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Fiber Nursery Pots by the Case
Prices start at : 50.59 USD / each

Tough, stackable, crush-proof pots effectively protect the rootball of your plant! Pots are easy to handle and attractive. In chart below, Gallons refers to maximum liquid volume. 1 year warranty.
  • Diameter: 6 1/2 in
  • Depth: 6 in
  • Count: 80
Haviland Liner Pot 25 Gallon
Prices start at : 59.99 USD / each

This method combines the advantages of field growing with the convenience of container growing.25 gallon liner pot. Lighter liner pots with plants in them are then inserted into the socket pot.


    • 25 gallon: Specs
    • Actual gallons about 27.5: Specs
    • Sold and priced in bundles of 10: Specs
    Root Pouch Non-Degradable Mega Grow Bag Raised Bed
    Prices start at : 20.99 USD / each

    The fabric of these bags assists in keeping an even moisture retention throughout the bed, prevents heat build-up, and allows excess water to drain away. This allows you to customize the bed's depth to meet your growing needs! Diameter: 38 to 50 Inches...
    • Size: 100 gallon
    • Color: Brown
    NSI Nursery Supplies Grip Lip Containers, By the Bundle
    Prices start at : 108.39 USD / each

    Grip Lip containers by Nursery Supplies save you labor by stacking and lifting easily and being tough enough to stand up to mechanical processes. Can be used in a pot-in-pot system.
    • Trade Size: 3
    • Top Diameter: 9.625 in
    • Height: 9.5 in
    • Stack Qty: 44 pots
    NSI Nursery Supplies Above Ground Pot in Pot Containers
    Prices start at : 173.89 USD / each

    Use on any type of ground, even on soil with poor drainage. No matter what you are growing, we have the sizes, shapes, weights, and colors to fit your needs. Flares to the base for terrific stability.
    • Top Dia: 15.25 in
    • Trade Size: 7
    • Ship wt: 64 lb
    • Bottom Dia: 19.5 in
    NSI Nursery Supplies Pressure-Formed Nursery Containers
    Prices start at : 28.99 USD / each

    Pressure-forming creates a product that's tougher than blow-molded containers, and has the rigid rim qualities similar to injection molded containers. Premier pressure-formed containers are light, strong and resilient, consistent in weight, and uniform...
    • Ship wt: 8 lb
    • Trade Size: 1
    • Height: 6.5 in
    • Gallon: 0.656
    Root Maker Injection Molded Containers, Bundle
    Prices start at : 95.99 USD / each

    Designed to create fibrous, non-circling root systemshorizontally and vertically at all phases of production to equip plants for transplanting success. These are not just "containers" but rather root production tools.

    Product Benefits

      • Researched and Patented.: Product Benefits
      • Creative solutions for water conservation, insulation and blow over.: Product Benefits
      • Plants are equipped for rapid transplant success and long-term health.: Product Benefits
      • Each fibrous root system compliments the next.: Product Benefits
      • Size: 1 gallon
      • Promtes horizontal root branching branching.: Product Benefits
      Haviland High Performance Series - Thermoformed HDPE
      Prices start at : 27.99 USD / each

      Made entirely of 100% recycled material! These pots offer many advantages including stronger rolled lip for easier carrying and filling; fluted bottom for stronger stacking/transport; extra drain holes for better drainage; and bottom drain holes to prevent...
      • Bundle Count: 135
      • Dimension (WxH): 6-1/2 Inches x 6-3/5 Inches
      • The rolled lip is strong and protects the plant better, and makes it easier to pick up: Product Features
      • Trade Size: Trade 1
      Root Control Bags
      Prices start at : 3.59 USD / each

      Line your plants — inside of their RCB — out in the field. You can load more trees onto a truck, saving both time and money when transporting! Special requirements for harvesting more year-round: Avoid digging trees that are actively leafing out or...


        Product Benefits

          • Reduces harvest time/labor.: Product Benefits
          • Suggested plant caliper size at harvest (inches): Varies — see product page for details: Specs
          • Height: 11 Inches
          • Bundle count: Varies — see product page for details: Specs
          • Dramatically reduces transplant shock.: Product Benefits
          • Base diameter (inches): Varies — see product page for details: Specs
          NSI Nursery Supplies Econo-Grip Nursery Containers
          Prices start at : 92.69 USD / each

          They are designed to provide maximum stacking and shipping strength. Available in a variety of sizes. Econo-Grips have a rounded lip that is rigid enough to be used as a handle. Extremely comfortable to lift, yet strong enough to be carried by a forklift.


