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Interchangeable Garden Tool Set (9-Piece)
Prices start at : 344.57 USD / set

When the work is finished, the RedHed system packs up in a compact case for easy storage on the shelf, on the wall, or in the trunk. These are heirloom quality products meant to be handed down to future generations.
  •  98% waterproof carry case
  •  Portable tools pack away in compact carry case
  •  Compact easy to store
  •  Easy to use
  • Garden Center Tool Type: Shovel
  • Product Weight (lb.): 26lb
St. Paul
38 in. Extendable/Telescoping Garden Hand Tool Set (3-Piece)
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / box

This durable garden tool set includes your 3 main tools needed for digging, weeding, aerating, planting bulbs, transplanting and all potting or raised bed needs. L, making it easier to work while standing or kneeling.
  •  Great gift idea for the gardener in your life
  •  Extendable to over 38 in.
  • Product Weight (lb.): 1 lb
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 30 day
  • Product Depth (in.): 2 in
  • Tools Included: rake, cultivator/hoe and shovel
St. Paul
3-Piece Lopper, Hedge shear, Pruner Tree and Shrubcare Kit
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / each

The hedge shears have heavy steel blades that stay sharp, and the wavy blade design grips branches for solid cutting. Get all your trimming done quickly with the Fiskars Lopper, Hedge Shears, and Pruner 3-Piece Set.
  •  Precision-ground steel blade keeps lopper sharp through tough use
  •  Softgrip touchpoints for user comfort and control
  •  Ideal Yardcare starter kit
  • Product Width (in.): 12 in
  • Tools Included: Lopper, Pruner, Hedge Shear
  • Product Depth (in.): 2.88 in
St. Paul
9.1 in. Cast Iron Garden Twine Holder with Scissors
Prices start at : 42.95 USD / each

Talk about useful, these scissors and twine are so handy in the garden. Planting in a straight line is no longer a struggle. Use these to plan your rows.
  •  Twine and scissors combo are a great addition to your garden accessory set
  •  Made of durable cast iron
  •  Keep this handy when needed for tying plants
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 3 month manufacturer defect
  • Product Height (in.): 9.1 in
St. Paul
Ergonomic Hand Tool Set ( 5-Piece)
Prices start at : 42.75 USD / each

Too often we make due with a single, old rusty trowel for every project in the garden. With endorsements from dozens of publications and organizations, the Natural Radius Grip tools are your best choice.
  •  Lifetime guarantee
  •  Ultra-lightweight, die-cast aluminum blades are stronger than steel and will never rust

5.5 in

    • Product Depth (in.): 5.5 in
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Number of Tools: 5
    • Product Width (in.): 5.5 in
    St. Paul
    Back Saving Ergonomic Tool Grip Attachment for All Long Handled Tools
    Prices start at : 7.79 USD / each

    The BackEZ instantly converts an old awkward shovel into an ergonomically correct powerhouse of efficiency, safety and comfort. Work more comfortably with less strain on your back and shoulders.
    • Number of Tools: 1
    • Product Width (in.): 5.1 in
    • Product Height (in.): 6.4 in
    • Product Depth (in.): 2.3 in
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Color/Finish: Yellow
    St. Paul
    Bloom Green Thumb Kit in Blue (6-Piece)
    Prices start at : 63.9 USD / each

    This garden tool kit is the perfect gift for the gardening executive. This kit includes everything you need to help your garden grow. All of the items in this kit come in blue.
    •  Die cast aluminum construction
    •  Carbon steel blade
    •  Adjustable tension safety lock
    •  Includes: gift bag, bypass pruner, trowel, water nozzle, watering can and garden gloves
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year
    • Tools Included: gift bag, bypass pruner, trowel, water nozzle, watering can, and garden gloves
    St. Paul
    Garden Tool Kit in Pink (4-Piece)
    Prices start at : 38.09 USD / each

    The tools are contained in a sturdy blow molded carrying case, handy to store and organize the tools. Aluminum alloy trowel, 12 in. Narrow aluminum alloy trowel, 12 in. The kit contains: pruning shears, 12 in.
    • Product Height (in.): 17.52
    • Product Weight (lb.): 4lb
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Lifetime manufacturer warranty
    • Number of Tools: 4
    • Tools Included: Pruning Shears, 12” Narrow Trowel, 12" Trowel, 12" Rake
    St. Paul
    Kids Gardening Tool Set with STEM Learning Guide
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

