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Greenhouse Accessories Horticulture Supplies For Sale In Fontana

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Gorilla Grow Tents
Prices start at : 339.99 USD / each

Large 10-inch double-cinching ducting ports make maintain an ideal growing space easier than ever! Gorilla Grow Tents feature an extremely durable pole structure. Need more space? Grow Strong! — Grow Gorilla! Gorilla Grow Tents — Made for professionals,...

Product Features

    • Adjustable height roof: Product Features
    • Size: 2 Feet x 4 Feet
    • All-steel large-gauge steel poles: Product Features
    • Thickest 1680D material: Product Features
    • Diamond-shaped reflective walling: Product Features
    • Special block infrared roofing: Product Features
    Poly Clips Bag Of 25
    Prices start at : 7.99 USD / each

    Poly clips are ready to use - No tools required! Made of tough all-weather 100 recycled polypropylene and polyethylene. Poly clips work with shade cloth, burlap, netting, and many other materials.
    Poly Patch Tape
    Prices start at : 13.99 USD / each

    Super strong and adhesive, Poly patch will help you add extra life to your greenhouse covering (up to 3 years!) - and avoid replacement costs. First aid for poly houses! Clear, UV stabilized polyethylene tape, 6 mil strong to repair rips or tears, prevent...
    • Ship wt: .5 lb
    • Width: 2" width
    Kool Ray Classic Liquid Shade, White
    Prices start at : 39.29 USD / each

    During the course of the year, Classics environmentally-friendly ingredients will slowly wear off (weather permitting) allowing for increased light levels as daily sunlight decreases.
    • Volume: 1 Gallon
    Floralife Strip-IT Cleaner
    Prices start at : 31.99 USD / each

    Floralife Strip-It is an end-of-season cleaner for greenhouse structures and irrigation systems, water storage tanks and sunblock wash. This end-of-season cleaner creates a healthy, sanitary environment for new crops.


      • 1 gallon jug: Specs
      • Contains water and sulfuric acid: Specs
      • End-of-season cleaning of structures, irrigation lines/tanks and whitewash removal to create a healthy, sanitary environment for new crops: Product Features
      Hortonova Trellis Netting, 6-1/2 Feet x 3,280 Feet
      Prices start at : 474.59 USD / each

      This trellis netting ensures that your plants stay healthy, which increases their yield. Installation is easy and requires a minimal amount of time. Tenax engineered it to be strong enough to support melons, yet safe enough for the most delicate leaves...

      Product Benefits


          • Durable polypropylene construction: Product Features
          • Strong enough to support melons, yet safe enough for delicate leaves and stems: Product Benefits
          • Material: Polypropylene: Specs
          • Increased exposure to air and light increases plant yields: Product Benefits
          • Mesh width (inches): 6: Specs
          • Keeps plants off the ground, reducing exposure to rot and disease: Product Benefits
          TO Plastics Carrying Tray for 400 Series Pots, Case of 50 Trays
          Prices start at : 75.79 USD / each

          Tray has 15 pockets to hold 4" square pots! For 400 Series pots. 48 cases per pallet. Priced 50 per case.


            • Holds 15 - 400 Series Pots: Specs
            • WIDTH: 11.25": Specs
            • CASES PER PALLEY: 48: Specs
            • QUANTITY PER CASE: 50: Specs
            PUREgrowntm 450 GSM Hemp/Flax Pads, Pack of 10
            Prices start at : 14.99 USD / each

            If pooling occurs in the felt, reduce the flow of water. PUREgrowntm hemp/flax felt transports water evenly throughout the entire medium. Keep the felt moist but not saturated. The water level should never be higher than the top of the medium.

            Product Benefits


                • Holds the optimal amount of water and air: Product Benefits
                • Pads per package: 10: Specs
                • Supports plant roots: Product Benefits
                • Density (GSM): 450: Specs
                • Pad thickness (mm): 3-1/2: Specs
                • Pad length (inches): 19-1/2: Specs
                Greenhouse Drip Irrigation Accessory Kit
                Prices start at : 32.96 USD / each

                It includes 16 dropper spikes and a pressure regulator that distributes water evenly and eliminates sediments from the fluid. Keep your Palram greenhouse plants properly hydrated with this drip irrigation kit.
                •  Keeps plants hydrated
                •  Pressure regulator filters sediment to ensure water is pure
                •  Easy to set up and use


                  • Product Width (in.): 7.1
                  • Product Type: Drip Irrigation Accessory
                  • Product Depth (in.): 7.1
                  T.O. Plastics Tray for Perennial #1 Round Pot
                  Prices start at : 113.19 USD / each

                  T.O. Plastics Tray for perennial #1 round pot.


