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Greenhouse Accessories Horticulture Supplies For Sale In Elk Grove

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Tube Hangers
Prices start at : 14.69 USD / each

This package includes (12) re-useable pre-punched Sus-Hoops and Ties to support your tube from the wire. Re-useable to minimize replacement frequency and save money! Recommendation is to use one package per 100 feet of tubing.
  • Description: Box of 12
  • Ship Wt: 1 lb
Elk Grove
Poly Patch Tape
Prices start at : 13.99 USD / each

First aid for poly houses! Clear, UV stabilized polyethylene tape, 6 mil strong to repair rips or tears, prevent splitting in extra stress areas. Super strong and adhesive, Poly patch will help you add extra life to your greenhouse covering (up to 3 years!)...
  • Width: 2" width
  • Ship wt: .5 lb
Elk Grove
New! Wiggle Wire & Base Kit, 4 Feet
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / each

The Poly Latch Base section measures 1-1/4 inches in width and features a 3/4-inch opening. The aluminum material resists both weather and corrosion. Use this kit to secure up to 4 feet of material! This kit contains one 4-foot section of Poly Latch Base...


    Product Benefits

      • Base length (feet): 4: Specs
      • Wire length (feet): 4: Specs
      • Materials resist weather and corrosion: Product Benefits
      • One 4-foot section of aluminum poly latch base: Product Features
      • Use to attach film or shade fabric to structure: Product Benefits
      • Total length (feet): 4: Specs
      Elk Grove
      Greenhouse Package Complete with Natural Ventilation
      Prices start at : 7090.19 USD / each

      Everything but the lumber! Our greenhouse kits come with complete frame assembly with four-foot bow spacing, double layer four-year six-mil poly film, poly attachement system, one heavy duty storm door and all the necessary thermostat controllers.


        • Center height 9.3': Specs
        • 40" ground anchors for frame included: Specs
        • 22' x 48': Specs
        • Size: 22 feet x 48 feet
        Elk Grove
        Anderson Band Pots
        Prices start at : 38.00 USD / each

        Anderson offers numerous sizes of their famous cross-bottom bands for both bedding plant and tree growing uses. Bands hold more soil than round pots in an equivalent space. The built-in stacking ribs are designed to inhibit root swirling and the square...
        • Type: Treeband Pots
        • Dimensions: 2-7/8" X 5-1/2
        Elk Grove
        Batten Strap Webbing
        Prices start at : 13.49 USD / each

        Multi-use webbing eliminates the need to buy several different tying products! Black Polypropylene Webbing can be used as an affordable batten strapping, or for tree tying, baskets, or securing overwinter film.
        • Woven "lawn chair" webbing can be used for tying down a variety of things, from trees to greenhouse overwinter film to shade fabrics: Product Features
        • Multi-use webbing eliminates the need to buy several different tying products: Product Benefits
        • 100 yards x 1 and 3/4": Specs
        • Ship wt: 2 lb
        Elk Grove
        Landmark 4.5-in Square Press Fit Tray, Case of 50
        Prices start at : 89.99 USD / each

        For 30 years Landmark Plastic has been making life easier and less chaotic for growers, from propagation to patio. Our injection molded and thermoformed products can meet virtually any size, propagation, water conservation or transportation need.


          • For use with the X-45PD pots: Product Features
          • 50 trays per carton: Specs
          • Fits 15 pots: Specs
          Elk Grove
          Tray and Humidity Dome, 5-Count Per Case
          Prices start at : 13.99 USD / each

          This pack features the traditional sized thermoformed tray and a 2" heavy-duty plastic humidity dome. NOTE: The 2017 Master Guide mentions they come with "consistant bottom and side positioned drainage holes (or no holes)".
          • 5.1 oz each: Specs
          • NOTE: The 2017 Master Guide mentions they come with "consistant bottom and side positioned drainage holes (or no holes)". However that is a mis-print; the trays are only available with NO HOLES: Product Features
          Elk Grove
          Automatic Roof Vent Opener 0.85 ft. W x 0.29 ft. D for Greenhouse
          Prices start at : 70.22 USD / each

          This pushes a piston that opens the vent. The opening and closing of the vent is gradual allowing just the right amount of air flow for cooling. Automatically opens and closes the roof vent/window when temperature changes.
          •  Suitable for all types of greenhouses and easy to install
          •  Solar powered, heat activated - start opening point: 54° - 59°F
          •  Assembled dimension: 10.2 in. W x 3.5 in. D x 2 in. H
          • Color Family: Blacks
          • Product Type: Accessory
          • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years limited
          Elk Grove
          Boost Light Bar, 130 Watt
          Prices start at : 309.99 USD / each

          The Boost Light Bar outputs a uniform, full-spectrum white light. Boost is the answer! Thrive Agritech designed their new Boost Light Bar for maximum efficiency. This results in better crop yields and a more pleasant growing environment.


