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☆ Fish Aquaculture

Fish Farm - Aquaculture Business
Except for the professional fishing, the farm is also a preferred supplier of fresh fish. The farm has a very good market position, being well know between both professional and amateur fisherman.
Romania, Bucharest
Fish Farming: Is Aquaculture Right for Your Property?
There are all these things where you can use those IBC [intermediate bowl container] totes that they move Coke syrup and stuff in. “I’ve set up probably seven or eight of these for friends and family.
United States, Pennsylvania
Aquaculture fish farm
We would like to lease with option to buy an established fish farm operation in any state of the country.Residence desired on the property.We are very hard working and honest couple.Please contact us.
United States, Florida
Aquaculture Fish Farm
We are looking for Fish Farm with Land, We like west coast but will consider other parts of USA. Price is 1 to 5 Million Price is 1 to 5 Million, Will consider other live animal or Farm.
United States, California
United States, Arizona
United States, Oregon
Aquaculture Fish Hatchery
(Communicated to New Zealand Journal of Fresh and Marine Water Research). Copper toxicity in the spiny lobster, Panulirus homarus (Linnaeus). Phone: +91 44 22460064, Extn: 7016, Fax: +91 44 22460645, 22460275.
India, Tamil Nadu
Aquaculture;smoke fish;frozen fish
İzmit-Turkey 2007-2009 Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineer: Kılıç Aquaculture Co., Fish Processing Units Kahramanmaraş-Turkey 2001-2003 Fisheries and Aquaculture Engineer: Fjord Marine Sea Bass Hatchery, Muğla-Turkey...
Norve瀀, Oslo
İtalya, Sicilia
Fransız Guyanası [Fransa],
Aquaculture Farming Basics
Threats to Your Stock Power failure is the most ominous risk to an aqua-culturist. As far back as a thousand years, the Hawaiian people were practicing aquaculture by constructing fish ponds.
United States, Pennsylvania
Wanted aquaculture fish farm
Fish farm must be currently operating. Other locations will be considered. Preferred locations in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas but other sites will be considered. Looking to buy a fish farm business located in Texas, Oklahoma, or Arkansas.
United States, Texas
United States, Oklahoma
United States, Arkansas
Aquaculture Fish Farm Supervisor
38: 549-553 - P.B.Rajavarthini. Partial characterization of serum immunoglobulins from Oreochromis mossambicus (Peters). Singapore - On goodwill visit for ten days in 1999 to witness the National day celebrations of Singapore and to visit some institutions...
India, Tamil Nadu
United Kingdom, Cambridgeshire
New Zealand, Thames-Coromandel
Aquaculture Management / Fish Biologist
Work as consulting and aquaculturist (world bank aid ) special trainning in China in Aquaculture Experience in fish production and processing more than 15 years Ahmed Barakat Aquaculturist *Experienced in fish production and hatchery in fresh,brackih...
Canada, British Columbia
Canada, Ontario
Canada, Prince Edward Island
Prices start at : 2 USD /

Most varieties can be eaten when green or under-ripe, however, the flavor improves as plants mature. Each packet contains approximately 50 seeds. Planting and Harvesting Tips: Crops require full sun, fast draining soil and regular water.
United States, Montana
Aquaculture Fish Farm For Sale
Organic soil two capped wells large volume of water testing avalible for ten years.2 houses Drive shed, bottling plant small very private and beautiful 148 acre farm 5 ponds existing aquaculture license Bruce County Ontario Canada Large volume springs...
Canada, Ontario
Aquaculture biologist, fish health technician
Hobbies: -Playing classical guitar, art photography, bodybuilding, SCUBA diving. One star SCUBA diver - CMAS. Lividans by insertion of Apramycin resistance cassette in the gene coding for lipoamicyanin; overexpression of lipoamicyanin in S.
Canada, British Columbia
United States, Washington
Australia, Tasmania
Infographic: Aquaculture Pond Construction
If done the right way, freshwater fish farming can be a great value-added opportunity for your hobby farm. Use this visual diagram of an aquaculture pond to consider the best way to build your operation.
United States, Pennsylvania
Frozen ribon fish
Dear buyer we are dealer in all types and kinds of frozen fish and we are looking now for genuine buyer you can get back to us through our website for more inquiry and your order.Your reply will be highly appreciated.Thanks
United States, Texas
Pepper, Hot, Fish
Prices start at : 3.99 USD / 3 Plants

