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Corn Oil is the refined fixed oil obtained from the embryo of Zea mays Linne (Fam. TEST METHOD RANGE Specific gravity @ 25 C USP 0.914-0.921 Iodine value USP 102 - 130 Saponification value...
United Kingdom, Lancashire
Vegetable oil for sale
We sell both at F.O.B. and C.I.F. We can supply at regular monthly basis. We are dealers of used vegetable oil. Cooking oil for sale Grade: super Color: yellow 1.High quality used for cooking 2.Used cooking oil for biodiesel 3.Used cooking oil for sale...
Thailand, Udon Thani
Wild Carrot Seed needed
Carota seeds in bulk quantities. It must be wild carrot seeds, which is also known as Queen Anne's Lace. I do not require any other vegetable or flower seeds. I require the mature, viable seed of Daucus Carota subspecies carota.
United States, Tennessee
One-row sweet corn puller
One Row; Tractor-drawn. Pixall Pull-pix one row sweet corn puller; The most gentle way to harvest sweet corn mechanically. Mechanically harvests sweet corn in a very gentle fashion - the next best thing to hand-picking; Deliver sweet corn to stores and...
Canada, Ontario
Sweet Corn
If any buyers intersted please contact me my mobile or send me a email, i will come and talk to you in person at your place. The growth and quality of our corn had been tested to best quality.
India, Tamil Nadu
Enzyme from china
Acid Protease 7.Neutral Protease 8.Alkaline Protease Wuxi Green Year Union Works Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise with an integration of research & development, producing and trading.
China, Jiangsu
Quality red corn for sale in bulk quantity
Quality red corn for sale in bulk quantity We are producers and suppliers of quality corn in large quantity. For details conatc us We delivery as well to countries around the world Quality red corn for sale in bulk quantity We are producers and suppliers...
Cameroon, Sud-Ouest
Selling Corn In Large Quantities
Good Quality Corn available, self grown ,at a minimal support price ,anybody interested around the world can contact us Anyone willing to buy corn in large quantities for daily or industrial purposes in bulk can contact us
India, Delhi
Corn for sale
Our group incorporates in the year 2008 and one of the leading diversified business conglomerate JABEREL Sarl is one of the leading prestigious fast developing firms in the field of Export Companies in Africa.
Cameroon, Sud-Ouest
Yellow corn
As a commercial crop, corn is everywhere. It has been under human cultivation for over 10,000 years and has spread itself into every niche of commercial agriculture. Corn is far more productive than the most cereal crops and able to sustain a higher population...
Cameroon, Sud-Ouest
Yellow Corn (CORN MAIZE) no GMO, from Serbia
I SELL urgent here, in Serbia, and produce CORN maize, yellow field corn for animal feeding, it is not G.M.O. (no genetically modification) and very good for animal feeding. Ready for export.
Serbia, South Banat
Quality corn available on world market
So we kindly request your permission to supply to you our products. We offer free samples to all our clients but they just pay for the freight charge. We are willing and ready to establish a good and endless business partnership with your company sealed...
Cameroon, Nord-Ouest
Frozen Sweet Corn
Product Season: July Product Species: Royalty-Spirit-Dessert Product Specification: SuperSweet/Sweet Corn Kernel Packing:10kg/carton We offer high and fine quality Frozen Sweet Corn to our most reliable customers which are situated all round the nation.
Turkey, Bursa
Corn corb meal, ferment baggase form thailand
We would like to introduce ourselves as of leading exporter from thialand of Animal feed to Japan such as Corn corb meal, ferment baggase ,pineapple wast. Please advise your interesting enable us to offer the competitive price.
Thailand, Bangkok Metropolis
Corn meal
A by-product of corn starch, this fiber is a natural animal feed that is rich in protein. We sell at very cheap prices. Specifications: 1) Moisture: 12.0% (max.) 2) Protein (dry basis): 18.0% (min.) Packing: in 50kg new PP bags or In bulk
Cameroon, Littoral
White Refined Beet Sugar
10 radiation : normal (cs-137 at % bq per kg) crop: crop is 2010 or later Maximum cu content: 3 ppm. White Refine Beet Sugar of about 1000metric tones in stock at good price in powder and solid form in 50kg or 25kg.
