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Reconstructing my childhood garden
My first thought was that I should get all the plant seeds I can get and so I did...I managed to gather about 2 boxes with seeds ! One by one, the plants popped out in my garden and have grown, making me so proud !First, I planted a few of my own Geraniums...
El Segundo
Hot Flowers for Hot Places
For the rest of the school year and during the next one until, the flowers were enjoyed by everyone who came within viewing distance of the planter.If you have a hot, sunny area and need a spot of color, you might choose portulaca.
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A Marigold \'Snowdrift\' Flower Bed from Indoor Seed
At this time, flower bed projects take on an either/or choice: You can either start your seeds indoors or wait a week or so and then direct-sow your seeds into a prepared bed outdoors.
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Growing Daylilies from Seed: Beautiful Blooms on a Budget
Some of them almost got themselves pulled up as weeds! This time, I wasn't taking any chances. Some may be truly exceptional, and some may be "dogs," with muddy colors or other undesirable traits.Give your daylilies a good head start by germinating seeds...
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What\'s That Bug? Dynastes tityus, the Eastern Hercules Beetle.
Raccoons and skunks find them particularly tasty, so they might be attracted to the compost heap as well.Hercules Beetles are nocturnal and are attracted to light. This leads to mishaps and crash landings.Deforestation and urbanization has led to a decline...
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Rope Nose S Hack with Brown Cheeks
Prices start at : 1495 USD

Category: Saddles Subcategory: English Status: Available Brand: Rope Nose S Hack with Brown Cheeks Country: United States of America Price: $ 1,495 Location: Stanchfield, About Rope Nose S Hack with Brown Cheeks * $ 1495 Default Title - $...
  • Status: Available
Knowing the Degree of Difficulty When Starting Flowering Plants from Seed: A Beginner\'s Reference
Finding no source for live plants, I was determined to grow it from seed. Neophyte that I was at that time, I ordered a packet of seeds from theI came across on the Internet. The third category lists seeds that may not come true to the mother plant, may...
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What\'s that Bug? Actias luna; the Luna Moth
It is then ready to fly off into the night and hunt a mate. Another important thing is to leave some leaf litter and mulch so that the cocoons are undisturbed. Females usually stay in the immediate vicinity of where they eclose.
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What\'s That Bug? Calosoma scrutator; the Fiery Searcher
The adults also have strong mandibles and can give a respectable nip if mis-handled, but they have no venom and the bite is harmless. They tend to favor the caterpillars of quite a few destructive pests; the Colorado potato beetle, larvae, pupae, and...
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Dried marigold flower
Price : CALL

I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send. Samples and pictures can be send. Dried marigold flower. Production field is in Romania southern part.
Petunias go from Humble and Reliable to Frilly and Fanciful
"Petunias are my favorite flower!" my cousin Amy exclaimed last summer. The frilly double blooms were a new look (for me), and although I'm not generally a fan of petunia scent, I enjoyed this one - sweet, like a bowl full of jelly nearly any...
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Natural chestnut flower honey
Price : CALL

Our honey is not like Chinese one. Tbilisi, GEORGIA It is different. It is in dark color because of chestnut flower composition and acacia honey is very tasty. Our honey is 100% natural bee honey.
2011 S&S Ponderosa M-9 1/2 FBSC
Prices start at : 10000 USD

Super clean and well maintained Category: Trailers Subcategory: Misc Status: Available Listing Type: Trade Brand: S&S Ponderosa Year: 2011 New/Used: Used Model: M-9 1/2 FBSC Living Quarters: Yes Country: United States of America Price: $ 10,000 Location:...
  • Model: M-9 1/2 FBSC
  • Year: 2011
  • Living Quarters: Yes
Use the Winter Sowing Method to Grow a Rainbow of Annual Flowers
They can also be started in WS containers, but it's prudent to wait until the time for hard freezes is past. An unheated garage is a better choice than a warm house,as they'll have to re-adjust to outside temperatures when you move them back.
El Segundo
Paper Pot Maker
Prices start at : 19.95 USD

The Paper Pot Maker is a simple, time-tested tool that transforms ordinary newspaper into a limitless supply of 1-3/4" diameter pots, perfect for seedstarting. Simply wrap a strip of newspaper around the solid oak press, fold it under, and twist into...
  •  So easy to use!
  •  5-1/2" H
  •  Turns newspaper into useful plant pots
  •  Solid oak
Intervale Eco Pot Maker
Prices start at : 12.95 USD

Our Intervale Eco Pot Maker is a simple, time-tested tool that transforms ordinary newspaper into a limitless supply of 1-3/4" diameter pots, perfect for seed starting. Simply wrap a strip of newspaper around the aged, ash wood press, fold it under, twist...
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  Quick, eco-friendly, and so easy to use
  •  Seedlings in paper pots can be planted directly into the garden
  •  A fun project for experienced and budding or young gardeners alike!
Gardener\'s Lifetime Mini Trowel
Prices start at : 9.95 USD

