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Christmas Trees Wanted
Price : CALL

We are specifically looking for Nordmann Fir (Abies nordmanniana) and Noble Fir (Abies procera) Both premium and standard grades required. Premium rates paid. Sizes wanted from 175-250cm.
Christmas set
Price : CALL

All you need to decorate your house this christmas is what I\'m selling. Unlit christmas tree 6 feet and 54-71in. Colored and white. Ornaments, from the door, to the fireplace, too the tree, to the table.
Red Japenese Maple
Price : CALL

We just feel that this tree is very pretty and although i\'m sure our mastiffs love it, it\'s really not doing any justice in the kennel area. Every 3-4 years and not to prune the roots until we were ready to move it.
Moringa tree
Price : CALL

Get in touch and we will deliver. Our training fees are very reasonable and available on bookingand the seeds and seedlings are also available on order.Also sell seedlings and seeds to any interested party at a reasonable price.
All kind of Licorice / Roots /Powders
Price : CALL

Regarding your interest our warehouse will prepare samples for you. All kind of Licorice - Roots - Powders we have a lot size of roots as well we can prepare roots size by your interests such as slices and sticks for 10 cm as we are doing standart one.
Weeping Lace Leaf Japanese Red Dwarf Mapl
Price : CALL

I am selling this beautiful tree because my house needs some foundation work done (scheduled for the spring) and the japanese dwarf maple is pretty close to the foundation, so the contractor cannot guarantee it\'s safety.
New Hampstead
Large Caliper Bradford Pears
Price : CALL

14,000 large caliper bradford pears available for sale. Some large enough for high value timber. You dig in the field located in Connecticut. Let's make a deal!!! Large caliper (2"-4") Bradford Pears you dig - some large enough for timber.
South Windham
Dog wood seeds and other seeds buying from u.s.a
Price : CALL

Cheroky princess.2kg 6. Please quto us as belows, dog wood seeds 1.magic dog wood seeds ;much is better 2.flowering dog wood seeds .rubra (red); 2 kg wood seeds. Aka tsuki dog wood seeds .
gyosan 2 gil 23-2
Hazelnut seeds cashmiriana for sale
Price : CALL

Pure Saffron Bulbs, Crocus sativus Linn, Crataegus oxyacantha Linn berries, Colchicum, Salvia sclarea, ,Celosia Linn, Pyrethrum,Chilies, Malus communis, Prunus armeniaca, Prunus serotina, Cedrus deodar, Aeaxulus indica Colebr, Capsicum annum, Ginkgo biloba...
Jammu and Kashmir
Price : CALL

We need pricing FOB and with proper contracting will request CIF to destination. MayJam seedlings ready to be shipped with freight insurance and some warranty on the plant survival.
United States
Banana seeding
Price : CALL

We are planning to plant on 10 acres land, how soon can deliver after we place on order ? We need 10,000 pcs of bananas seeding( Perangan ) , deliver to Simpang Pulai , how soon can your deliver after we place an order ?
Kuala Lumpur
Irvingia gabonensis for sale from africa
Price : CALL

We are looking for major buyers who have use for this Irvingia gabonensis ( fruit or seeds). Contact us now for more. We are also looking for partners who can promote the use of the use of Irvingia gabonensis as well as invest in the transformation of...
Los Angeles
Peach seed sell
Price : CALL

Welcome to the new and old customers to negotiate business! The seedlings provided by the center are all known at home and abroad Longquan Hill Peach seed varieties pure, easy to survive, two years to fruiting, fruit shape correct, matched red and white,...
2016 Paradox Walnut seeds for Sale
Price : CALL

Seeking growers in need of Paradox Juglans Hindsii Seed Northern California Blacks from Northern California. Accepting orders for 2016 Crop. Contact to confirm our ability and the quantity required.
Yuba City
Oak Flats Farm - Otsego Seed
Price : CALL

All are sinkers. All are of excellent quality. I have access to ship using FedEx shipping. Over 300 pounds of red oak acorns are available for sale. Whole acorns without caps. All acorns have been float tested.
Want to sell mahogany seeds - sky fruits
Price : CALL

