Pot


                            • Overall tray dimensions are 20 & 1/3in x 12 & 1/3in: Specs
                            • Holds 15 round 4in pots like the 750100C: Specs
                            United States
                            Greenhouse Package Complete with Natural Ventilation
                            Prices start at : 7090.19 USD / each

                            NOTE: Treated lumber for wood baseboards and end-wall framing is not included. Ships Motor Freight. Everything but the lumber! Our greenhouse kits come with complete frame assembly with four-foot bow spacing, double layer four-year six-mil poly film,...


                              • 40" ground anchors for frame included: Specs
                              • Includes: Two 48' manual roll up side curtains, one 115,000 BTU heater with vent pipe and hanger, and two 20" Uni-Flo HAF (horizontal air flow) fans.: Specs
                              • 22' x 48': Specs
                              • Center height 9.3': Specs
                              United States
                              Flush Mount for Boost Light Bar
                              Prices start at : 2.99 USD / each

                              Then plug in the 5-Foot Power Cord and GROW! Thrive designed their Boost Light Bars so you can easily daisy chain up to 19 units! Need another Boost Light Bar? Mount your Boost Grow Light! Thrive Agritech created this flush mount system for you to easily...
                              United States
                              Agfabric Plant Cover Warm Worth Frost Blanket - 0.95oz Fabric of 40\'\'x47\'\' Shrub Jacket, 3D Tube Plant Cover for Season Extension&Frost Protection
                              Prices start at : 15.56 USD / each

                              Sizes Available from 26"x 30" to 200"x 225". The weight value going up,the fabric more thicker, then keep more higher temperatures. To meet different people's application requirements, we gradually have more innovative designs in shape.
                              •  SUITABLE SIZE Perfect for Plant size 36''-40"high and 90''-94" round, Heavy-weight FRCs (.9-1.2 oz./sq. yard): Are usually used to extend the growing season in spring and fall, allow 30%-50% light transmittance, and recommend 3°-8°F. of frost protection.
                              •  LIGHTWEIGHT and soft fabric is plant friendly, no harm to plant growing
                              •  SUITABLE SIZE Perfect for Plant size 36''-40"high and 90''-94" round, Heavy-weight FRCs (.9-1.2 oz./sq. yard): Are usually used to extend the growing season in spring and fall, allow 30%-50% light transmittance, and recommend 3-8F. of frost protection.
                              •  DRAWSTRING DESIGN Easy drawstring at the openning makes it easier and quicker to cover plants during harsh weather.
                              •  APPLICATION Protect plants from snow hail,frost in the winter and insects,birds during the growing season,No need to remove each morning and replace each evening.
                              • Manufacturer Part Number: E094047WCH
                              United States