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☆ Dahlia Varieties

Dahlia Plant Types: What Are The Different Varieties Of Dahlia
Round ball-shaped flowers with double flat spirally arranged petals. Each has a star-like appearance with flat petals and a distinctive disc.Orchid and peony are open centered flowers with one or more rows of ray flowers around a disc.Blooms with creased...
United States, Ohio
Chinese Dahlia
Some of them had been awarded the prize of flower shows home and abroad successfully. Gansu Dahlia, the named species fond of both sunlight and warm growing conditions, many varieties of which are widely planted all over the world for their splendid shape,...
China, Gansu Sheng
Wanted Sugarcane Varieties
Sugarcane variety collector wants to expand collection of heirloom,ornamental and outstanding varieties to preserve the varieties before some of them become extinct. Looking for private collectors or others for sources.
United States, Florida
Wanted dahlia bulbs
Want twenty bulbs of mixed variety to begin. Eight to ten plus inches in diameter. Solid colors or mixed color of flower is acceptable. Specify colors available. Zone 8, quantity is open.
United States, Virginia
Dahlia Bulbs Wanted
At retail pricing this venture is cost prohibitive and wholesale pricing for large orders are hard to find online. I am looking to put over 300 dahlias onto our property. My preference is towards larger blooms in solid colors (the less white the better)...
United States, California
We have varieties of live snails for sale
We also have other agricultural products like cassava, cocoa, catfish for sale. Ranging from 400g to 800g (mature snails). We are supplier of all kinds of snails.We have large quantity of all kinds of Live snail for sale.Ranging from 400g to 800g (mature...
Cameroon, Est
Hybrid Grape varieties
Call early to place your order. One year old plants. Cayuga White, Concord Seedless. Hardy, disease resistant bareroot grape plants. Limited supply this year. Bareroot disease resistant, zone 4 hardy grape plants.
United States, Michigan
Hydroponic Lettuce Varieties
We are located in Upstate NY. Accepting contracts and requests for lettuce varieties at wholesale pricing. We use the highest quality hydroponic equipment and can supply crop year round.
United States, New York
Sugarcane Varieties Wanted
Heirloom, ornamental and chewing varieties preferred. Will buy or swap varieties of sugarcane for testing.
United States, Florida
Dahlia \'Sunny Reggae\' - Dahlia variablis
Prices start at : 3.00 USD / 33 seeds

This new variety from our favorite Dutch breeder features a medley of sunny tropical shades. Easy to grow from seed in organically rich, moist, well-drained soils, they bloom in fall when most flowers are fading, with masses of perfect flowers.Coming...
United States, Connecticut
Dahlia Edinburgh
Prices start at : 62.70 USD / Plant/25 Count

This dahlia quickly becomes a big and bold statement for the late summer garden. Edinburgh dahlia has striking 4-6” decorative purple flowers that are tipped in white. Great long-stemmed cut flower!
United States, New York
Dahlia, Redskin
Prices start at : 2.39 USD / 1 Pkt. (50 seeds)

