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Pet Naturals of Vermont - Daily Probiotic for Dogs, Digestive Health Supplement, 90 Bite-Sized Chews
Prices start at : 9.76 USD / each

Weve included Ganaden brand probiotics which ensures a stable 100 million Bacillus Coagulans to the gut. When probiotics normalize the digestive environment it helps keep the G.I. tract running smoothly in times of stress, illness or general mischief.
  •  Daily Probiotic includes prebiotics to support a gut environment where probiotic cultures and colonies can thrive.
  •  Free of corn, wheat and artificial ingredients
  •  Supports daily digestion and intestinal well-being
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 070030G.070
  • Brand: Pet Naturals of Vermont
United States
Nupro All Natural Small Breed Dog, 1 Lb
Prices start at : 16.4 USD / each

Nupro is excellent for senior dogs that may be slowing down due to advanced age and helps supports normal inflammatory response. Our Synergistic Effect---Combining primary herbs with additional herbs helps to augment positive actions.
  •  30 ounce jar
  •  1 pound jar
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.00 lb
  • Brand: Nupro
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 17410
United States
Price : CALL

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  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Color: Multicolor
  • Number of Batteries: 0
United States
Epakitin for Dogs and Cats - 300 Gram
Prices start at : 75.99 USD / each

Studies show that life expectancy can be increased by limiting the increase of phosphatemia through the use of a low phosphorus diet and/or by adding a phosphate binder to the diet.
  • Brand: Vetoquinol
  • Manufacturer Part Number: EPAKITIN300
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Compatible with any renal care diet or treatement: Yes
United States
Healthy Breeds Australian Shepherd Z-Flex Max Hip & Joint Soft Chews 170 Count
Prices start at : 58.32 USD / each

Healthy Breeds Z-FLEX MAX Soft Chews for dogs is recommended to support healthy joint function in dogs. May help alleviate the pain associated with normal daily exercise and activity.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1122-aush-001
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.50 x 5.00 x 5.00 Inches
  • Helps to support joint mobility and healthy bone structure: Yes
  • Brand: Healthy Breeds
  • Assembled Product Weight: 3.19 lb
United States
Grizzly Salmon Oil for Dogs 64oz
Prices start at : 48.99 USD / each

Made from Fresh Wild Alaskan Salmon in our plants in Alaska. The Omega-3's in our Salmon Oil Support Skin & Coat Health as well as Heart Health, Hip & Joint Health, Organ Health, Nervous System health.
  • Form: Liquids
  • Manufacturer Part Number: GSO 64oz
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 5.00 x 3.60 x 9.70 Inches
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.3 lb
United States
Digestion Relief for Dogs, VETERINARY Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Pet Herbal Supplement 4 oz
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / each

This formulation contains a good combination of plant material that is particularly helpful to use when stress or a change of routine may upset your dog's normal digestion and can help maintain the steady process of food through the digestive tract.
  •  This Digestion Relief extract made from the natural highest quality human-grade Dried Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, Gotu Kola Leaf, Dandelion Root, Licorice Root, Chamomile Flower, Valerian Root, and Cramp Bark. Other ingredients: vegetable palm glycerin, crystal clear water.
  •  Digestion Relief Pet Herbal Supplement is 100% drug-free and non-addictive natural Glycerin based liquid formula proudly manufactured in the USA, Hawaii to ensure highest quality of the product!
  •  Suggested use: For dogs under 30 lbs, use 0.25-0.5 ml 3 x daily; for dogs 30-60 lbs, use 0.5-1.0 ml 3x daily; for dogs more than 60 lbs, use 1-2 ml 3x daily.
  • Animal Type: Dog
United States
PetNC Natural Care Brewers Yeast Chewables for Dogs, Liver Flavor 250 ea
Prices start at : 7.2 USD / each

Without a healthy skin and coat, pets are at risk for numerous medical problems. It features garlic and minerals, and delivers B vitamins, as well as zinc, copper, iron and folic acid.
  •  Contains B Vitamins; garlic and minerals
  •  Product intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only
  • Features: 21st Century; 21st Century Petnc Brewers Yeast 250 Chwbls
  • Form: Chewables
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.40 x 2.40 x 2.40 Inches
United States
Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease Chewables 60ct
Prices start at : 6.66 USD / each