            • Gallons: 2.703
            • 8.875" wide x 9.125" high: Specs
            • Trade size 10 Foliage: Specs
            • Grip: Econo-Grip
            • Top Diameter: 9.625 in
            • Stack Qty: 44
            Root Pouch Non-Degradable Reusable Grow Bags
            Prices start at : 2.99 USD / each

            This root pouch is equipped with industrial-strength, reinforced seams and stitching. This pruning creates a more rigorous and fibrous root system leading to a stronger, healthier plant.Use these pots for mixed flower containers and growing fruits and...
            • Dimension: 10"W x 8.5"H
            • Size: 3 gallon
            Hybrid/ Bareroot  Grape Plants
            Price : CALL

            Three Varieties of hardy grape rootstock. Hardy to zone 4-5. Hardy Hybrid Grape Plants, Bareroot only. Cayuga White, Marechal Foch and Concord Seedless.
            Grand Traverse
            Hybrid/ Bareroot  Grape Plants
            Price : CALL

            Discount for large orders. These plants are hardy to zone 4 or 5. Good wood from good mother plants. The three varieties that we propagate are suitable to our region. 1Yr #1 grape plants.
            Grand Traverse
            Sandalwood seedlings of high quality and seeds
            Price : CALL

            Seedlings are raised from the best known genetic source. Seeds source from our own Parvathi plantations of sandal agroforestry model plot, a demo plot set up under the National Medicinal Plant Board sponsored project by Institute of Wood Science and Technology,...
            NSI Injection Molded Nursery Containers, Sold by the Stack
            Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

            Injection molded for strength and rigidity! This sturdy container is strong enough for shipping and attractively styled for selling. Poly-tainer cans are available in #1 to #6 sizes and a variety of shapes including square, squat, and round, as well as...
            • Height: 6.875 in
            • Gallon: 0.742
            • Stack Qty: 55
            • Top Dia: 6 in
            • Interior grasping ridges, with a smooth exterior wall perfect for labeling, hot-stamping, and printing: Product Features
            Haviland Plastics HPP Large Blow Molded Nursery Containers
            Prices start at : 111.99 USD / each

            The 7 gallon and larger containers have handles that are molded into the plastic for easier movement and stacking. Quantity discounts available. Large quantities of smaller pots may also require motor freight shipping.
            • W x H (inches): 14 x 11-3/4
            • Motor Freight?: No
            • Ship wt: 50 lb
            • Bundle Count: 60
            NSI Nursery Supplies Blow-Molded Nursery Containers
            Prices start at : 37.39 USD / each

            The Customtm: Our economy line of blow-molded containers; designed to get your plants to market efficiently. *** Sizes 45 and larger must ship motor freight*** One year manufacturer's guarantee; black; sold as a stack.


              Product Features

                • Trade size 5 squat: Specs
                • 4.15 gallons: Specs
                • Top Dia: 6.5-inch
                • Strong, flexible 100% high-density polyethylene: Product Features
                • Type: Economy Custom
                • Cost effective and compatible with your labels: Product Features
                Root Pouch Degradable Pots
                Prices start at : 16.69 USD / each

                These fabric pots are wonderful for plants. Root Pouch uses its award-winning technology to convert a mixture of recycled natural fibers and recycled bottles into their patented grow bags.


                  Product Benefits

                    • 3-4 year: Specs
                    • No trunk wrap needed - no sharp edges: Specs
                    • Better use of water and nutrients: Product Benefits
                    • Stronger healthier starts: Product Benefits
                    • Bundle Count: 50
                    • Prevents roots from circling: Specs
                    NSI Nursery Supplies Root Accelerator Container
                    Prices start at : 298.89 USD / each

                    Liner roots develop more quickly, adding plant size more quickly for sale. In the same time as conventional containers. Black in color. Often the a cost-per-container is less than traditional methods.
                    • Height: 12 in
                    • Gallon: 9.351
                    • Offers greater rates of survivability when planted in native landscape: Product Features
                    • Trade Size: 10
                    • Stack Qty: 20
                    • Not just for trees - Get outstanding air root pruning results for all types of plants: Product Benefits
                    Clear Plastic Pot Saucers
                    Prices start at : 1.59 USD / each

                    Protect your surfaces with these affordable and durable saucers! These round plant saucers retain any excess water that accumulates when watering your plants. This keeps your plants hydrated when the weather gets hot! The clear plastic is durable yet...