    Kids will love to learn about science and nature with these real gardening tools for kids, made in perfect size for little hands and curious minds and built with strong durable materials to last many happy hours in the garden playing and learning along...
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Hand Trowel
    • Includes trowel, rake, shovel, watering can, tote bag and learning guide.: Yes
    • Color/Finish: Blue and Green
    • Manufacturer Warranty: NA
    • Product Height (in.): 6
    • Product Weight (lb.): 1.2lb
    St. Paul
    7-Piece All-In-One Gardening Set
    Prices start at : 37.33 USD / package

    Seat made of heavy duty canvas. The G & F 7 Piece Garden Tool Set includes Folding Stool with Tool Bag Tools, all in one set makes a perfect present for those who love spending time working in their garden.
    •  Sturdy steel frame: all-in-one garden tool set comprised of a top quality tested folding steel frame
    •  Tools have wood handles and stainless steel
    •  Includes folding stool with tool bag tools
    •  Detachable polyester storage tote: the stool as shown has detachable canvas storage tote so that can be easily removed and washed in case required
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Number of Tools: 7
    St. Paul
    NaturalGrip 3-Piece Garden-Tender Tool Set
    Prices start at : 35.89 USD / each

    Buy a set and save. With NaturalGrip ergonomic tools by Vertex your hands naturally find a comfortable grip position based on your specific task to help minimize hand and wrist strain while maximizing power and comfort.
    •  3- piece set includes flat hoe (P1407); v-hoe (P1408) and weeder (P1409)
    •  Ultra-light super-duty handles with stainless steel heads
    • Product Width (in.): 4.5
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Product Height (in.): 5
    • Product Depth (in.): 11
    St. Paul
    Garden Tool Set (6-Piece)
    Prices start at : 49.99 USD / each

    The long tie fits various waist sizes, has a closeable large pocket so that cell phones and small objects don't fall off when bending forward and deep reinforced pockets that wont tear out even when sharp tools are used.
    •  Cotton apron protects from dirt and holds tools, apron features reinforced deep pockets and large closeable front pocket for cell phone and small objects
    •  2 in 1 kneeler/seat can be used to protect your knees or to sit while gardening
    •  Aluminum alloy garden tools have comfortable grips
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Hand Pruners/Shears
    • Product Weight (lb.): 9.9 lb
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    St. Paul
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar 30 in. Kids 4-Piece Garden Tool Set Hoe, Shovel, Leaf Rake, Garden Rake
    Prices start at : 30.00 USD / each

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Garden Tool Set: A shovel, a hoe, and 2 types of rakes compile the perfect first gardening set for kids. The large tools can help prepare soil, dig up treasures (and worms)and create the perfect space for new growth.
    • Product Depth (in.): 4.53 in
    • Kids and parents alike will love this adorable children's tool: Yes
    • Product Width (in.): 7.09 in
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Shovel
    • Number of Tools: 4
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    St. Paul
    Garden Tool Set (18-Piece)
    Prices start at : 96.54 USD / each

    Anvil pruning shears, knee pad , trowel, narrow trowel, rake, pitch fork, weeder, bulb planter, edging knife, 6 function hose nozzle, adjustable metal hose nozzle, "Y" hose coupler with swivel, 1/2 in.
    •  Tools Included
    •  Tools have a comfortable grip
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Cultivating Tool
    • Product Depth (in.): 4.92
    • Product Width (in.): 21.46
    • Color/Finish: Pink
    St. Paul
    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Garden Pail
    Prices start at : 9.98 USD / each

    The Very Hungry Caterpillar Tin Pail. Perfect for collecting treasures, dirt, veggies, toys and more. This red and green caterpillar pail is light and bright forcurious little gardeners.
    •  Perfect first gardening tool for kids
    •  Tin pail
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Tool Accessory
    • Product Width (in.): 6.25
    • Material: Metal
    • Manufacturer Warranty: N/A
    St. Paul
    Hollow 8 ft. End Cap Fiberglass Pole
    Prices start at : 41.99 USD / each