                    • Overall dimensions 13 & 1/4in x 20 & 1/4: Specs
                    • Case of 50 trays: Specs
                    Fluorescent Grow Light T5 Tube System
                    Prices start at : 128.99 USD / each

                    The T5 combines a specular aluminum interior with energy efficient / high output T5 bulbs, and double the light energy of normal fluorescent systems. Delivers performance, flexibility and high lumen output in any growing environment! This is a low profile...

                    Product Benefits

                      • Available in 2 ft, 4 tube and 4 ft, 4 tube styles: Specs
                      • 10 ft grounded power cord.: Product Benefits
                      • The FLT24 is 23 in L x 13-1/2 in W x 3 in H and is rated up to 8,000 lumens: Product Benefits
                      • High efficiency specular aluminum and socket for longer life: Product Benefits
                      • Powder coated steel housing: Product Benefits
                      • Includes Fluorescent 6400K Tubes: Product Benefits
                      Interconnection Cable for Infinity Light
                      Prices start at : 25.99 USD / each

                      The interconnection cable enables an electrical interconnection and daisy chaining between Infinity lights if the fixtures are not mated end-to-end via the male-female connections.
                      Interconnection Clip for Infinity Light
                      Prices start at : 2.09 USD / each

                      The interconnection clip provides added security to ensure the Infinity light fixtures remain electrically connected when daisy chained together via the mail-female connection.
                      6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 2 ft. 5 in. D Clear Cover for Harvest House Plus
                      Prices start at : 20.35 USD / box

                      Ideal for growing plants and seed propagation. The clear cover is designed to fit over the Harvest House Plus Greenhouse (part# FHXUPL) with X-Up Technology and provides maximum heat and light for your plants.
                      •  Easily fits over existing greenhouse shelving unit
                      •  Fully transparent, allows views of your plants
                      •  No tools required
                      • Product Weight (lb.): 4lb
                      • Product Width (in.): 54
                      • Returnable: 90-Day
                      Belden Plastics Containers
                      Prices start at : 81.59 USD / each

                      Belden Plastics has been providing innovative, USA-Made, injection molded plastic pots to growers since 1965! Known for developing a product that independent garden centers can count on to help build their business, Belden pots are superior in quality,...
                      • Dimensions: 6-1/2 in x 4-3/4 in
                      • Description: 6.5 inch Azalea Pot (sold in case quantities)
                      Twin Shelf Greenhouse Kit
                      Prices start at : 41.09 USD / each

                      Accessorize your Palram Snap and Grow greenhouse with this twin shelf kit to make your nursery as functional as possible. And comes with brackets and fasteners needed to mount onto your greenhouse wall.
                      •  Designed to augment the Palram Snap & Grow greenhouse kit
                      •  Clamps to the greenhouse frame and can be easily adjusted
                      • Product Depth (in.): 10 in
                      • Product Height (in.): 1
                      • Color Family: Grays
                      • Product Width (in.): 49.2 in
                      Hydrorock Hydroponic Pebbles, 42 Quart Bag
                      Prices start at : 29.99 USD / each

                      Superior for hydroponics: less water usage, pH neutral, great aeration and much more! Pure and Organic. Reuseable after washing so delivers great long-term value! Promotes healthy root structure With its decorative color, it blends well with other soils.


                        Product Benefits

                          • Shipping weight 57 lbs: Specs
                          • 3) Hydroponic system friendly Hydrorock will not decompose: Product Benefits
                          • 42 qt bag: Specs
                          • 8) Decorative color and blends well with other soils: Product Benefits
                          • 6) Reusable after washing: Product Benefits
                          • Created by heating clay at temperatures that exceed 2000-dgrees F: Specs
                          Agritape Root Zone Heater Kit, 1ft x 10ft
                          Prices start at : 98.79 USD / each

                          Order to size, or buy the standard 10' kit - YOU DECIDE! Custom heaters can be ordered to match the length and width of your benches for continuous coverage without cold spots. Place them under growing trays or pots, or bury under beds.
                          Batten Stripping Cross Laminated Poly Strapping 3\
                          Prices start at : 70.39 USD / each

