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Electric Fencing Fencing Gates For Sale In Colorado Springs

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3 Point Post Hole Digger
Prices start at : 429.89 USD

I bought this digger about 2 weeks ago and wasn't sure if it was going to work out with my mahindra emax 22 it fit it like a glove and had no problems running it
  •  Easily accommodates Cat 1 & Cat 2 tractors
  •  Heavy-duty gear box
  •  High strength 3 in. O.D. tubing
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 81 x 25 x 12.5 inches. (LTL truck)
Colorado Springs
Yellow T-Post Wrap-Around Insulators - 25 Pk.
Prices start at : 3.15 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10.5 x 7.95 x 1.8 inches.
  •  Arcing protection - 2 shields to prevent shorting
  •  Easy 45-degree front end loading feature accommodates most steel fence wire sizes & types
  •  Can be used with all fence wire except poly tape
  •  Wrap-around design attaches easily & holds securely
Colorado Springs
White Heavy-Duty U-Shaped Post Insulators - 10 Pk
Prices start at : 8.49 USD

  •  When extra strength insulating is needed, it comes in durable, white porcelain
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Model # WP-4
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.4 x 3.9 x 2 inches.
  •  Electric fence insulators allow you to fasten electrified wire to the post without losing energy through the post
  •  Includes 10 insulators
Colorado Springs
Fence Staples
Prices start at : 1.79 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 5 x 2 x 1 inches.
  •  Size #9 x 1-1/4 in.
  •  Galvanized finish
  •  1.5 oz. package
Colorado Springs
17 ga Never-Rust Aluminum Electric Fence Wire
Prices start at : 4.39 USD

  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 3.94 x 3.94 x 1.79 inches.
  •  Very effective 17 ga electric fence wire
  •  Weight: Approximately: .78 pounds
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Made of aluminum, it will not rust and is easy to install
Colorado Springs
High Tensile Corner/End Lag Pulley
Prices start at : 8.39 USD

  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Use at beginning, ends and corners for poly rope or wire
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9.15 x 4.03 x 1.72 inches.
  •  9.5 in. size
Colorado Springs
Cut-Off Switch
Prices start at : 12.99 USD

  •  Install 1 at every corner post
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.7 x 3 x 2.46 inches.
  •  Use our Zareba Cut-Off Switch to turn electric fence on and off at various locations along the fence
  •  Helps isolate short circuits
  •  Model # COS1
Colorado Springs
6mm Polyrope Double-Post Slicer - 4 Pk
Prices start at : 5.89 USD

  •  Ensures electrical current in all wires
  •  Triple galvanized for long-term rust prevention
  •  Model # R-47-C4
  •  The most efficient way to join rolls of electric rope, braid, or polywire
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
Colorado Springs
White T-Post Cap Insulators - 10 Pk
Prices start at : 7.99 USD

  •  Insulator cap holds 0.5 in to 1.5 in polytape
  •  Includes 10 white cap insulators
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 12.5 x 10 x 5 inches.
  •  Made of impact-resistant polyethylene
  •  Model # R-4-W
Colorado Springs
100 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Charger
Prices start at : 199.99 USD / Each

Produces a sharp, short, safe shock on the fence line of your enclosure. Use with difficult to contain animals and to keep predators out. Zareba 100 Mile AC Powered Low Impedance Charger is ideal for long, heavily weeded fence conditions.
  • Model Number: EAC100M-Z
  • Weight: 7.2000
  • Output Joules: 6 joules output at 75 ohms
Colorado Springs
0.5 in White 5-Wire Electric Fence Polytape
Prices start at : 49.89 USD

  •  Wire fence site line
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 8.46 x 8.46 x 8.43 inches.
  •  Weight: Approximately: 5.28 pounds
  •  UV protected polymer and 5 non-corrosive stainless steel wires for longer life
  •  Ideal for pasture separations
Colorado Springs
5 mi Solar Electric Fence Charger
Prices start at : 12.99 USD

  •  1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  •  Patented mechanical heliotropic technology that allows the energizer to turn to face the sun, regardless of the direction the t-post faces
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 10.25 x 10.25 x 8.25 inches.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Powers up to 5 mi of fence using a sun charged 6V battery
  •  This solar-powered energizer is ideal for use when containing small and exotic livestock
Colorado Springs
Corner Lag Insulator 5 Pk.
Prices start at : 11.99 USD / Each

Gallagher Corner Lag Insulator 5 Pk. swivels, great for pulling fencing through corners. It is made from polycarbinate with UB and color preservent.
  • Spec Package Size: 5 pack
  • Weight: 1.7000
  • Model Number: G688
Colorado Springs
Ceramic Corner Post Insulator - Large (10 pack)
Prices start at : 5.49 USD / Each

Use with poly wire, steel wire, poly rope and up to 1/2 in. Zareba Systems Ceramic Corner Post Insulator - Large (10 pack) use at fence line corners or where fence line changes direction.
  • Weight: 2.0000
  • Size: Large 1 3/4 in. diameter insulator.
  • Spec Package Size: 10 per box
Colorado Springs
Corner Insulators - 10 Pk.
Prices start at : 10.99 USD

  •  Made in the USA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 9.25 x 8 x 1.65 inches.
  •  Yellow heavy-duty corner insulator
  •  Weight: Approximately: .3 pounds
Colorado Springs
9 in. Auger with Spiral Point
Prices start at : 109.89 USD

