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Formula : C3H6BrNO4 CAS NO .: 52-51-7 Characteristics: Tasteless, white or light yellow crystalline powder. In addition, it can be used to prevent daily-used cosmetic products from moldly and corrosion.
Metalaxyl 8%+mancozeb 64%
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Metalaxyl + Mancozeb 72%WP Other trade name: Ridomil MZ, Metasan, VACOMIL MZ-72 Target: Black shank, damping off, foot and stem rots, downey mildew, late blight, etc. Crop: Fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, tobacco nursery, mustard, black pepper,...
We are producers and suppliers of best and highe
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We are producers and wholesale and retail suppliers of the high quality Research chemicals such as. We are producers and suppliers of best and highest quality mephedrone crystals to people and companies who need high quality mephedrone.our deliveries...
Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol), Anhydrous, 16oz
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Our reagent grade 200 proof Ethyl Alcohol (formula 3A) is specially denatured with methyl and isopropyl alcohols and meets essential lab requirements and is a good dehydrating agent.
Supply enzyme-glucoamylase
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Therefore, it can successively slice glucose unit of amylose from the non-reducing end to produce glucose. We (Wuxi GreenYear Union Works Co.,Ltd)offer different kinds of enzyme preparations including Glucoamylase,a-amylase, and Acid protease, etc.
Best Alternative Mephedrone For Sale
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Best Alternative Mephedrone and other research chemicals for sale.please when contacting us always include your email address in your mail. Best Alternative Mephedrone and other research chemicals at affordable prices.
Los Angeles
Beverly Hills
Nutriplant  AG
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For ground application, mix 1 part NUTRIPLANT AG with 200 parts water (1 quart in 50 gallons of water). To co-apply with herbicides, pesticides or fertilizers, dilute 1 part NUTRIPLANT AG with 5 parts water prior to mixing with pre-diluted chemicals.
Queens Village
Prime Virgin Metallic Mercury
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We supplier double and triple distilled prime virgin metallic mercury. 99.999% pure and highest purity ever.
Electroplating intermediate for NI
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Electroplating intermediate for NI : ALS(allylsulfanate , sodium salt) CAS No.: 2495-39-8 C3H5SO3Na ATP(S-carboxyethylisothiuronium chloride) CAS No.: 5425-78-5 C3H7ClN2O2S BBI(Dibenzenesulfonimide) CAS No.: 2618-96-4 C12H11O4NS2
Fenbutatin Oxide
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Common name: Fenbutatin Oxide Chemical name: bis[tris(2-methyl-2-phenylpropyl)tin] oxide Molecular formula C60H78OSn2 Modular weight:1052.67 CAS No.:13356-08-6 Einecs No.: 236-407-7 Apperance: White or light yellow crystal powder Purity:95% Effect: Fenbutatin...
Zz-1,mephedrone,mdpv and methylone for sale
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, mdpv zz-1 mdma mephedrone methoxetamine xanax methylone am694 am2201 rcs-4 4-fmc 4-mec 5-iai 2-ai am1220 am122 1 all jwh M1-2 2-dpmp rcs-8 We have some other chemicals we do supply upon request and our delivery is discreetlty done via via EMS and DHL.
Sodium & Potassium Cyanide 98%
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It is a white, water-soluble solid. Sodium cyanide is an inorganic compound with the formula NaCN. It is used for extracting gold and silver from ores and in dye manufacture. Sell high quality sodium cyanide for mining in flakes and briquettes.
Ayurvedic urea
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We are worldwide suppliers of ayuvedic urea for medical use and growth. We are ready to supply you as soon as your order is make. Shipping is done within 48 hour We invite all interested to get in contact with us to get your own at this promotional price.
United States
Dicalcium Phosphate (DCP) 18% Feed Grade
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Professional manufacturer and supplier of rock-based feed grade dicalcium phosphate (DCP) 18%. Quality Standard: Appearance: White Powder or Granule Phosphorus (P): 18%min Calcium (Ca): 21%min Fluoride (F): 0.18%max Arsenic (As): 0.003%max Heavy Metal...
Sale novaluron
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N-[[3-Chloro-4-[1,1,2-trifluoro-2-(trifluoromethoxy)ethoxy]phenyl]carbamoyl]-2,6-difluorobenzamide Commercial quantity Competitive price Superior quality Chengdu Ablexienuo Chemical Technology Limited Company, located in the western part of high and new...
Castor Oil/Good Quality/(100% Pure & Essential O
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Refined Castor Oil 1.High quality 2.Reasonable price 3.Delivery on time 4.Quality Assurance We offer Castor Oil of Several grades, viz. Commercial, B.S.S., first Special, Electrical, Solvent Extracted, Deodorized, Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical, Etc we all...
Prime Virgin Silver Liquid Mercury 99.99%
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- Vapor Pressure: 0.002 mm Hg @ 25C - Vapor Density: 7.0 - Evaporation Rate: Not available. - Free from heavy metals - Packing iron cylinder ( 34.5)kg net weight - Physical State: Liquid - Appearance: silver - Odor: odorless - PH: Not available.
Kampong Asam Jawa
Companion® Liquid Biological Fungicide 2-3-2
Prices start at : 123.99 USD / each

It also works in greenhouse plug production and hydroponics operations. A fungicide that also promotes plant health and growth! Growth Products Companion Liquid Biological Fungicide acts as a broad-spectrum fungicide.