Nutri-Vet Pet-Ease chewables for dogs contain a veterinary formulated blend of herbs and amino acids that helps keep dogs calm and relaxed. It helps maintain contentment during separation, travel, and tension caused by changes in a dogs daily routine...
  • Form: Oral
  • manufacturer_part_number: 002483
  • Natural calming solution with chamomile and tryptophan: Yes
  • Features: Pet Ease Chewable. Animal Health Supplies formulated with hops and chamomile with your pet in mind Manufacturer part number: 00248-3 Manufacturer: NUTRI-VET, LLC For DogsTravel Natural Choice
  • Brand: Nutri-Vet
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.2 oz
United States
Zoetis, Inc. Pet-Tinic Dog and Cat Supplement
Prices start at : 16.49 USD / each

The convenient dropper makes it easy to administer the supplement. In case of accidental overdose, contact a health professional immediately. Consult with your veterinarian before using this
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 8045000
  • Assembled Product Weight: 3.79 Pounds
  • Ingredients: Beef liver paste, iron proteinate, citric acid, niacinamide, cyanocobalamin, thiamine hydrochloride, pyridoxine hydrochloride, riboflavin, cupric sulfate, natural anise flavor.Thiamine, Riboflavin, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Iron, Copper: Yes
United States
Bio-Groom Dbb52608 Lido Anti Itch Spray, Medium, 8-Ounce Multi-Colored
Prices start at : 11.72 USD / each

Soothing, non-sting Aloe-Lanolin baseSafe for puppies and kittens 6 weeks or olderHelps relieve itching and pain.Aids in the treatment of minor skin problems. The special combination of pharmaceutical ingredients are most effective for providing quick,...
  • manufacturer_part_number: dbb52608
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.00 x 2.00 x 8.00 Inches
United States
Dog Extra Calm, VETERINARY Natural Alcohol-FREE Liquid Extract, Pet Herbal Supplement 4 oz
Prices start at : 29.95 USD / each

Protects from all states of nervous anxiety and irritability, agitation and hysteria, tension migraines and insomnia.Skullcap is a good relaxing herb, known to exert a tonic effect on the nervous system.
  •  Dog Extra Calm Pet Herbal Supplement is 100% drug-free and non-addictive natural Glycerin based liquid formula proudly manufactured in the USA, Hawaii to ensure highest quality of the product!
  •  This Dog Extra Calm extract made from the natural highest quality human-grade Dried Valerian (Valeriana officinalis), Skullcap (Scutellaria laterifolia), Oats (Avena sativa), PassionFlower (Passiflora incarnata), Wild Lettuce (Lactuca virosa), and Jamaica Dogwood (Piscidia erythrina). Other ingredients: vegetable palm glycerin, crystal clear water.
  •  Super concentrated Dog Extra Calm Veterinary Natural Alcohol-FREE extract: dried plant/ solvents ratio is 1:3! 1 ml of our glycerite is approximately equal to 300 mg of dried plant.
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Brand: Hawaii Pharm LLC
United States
Vet\'s Secret Milk Replacement 12oz
Prices start at : 9.68 USD / each

Enriched with Colustrum Canine Milk Replacer 12oz. Powder Enriched with Colustrum Enriched with Colustrum
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.75 x 3.75 x 6.75 Inches
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 9029-4
  • Brand: Vet's Secret
United States
Vetericyn VF Plus All Animal Wound & Skin Care Liquid - 16 fl. oz (473 ml) by V
Prices start at : 34.94 USD / each

Great for all animal species‚ Vetericyn Plus is perfect for cleansing wounds and other ailments that commonly occur. These products are not meant to diagnose treat or cure any disease or medical condition.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 019VET-2000
  • Brand: Vetericyn
United States
Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) Plus MSM Chewable Tablets Joint Health Supplement for Dogs, 132 Chewable Tablets
Prices start at : 34.95 USD / $0.27 / each