    Our fiberglass poles are very rigid, lightweight, and don't splinter in your hands. SherrillTree Fiberglass base pole makes outdoor cutting jobs easier. From electrical hazards or energized lines (power lines).
    •  8 ft. fiberglass hollow pole with female and boot ends
    •  Fiberglass poles are very rigid, lightweight, and don't splinter in your hands
    • Product Width (in.): 1.5
    • Material: Fiberglass
    • Product Height (in.): 96
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Replacement Handle/Blade
    St. Paul
    6 in. Blade Saw Tooth Sickle
    Prices start at : 12.6 USD / each

    The Nisaku Nokogama Saw Tooth Sickle is a great multi-purpose tool to use in gardening or landscaping. With its ultra-sharp blade made of Japanese stainless steel and sturdy base has small teeth set in a slightly curved blade for fast aggressive cutting.
    •  Authentic Nisaku/tomita manufacturing, exclusively distributed by Snow Joe, LLC
    •  Efficient design and sharpness of the Japanese stainless steel blade is highly effective in cutting through weeds, ivy, grasses, and more
    • Product Width (in.): 4.9
    • Product Height (in.): .91
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Weeder
    • Handle Material: Wood
    St. Paul
    Comfort Cushion Accessory for Garden Rockers and Comfort Rolling Seats
    Prices start at : 17.88 USD / each

    Closed cell foam does not absorb water and sprays off for easy clean up. Peel and stick die cut cushion greatly enhances the comfort of Vertex Garden Rockers and all Vertex Easy-UP brand Rolling Tractor Scoots.
    •  Enhances comfort of Vertex garden rocker and Vertex easy-up rolling seats
    •  Closed cell foam does not absorb water and sprays off for easy clean up
    •  Peel and stick installation
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Tool Accessory
    • Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturer Defect Warranty from date of purchase with confirmed product registration and proof of purchase.
    • Product Width (in.): 15
    St. Paul
    Stainless Steel Scissor in Green
    Prices start at : 27.00 USD / each

    The Nisaku Stainless Steel Oshibasami Scissor is constructed to the exacting standards of professional Japanese chefs. With ergonomic handles for comfortable use and a double-beveled edge, this pair accommodates both right- and left-handed users.
    •  Featuring a lightweight design for perfect balance, helping reduce hand fatigue and provide greater control
    •  Authentic Nisaku/tomita manufacturing, exclusively distributed by Snow Joe, LLC
    •  Rugged stainless steel blades with serrated edge and bone notch pull apart for easy cleaning
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Hand Pruners/Shears
    • Product Height (in.): 1.2
    • Material: Steel
    St. Paul
    7.5 in. Blade Stainless Steel Knife
    Prices start at : 42.21 USD / each

    This special edition model is forged with a higher quality DSR-1K6 stainless steel, making it more durable than traditional garden knives, and requires minimal sharpening. The Nisaku Stainless Steel Yamagatana is an excellent multi-functional tool for...
    •  Made in Japan with the finest stainless steel, the Nisaku stainless steel yamagatana is a fantastic tool with universal functionality any outdoor enthusiast can find use for
    •  Inch markings on the Japanese stainless steel blade will ensure your plants and bulbs are planted at just the right depth
    • Product Weight (lb.): .71lb
    • Handle Length (in.): 5.5
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Weeder
    • Product Height (in.): 1.2
    St. Paul
    Pocket Kerf Chainsaw Wedge
    Prices start at : 7.27 USD / each

    This plastic kerf wedge comes with a cord or tether to easily hang from your belt or climbing harness but is small enough to fit in your pocket. This small, lightweight chainsaw wedge is the perfect size and shaped piece for temporarily inserting into...
    •  Small, lightweight wedge is the perfect size and shape for cutting smaller wood
    •  Plastic kerf wedge comes with a cord or tether to easily hang from your belt or climbing harness, but is small enough to fit in your pocket
    • Product Depth (in.): 1
    • Product Width (in.): 1.5
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Defects in Material or Workmanship.
    • Material: Plastic
    St. Paul
    3.25 in. Blade Stainless Steel Weed Cutter Pro
    Prices start at : 23.23 USD / each

