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Eastern White Pine

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Heart Pine Lumber
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I am interested in selling 100 year old heart pine lumber. If you are interested please contact me anytime. I will answer your message within 24 hours. I am interested in selling some heart of pine lumber.
Ben Hill
Dying Conifers, A Real Threat
Consult a certified arborist if you are uncertain about the root zone of specific tree species."has been applied to your lawns; you may want to advise them to stop and keep your eye out for damage to trees or shrubs.
El Segundo
Fresh oregon white truffles
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Truffles stull underground..tell me how much you want,and we will get them asap and shipped to you as fast as possible Only comes in 1 oz,4 oz,8 oz and 1 pound increments..truffles are feesh,so may lose some weight while in transit to you,but i will throw...
White Truffle for Sale
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We have best Quality White Truffle for Sale in low prices. Contact us for purchasing. We have Best Quality and Big Quantity of Fresh White Truffle for Sale, If anyone Interested Immediately contact.
Offer Chinese White Pine seeds
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The cones mature in their second year, this is a juvenile female cone: Uses Chinese White Pine seeds are harvested and sold as pine nuts. The cones are 9 22 cm long and 6 8 cm broad, with stout, thick scales.
White New Zealand Rabbits Farm Animals
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Two does ready to deliver. 10 Does, 3 Bucks, All cages, water bottles, Feeders, Hay, Straw, and right now 34 bunnies, All are great breeders and have large litters. Very happy with them just we are getting too old to care for them.Call 260-336-0100
Premium Sauvignon Blanc Grapes
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We grow Sauvignon Blanc grapes, and only Sauvignon Blanc, at an elevation of 1,385 feet in the Big Valley region of Northern California. High quality Sauvignon Blanc grapes available from the premium Sauvignon Blanc grape growing area in California
Clearlake Oaks
Eastern White Pine Tree
Prices start at : 69.95 USD / 1 pcs

Get the nostalgic feeling of winter as you watch snow fall on the hunter green foliage. Of course, your children will love making crafts with the large pinecones all throughout the year.
  • Spacing: 30 ft.
  • Sunlight: Partial Sun
  • Mature Width: 20-40 ft.
South Carolina
Fort Mill
Learning About Pine Cones
The explanation of this particular arrangement of the cones in a conifer tree is very interesting: the male cones grow on the lower branches so they can pollenize the female cones from another tree and not from the same.
El Segundo
Garden Visitor: The Eastern Towhee
They remove one or more eggs and replace them with their own, causing in the unsuspecting towhee parents to raise baby cowbirds.If you wish to attract this pretty bird, allow some areas of your property to stay brushy and overgrown, strewn with plenty...
El Segundo
Sell Pine Cat Litter,Activated Carbon Pine Cat L
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Emily Pets Pine Cat Litter has no dust and no tracking. Emily Pets Pine Cat Litter is designed to provide superior odor control, and comes from 100% pure northeastern white pine. (EMILY PETS CO.,LTD.) provides various pets products and pet accessories...
Old pine boards
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Lengths are guestamates , may be longer. About 500 board feet each type. Also available is 2x6x 12' rough sawn pine. Cleaned of 99% nails. Please contact us for more info. 1X6 X 12' Old roof deck boards.
Standing White Pine For Sale
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Large 60 to 70 year old timber pine that was planted for timber available for harvest They are located halfway between Marietta and Belpre OHIO just off Rt 7 along the Ohio River. There are three plots of approximatly five acres each,but very close to...
Standing White Pine
Price : CALL

I would think a log cabin builder might be interested. We have a large quantity of standing white pine. They are very tall and straight and contain a large amount of lumber. We have in excess of 100 white pine trees that are approximately 40 years old.
White Pine Logs for Sale
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Have four white pine logs - each 8 feet + long. Tree was 18\" DBH. The logs are on a landing for easy pick up or can be delivered within 50 miles of Green Bay.
White Pine Timber For Sale
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We are exporting white wood timber(pine timber). If you are interesting in this product please contact with us and we will help you. Good Day We are exporting white wood timber(pine timber).
Mast worthy white pines for sale
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Tall white pines for sale. Several mature white pines for sale. Free standing pines on my property. 60 to 90 feet tall. Straight and healthy. Would be perfect for masts. Tall and straight ideal for masts.
Christmas set
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Lights for outside and for the tree. Ornaments, from the door, to the fireplace, too the tree, to the table. All you need to decorate your house this christmas is what I\'m selling.
Pine and teak plantations
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We sell profitable land with trees plantations of palm oil trees, balsa, bananas, cocoa beans, pine, sugar cane, teak wood as well as shrimps and tilapia pools.
Pine O\' Mine
A tiny pine tree took root next to my mother-in-law's shed and established itself in a tight place where it would not thrive. While it was still small, I gave it a lot of attention because it was a gift, and I wanted to keep it alive and healthy for Mom-mom's...
El Segundo
Wanted Mature White Pine Trees
Price : CALL

Looking for mature white pine trees located near Ohio. Building log home in nothern ohio, would like an on going supply for future log homes. Trees need to be aproximatly 50 ft tall min diameter is 12\"
United States
Wanted Premium White Pine Logs
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Need to buy premium white pine from 14\" to 18\" dia treelength delivered in new england Need to buy premium white pine from 14\" to 18\" dia treelength to build log houses in the maine and Quebec area.
United States
White Pine Timber for Sale
Price : CALL

They are along the road and near the power lines. Please post if you are interested or if know of any potential buyers. They are healthy trees. Each is approximately 90 feet tall and measure about 18\" - 24\" in diameter at the base.
Hopewell Junction
White Pine Lumber For Sale
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We also manufacture beams for home cabins/houses. Green, air dry or kiln dry white pine boards. KD is at 10-12%. You can get green, air dry or kiln dry boards. We offer all grades, certified CLA or Nelma.
20 Acres of White Pine
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20 Acres - White Pine - Mature - For Sale - Located in Central Michigan - Owner offer. Good for log cabins. 20 acres of white pine for sale, from land in Central Michigan. Only serious inquiries, please.
Standing White Pine Lumber
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I have in excess of 100 standing white pine trees for sale. These trees are approximately 40 years old, are tall and straight and 24" to 30" plus in diameter. These trees are located in Owen County Indiana
White Pine trees
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In Whiteside county, in Northern Illinois. Eleven standing 45 year old White Pines Trees 12 \" to 18\" Dia. I have 90 white pines altogether but need to take 11 of these down now, for they are getting to big for their location.
Rock Falls
White Pine For Sale
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White pine from a demolition job in Philadelphia, Pa. approx 1 full tractor trailer load. Building was from the 1800's. White Pine from a demolition job in philadelphia Pa approx 1 full tractor load.
Buy White Pine
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Looking for White Pine, # 2 and better, rough, 2x8 10' or 12' random length for export Required : Looking for White Pine, # 2 and better, rough, 2x8 10' or 12' random length for export.
British Columbia