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Want Grapeseed cooking oil
I reside in Wisconsin, U.S.A. I can try different brand provided its authentic. I want to buy Grapeseed cooking oil in bulk. I generally buy 4 liters of Tuscan Sun Imported grapeseed oil for $27 including shipping from Amazon every 4 months.Please provide...
United States, Wisconsin
Castor oil seeds
Well preserved Castor oil seeds for sale in all amounts as you may need .We are a growing company ready for business with any importers Thank you. We offer well preserved Castor oil seeds for any amount can contact us anytime so as to give...
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Grants and Funding ltd.
We are a company that deal any many agricultural commodities. We are based in the UK but have contacts and refineries at our disposal throughout Europe. Our main product of interest is rapeseed oil for the use and manufacturer of Biofuels.
United Kingdom, Essex
Sunflower oil Transparent PET Bottles
Of oil % soap:0.0005 % unsaponifiable matter: Max.0.12 Impurities: None % saturated fat(-ty acids):8-12 % unsaturated fat(-ty acids):87-91 %free fatty acids (ffa): Max 0.1 % ash (*): Max.0.05 Saponification value:190.32 koh/g.
Italy, Sicily
Hungary, Budapest
Slovakia, Bratislava
Crude palm oil for sale
Packaging is at Buyer;s choice. We are regular exporters of CPO from west african ports.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Concentrated Sassafras Albidum oil
We offer high purity sassafras albidum oil, we can provide it in different concentrations and quantities with a discreet and fast worldwide shipping. Fastand discreet worldwide shipping.
Spain, Navarra
Selling Palm Cooking Oil
We can offer very good and reasonable price for importers. We are supplying all range of palm cooking oil * super olein * CPO * CP4 * CP6 * CP8 * CP10 We also supplying Sludge oil/Palm acid oil and Palm Kernel Shell(PKS) We have our own factory and provide...
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Jatropha cultivation
We have been promoting medicinal, horticultural, Jatropha and Aromatic plantation since then and giving time to time input to the farmers from technology to marketing all over India.
India, Rajasthan
Refined sunflower oil for sale
Unit: US$560 Per Metric Ton. (1)Description: Sunflower oil, Soybean Oil,Olive Oil,rapeseed oil,Peanut Oil,Corn Oil. Find full Specification below: DESCRIPTIONS: Value for money, high quality sunflower oil Refined, winterised, deodorised, 100% pure sunflower...
South Africa, Limpopo
Canola Oil ,Coconut Oil ,Corn Oil ,Lard Olive O
Canola Oil ,Coconut Oil ,Corn Oil ,Lard Olive Oil, Peanut Oil ,Sesame Oil ,Soybean Oil ,Vegetable Oil. We are a dynamic and multi-faceted Limited Company based in Cameroon actively involved in Manufacturing Procurement Distribution and Export of various...
Cameroon, Sud-Ouest
Used Cooking Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined
Contact us for more information. We have ready in stock such as Used Cooking Oil, Refined Sunflower Oil, Refined Soybeans Oil, Jatropha Seed Oil, Biodiesel (B100) Oil, Crude Degummed Rapeseed Oil DIN51605, Crude Palm Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pure...
Malaysia, Selangor
Flax seeds,Jatropha seeds,Rapeseed
We are manufacturers of oil seeds like Flax seeds,Jatropha seeds,Rapeseed and oils such Jatropha oil,and other related vegetable oils such as : Canola oil Sunflower oil Corn oil Palm oil Soybean oil Olive oil Sesame oil Contact us for more details.
Cameroon, Littoral
Sell sesame seeds
Hulled and Natural sesame seeds from India. Packed in multilayer paper or pp bags of 15 and 25 kgs. Machine cleaned and sortex prepared 99.50% pure sesame seeds. Best quality Indian origin sesame seeds; black, white, hulled or natural.
India, Gujarat
100% Cold press canola oil Origin Canada
100% Cold press canola oil Origin: Canada Zero Trans-Fat No Cholesterol Rich in Omega 3 Does not when refrigerated, remaining clear, consistent and free running Light in colour and taste Ideal for all cooking applications Our pack sizes include 500 ml,...
