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2007 Bombardier Outlander 800 MAX XT $2400
Price : CALL

$2400 175 miles Clear title Used atv 799 cc 4-Wheels drive Utility type Automatic transmission Red exterior For more photos and other details you can reach me $2400 175 miles Clear title Used atv 799 cc 4-Wheels drive Utility type Automatic transmission...
Birch Island
Mechanical and Vehicular Tires and Parts
Price : CALL

Government Liquidation Online Auction for Event 14489 Bidding: 2/23/2016 2/25/2016 Opening Bid - $25.00 Air Conditioner Parts, Tow Lift Adapter Kits, Power Steering Pump Assembly, Am General Vehicular Brackets, Vehicular Lighting Kits, Mechanical Drive...
Angel\'s Trumpet ‘Moonlight Glow\' (Brugmansia hybrid)
Prices start at : 24.95 USD / 4" Pot Size

Quantities are limited on this new introduction. We were impressed by its prolific blooming nature throughout our New England summer and its intense, delightful fragrance. Angel's Trumpet ‘Moonlight Glow' (Brugmansia hybrid) Long, slender white flowers...
  • Plant Type: Fragrant
  • Grows to: 4-6'
  • Sun Requirement: Full Sun
  • Bloom Season: Intermittent
Begonia ‘Baby Dress\' (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)
Prices start at : 11.95 USD / 2.5" Pot Size

This petite beauty adds a vibrant color dimension to your begonia collection. The light green, spiraled leaves are edged in brown. Begonia ‘Baby Dress' (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid) A diminutive, compact begonia that's ideal for a small space on a partially...
  • Bloom Season: Winter
  • Sun Requirement: Partial Sun
  • Grows to: 6"
Begonia ‘Tiger Paw\' (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid)
Prices start at : 12.95 USD / 2.5" Pot Size

White flowers appear in winter on tall sprays that rise above the foliage. We love the mounding form that fits nicely on a windowsill or in a light garden. Begonia ‘Tiger Paw' (Begonia rhizomatous hybrid) Begonia ‘Tiger Paw' is the perfect size compact...
  • Hardiness Zone: 10
  • Minimum Temperature Indoors: 60
  • Grows to: 4-6"
Exporting Japanese Brand New and Used Vehicles
Price : CALL

Japan auto exports co., ltd is a legitimate registered company in japan dealing in the exprort of brand new and used vehicles of all makes and models to anywhere in the world. Japan Auto Exports Co., Ltd is a legitimate registered company in Japan dealing...
Pomegranate ‘Big Red\' (Punica granatum)
Prices start at : 19.95 USD / 4" Pot Size

The fruit quality is very good and it can reach the size of store bought pomegranates. The fruit has a leathery, deep-red outer rind with juicy red pomegranate seeds inside. The chill requirements can easily be reached by leaving the potted plant outside...
  • Grows to: 3-5'
  • Hardiness Zone: 8, 9, 10
  • Bloom Season: Spring, Summer
Passion Flower \'Monika Fischer\' (Passiflora hybrid)
Prices start at : 12.95 USD / 2.5" Pot Size

Passion Flower 'Monika Fischer' (Passiflora hybrid) The intensity of color in this new hybrid sets it apart from other purple cultivars. The deep color patterning in the banded corolla amplifies the 3” bloom.
  • Sun Requirement: Full Sun
  • Bloom Season: Intermittent
  • Grows to: 2-3'
  • Hardiness Zone: 9, 10
Plant Pronunciation, Part 1: People Plants
However, my friend Carrie Lamont tells me that “heuch” in German is pronounced “hoyk", so perhaps this plant is more correctly called “HOYK-er-ah”. *Please note that “HYOO-ker-ah” is the pronunciation given in every print dictionary and...
El Segundo
Plant Pronunciation, Part 2: Botanical Tongue Twisters and Other Pronunciation Struggles
Not for Sissies -- Sisyrinchium, Anemone and Other Tongue TwistersPlease join me next month for the last article in my pronunciation round-up:“Plant Pronunciation, Part 3: Garden Beasts and Dread Diseases""100 Flowers and How They Got Their Names";...
El Segundo
What\'s in a Name? The Importance of Knowing and Using Latin Names for Plants
Some say they don't care about the official names, they just want to grow pretty flowers. We had just enough language in common to discover a mutual interest in gardening, but to our dismay many flower names just didn't translate well.
El Segundo
Bird\'s Nest Sansevieria ‘Gold Hahnii\' (Sansevieria hybrid)
Prices start at : 16.95 USD / 4" Pot Size

