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Farm Fresh Meats For Sale At Affordable price
Fresh farm meats at affordable price,good quality products for you and large quantity. We are looking for buyers and my company is willing to establish a long term business transaction and we have free samples to send to interested buyers.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Fresh Coconuts
India, Tamil Nadu
Fresh Coconuts Fruits
This nutrient rich drink has been used to regulate blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels, and it has been found to boost energy levels and increase metabolism in the human body.
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Cocounut producer
Capable of supplying fresh coconut of 1000- 1500 a month. We are being in this business for past 12 years Madurai: Capable of supplying fresh coconut of 1000- 1500 a month.
India, Tamil Nadu
Mature coconuts dry coconuts, 450-750 grms in bags brown hair, free of sprouts or cracks ships in 40 ft reefer containers Coconuts from peru dry, mature, with plenty of water. Free of mould, sprouts or crackes totally husked bagged in counts of 20, 25...
Peru, Piura
I am trader of coconut oil, dry coconut and husked, semi husked coconuts from kerala in wholesale rate and reasanable rate
India, Gujarat
Coconut Fibre Ready for Export
I have dealing Coconut fibre and coconut products.See product specifications below: Coconut fibre Lenth:8 cm to25 cm, Moisture below:15%, Impurity below:3%, Dust content:2%. I have dealing Coconut fibre with Specification below: Lenth:8 cm to25 cm, Moisture...
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Superior Quality Dessicated Coconut for Export
Please let us know your interest. We Offer Dessicated Coconut Powder with below specifications: Desicated Coconut Powder Specification : Fat contents - 67 % Moisture - upto 2 % Packing - 25kg Bag Loadability - 11.5 tons in 1x20 container Samples are available.
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Sell coconut semi husked and full husked
We have very good quality of coconut and we can supply 100.000 / mount from indonesia. Description our product : -Colour : Light Brown Maturity :Matured Grade :Semi husked and full husked Weight :800 grm to 1,4 kg Nut Size :15 to 23 inches Packing :25...
Indonesia, Jakarta Raya
We offer fresh Coconuts
14000 coconuts in 1x40 REEFER Normally for export 2kg~2.5kg 900ml ~1000 ml water inside 4~7 coconuts in a trunk Degree : + 4 to 7 degree Age : 20 to 25 days Reefer : Reefer container This is coconut is 20days~25 days on tree & then stuffed in REEFER to...
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Quality Coconuts from small to large size
These coconuts are of good quality and varies from small size to big size. The coconuts are produced in the holy land of Rameswaram. Please contact for your requirements. We produce fine quality coconuts from small size to large size at very nominal cost.
India, Tamil Nadu
We sell Copra
Please let us know your interest. We have now available for export superior quality Copra with the following specification: Oil Content : 64 % Cake : 36 % Moisture : below 5 % Samples are available.
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Starting new plantation, need prices and stage of growth of seedlings for 1,000 hectars. MayJam seedlings ready to be shipped with freight insurance and some warranty on the plant survival.
United States, Florida
United States, California
Castor  Oil - Industrial
TEST METHOD RANGE Iodine Value USP 83 - 88 Saponification Value USP 176 - 184 Acid value USP 2.0 max Hydroxyl value USP 160 - 168 Moisture & volatile AOCS Ca 2b-38 0.355% max Viscosity, St...
United Kingdom, Lancashire
Crude Coconut oil Vegetable Products
Additionally, unique phenolic compounds and hormones found in coconut oil may be able to prevent the aggregation of amyloid beta peptides, which are part of a leading theory concerning the cause of Alzheimer s.
Indonesia, Jawa Timur
Cassava, Plantains, Pineapples, limes. We have tropical products available for immediate sale. All the products are FDA approved. The best prices in the market. Origin Costa Rica, Guatemala and Nicaragua
Costa Rica, San Jose
Fresh black truffles moscato
Truffle can be a great addition to your meal add flavour and sophistication to any dish fish, meat, pasta Its flavour is quite strong and slightly spicy, the Black Moscato is a truffle that can be used cooked without losing its aromatic characteristics.
Italy, Abruzzi
Fresh Truffle offered to you from China
Best regards John Sales manager Kunming Johnleemushroom Co., Ltd. We have some fresh truffle, new year crop truffle, also can be processed in dry slices and cubes, I am sending you now the photos of them for your reference.
China, Yunnan
Strawberries for immediate sale (500 cases)
Call Carolina for details. Unsurpassed Quality, may view in person on Wednesday October 20th or Thursday October 21st. Strawberries - Salinas Valley, California. We have production capacity for 500 cases per day of very big beautiful strawberries until...
United States, California
Sell desiccated coconut
We sell desiccated coconut high fat: - Grades: Fine (3mm), medium (5mm) - Moisture: 3%Max - Oil Content : 63% Min (+/-2%) - FFA: 0.3% (FREE FATTY ACID AS CLAURIC) - Free from Ecoli, no foreign matter - 1 cont 20\\\': 12 MT; 1 cont 40\\\' 26MT
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Organic Coconut Oil (Raw)
Prices start at : 10.99 USD / 15oz container

We'll do whatever it takes to make it right. We’re talking everything! The other parts get used to make coconut milk, water, chips, etc. Surprising Beauty Uses of Coconut Oil Did you know coconut oil is a beauty product, too?
United States, New Jersey
Refined Coconut Oil
Our company is dedicated to provide high quality Refined and Crude Vegetable Oils such as * Sunflower Oil, * Soybean Oil, * Corn Oil, * Rapeseed Oil, * Coconut Oil, * Palm Oil, * Palm Olein.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Crude Coconut Oil
Our company is dedicated to provide high quality Refined and Crude Vegetable Oils such as * Sunflower Oil, * Soybean Oil, * Corn Oil, * Rapeseed Oil, * Coconut Oil, * Palm Oil, * Palm Olein.
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Coconut Chips, Unsweetened
Prices start at : 5.87 USD / 1 oz.

Still retaining much of their natural oils they’re unexpectedly packed with coconut flavor. Small blades cut wafer-thin crescents of flesh from a fresh coconut, which are then quickly hot air dried into these delightful chips.
United States, Michigan
Organic Coconut Chips (Unsweetened)
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / 1lb bag

It is also a rich source of iron, which delivers oxygen-rich blood cells throughout the body and wards off fatigue. Our unsweetened coconut chips are certified organic by CCOF. The dietary fiber in unsweetened coconut supports your digestive system and...
United States, New Jersey
Diced Coconut
Prices start at : 6.99 USD / 1lb bag

We'll do whatever it takes to make it right. You can even make your own dried tropical mix along with pineapple, mango, or papaya. Our diced coconut is lightly sweet and is the perfect size for snacking or adding to breakfast or baked goods.
United States, New Jersey
Fresh Catfish
We also own and operate a fresh fish and seafood market located in Alexandria, Louisiana. We accept the food stamp card, debt, credit cards, checks and cash, we clean fish fresh daily.
United States, Louisiana
Fresh Garlic
Shelf life: stored for up to 12 months in proper conditions Natural color, Thick and full skin, No stain and soil on outer skin, Firm and no rotten. Transporting and storing temperature: -3 C--+2 C 8.
French Guiana [France], Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni
Coconut, Fancy Shredded
Prices start at : 5.98 USD / 1 oz.

This coconut is epic in salads, served with freshly cut fruit, or unexpectedly tucked with rhubarb and ginger into a pork loin destined for the grill. For those who know that a coconut cake is nothing without a shag topping of this fine-n-sweet stuff.
United States, Michigan