Gardener's Lifetime Tools are handmade for us by a fourth-generation, family-owned business that has been crafting fine gardening tools for more than a century. With a 3" long blade, this small trowel is the perfect size for removing seedlings from trays,...
  •  7-1/8" L x 1-1/4" W overall
  •  Boron steel, RSC European ash wood
  •  Beautifully crafted trowel is perfect for tending small plants
  •  Blade: 3" L
  •  Handle: 3-1/2" L
What\'s that Bug? The Family Asilidae; Robber Flies
They're capable of capturing their prey on the wing, or pouncing on unsuspecting victims like little dive bombers. They are also known as assassin flies and my personal favorite, the Hanging Thief.
El Segundo
What\'s that Bug? Chauliognathus pensylvanicus: the Soldier Beetle
However, they are totally harmless to your garden and yourself. Since they do appear in groups, many gardeners naturally assume that they are unwelcome invaders and run for the pesticide.
El Segundo
GrowEase 12 Replacement Parts
Prices start at : 4.95 USD

We offer these replacement parts for the 12-Cell GrowEase Seed Starter Kit:
  •  Water reservoir holds 5 cups
  •  Gardener's Supply Exclusive
  •  GrowEase Capillary Mats, set of 3
  •  GrowEase Domes, set of 2
  •  Each cell is 2"" square x 2-1/4"" H
  •  Germination dome is 2-3/4"" H
Precision English Seeder
Prices start at : 26.95 USD

With a slight squeeze of its comfortable rubber grip, you can vacuum up seeds one at a time and deposit them quickly with pinpoint accuracy – no more thinning, no more waste. Make valuable seeds go farther by planting with this precision hand seeder.
  •  Rubber flexible bulb
  •  Made in England by one of the world's leading manufacturers of nursery supplies
  •  Precise seeding eliminates thinning
Capillary Matting, 3 Yards
Prices start at : 21.95 USD

Our superior-quality English capillary matting draws up water like a sponge, then slowly transfers it to your plants from the bottom up. Healthy root growth is encouraged without danger of over-watering.
  •  Machine-washable
  •  Easily waters peat pots and soil blocks
  •  Saves time in the greenhouse
  •  Not for use with APS units
Heat Mats
Prices start at : 39.95 USD

All sizes have 6-ft power cords. These Heat Mats speed seed germination and stimulate root growth by keeping soil at about 70º F. Here's a clever extra — instructions and growing tips are printed right on the mat, so you can't lose them.
  •  19" x 9" mat is 20 watts
  •  Can be used indoors or in greenhouse
  •  48" x 20" mat is 107 watts
  •  20-3/4" square mat is 45 watts
  •  Warms root area 10 to 20 degrees above ambient temperature
Parmotrema lichen extract
Price : CALL

Gan efficacy of taste, cool. We hope you will give us reply by return mail so that we should start business with you immediately. And we are also Alibaba Chinese supplier. Cooling blood, bleeding, detoxification.
Organic Gardener\\\'s Dream Farm
Price : CALL

Gas furnace and stove. Peaceful wooded lot with large organic garden with shade cloth and greenhouse. Storage room off of laundry room. Garden tub in main bathroom. Wood-burning stove in living room.
Clear Plastic Domes (12)
Prices start at : 40.95 USD / 12 Each

Height for use over a longer period of time for best plant growth. High quality, heavy gauge reinforced clear plastic domes will perfectly fit our 22 in. Heavy-duty; designed to last two seasons or more.
New York
Woolly Weekend at Shepherd   s Cross
Price : CALL

Over 100 sheep will be shorn on the farm this year. Shepherd s Shop will be open, featuring a host of woolly and farm related handmade gifts made by Shepherd s Cross and over 50 local crafters.
Dandelion Flower Heads Needed for Wine
Price : CALL

Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand ... I have been home brewing wine for the last year and part of the reason got into this is to make dandelion wine. Ever since I was a kid my mother had told me about how my grand father...
United States
New York
GrowEase Seed Starter Kit
Prices start at : 9.95 USD

It includes an extra-sturdy leak-proof reservoir, platform and planting cell tray that are all dishwasher-safe, making them easy to clean and sterilize between uses. That's worry-free watering! Forget flimsy, single-use look-alike seed starting kits;...
  •  Water reservoir holds 5 cups (12-cell kit) or 10 cups (24-cell kit)
  •  Each cell is 2" square x 2-1/4" H
  •  100% post-industrial or pre-consumer recycled plastic, polypropylene capillary mat
  •  Self-watering; prevents over- and under-watering
  •  Germination dome is 2-3/4" H
  •  24-cell seed starter is 14-3/4" L x 9-1/4" W and holds 3 quarts of seed starting mix