  •  Heavy steel construction
  •  Weight: Approximately: 37 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 48 x 10 x 10 inches.
  •  For use with tractor-mounted post hole diggers
Colorado Springs
White T-Post Polytape Insulators - 25 Pk
Prices start at : 7.29 USD

  •  Includes 25 insulators
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  This t-post insulator keeps polytape from moving on the t-post
  •  Has a tape holder which unlocks for easy installation
  •  Molded of heavy-duty polyethylene
  •  For use with 0.5 in, 1 in, and 2 in polytape
Colorado Springs
Small Screw-In Porcelain Insulator
Prices start at : 13.99 USD

  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Comes in white color porcelain
  •  Can be used with steel wire, aluminum wire, polyrope & polywire
  •  Weight: Approximately: .238 pounds
Colorado Springs
Electric Fence Solar Battery 6V for SP3 and LIS3
Prices start at : 21.99 USD / Each

It is a sealed lead acid (AGM) termination .187 in. Power Patrol Electric Fence Battery 6 Volt is for Zarebra electric fence models SP3, LIS3 and SB3ZB.
  • Model Number: SLA0905
  • Weight: 4.0000
  • Battery Power Type: 6V
Colorado Springs
3/8 Inch X 4 Foot Fiberglass Post - Bundle of 20
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / Each

The SunGUARD II coating prevents UV degradation which means no more glass slivers, guaranteed for 10 years. 3/8 X 4' SunGUARD II coated fiberglass fence post is the ideal post used for temporary fencing or rotational grazing.
  • Weight: 7.5000
  • Model Number: A33
  • Size: 4 ft.
Colorado Springs
10 mi AC Electric Fence Charger
Prices start at : 69.99 USD

I like the charger and hope it last me many years. Prior to getting this I had a continuous electric system. It had clear labeling indicating where the ground went and the fence was to be hooked up.
  •  Operates electric fencing, including high tensile steel or aluminum wire, polywire, polyrope, and polytape
  •  Works in heavy weed conditions
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 11.25 x 9.5 x 5.05 inches.
  •  115V, 60 cycle pulsed output (1-second intervals)
  •  1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
  •  AC power unit with 0.5 joule output, low impedance
Colorado Springs
Magnum 12 Battery Operated Electric Fence Charger
Prices start at : 99.89 USD

Shocks through wet weeds and brush. It takes the guess work out of electric fencing. The most economical 12-volt solid state fencer operation on the market. No moving parts means years of dependable, trouble free services.
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  No moving parts means years of dependable, trouble free services
  •  Model # 0102313
  •  Weight: Approximately: 3.14 pounds
  •  Includes 1 fence charger and battery clamps
  •  Low impedance for maximum power, longer life
Colorado Springs
25 Mile Battery Operated Low Impedance Charger
Prices start at : 119.99 USD / Each

It powers all types of electric fence systems including high tensile, polywire and polytape. Zareba 25 Mile Battery Operated Low Impedance Charger can be used to control of all types of animals, even predators.
  • Voltage: Output voltage no load is 11,460V
  • Output Joules: 1
  • Weight: 3.8500
Colorado Springs
Eight-Light Voltage Tester
Prices start at : 19.99 USD / Each

Neon lights indicate voltage from 600 to 7,000 volts. Recommended for regular maintenance of fence line. Easy to operate. Important tool for monitoring fence line performance. No battery required.
  • Model Number: RSVT8
  • Weight: 0.2000
Colorado Springs
3-Hole Twisting Tool
Prices start at : 3.29 USD

  •  Model # HTTT
  •  Includes 1 tool
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 6.95 x 3.91 x 1 inches.
  •  An essential tool for bending or twisting high tensile wire, poly spacer clips or for twisting t-post or spacer clips to fasten wire on to posts
Colorado Springs
Heavy-Duty Earth Anchor
Prices start at : 6.49 USD

Easy to screw into the ground. Holds great! Great price.
  •  Bright orange for high visibility
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Weight: Approximately: 1.46 to 6.7 pounds depending on selected size
  •  Auger is sharpened to easily turn into the ground, no digging or hammering needed
  •  Guide rope, wire, or cable is easily attached to the anchor eye
Colorado Springs
B60 Electric Fence Battery Energizer 12V
Prices start at : 149.99 USD / Each

Gallagher B60 Electric Fence Battery Energizer12V powers up to 40 acres/5 mile of multi-wire permanent fence. It uses a 12 volt deep-cycle battery.
  • Weight: 3.6000
  • Product Color: Black
Colorado Springs
Multi-Groove Spacer Clips - 25 Pk
Prices start at : 4.29 USD

  •  Includes 25 clips
  •  Weight: Approximately: .36 pounds
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7 x 4 x 1.12 inches.
  •  Galvanized clip for poly and wood spacers
  •  This spacer clip is essential in using our multi-groove poly spacer to ensure lines of wire are evenly spaced in your electric fence
Colorado Springs
50 ft High-Voltage Fence Wire
Prices start at : 14.89 USD

  •  Includes 1 roll of wire
  •  Shipping Dimensions: Approximately 7.86 x 6.86 x 2.65 inches.
  •  Very flexible
  •  This product cannot be shipped to: CA
  •  Highly conductive stranded, tinned copper
Colorado Springs