Harvest about 80 days from transplant. One of the prettiest peppers ever to grace our test gardens, this African-American heirloom predates the 1870s. You may have encountered (and savored) this heirloom pepper in the oyster and crab houses around the...
United States, Pennsylvania
Ornamentals Fish Breeder / Aquaculture Farm Manager
Breeding fishes Contact Address: 838/4 voc street, Thirumal nagar Thiagarajanagar, Tirunelveli Pin code 627011 Personal Information: Date of Birth - 24.11.1981 Sex - male Nationality - Indian Languages...
India, Tamil Nadu
IRAFS Aquaculture Consulting Group
Collectively we have experience in Natural resource management, Aquaculture, Horticulture, Agriculture and Aquaponics. We are a group of individuals from diverse backgrounds. Our team members were among the first of the Canadian and USA pioneers that...
Canada, Saskatchewan
Pangasius Fillet FISH Frozen
Meat Color: White, Light Pink Treatment: European Standard or No Chemical Sizes: 90/120, 120/170, 170/220, 220/300, 220UP, 300UP, or Your Requirement Glaze: 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, or Your Requirement Pack: Plain PE Bags, Colored Bags, IWP, IVP or Your Requirement...
Vietnam, Can Tho
Fish meal 65%min
We are manufactures of FISH meal and other animal feed for with a high nutritive value and protein content. We sell at very cheap prices. Specifications Fish meal 65%min 1)prompt healthy and growth 2)enhance nutrition 3) soft powder and good texture Fish...
Cameroon, Littoral
Fish Mint
Prices start at : 65.00 USD / Plug tray 90 / ea

It may be best to grow fish mint in containers because it can be persistent and hard to remove later if planted in the garden. Very easy to grow. (Vap Ca) Vietnamese herb used fresh on meat dishes and in soups.
Canada, Ontario
Prices start at : 2.09 USD / 1lb Bag

Manufactured on shared equipment with peanuts, soybeans, tree nuts, milk, eggs, wheat and whey. While their fresh, fruity flavors are appealing to kids, it’s their squishy texture that they seem to enjoy the most.
United States, Illinois
Fish Soup
The rest of the recipe is equally flexible; there are as many fish soup recipes as coastlines. By Judith Hausman , Urban Farm contributor Winter is the perfect time for some soup. Be careful; it’s salty.
United States, Pennsylvania
Fish Meal for export
Specifications: Crude protein e60.12% Crude fat d10.43% Crude ash d21.98% Moisture d8.14% Salt d 1.71% Sand d6.15%
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Russian fish sturgeon fingerlings
Russian sturgeon fingerlings for sale Russian sturgeon fingerlings for sale.
United States, Florida
Many rare types available to choose from in all sizes. Selling all sizes and types of TOP to SHOW quality imported Japanese koi fish for outdoor ponds or large fish tanks. Serious inquires can email me at for photos and price.
United States, California
Bite Alert (Fish Alarm)
A 9 Volt Battery is needed to operate the Bite Alert. The red LED light also makes for great night use or on dark days. The Bite Alert can easily be mounted to the side of a fish house using a screw, eye hook, or rod and bracket.
United States, North Dakota
Fish Pepper
Prices start at : 4.25 USD / / pkt

Heat: 5,000-30,000 Scoville units. They turn from white with green stripes to orange with brown stripes to solid red when mature. Attractive pepper plant with white mottled foliage and striped fruits.
Canada, Ontario
Gummy Fish
Prices start at : 2.69 USD / 1lb Bag

Store in a cool, dry place. Corn Syrup, Beet Sugar, Gelatin, Sorbitol From Fruits & Vegetables, Citric Acid, Fd&C (Yellow #5, Yellow #6, Red #40, Blue #2 And Blue #1), Natural And Artificial Flavors, Vegetable Oil and Carnauba Plant Wax Used For Antisticking.
United States, Illinois
Swedish Fish
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / 1lb bag

They also make a fun party treat, and are perfect for goodie bags and party favors. They have a great texture and are more firm than traditional gummy candies. Swedish Fish are chewy gummy candies that come in assorted fruit flavors.
United States, New Jersey