            Product Features

              • Waterproof: Yes (IP66): Specs
              • Dimensions: 47.25 inches x 4.8 inches x 2.75 inches: Specs
              • Simple wiring: Product Features
              • Patent-pending intensity-compensation technology: Product Features
              • Voltage (input): 110 to 277 volts: Specs
              • Provides 1,000 umols/m2/sec on the canopy for indoor vertical growing: Product Features
              Elk Grove
              6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 2 ft. 5 in. D Harvest House Plus Bug/Bird Cover
              Prices start at : 18.36 USD / box

              Fits Harvest House X-Up Plus and is designed to reduce the need for pesticides. This cover is designed to provide netting that keeps bugs, birds and other pests out of your greenhouse.
              •  Additional cover for Harvest House plus X-Up greenhouse shelving
              •  Shelving and framing unit not included
              •  Easily fits over existing greenhouse shelving unit
              • Product Type: greenhouse accessory
              • Product Weight (lb.): 4lb
              • Product Height (in.): 78
              Elk Grove
              6 ft. 5 in. H x 4 ft. 5 in. W x 6 ft. D Harvest House Pro Clear Cover
              Prices start at : 20.59 USD / box

              The clear cover is designed to fit over the Harvest House Pro with X-Up technology and provide maximum heat and light for your plants. Ideal for growing plants and seed propagation.
              •  Additional cover for harvest house pro easy X-up greenhouse shelving
              •  Easily fits over existing greenhouse shelving
              • Product Depth (in.): 72
              • Product Weight (lb.): 6lb
              • Material: clear pvc
              • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year limited
              Elk Grove
              Base Kit 4 ft. Extension for Greenhouse
              Prices start at : 63.68 USD / each

              It's constructed with the same heavy-duty U-shaped resin used to mold the beams that came with your original base kit. High allow your structure to sit taller for more headroom to move about easily.
              •  Snaps together quickly
              •  Elevates greenhouse up to 5 in.
              • Product Width (in.): 2 in
              • Product Weight (lb.): 7.3 lb
              • Returnable: 90-Day
              • Product Type: Accessory
              Elk Grove
              Slide and Lock Clips for Infinity Light
              Prices start at : 2.09 USD / each

              Mounting clips that provide a sliding and locking feature for the Infinity light when mounting the light flush to a surface above the light.
              Elk Grove
              22 in. W x 28 in. H Wall Louver Window
              Prices start at : 120.00 USD / bolt

              Add a Grandio Louver Window to your greenhouse. Louver window frame comes powder coated in green, with 6 mm twin wall polycarbonate panels. Fits all Grandio Greenhouse models.
              • Polycarbonate paneling: Yes
              • Product Type: Greenhouse Accessory
              • Returnable: 90-Day
              • Product Height (in.): 28
              • Material: Aluminum/Polycarbonate
              • Product Depth (in.): 1
              Elk Grove
              Bench kit for GKP612 Greenhouse
              Prices start at : 186.6 USD / each

              Most people find at least one an essential part of their greenhouse. Benches are 21 in. Specially designed matching redwood benches are available that run the full length of the Sunshine GardenHouse.
              •  Simple installation
              •  Made with redwood
              • Product Width (in.): 144
              • Product Height (in.): .5
              • Product Weight (lb.): 44lb
              • Product Depth (in.): 21
              Elk Grove
              Cold Frame Oversized 1500
              Prices start at : 363.99 USD / each

              In fact, you could have a fresh homegrown salad by the time the frost has passed. Dimensions: 59in x 31.5in x 19.68in. They are UV-resistant, and have a 10 year guarantee against yellowing of the panes.

              Product Features

                • User-friendly due to rounded plastic corner parts: Product Features
                • 3 windows with wind safeguard—detachable and adjustable: Product Features
                • "No drip" coating prevents condensation on plants: Product Features
                Elk Grove
                2-Tier Staging Bench
                Prices start at : 60.57 USD / each

                It assembles easily without tools and hoses off harmlessly for hassle-free upkeep. This lightweight but durable planting bench occupies minimal floor space while tripling your staging area.
                • Product Height (in.): 33
                • Product Depth (in.): 16
                • Assembled dimension: 31 in. W x 16 in. D x 33 in. H: Yes
                • Product Width (in.): 31
                • Product Weight (lb.): 10.6lb
                • Material: Polypropylene
                Elk Grove
                Base Kit 6 ft. x 6 ft. for Greenhouse
                Prices start at : 140.00 USD / each

                Like all Rion products, the Base Kit assembles in a snap. Filled with soil this base kit provides a solid foundation and it also provides additional five inches of head room. Manufactured with heavy duty 100% UV-protected Resin and engineered with a U-shape,...
                •  Push-fit assembly - snaps together quickly
                •  Elevates greenhouse up to 5 in.
                •  Heavy duty 100% UV-protected resin frame
                • Product Weight (lb.): 23.8 lb
                • Product Width (in.): 80.3
                • Product Type: Base Kit
                Elk Grove
                63 in. H x 27 in. W x 18 in. D Plant Tower X-Up Bug/Bird Cover
                Prices start at : 13.61 USD / box

                The fine netting slides over the HarvestHouse shelving system so you can grow plants without using pesticides. Allow ample ventilation and sunlight while blocking insects and feathered friends from your PlantTower X-Up with this tailor-made bug/bird cover...
                •  Shelving and framing not included
                •  No tools required
                • Product Width (in.): 27
                • Color Family: Blacks
                • Product Type: greenhouse accessory
                • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year limited
                Elk Grove
                Polyamide Line, 8 or 12 Gauge
                Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

                This support wire is a black hightensile polyamide monofilament with low elongation, compact cross section and high breaking strength. It is ideal for shade covers, orchards, vineyards, netting and even fencing.