United Kingdom, Hertfordshire
Purple Queen - Agrostemma Seed
Prices start at : 4.10 USD / Packet

5,000 seeds/oz. Packet: 100 seeds.All parts of this plant are poisonous, including the seeds. Transplant - Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost. Easy-to-grow plants prefer cool growing conditions.
United States, Maine
Ocean Pearls - Agrostemma Seed
Prices start at : 4.95 USD / Packet

5,500 seeds/oz. Packet: 100 seeds.All parts of this plant are poisonous, including the seeds. Transplant - Sow 4-5 weeks before last frost. Prefers cool growing conditions. Sow at 2-3 week intervals until midsummer for continuous bloom.
United States, Maine
Dried marigold flower
Production field is in Romania southern part. Samples and pictures can be send. I have 200kg of dried marigold flower production 2010.samples and pictures can be send. Dried marigold flower.
Romania, Bucharest
Hypericum Perforatum P.E
1.Active ingredients: The main active ingredients of two anthracene ketone compounds such as hypericin (Hypericin) and so on. Active ingredients: The main active ingredients of two anthracene ketone compounds such as hypericin (Hypericin) and so on.
China, Heilongjiang
Philonotis moss extract
Philonotis moss extract is based on Chinese Daxinanling virgin forest where the wild by the growth of true moss (alias, silver leaf true moss) as raw material, the use of modern technology, supercritical CO2 extraction of active ingredients based powerful...
China, Heilongjiang
Vital wheat gluten
Vital wheat gluten not only enhances the inner quality of the product, but also increases the protein content, thus increasing the nutritional value. Vital wheat gluten is a green flour gluten fortifier with excellent quality, widely used for the manufacture...
China, Henan
Polypodium Glycyrrhiza, Licorice Fern
I am seeking dried Polypodium Glycyrrhiza, licorice fern root, sweet root or whole plant, dried I am seeking dried Polypodium Glycyrrhiza, licorice fern root, dried and shipped to me in Tennessee zip 37385.
United States, Tennessee
Saw Palmetto Products
Orders for wholesale or personal use. Products include: Saw Palmetto Berries, Fronds for floral, arts/crafts, weaving, Tikki, Palapa and Chickee Thatching Congregation uses include whole fronds, single/double splits for Palm Sunday Crosses
United States, Florida
Gentian extract
Plant extracts, frozen fruits , natural pigment, fruit powder, plant extracts, health care, food ingredients, food additives The Alias name: Gentianascabra Bge, Gentian Root P.E. 3.
China, Heilongjiang
Gastrodia rhizoma p.e
If interested, kindly please contact me. Used for headache, dizziness, numbness, pediatric convulsion, epilepsy, convulsions, tetanus. 7.Tropism of flavor:plain; Gan; owned by the liver 8.Indication:Wind Zhijing Pinggan interest.
China, Heilongjiang
Jasmine white rice 5% broken Sortexed - High qua
We would like to deal with reliable buyers. Rice is collected from the farmers in Vietnam. Competitive price. Currently, We are exporting Round glutinous rice, Calrose rice, Long grain white rice, Jasmine white Rice double polished and sortexed _ Grade...
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh
Triple Crown Blackberry Plants
I also supply a complete planting and growing guide. I do discount for volume purchases. These plants were started right her on my farm not by some outside firm. If planted during the winter the roots will continue to develop which will yield a stronger...
United States, North Carolina
Native Plants including Quaking Aspens
Wholesale prices to everyone with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE. Our plants are hardy and healthy. SW Oregon wholesale nursery grows hardy and native plants for landscapes and restoration projects.
United States, Oregon