                      • Made in the USA.: Specs
                      • Size: Top diameter 12", bottom diameter 10.37", 3.25" tall (Fits a 3 gallon Root Pouch)
                      • Durable, clear vinyl plastic.: Specs
                      8 ft. x 24 ft. Aluminum Mojave Greenhouse
                      Prices start at : 6499.99 USD / each

                      While most hobby greenhouses on the market use less expensive thinner walls and roofing materials, the Monticello uses professional grade 8 mm twin wall polycarbonate. The Monticello also offers the ability to grow as your needs grow with the 4 ft.
                      •  Mojave edition includes: Monticello 12 ft. greenhouse, solar ventilation system, commercial folding bench system, tinted roof and ventilation panels, programmable watering system, greenhouse sink system and RSI vegi-bee mechanical pollinator system
                      •  Assembly Required
                      •  Hinged lockable double doors, patent pending twist and lock single bolt (allowing for fewer parts)


                        • Approximate Greenhouse Depth (ft.): 24
                        • Installation Available: No
                        • Approximate Depth (ft.): 24
                        Element 6 ft. W x 12 ft. D x 7 ft. H Heavy-Duty Aluminum Greenhouse Kit with Base
                        Prices start at : 1413.99 USD / package

                        Tall roof height, double-sliding doors that are nearly 6 ft. Made to meet the highest standards of amateur and professional gardeners, the 1.6 mm profile aluminum frame provides a stronger and more durable build than its competitors and the heavy-duty...
                        • Frame Color Family: Greens
                        • Number of Vent Openings: 3
                        • Assembled Depth (in.): 143 in
                        • Approximate Width (ft.): 6
                        • Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 538
                        • 3 roof vents for appropriate ventilation with adjustable openers/latches: Yes
                        7 ft. 8 in. W x 10 ft. 6 in. L Greenhouse
                        Prices start at : 3875.29 USD / each

                        H) with Automatic Opener, an Extra-large Dutch-Barn style front door with lock (30 in. Special sloped roof provides maximum head room, but prevents snow build-up; hail bounces off and the design allows heavy winds to blow over the unit.
                        • UV coated 8 mm and 10 mm thick polycarbonate glazing with 10-year warranty against manufacturer's defects: Yes
                        • Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 376
                        • Returnable: 90-Day
                        • Assembled Depth (in.): 126 in
                        • Approximate Depth (ft.): 11
                        • Approximate Greenhouse Height (ft.): 7
                        10 ft. x 27 ft. Carver Premium Commercial Greenhouse
                        Prices start at : 8620.72 USD / each

                        The carver is the most economical way to begin or expand an agricultural program. Our educational line of greenhouses has been refined over the years and our offering is the most comprehensive in the market today.
                        • Approximate Width (ft.): 10
                        • Assembled Width (in.): 120 in
                        • Assembly Required: Yes
                        • Returnable: 90-Day
                        • Assembled Height (in.): 96 in
                        • Approximate Greenhouse Height (ft.): 8
                        Sun Room 8 ft. x 8 ft. Clear Greenhouse
                        Prices start at : 1686.75 USD / each

                        Virtually unbreakable Polycarbonate glazed roof panels filter the sunlight, creating a very pleasant atmosphere and generate a comfortable lounging environment. The hinged side door has a wide opening for easy access 73.2 in.
                        •  Twin-wall polycarbonate roof panels - block 100% harmful UV rays
                        •  Assembly Required
                        •  Resilient, transparent acrylic clear as glass side panels, retain 90% light transmission and clarity
                        • Approximate Width (ft.): 8
                        • Assembled Depth (in.): 102.4 in
                        • Floor Options: Without Floor
                        Hobby Gardener 8 ft. x 20 ft. Greenhouse
                        Prices start at : 2977.89 USD / each

                        Rion Hobby Gardener Greenhouse is a top selling greenhouse in its class. The virtually unbreakable Twin-Wall Polycarbonate panels offer superior strength, safety, light diffusion and heat insulation.
                        •  Virtually unbreakable, high-impact resistant twin-wall polycarbonate panels - 4 mm roof and 6 mm walls
                        •  Easy assembly kit - smart pin and lock connectors, uniform profiles
                        • Exact Width x Depth: 8 ft 8.7 in x 21 ft 0.4 in
                        • Assembled Height (in.): 81.9 in
                        • Approximate Greenhouse Depth (ft.): 21
                        • Door Opening Height (In.): 65
                        8 ft. x 16 ft. Black Greenhouse
                        Prices start at : 3599.99 USD / each

                        The weaker the framework the less snow the greenhouse can hold in the winter time before collapsing on itself also the easier it will be get damages in wind. This not only makes the Monticello more efficient to grow in for a longer period of time than...
                        •  A-frame roof design to optimize heat disbursement along with roof joist supports that double as hanging plant rods
                        •  Expandable can be expanded by using the mont-4-AL expansion kit which allows your greenhouse to grow as your needs do
                        • Assembled Depth (in.): 196 in
                        • Approximate Greenhouse Height (ft.): 8
                        • Storage Capacity (cu. ft.): 960
                        • Floor Options: Without Floor