Product Benefits

    • Improves nutrient uptake: Product Benefits
    • Size: 1 Gallon
    • Activates plants natural defense systems: Product Benefits
    • Analysis: Nitrogen (2%), phosphorus (3%), potassium (2%), calcium (trace), magnesium (trace): Specs
    • Compatible with most high-quality fertilizers, micronutrients, organic materials, and wetting agents: Product Benefits
    • Non-toxic to people, insects, or other plants: Product Features
    Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide
    Prices start at : 22.99 USD / each

    Please see the product label for application rates as they may vary depending on the crop or application. Protect your plants from disease with this specialty fungicide! Agri-Fos Systemic Fungicide is a preventative and curative spray used for the control...


      • Available in quart, gallon, and 2.5 gallon: Specs
      • Active ingredient is Mono- and di-potassium salts of Phosphorous Acid, 45.8%: Specs
      • Application rate depends on crop, refer to label for details: Specs
      Biophos Pro Broad Spectrum Systemic and Contact Fungicide
      Prices start at : 18.39 USD / each

      It is quickly absorbed by plant foliage and roots. Use on ornamentals, turf and lawn to prevent and control pythium, phytophthera, rust, alternaria, root rot, downy and powdery mildew, etc! This unique systemic fungicide has curative and protectant activity...
      • Size: Tip-n-Pour Quart
      • Ship wt: 3 lbs
      MilStop Fungicide
      Prices start at : 63.99 USD / each

      Use it for preventative control of many foliar diseases including: Alternaria blight Anthracnose Black spot Botrytis blight Cercospora leaf spot Downy mildew Phomopsis blight Septoria leaf spot MilStop works by pulling water from spores and their growing...

      Product Features

        • Cost-effective: Product Features
        • Kills powdery mildew on contact: Product Features
        • Fully dissolves in water: Product Features
        • Provides 1 to 2 weeks of residual protection: Product Features
        • Effective on interiorscape, greenhouse, nursery, woody, herb and field crops: Product Features
        • 1-hour REI: Product Features
        70% Neem Oil Insecticide, Miticide and Fungicide
        Prices start at : 23.99 USD / each

        Neem oil that is not cold pressed is of lower quality and can be ineffective; in fact it is generally used for soap manufacturing. OMRI-listed formulation for organic gardening! Has both insecticidal and fungicidal properties and controls these diseases:...
        • Description: 16 oz Refill Concentrate
        Eagle 20EW Specialty Fungicide 1 Pint Concentrate
        Prices start at : 57.99 USD / each

        This liquid is all you need to prevent a wide range of tough diseases! Protects your turf, fruiting trees, nursery and landscape ornamental plants from: Powdery Mildew, Rust, Scab Ascochyta Blight, Poinsettia Scab, Black Spot and many turf diseases.
        Plant Doctor Systemic Fungicide, 32oz Concentrate
        Prices start at : 23.29 USD / each

        Ship Weight 3 lb. 32 oz concentrate. Use on flowers, shrubs, fruits and vegetables. Systemic fungicide for the effective control of various plant diseases including fire blight, black spot or apple scab, root rot, bud rot, downy mildew, anthracnose, late...
        • Application rate and method depends on disease being treated. Refer to label for specific applications: Application Rates
        • Increases plant metabolism so plants grow faster, bloom more and have an increased yield while providing a nutritional boost of potassium and phosphorous: Product Features
        TKO Phosphitetm 0-29-26
        Prices start at : 91.99 USD / each

        TKO can be use on all crops, including, but not limited to - leafy vegetables, legumes, tubers, and fruit and nut trees. Use of TKO Phosphite results in superior root formation, seedling growth, bud formation, blossom and fruit set.

        Product Features

          • Strengthens plant immune systems: Product Features
          • 0-29-26 formula: Specs
          • Highly Systemic via xylem and phloem: Product Features
          • Growth-stimulating effects: Product Features
          • Application rate for turf is generally 3 to 5 oz per gallon of water minimum, per 1,000 sq ft. Greenhouse and nursery applications vary, see label for details: Application Rates
          Rootshield Plus Water Soluble Powder
          Prices start at : 125.99 USD / each

          One application protects for 3 months. Rate of application is 3-8 oz per 100 gallons of water (1-2 tbs per 5 gallons) as a soil drench. Provides a huge cost savings by reducing or eliminating chemical fungicide applications.

          Product Features

            • Not for use on sugarcane, pechay (bok choi), rice, mushrooms, kiwi, tobacco, barley, oats, lemon, apple, and chickpea: Product Features
            • Application rates depend on crop, see label for details: Application Rates
            • For food crops and for ornamental and evergreen trees: Product Features
            Badge SC Copper Fungicide
            Prices start at : 94.95 USD / 1 Each

            Badge SC is a patented, liquid formulation of copper hydroxide and copper oxychloride. Spray leaves no blue residue, for more desirable fresh produce. The copper hydroxide releases copper ions fast for immediate plant protection, while the copper oxychloride...
            New York
            Surround WP 25 lb.
            Prices start at : 70.95 USD / 1 Each

            Not available for sale to DC. OMRI listed for organic production. Surround also helps cool plants preventing sun damage and heat stress. Use 1/4- 1/2 lb./gal. The natural clay repels insects by causing irritation and provides a barrier preventing feeding...
            New York
            Fungicide Safer 3 In 1 Concentrate
            Prices start at : 72.95 USD / 1 Each

            Makes 16 gallons of spray. Safer 3 in 1, 1 Gallon Concentrate Insecticide and fungicide in one! One of the most effective multipurpose garden sprays. Controls mites, insects, and fungus, while safe to use around children, pets and wildlife.
            New York