Excellent choice for pots, small gardens and edging. The enchanting bronzed purplish foliage provides the perfect setting for the colorful show. One of the best dahlias from seed. Prefers well-drained soil.
United States, Pennsylvania
Dahlia Zorro
Prices start at : 68.45 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Zorro is an outstanding dark red dahlia. It has magnificent, huge 11" dinner-plate sized blooms that begin in mid-summer and continue until frost. Zorro is a prolific bloomer with extra-strong stems.
United States, New York
Dahlia Motto
Prices start at : 62.70 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Upright stems support this summer favorite. Motto dahlia has striking 8+" dinner-plate sized blooms with broad apricot orange petals merging to apricot yellow at the tips and at the center.
United States, New York
Dahlia Cornel
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Opportunity abounds to market these beauties throughout the summer via wholesalers, CSA's, farmers markets, roadside stands, and even retail garden centers. Dahlias are considered one of the most spectacular garden flowers.
United States, New York
Dahlia Zingaro
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Decorative dahlia flower types have symmetrically arranged petals. Zingaro has beautiful 4-6" flowers with dark red centers surrounded by creamy edged soft pink petals. A unique color flower with strong stems.
United States, New York
Dahlia Akita
Prices start at : 68.45 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Its striking 8 to 10" dinner-plate sized blossoms are a warm shade of red-orange with burgundy-pink highlights and tipped in bronze and yellow. Akita is one exciting dahlia that is sure to become a favorite in the late summer garden.
United States, New York
Quality Grapes Varieties Wanted
Carbernets would be best, but will definitely be interested in Pinot grapes too. Looking to buy 35-50lbs of either cabernet, riesling, merlot, or pinot grapes. Shipped to austin, tx area.
United States, Texas
10 Different Varieties Raspberry
Some of the varieties we have available are: Autumn Britten Raspberry, Canby \"thornless\" Rasberry, Latham Raspberry, Everbearing Heritage Raspberry, Caroline Raspberry, Jacyln Raspberry and other varieties of seeds also a.e.: Bluecrop Blueberry,...
United States, Idaho
Dahlia Vancouver
Prices start at : 62.70 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

The overall effect reminds you of colorful fireworks bursting on the 4th of July. Vancouver Dahlias are exceptionally exciting and striking! The sparkling 8+" dinner-plate sized blooms are a vibrant fuchsia-purple with lighter centers and white tips.
United States, New York
Fleurel Dahlia
Prices start at : 9.95 USD / Bulb

You'll want an encore of Fleurel! (Perhaps they enjoy the company of the Shasta Daisies!) The outermost petals are pure white, becoming ivory and creamy toward the center. Long-lasting in garden and vase, they are splendid to behold.
United States, South Carolina
Lydia Suckow dahlia bulbs
6 dahlia bulbs of Lydia Suckow variety. THis is named for my Grandmother and I would like to grow it. I would also like a good electronic photo of the flower that I could use on my business letterhead/web site.
United States, California
Dahlia \'Bishop\'s Children Mix\' - Dahlia variabilis
Prices start at : 3.00 USD / 65 seeds

Who knew dahlias from seed could be so easy? And so beautiful. Purple to deep bronze leaves with tall stems support single flowers in a mix of colors of yellow, soft orange, deep red, burgundy, and bicolors, too.
United States, Connecticut
Dahlia Thomas Edison
Prices start at : 62.70 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

It is a very dependable bloomer and easy to care for. Thomas Edison has a 7+" dinnerplate sized bloom and is a favorite for it's very dark and intensely violet-purple blooms - always catching the visitor's attention.
United States, New York
Dahlia Strawberry Ice
Prices start at : 59.95 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Strawberry Ice has large 8” flowers with shades of pinks and violets that swirl above a rich yellow center. The slightly curled petals add a touch of elegance to this dinnerplate dahlia.
United States, New York
Dahlia Figaro Mix
Prices start at : 2.80 USD / Seed/Packet

An early blooming mixture with 2-1/2 to 3" double flowers on compact plants.
United States, New York
Dahlia Kelvin Floodlight
Prices start at : 62.70 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Kelvin Floodlight Dahlias have striking, bright yellow 10+" dinner-plate sized flowers and is perfect for the late summer garden.
United States, New York
Dahlia Karma Naomi
Prices start at : 58.65 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Long vase life and strong straight stems. The dramatic color cannot be missed in mixed bouquets. Karma Naomi has a beautiful true dark red to burgundy 6” flower with dark red tips.
United States, New York
Pompon Dahlia Mix
Prices start at : 25.98 USD / Bag of 3

Here are the official classifications: 'Decorative Dahlias' This group includes the Dinnerplates and also other taller (to 4 ft.) plants with double, chrysanthemum-like flowers. Types of Dahlias: These plants have been hybridized into various heights...
United States, Vermont
Dahlia Babylon Red
Prices start at : 68.45 USD / Bulb, Set, Tuber/25 Count

Babylon Red is a huge, truly impressive red dahlia! This bright, bold beauty has classic fire engine red, vibrant flowers with huge 8" dinner-plate blooms.
United States, New York