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Douglas Fir Wood Price

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Saw Logs, Douglas Fir
Price : CALL

  • Length: 5 - 13 m
  • Origin: France
  • Volume: 400 m3 per year
  • Quality: Plot/Charpente
  • Incoterm: EXW - Alongside the road Region Normandie
  • Type of species: European Softwood
Crates, Recycled - Used In Good State
Price : CALL

  • Length: 107 cm
  • Height: 69 cm
  • Condition: Recycled - Used in good state
  • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Serbia
  • Width: 70 cm
Fresh Douglas Fir Christmas Tree
Prices start at : 99.95 USD / 5 to 6 Feet

Clipping the branches exposes the interior of the branches, releasing that sweet fragrance we know you'll enjoy! Give it a try, you'll notice the difference. We personally hand-select each fresh Christmas tree to make sure that it meets our high quality...
Crude palm oil for sale
Price : CALL

Packaging is at Buyer;s choice. We are regular exporters of CPO from west african ports.
Sell wood ear mushrooms ( dried black fungus)
Price : CALL

None Cut Root & None Cleaned d. Dried Black Fungus (Cut Root & Washed) 4. Dried Black Fungus b. Dried Black Fungus (Cut Root & None Washed) 3. Dried Black Fungus Scrap At the moment Nutriworld Co., Ltd is exporting Dried Black Fungus to all most country...
Dong Nai
Thong Nhat
Selling Palm Cooking Oil
Price : CALL

Please contact for further enquiries. We provide all types of packing from 1 Liter to 25 Liters for Refinery Palm Cooking Oil. We are supplying all range of palm cooking oil * super olein * CPO * CP4 * CP6 * CP8 * CP10 We also supplying Sludge oil/Palm...
Kuala Lumpur
Kuala Lumpur
Canola Oil ,Coconut Oil ,Corn Oil ,Lard Olive O
Price : CALL

We are a dynamic and multi-faceted Limited Company based in Cameroon actively involved in Manufacturing Procurement Distribution and Export of various Commodities and Products. We are structured into 2 Focussed Groups namely Petro-Chemical (Bitumen) Division...
Antique fir wooden house for sale (1900-1910)
Price : CALL

Size: 4.65 x 8.2
  • Volume: 1 piece Spot - 1 time
  • Solid wood type: European Softwood
Trentino-Alto Adige
S. Michele all'Adige (TN)
Duglas fir lumbe
Price : CALL

We have a project to build a new house construction which we are looking to start in the next few weeks We are building a house in staten island and we need lumber for the entire house
Douglas Fir FOR SALE
Price : CALL

Rough sawn Will be sawn using a bandmill contact for pictures. We have approx 70 logs available to be custom sawed ranging from 12-36\" diameter up to 10 ft in length. Douglas Fir lumber For Sale.
Shermans Dale
Reclaimed wood beams
Price : CALL

I need to make a house payment and need the $$$ badly .I'm willing to let these beams go for 125.00 to the highest priced ones that i should sell for a lot more but I'm not 300.00 or best offer ..
Douglas Fir (green saw logs)
Price : CALL

They logs range from 30ft-40ft long, 20in-30in in diameter. We also provide trucking to any Western US port or state (California, Washington, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon). The logs are all green and ready to saw.
Joined Elements for sale
Price : CALL

Joined Elements spruce thickness.
  • Delivery deadline: In Stock
  • Short description - end use: Produzione di porte
  • Dimensions: 30+mm x 60+mm
  • Volume: 10.0 - 500.0 m3 per month
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Douglas Fir and Cedar
Price : CALL

Bulk discounts for many different species, grades and dimensions of wood,including fir, cedar, and plywood. All sorts of douglas fir, cedar and other lumber products available including plywood and kiln dried wood.
British Columbia
2 Old Growth Douglas Fir Beams
Price : CALL

Also old growth Hemlock beams/lumber up to 40 ft available. Two 6 inch x 14 inch x 36 feet old growth Douglas Fir rough cut beams. More available. Premium heartwood recently cut from river boom sticks or mill logs which were lost and preserved underwater...
Douglas Fir
Price : CALL

Old growth Douglas Fir reclaimed from a barn. A couple 20 foot 2x8. If interested call me for more specific information and pricing. Mostly 2x12 in various lenghts. 5 around 20 to 38 feet long.
Douglas Fir Lumber for Pole Barn
Price : CALL