United Kingdom, Cheshire
Sandal wood seeds
THANKING yOU ANAND How much indin money. Sir i need 1kg of sandal wood seeds and sandalwood detiles . 1kg seeds how much indin money . Please give the detils of the sandlwood seeds.
India, Tamil Nadu
Crude rapeseed oil din51605
Pl offer quantity, price cif european ports. We urgently require CRUDE RAPESEED OIL DIN 51605, in very large quantities on regular basis for our clients in EUROPE. We imidiatly send LOI with bank details for seller soft probe.
Pakistan, Punjab
Germany, Hamburg
Origin : South Africa. PLEAS CONTACT FOR MORE INFO. GSM : +31654293888 WE HAVE NON GMO SOYA OIL TO SELL. Dont hesitate to contact me. Price : 700$ per MT, CIF basis. Payment terms: 100%LC.
Netherlands, Limburg
Offer seeds of Medicinal Plants
We assist the HCMS's trained Indian rural farmers in cultivating these plants so as to raise their income level. We, Hahnemann charitable mission society 1996, are an ISO certified NGO, established for the purpose of providing consultancy services in...
India, Rajasthan
Sunflower oil
We supply sunflower oil,cif,F.OB PRICE,cnf to your port,min order per month 5,000,contact us for more detail. WE ARE Malaysia export in the global marketplace has buyers and customers seeking our Malaysian products, as we take great pride in quality par...
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Refined and Crude Sunflower Oil For Sale
All products are of International Standards. Our Minimum order is 20MT Container Load and Maximum order is 21.000MT/Month. Buyers should do well to send their inquiries as prices are competitive on FOB and CIF quotes.
Cameroon, Littoral
Sugar beet, sunflower oil, pellets for sale!
Sugar beet, sunflower oil, pellets for sale! Shipping Available! Contact: thomas ruben
Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Rapeseeds,Sesame Seeds for sale
We can supply any quantity of Rapeseeds. Price, quantity and quality - according to the preferences of buyer.We also have in stock Sesame Seeds and sunflower seed.please contact and let us know you demand.
Ukraine, Kiev
Sunflower oil
Top suppliers of sunflower in malaysia and we suplier world wide. Dont miss this chances Our products are 99.9% pure and sold at a cheaper and affordable price We sell the best and various types of oil at its cheaper price.
Malaysia, Selangor
White and Black Sesame Seeds
We export grade 1 quality Semame Seeds. Various types of sesame seeds are available with us, White and Black & can be packed as per the buyers requirement Various types of sesame seeds are available with us, White and Black & can be packed as per the...
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Palm Oil, Sunflower oil, Soybean oil, Rapeseed
We can meet your need, we sell crude and refined edible oil for cooking and biodiesel such as sunflower, soybean, palm, corn and canola , rapeseed oil at wholesale prices. Package: preferred packaging method Shipping Method: sea through ports Delivery...
Cameroon, Littoral
Refined Soybean Oil
Our company is dedicated to provide high quality Refined and Crude Vegetable Oils such as * Sunflower Oil, * Soybean Oil, * Corn Oil, * Rapeseed Oil, * Coconut Oil, * Palm Oil, * Palm Olein.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
RBD Palm Olein
Our company is dedicated to provide high quality Refined and Crude Vegetable Oils such as * Sunflower Oil, * Soybean Oil, * Corn Oil, * Rapeseed Oil, * Coconut Oil, * Palm Oil, * Palm Olein.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
We have the latest technological and mechanical ways in our factories in Sharkia Governorate , also we have big farms for olive production which are located in ( Cairo Alexandria Desert Road , Fayyoum , Sinai , Siwa Oasis ) and they placed the latest...
Egypt, Ash Sharqiyah
Buy all these essential oils.
Saturated fat acids: Max:13 g. (B) REFINED SUNFLOWER. 0,5 Lt-1,2,3,4,5,10,18,20 Lt. We are waiting your serious request. Incoterms: FOB (Incoterms 2000). Quantity Packaging Capacity UM Currency: Price.
South Africa, Eastern Cape