These tasty chewable tablets contain glucosamine hydrochloride, sodium chondroitin sulfate and MSM (methylsulfonylmethane) to help maintain healthy joints and support cartilage matrix production.
  •  Can also be used as preventative supplement
  •  Contains MSM, which may help dog arthritis
  • Assembled Product Weight: 0.80 lb
  • Manufacturer Part Number: CHEWDS132-MSM
  • Form: Chewable Tablet
  • Animal Type: Dog
United States
Arm & Hammertm Advanced Care Tartar Control Small Breed Toothbrush and Cover For Dogs
Prices start at : 3.9 USD / each

Freshen your dog or cat's breath so you can enjoy their kisses. Give your small dog the best chance at a healthy life when you brush their teeth regularly. Brushing your dogs teeth is an important part of maintaining their overall health.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FFP7133PS
  • Brand: Arm & Hammer
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 0.50 x 2.00 x 6.47 Inches
United States
Enisyl-F Lysine Bites for Cats
Prices start at : 22.16 USD / each

Cats remain a carrier of feline herpes virus throughout their life. Provides 500 mg L-Lysine per 12-bite dose. Treats are readily accepted by cats and kittens, making administration convenient and stress-free.
United States
Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) Plus MSM Joint Health Dog Supplement, 60 Soft Chews
Prices start at : 24.99 USD / $0.42 / each

It protects any existing cartilage and helps produce additional support through glucosamine sulfate supplement. Glucosamine is a proven safe and effective supplement. Cosequin maintains optimal joint health through backing the cartilage in a dogs joints.
  •  Cosequin maximum strength with MSM contains glucosamine and chondroitin for mobility, cartilage and joint support, as well as omega-3's for a healthy skin and coat
  •  Cosequin helps your pet with climb stairs, jumping and running
  • Type: Arthritis & Joint
  • Form: SOFT CHEW
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 4.00 x 6.31 x 7.00 Inches
United States
EverPaw Diabetes Blood Glucose Lancets, 28 Gauge for Pet Testing in Dogs and Cats
Prices start at : 6.99 USD / each

The starter kit (sold separately) includes everything you need to test and monitor your dog or cats blood glucose levels. EverPaw Blood Glucose Testing Kit collaborated for dogs and cats.
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Brand: EverPaw
  • Sterile Silicone Coated tips designed to minimize pain.: Yes
United States
Natures Miracle Stain and Odor Remover Trigger Spray, 24oz
Prices start at : 9.88 USD / $0.42 / fl oz

Wait five minutes, then wipe away stain with a cloth. For Stain Removal: 1. Then, wash as usual. Allow treated area to air dry completely before expecting complete odor elimination.
  • Improved odor control formula: Yes
  • Brand: Nature's Miracle
  • Manufacturer Part Number: mrcl
  • Model: P-98128
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.00 x 3.75 x 11.00 Inches
  • Animal Type: Dog
United States
Healthy Breeds Synovial-3 Dog Hip and Joint Supplement for Rhodesian Ridgeback, Glucosamine Omega 3 Vitamin C & E Support, 240 Soft Chew Treats
Prices start at : 51.19 USD / each

Moist, tasty, easy-to-chew treats that dogs love which make it very easy to administer. Comprehensive combination of Glucosamine, MSM, Creatine Monohydrate, Omega-3 Fatty Acids, Antioxidants, Vitamins and Minerals.
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 1125-rhrb-001
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Assembled Product Weight: 4.20 lb
United States
Bonide Plant Guard Fruit Tree Insect Control
Prices start at : 25.4 USD / each

Versatile and broad spectrum control for full protection. No. 2021: Size: Pint Concentrate, Active Ingredient: Lambda-Cyhalothrin, Coverage Area: Makes Up To 8 gal, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bottle No. 2061: Size: Pint Ready To Spray, Active Ingredient:...
  • Brand: Bonide
  • Model: 2021
United States
Petosan USA Puppy Dental Kit for Oral Care
Prices start at : 21.98 USD / each

Start taking care of your puppy's teeth now to avoid dental disease in the future with the Petosan Puppy Pack Dental Kit for Puppies and Dogs. This kit includes a double-headed toothbrush, toothpaste and finger cloth that is conveniently compacted in...
  • Brand: Petosan USA
  • Animal Type: Dog
United States
Walkin\' Pet Splint for Dogs, Canine Hock Style Rear Leg
Prices start at : 55.23 USD / each