    Nisaku Stainless Steel Weed Cutter Pro is a great hand-held tool that can easily fit in between tiny sidewalk cracks and crevices. The blade of this tool is thin, sharp and corrugated, making it easy to cut away weeds in tight cracks and crevices.
    • Short or Long Handle: Short
    • Authentic Nisaku/tomita manufacturing, exclusively distributed by Snow Joe, LLC: Yes
    • Product Width (in.): 3.7
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Weeder
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Handle Material: Wood
    St. Paul
    EZ Soak Tree Watering Bag
    Prices start at : 22.3 USD / each

    Improve the survival of newly planted trees, and reduce watering maintenance with the new EZ Soak from SherrillTree. The EZ Soak is well built, affordable solution for providing newly planted trees the water they need.
    •  Unlike single-emitter watering bags the ez soak has 2 water-releasing emitters, and an added UV inhibitor to protect from mold
    •  EZ soak is constructed of heavy duty, reinforced nylon, with box-stitched handles that won't tear under normal conditions
    •  Works best on trees between 1-5 in. in trunk diameter
    •  20 Gal. capacity
    • Product Width (in.): 9
    • Manufacturer Warranty: Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty Against Defects in Material or Workmanship.
    St. Paul
    Wonder Pets Cultivator
    Prices start at : 6.12 USD / each

    A Wonder pet garden cultivator. Green in color with Wonder Pets on the handle. Perfect for kids to help in the yard or garden.
    •  Sure grip thumb patch
    •  Wonder pets icon on the handle
    •  Made for those little hands
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Product Height (in.): 1.50
    • Manufacturer Warranty: No
    St. Paul
    Garden Telescopic Fork
    Prices start at : 15.44 USD / each

    The aluminum alloy handle comes with a twist extension control. It is a fun piece tool for your garden collection. The telescopic garden fork weights 1 lb. The mirror polished head is made of stainless steel.
    •  Tool is rust resistant and easy to clean
    •  Handle can expand between 21 in. to 33 in. it helps when you do not wish to bend your back during gardening
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Handle Length (in.): 33
    • Product Width (in.): 3
    • Handle Material: Aluminum
    St. Paul
    Garden Tool Set (5-Piece)
    Prices start at : 16.5 USD / box

    The rake, cultivator and shovel are very well designed with comfortable grips. The soft foam knee pad helps protect your knees from course soil, sticks and rocks making gardening more comfortable.
    • Garden scoop: Yes
    • Product Width (in.): 15 in
    • Tools Included: hand rake, hand cultivator, hand trowel, knee pad, plastic scoop
    • Product Weight (lb.): 2 lb
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Product Depth (in.): 8 in
    St. Paul
    817 2X-Large Black Reinforced Winter Work Gloves
    Prices start at : 22.9 USD / pair

    Rugged reinforced palm provides the ultimate in technical cold weather hand protection. Ergodyne ProFlex 817 Reinforced Thermal Winter Work Gloves are dual-zone insulated with 3M Thinsulate Insulation for extreme protection in cold conditions.
    •  Reinforced palm/palm pad
    •  Contains Latex
    • Color Family: Blacks
    • Certifications and Listings: No Certifications or Listings
    • Reflective: No
    • Safety Features: Insulated,Machine Washable
    St. Paul
    14 in. Blade Stainless Steel Wave Knif
    Prices start at : 74.07 USD / each

    The Nisaku Stainless Steel Wave Knife combines craftsmanship with state of the art stainless steel technology, resulting in an ultra sharp, flexible and durable blade. The best of both worlds, this revolutionary kitchen tool allows you to take on delicate...
    • Product Width (in.): 1.8
    • Garden Center Tool Type: Tool Accessory
    • Designed with an ultra-sharp, long stainless steel blade and wooden handle: Yes
    • Material: Steel
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Product Height (in.): .55
    St. Paul
    Metal Detector Sling in Pink with Optimum Comfort
    Prices start at : 17.86 USD / each

    It reduces body fatigue by distributing weight over your entire back. The Comfort-Tech Metal Detector Sling was designed for comfort and ease of use. The universal one-click on/off connection makes it the perfect fit for all metal detectors.
    •  Contour design keeps sling in place and metal detector balanced
    •  High quality American craftsmanship
    • Product Weight (lb.): .62lb
    • Material: Plastic
    • Product Width (in.): 2.125
    • Product Depth (in.): .125
    St. Paul