Bird's Nest Sansevieria ‘Gold Hahnii' (Sansevieria hybrid) 'Gold Hahnii' is a rare hybrid with buttery yellow leaves accented by green vertical stripes. Sansevierias act as indoor air purifiers removing toxins from indoor environments.
  • Bloom Season: Summer
  • Minimum Temperature Indoors: 40
  • Hardiness Zone: 10
  • Grows to: 6"
Plant Pronunciation, Part 3: Garden Beasts and Dread Diseases
In this third and last article about plant pronunciation, I'd like to examine more tough-to-say plant names, this time focusing on those that sound just a little scary. Learning the story behind a plant's name can be just as interesting as watching it...
El Segundo
Genus, Species, and Cultivars, Oh My?
Family, Subdivisions and Class: Not a lesson in SocioeconomicsSo if I lost you with all that botanical jargon, come back to me.All you really need is the genus, species and sometimes cultivar name to search about a plant.The last three classifiers of...
El Segundo
ATV/UTV 50 in. Universal Plow Blade
Prices start at : 476.42 USD / each

Use with either Swisher's 2,646 mount kit or 10,260 mount kit. This plow can be used with an existing ATV winch. Swisher's Universal ATV Plow Blade makes moving snow, dirt and gravel quick and easy.
  •  50 in. wide blade
  •  Excellent blade lift height
  •  Assembly Required
  •  Heavy duty swivel with dual engagement and multiple angle adjustments
  •  50 in. W, 1/8 in. rolled steel blade
  • Vehicle Type: ATV
Ameri-Source Services LLC.

We deal in Steel Truss Livestock,Machinery,Storage,Poultry Buildings. We are a full service De-Construction & Salvage Company.
  • Parent Company Name: Ameri-Source
  • Type: Contractor
Fort Scott
Business for sale Australia
Price : CALL

Building construction Businesses for sale, Franchises for sale Australia wide ALL types of business for sale thousands to choose, for sale by owners and brokers. Building construction Businesses for sale, Franchises for sale Australia wide ALL types of...
New South Wales
all areas
Post & rail  snake rail fence
Price : CALL

3-hole & 2-hole rail fence. Snake Rail fence 11-foot Treated poplar , Stacks 5 high, 1000 Rails makes 1400 feet of fence. Poplar Rails 11- foot, Post 3x6x6 or 7-foot End post and corner post Gate post and gates for rail fence.
Webster Springs
Why is this the \
I, therefore, got to do the honors of recording the information for this diminutive forest beauty. And there was not a formal name for it. Your comments and questions are welcome. I was a neophyte on Dave's Garden at that time.
El Segundo
Stop Equipment Theft
Price : CALL

Which would you chose? GPS units have ongoing monthly costs which can add substantial cost to a piece of equipment over time. Anti theft immobilizers are proven products designed to stop theft of any vehicle on and off road
2006 LaBoit 33\' Spay/Neuter Clinic
Price : CALL

I want $104,000.00 (what I have into it) is certainly worth more, but I don't need 2 vehicle payments. 3 roll-up exterior doors. Now this vehicle is not being used. Bought it, then suddenly got a deal on a smaller unit.
Barn / Arena Metal Building
Price : CALL

It needs to be I-Beam construction with a windload of at least 110 mph. The buildings need to be clear span. We are willing to take down and move any existing buildings that are this size.
United States
Massive industrial buildings
Price : CALL

Massive building 750 sq.m. + up to 3 Land. An E79 road in Bulgaria. More info and photos per e-mail. More info and photo per e-mail. Massive building 1500 sq.m. in Bulgaria, Lukovit, an E79 road.
Steel Buildings For Sale
Price : CALL

2 buildings for sale, cheap, 110' x 130' and 90' x 125' 24 eave height 4n12 pitch, located in central florida, call and ask for Mike
Winter Haven
CE platform trailer, flatbed trailer
Price : CALL

It can be used in workshop,matched with four-wheel tractor , various electric fork-lift or electric power tractive vehicle.can be made of 12t load. Size of platform:7000*1500*150,can be produced as requires.
Pure Natural honey wax ,Bee Wax
Price : CALL

Required Brand Name :honey wax, candle wax, paraffin wax, animal wax Place of Origin :Cameroon Description Place of Origin: Cameroon Brand Name: honey wax, candle wax, paraffin wax, animal wax best quality and prices
Metalaxyl 8%+mancozeb 64%
Price : CALL

Metalaxyl + Mancozeb 72%WP Other trade name: Ridomil MZ, Metasan, VACOMIL MZ-72 Crop: Fruit, nuts, vegetables, ornamentals, tobacco nursery, mustard, black pepper, etc Target: Black shank, damping off, foot and stem rots, downey mildew, late blight, etc.
Indigowoad Root extract
Price : CALL

Fucoxanthin; (2). 1 .The English name : Radix isatidis P.E , Indigowoad Root 2. Banaba leaf extract 6 The main function: (1). MaLan root contains anthraquinones class, -Sitosterol.
Dump Truck, garbage truck
Price : CALL

Our company is one of the biggest manufacturer of automobile which is located in special purpose vehicle industry zone-SuiZhou,HuBei,China with 20,000 square meters. Dongfeng Self-loading garbage truck Specification Model:Dongfeng Self-loading garbage...