Old Growth Douglas Fir, never used, still banded, wrapped and stacked. Will sell all or part. Lumber grade and dimensions below: 2 x 6's #2 (or better) 104 pieces of 12' 24 \" 14' 55 \" 16' 32 \" 20' 2 x 10's #2 (or better) 67 pieces of...
Douglas Fir Timbers For Sale
Price : CALL

Can be sold as is with ardox nails and some large bolts or de-nailed and all metal removed. Reclaimed Doug Fir timbers various sizes from 6x12x22' to 8x14x20' approx. 6x12's are free from paint (6000 bft) larger beams have some paint that comes off easy.
British Columbia
Old Growth Douglas Fir
Price : CALL

Old growth douglas fir i have ( 30 ) 4\\" x 12\\" x 25' old growth douglas fir beams that i'm sell for $100.00 each. Must pick up in wilmington, il 60481 Old growth douglas fir ( 30 ) 4\\" x 12\\" x 25' $100.00 each must pick up in wilmington, il 60481
Uprights and crossbars for Doors
Price : CALL

Uprights and crossbars for Doors thickness.
  • Volume: 10.0 - 500.0 m3 per month
  • Type: Glued Door Scantlings
  • Solid wood type: European Softwood
  • Short description - end use: Produzione di porte
Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Wood pellets ENplusA1 - 6mm
Price : CALL

Price 140.7 euro / tonne big-bag FCA Price 152.7 euros / ton bags 15 kg FCA Minimum delivery of sea freight Container - 500 tons. In the European Union from us you buy goods without duty and tax at your state border.
  • Incoterm: FOB - goods are loaded on a ship in port of export Country Russia Region St,Petersburg
  • Certification: ENplus
  • Type of species: Asian Hardwood
  • Volume: 1500 Ton per month
  • Main type: Pellets - Briquets - Charcoal
  • Type: Wood Pellets
Epal new and second hand
Price : CALL

  • Type of species: European Softwood
  • Condition: Any
  • Origin: Romania
  • Height: 22 cm
  • Length: 120 cm
Ancona (AN)
Douglas fir timbers
Price : CALL

Douglas fir timbers prox 50,000 bf ready to ship cypress timbers 200,000 bf in logs ready to cut to your specs. 4x6 4x8 6x6 6x8 6x10 8x8 8x10 10' 12' 14' 16' full saw #1 sel str 4x8 6x8 6x10 8x10 rfv kd #1 sel str full saw Also #2 cypress timbers
Palm Beach
Belle Glade
Douglas Fir Barn Timbers
Price : CALL

Would make a great deal on all approximately 100 pieces. Beautiful color for furniture, mantels, rocking horses, etc. Already sorted into sizes. 4x6, 6x8 and 8x8 sizes in various lengths.
Excelsior Springs
Douglas Fir In Mixed Re-growth
Price : CALL

One mile North of Scio, OR. Good access to road. About 100 acres of 2s and 3s in 40 year old mixed re-growth on moderate slope hill ground.
2 story brick building
Price : CALL

Would like to sale the interior mill construction of a 97 year old warehouse in Chicago, Il. All wood is original. We are located in Chicago, il. Contact person: Ezra We are removing of the mill constructed insides of this building, floor boards, roof...
Douglas Fir Lumber For Sale
Price : CALL

Good, durable, heavy lumber, always has been shedded The wood was from an old school house built in the 1920's. Salvaged lumbar from an old school house, (2x12, 28 feet, #271), (2x12, 18 feet, #7), (2x8, 29 feet, #93), (2x8, 11 feet #119), (2x6, 11 feet,...
Du Bois
Old growth fir
Price : CALL

Sourcing and buying douglas fir or larch. I am a furniture maker whose looking to buy a high end quality load of logs at a reasonalble meter or load prices. Looking for raw log prices on clear old growth douglas fir or larch.
British Columbia
Douglas Fir Timber For Sale
Price : CALL

Pencil wane allowed on occasional pieces. This grade makes approximately 40% of total volume. Incidence of various types and sizes of tight solid knots allowed, no knot holes, no loose knots, no rots and decays, 10% maximum allowed on light surface cracks...