                  • 8 gauge is 4 mm thick, with a 1,278 pound force breaking strength: Specs
                  • Line Weight: 3lb
                  • Gauge: 8
                  • 12 gauge is 2.5 mm thick, with a 640 pound force breaking strength: Specs
                  Elk Grove
                  Dura-Bench Greenhouse Bench Tops Increased Air Flow 2ft x 4ft
                  Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

                  Increased airflow, easier to install and disinfect, and lower cost. Trays, pots and flats slide without snagging. NOTE: Bench top panels only; tables provided by customer. Pre-molded screw rails for use with your own stainless steel screws.

                  Product Benefits

                    Product Features

                      • Durable, smooth and non-porous: Product Features
                      • Smooth top allows trays, pots and flats to slide without snagging: Product Benefits
                      • An attractive, professional appearance for your retail displays: Product Benefits
                      • Increased airflow, easier to install and disinfect, and lower cost: Product Features
                      Elk Grove
                      Prices start at : 643.79 USD / each

                      The V-FloFan reduces the negative impacts of humidity in a simple and energy-efficient way. Vertical ventilation results in a uniform climate in your greenhouse. V-FloFans distribute air over a wide surface through an aerodynamic conductor.

                      Product Benefits

                        • An active microclimate on the crop level and leaves: Product Benefits
                        • Special aerodynamic shaped conical outlet guides the air resulting in an optimal vertical airflow: Product Features
                        • Constant low airspeed in the overall crop: Product Benefits
                        • Reduced number of fans per surface-unit in comparison to similar systems: Product Benefits
                        • Model: 120 Volt
                        Elk Grove
                        5-Foot Power Cable for Boost Light Bar
                        Prices start at : 14.99 USD / each

                        Power up your Boost Grow Light! Once your Boost Grow Light is mounted — using the handy Flush Mount — you need some power. Plug in this 5-foot power cord and GROW! Thrive designed their Boost Light Bars so you can easily daisy chain up to 19 units!...
                        Elk Grove
                        Twin Shelf Greenhouse Kit
                        Prices start at : 41.09 USD / each

                        These shelves easily dismount so you can hose down any excess plant, soil and water remnants that collect in the underlying channels. Accessorize your Palram Snap and Grow greenhouse with this twin shelf kit to make your nursery as functional as possible.
                        •  Each shelf supports up to 44 lbs. of evenly distributed weight
                        •  Includes all hardware needed for installation
                        • Product Depth (in.): 10 in
                        • Material: Plastic
                        • Manufacturer Warranty: 2 years limited warranty
                        • Product Width (in.): 49.2 in
                        Elk Grove
                        Wiggle Wire Base and Wire
                        Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

                        Holds material up to 20 mil thick. 4 ft or 8 ft sections. Secure film or shade fabric to structures, in conjunction with our PLW4 wire. Priced per section. Used for baseboard and also conforms to arch shape.
                        • Description: 8 ft Base
                        • 8' aluminum section: Specs
                        Elk Grove
                        Propagation Mat
                        Prices start at : 65.69 USD / each

                        Energy-efficient, low-watt mat uses less than 14 watts per square foot of mat! This propagation mat utilizes a new uniform-heating method that uses a sheet heater instead of cold wires.
                        • Watts: 25W
                        • Size: 22 in x 14 in
                        Elk Grove
                        Automatic Side Louver Window Opener
                        Prices start at : 79.00 USD / each

                        The Automatic Louvre Opener operates without the use of electricity. The Automatic Louver Side Window Opener is designed to automatically open and close in order control the temperature and provide additional ventilation in all Palram Greenhouses.
                        •  Easy to install
                        •  Assembled dimensions: 11 in. W x 2 in. D x 2 in. H
                        •  Automatically controls ventilation, no electricity needed
                        • Product Height (in.): 2 in
                        • Product Type: Accessory - Auto Side Louvre Opener
                        • Color Family: Metallics
                        Elk Grove
                        ITML Panterra Decorative Bowls, Sold by the Pack
                        Prices start at : 178.79 USD / each

                        This classic bowl design, in a textured finish, features a wide base for increased stability, soil volume and water retention! Features a dual drain bottom for drainage and aeration.


                          • Size: 10-inch
                          • Height: 4-7/8 inch
                          • Color: Clay
                          • Outside Dia: 10-inch
                          Elk Grove