Ideal for supporting fracture or sprains. Sturdy, lightweight design features a cushioned interior and easy to adjust Velcro straps that secure the hock splint in place. Supports immobility during post-operative recovery or for rehabilitative treatment.
  •  Accommodate injuries to the heel and stabilize the lower rear limb
  •  This type of splint is ideal for Achilles Tendon problems and immobilization of the Hock joint
  •  Small accommodates dogs with a measurement of 6.5 inches from the top of paw to midpoint between the hock and the knee
  •  Provides stability for weakness from injury or arthritis
  •  Ideal stabilization after surgical procedures
United States
Duralactin Canine 1000 mg (180 Tablets)
Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

Active ingredient‚ MicroLactin dried milk protein‚ appears to block cytokines and inhibit neutrophil participation in the inflammatory response. - Chewable vanilla tablets that dogs love as a treat or mixed with food.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 1.00 x 1.00 x 1.00 Inches
  • Brand: Duralactin
United States
VetriScience Laboratories Perio Plus Dental Heath Care for Dogs, 30 Stix
Prices start at : 30.63 USD / each

This tasty bar is a dual-action dental chew: the outer layer has spirulina and pumice to control plaque, remove bacteria and freshen breath while the inner layer contains minerals, probiotics and CoQ10 to control plaque and support healthy gums.
  •  Provides an outer layer that promotes dental cleansing, plaque control and fresh breath, while the inner layer supports overall oral health, including gum tissue integrity and fresh breath
  •  Convenient, easy-to-use dental formula designed to support periodontal health
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Type: Dog Treats
  • Assembled Product Weight: 1.4 lb
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 0069JKSF6N7LHA3
United States
Viralys Oral L-Lysine Powder for Cats
Prices start at : 21.17 USD / each

Viralys Powder can help manage the condition and prevent flare-ups. Cats remain a carrier of feline herpes virus throughout their life. Each scoop provides 500 mg L-Lysine in a palatable flavor base.
United States
Nutramax Cosequin Maximum Strength (DS) Plus MSM Chewable Tablets Joint Health Supplement for Dogs, 60 Tablets
Prices start at : 17.99 USD / $0.30 / each

Every batch is tested for quality against strict standards. This tasty chewable tablets with MSM is for dogs of all sizes. A No.1 veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement for dogs brand formulated to help support and maintain the health...
  •  Mobility, cartilage, and joint health support
  •  Joint Health Supplement, For Dogs of All Sizes, Maximum Strength, Chewable Tablets
  •  Joint health supplement. Mobility, cartilage, and joint health support. Plus MSM! Tasty chewable tablets. Number 1 veterinarian recommended brand. Why Cosequin? Cosequin is the number 1 veterinarian recommended retail joint health supplement brand (Source: Among retail brands. Survey conducted in July 2012 of small animal veterinarians who recommended oral joint health supplements) formulated to support and maintain the health of your pet's joints and cartilage. Use Cosequin to help your pet climb stairs, rise, and jump! Hip. Knee. Hock. Shoulder. Elbow. For special offers or additional information scan our QR code, call 1-888-886-6442, or visit Pinterest. Facebook. Like us on Facebook This bottle may contain a non-toxic desiccant.
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 2.66 x 2.66 x 5.21 Inches
  • Type: Vitamins & Supplements
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 755970407211
United States
Pro-Sense Advanced Strength Glucosamine Tablets, 60-Count
Prices start at : 7.99 USD / each

Glucosamine has been found to support healthy joint function and healthier hips in dogs and should be strongly considered for your pet. The advanced strength formula utilizes the power of glucosamine combined with 200 mg of chondroitin and 100 mg of MSM...
  •  Ideal for more severe joint problems
  •  Keeps your dog's hips strong and healthy
  •  Ideal for more severe joint issues
  •  60 Tablets
  • Brand: Pro-Sense
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 3.00 x 3.00 x 5.88 Inches
United States