This is what makes it very bitter which in turns makes the human blood bitter. Health Benefits of Saponins: Has anti-cancer and anti-tumour properties Reduces body fats Enhances immune system and improves vitality Reduces blood sugar Enhances heart functions...
Jawa Tengah
Passion trees seedlings (grafted)
Price : CALL

Buyers come from as far as Uganda and even Rwanda!! Prices for the trees are competitive. My location is Eldoret town in Uasin-Gishu County. The demand for these fruits is overwhelming.
Rift Valley
Magnolia denudata tree seeds
Price : CALL

Bark is a coarse dark gray. Magnolia denudata a rather low, rounded, thickly branched, and coarse-textured tree to 30 feet (9.1 m) tall. The 10 16 cm white flowers that emerge from early to late spring, while beautiful and thick with a citrus-lemon fragrance,...
NJ Black Walnut Tree
Price : CALL

Tree felled in storm on 7/28, in NJ looking to sell, will need to pickup / cut, good access to tree long bed log loader not a problem. Was a healthy tree, large straight limbs, large trunk.
2003 Timberjack 1270D Tree Harvester
Price : CALL

2003 Timberjack 1270D Tree Harvester, 758 HD Head, , 7755 Metered Hours, S/N:WH1270D000123, Hydrostatic, Variable Speed with Hi/Low Transmission, Newer 215-HP 6-Cylinder John Deere 6081 H TJ 03 Turbo Diesel with 7527 Engine Hours, Engine S/N:SE6081H250998,...
Byron Center
Soliciting bids for standing Black Walnut trees
Price : CALL

Soliciting bids for 7 standing Black Walnut trees in Winston-Salem, NC #1 24.6\" diam, 32.24\' height to branch #2 19.8\" diam, 32.2\' height to branch #3 11.5\" diam, 44.22\' height to branch #4 24.9\" diam, 39\' height to branch #5 20.6\" diam, 35.1\'...
Pine and teak plantations
Price : CALL

We sell profitable land with trees plantations of palm oil trees, balsa, bananas, cocoa beans, pine, sugar cane, teak wood as well as shrimps and tilapia pools.
25 acres wiht 3 br home Pahoa HI
Price : CALL

Possibly sub dividable to 5 acre lots. Some large Banyan trees, palms, avocado, bamboo, ohia, strawberry Guava, banana, orange, cinnamon, Norway spruce, etc. Permitted 3 Bedroom 2 bath home on 25 acres.
49 Acre Farm/Ranch, 3 Bed, 1.5 Bath
Price : CALL

There is an old apple tree near the house and other scattered fruit or nut trees and bushes including three large English Walnuts which gave us over 3 bushels of walnuts last year.
Baker City
We offer fresh Coconuts
Price : CALL

No processing & no packing, direct stuffing from Tree Farm 14000 coconuts in 1x40 REEFER Normally for export 2kg~2.5kg 900ml ~1000 ml water inside 4~7 coconuts in a trunk 14000 coconuts in 1x40 REEFER Normally for export 2kg~2.5kg 900ml ~1000 ml water...
Big John 60 Tree Spade Mounted on a 75 Ford 8000
Price : CALL

Big John 60 Tree Spade Mounted on a 75 Ford 8000. Everything works. Spade works good also. 22,000$ / Offer
Belize Organic Farm and Retreat For Sale
Price : CALL

We have planted over 100 fruit trees. A few of the mango trees have started producing this year. Dozens of banana plants have been producing delicious fruit for over a year now. Many of the trees will begin producing in the next year.
Macadamia Orchard for Sale
Price : CALL

634 acres,14,000.00 mature trees,owner retiring.Pockets of rainforest,abundance of flora & fauna. Property has 2 dwellings plus bungalow on ridge with views.all equipment to run orchard included in of property that macadamia not planted is...
Eco friendly land clearing
Price : CALL

We can clear underbrush , briers ,and up to 8in diameter trees with our 100hp forestry mulching machine. Prices by the job or by the hour . Horse riding trails , pastures , field mowing , property lines , fence rows , right of way clearing , land clearing...