                          Stop wind damage with super strong "tu-tuf" cross laminated poly strapping! In 1,000 ft rolls, 3" wide. Priced per roll.
                          Jiffy Poly Pak - Round Pots
                          Prices start at : 142.39 USD / each

                          They also inhibit inter-pot rooting during longer growing cycles. All of the advantages of Jiffy Pots with the flat filling and handling ease of Multi-Pot trays! Ultra-lite carrier sheets use a minimal amount of plastic yet provide excellent plant stability,...
                          • Case Qty: 2816 pots
                          • Depth: 2 1/4- inch
                          Tray and Humidity Dome, 5-Count Per Case
                          Prices start at : 13.99 USD / each

                          Designed for consistent performance in automated filling and handling equipment. Trays are 11"W x 21.37"L x 2.44"D. Our 1020 trays are heavy weight and reusable. NOTE: The 2017 Master Guide mentions they come with "consistant bottom and side positioned...
                          • Trays are 11"W x 21.37"L x 2.44"D: Specs
                          • NOTE: The 2017 Master Guide mentions they come with "consistant bottom and side positioned drainage holes (or no holes)". However that is a mis-print; the trays are only available with NO HOLES: Product Features
                          Polyamide Line, 8 or 12 Gauge
                          Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

                          It is ideal for shade covers, orchards, vineyards, netting and even fencing. This support wire is a black hightensile polyamide monofilament with low elongation, compact cross section and high breaking strength.
                          • Line Weight: 3lb
                          • Length: 207 ft
                          • 8 gauge is 4 mm thick, with a 1,278 pound force breaking strength: Specs
                          • Gauge: 8
                          TotalGrowtm Pure Flowering 200 Lamp
                          Prices start at : 49.49 USD / each

                          When plants perceive a long or short day cycle, they change vital behaviors. For more information, check out the information sheet in the links section below. The most efficient choice for your flowering plants! The TotalGrowtm Pure Flowering 200 Lamp...

                          Product Benefits


                              • Ideal light spectrum for flowering plants: Product Features
                              • Over 90% power savings: Product Benefits
                              • Allows for consistent flowering and growth control: Product Benefits
                              • Estimated service life (hours): 30,000: Specs
                              • Provides more coverage and lasts longer than competing bulbs: Product Benefits
                              • Photon flux output (μmol/s): 32: Specs
                              Snap and Grow Series 1.5 ft. x 0.33 ft. x 4 in. Greenhouse Anchoring Kit
                              Prices start at : 77.99 USD / each

                              This is the safest way to secure your snap and grow Greenhouse to the foundation you have chosen, whether it is wood, concrete or even grass. Our newest addition to our fine line of greenhouse accessories.
                              •  Easy to install
                              •  Includes everything you need to anchor your greenhouse
                              • Returnable: 90-Day
                              • Material: Metal
                              • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years limited
                              • Product Width (in.): 19
                              63 in. H x 27 in. W x 18 in. D Plant Tower X-Up Bug/Bird Cover
                              Prices start at : 13.61 USD / box

                              The fine netting slides over the HarvestHouse shelving system so you can grow plants without using pesticides. Allow ample ventilation and sunlight while blocking insects and feathered friends from your PlantTower X-Up with this tailor-made bug/bird cover...
                              • Product Height (in.): 63
                              • Product Depth (in.): 18
                              • Returnable: 90-Day
                              • Product Weight (lb.): 2lb
                              • Additional cover for the PlantTower X-Up: Yes
                              • Product Type: greenhouse accessory
                              Duct Mounting Kit
                              Prices start at : 14.19 USD / each

                              Please choose the appropriate size based on the tube you purchase or fan diameter. Drop ship direct from the manufacturer. All the necessary hardware will be provided. All the needed hardware to complete duct mounting! You will need the appropriate clamps...
                              • Fan Diameter: 6" to 11"
                              Wiggle Wire Base and Wire
                              Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

                              Used for baseboard and also conforms to arch shape. Secure film or shade fabric to structures, in conjunction with our PLW4 wire. Holds material up to 20 mil thick. 4 ft or 8 ft sections.
                              • 8' aluminum section: Specs
                              • Description: 8 ft Base