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Website Provides Pesticide Stewardship Information
Do not trust your memory. We hope that whenever the choice is made to use a pesticide, good stewardship practices will be followed.” The new website complements the work of county extension agents and state-level pesticide safety education programs.
United States, Pennsylvania
Chocolate Chip Cookie
He could do anything though. We're getting weight back on him now. He is currently in training to become a good English pony. I'd guess that he's around 14hh, he's a red roan appaloosa and might be mixed with something else.
United States, North Carolina
Chocolate Tree Wanted
I am looking for a chocolate tree/seeds in order to grow ie a Theobroma Cacao preferably a forastero or forastero/criollo hybrid. I am in australia and if anyone is selling or has any idea where i can obtain one please let me know.
Australia, Victoria
Australia, New South Wales
Australia, Queensland
Male Chocolate Lab
I have a female but if you have one for not to much i may be interested. I am looking for a male chocolate lab that i can use for breeding. I would like them to have papers proving that they are purebred.
United States, Texas
United States, Oklahoma
United States, Kansas
Chocolate Mint Plants
Available year round! Chocolate Mint Plants great for teas, in fresh ground coffee, or for use in baked goods.
United States, Louisiana
Kentucky mini chocolate
Hand raised with goats, cattle and other farm animals. Now 1 year old - ready to be your herd sire. Halter broke, people friendly. Also have white spotted new jennette foal. Ready for december 06 delivery' photos available
United States, Kentucky
Chocolate Mint Plants
Also interested in other mints you may have for sale. Wanting 4 chocolate mint plants either in pots or cuttings. Including photos would be appreciated. Needing cost for plant and for shipping to Gainesville.
United States, Georgia
United States, Florida
United States, Louisiana
Wanted, Chocolate Tree/Seeds
I am looking for a chocolate tree (Theobroma Cacao) tree/seeds which i can grow, preferably a Forastero variety. I am in Australia and if anyone is selling or knows where to find them please contact me.
Australia, Victoria
Australia, New South Wales
Australia, Queensland
Wanted Chocolate Mint Seeds
I would like to purchase bulk Perennial Chocolate Mint Seeds.
United States, Illinois
Canada, Ontario
United Kingdom, Slough
AKC Chocolate & Yellow pups
Deposit secures pick order. Parents naturally retrieve to hand. Pups will make great hunting and hunt test dogs. Dam is hunting and hunt test dog. Chocolates 350 Yellows 400 See website for pics and pedigree.
United States, Ohio
How to Build a Great Small Farm Website
Triple-check for Typos and Misspellings Don’t make visitors grit their teeth. For example, a static frame can be used as a table of contents while another frame presents the different areas of a web site.
United States, Pennsylvania
Organic Raw Chocolate/ Cacao
L.s. we are a business in the netherlands and we are looking for a frequent supplier for eco/ organic raw (not heated) cacao beans, powder or bits. We are looking for a frequent supplier for raw (not heated) cacao beans, powder or bits.
Netherlands, Noord-Holland
Belgium, Brabant
Peru, San Martin
Chocolate Covered Frozen Bananas
Please send price quotes for quantity of chocolate covered frozen banana's. I am a restaurant that will need to be replenished throughout the summer.
United States, New Hampshire
Canada, Quebec
Chocolate English/German Angora
These bunnies will be easy keepers that are low maintenance once their adult coats come in. This litter is out of a chocolate Vienna marked doe and a fawn Vienna marked buck. Bellairs Dallas - (Left side in photo) Chocolate Vienna Marked(only a little...
United States, Michigan
Chocolate labradorpuppy for sale
His name is Royce and is only five months old. He is very friendly and playful He is a very active dog needs to be walked and played with. Chocolate labrador retriever with green eyes.He is 5 months old, born on July 15,2008.
United States, New York
Pedigreed Chocolate Dutch Buck
He has good type, a nice head, and good ears. He is disqualified from showing. This buck will make an excellent pet. He could also be use for breeding. This chocolate buck would make an excellent pet.
United States, Indiana
Cocoa And Chocolate Tree
3 years to fruit. These trees are very climate sensitive and are shipped bare root for imediate transplant. I have COCOA or CHOCOLATE TREE (Theobroma cacao) trees available for sale.
United States, Washington
Wanted chocolate muscovy ducks
I am looking to purchase pure breed chocolate muscovy ducks of any age.i have three hens already. Desperatly looking for a male,but would also be interested in buying young ducklings.
United States, Arkansas
United States, Missouri
United States, Tennessee
Wanted: chocolate netherland dwarfs
Email me if you have some, will have some or know of someone who might. I am mostly interested in solids, but would also like otters, martins, tans, broken, and lilac as well. Looking for chocolate Netherland dwarfs in or around Sacramento ca also Netherland...
United States, California
Chocolate Plant, Theobroma Cacao
These plants are attractive and very usefull. These plants make a good houseplant, they do well in 60 to 80 degree temperatures just like people. I am selling cacao plants for $7.95 each or less in volume.
United States, North Carolina
Chocolate Stallion Mini For Sale
He is for sale for $750.00 OBO..Delivery is possible just ask..He is a great donkey for children.He is no longer needed do to the fact I will be getting his mother and sisters and need to purchase another stallion..
United States, New York
Free trained chocolate lab-f
Looking for a farmer/hunter to give her the love and running she deserves. Beautiful and well-trained female choco lab named chula. Amazing pheasant hunter, and athletic-but unfortunately our circumstances prevent us from giving her what she needs.
United States, Wisconsin
Chocolate Miniature Pincher Male Dog
He needs to be full bread, with papers, health shots, no history of medical problems, and beautiful. Looking for a male chocolate 7lb and under min pin to breed with my femaile min pin.
United States, Florida
Chocolate Lab Retriever mix pupp
My last litter all puppies were over 100 Lbs as adults. The reddish chocolate looks like retriever. THESE WILL BE BIG DOGS the mother is AKC chocolate lab 87 Lbs, the father is a golden retriever 85 Lbs.
United States, Iowa
Chocolate Mint
Prices start at : 65.00 USD / Plug tray 90 / ea

A real treat for discriminating noses! As we suspected, most are pretty much the same as true peppermint, but one strain surprised us. For years we resisted offering chocolate mint because we were convinced the 'chocolateness' was a figment of someone's...
Canada, Ontario
Chocolate Mint
Prices start at : 23.75 USD / 4 oz. loose leaf herb

Because dried herbs are light as a feather, one ounce is really quite a lot! You get what you pay for! Pay more for good quality fresh, dried herbs! Summer in the USA is the best time to buy dried herbs! All my herbs are hand picked and grown with absolutely...
United States, California
Chocolate Chunks
Prices start at : 3.99 USD / 1lb Bag

Bulk – up to 6 months. Store in a cool, dry place. Shelf life: bags – up to 1 year. A few chunks of smooth, soothing, delectable chocolate can energize you or provide a calming sensation that’s amazing enough for it to be ranked as a comfort food.
United States, Illinois
Chocolate Raisins
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / 1lb bag

For an indulgent delight, try them mixed with caramel coated popcorn. Without a doubt, chocolate raisins are our most popular chocolate covered item! Ways to Enjoy Chocolate Covered Raisins As if we even need to tell you how to enjoy these delicious morsels...
United States, New Jersey
Chocolate Habanero
Prices start at : 1.55 USD /

Allow 1-1/2 feet between plants in all directions; provide support for varieties that grow over one foot tall. Planting and Harvesting Tips: Crops require full sun, fast draining soil and regular water.
United States, Montana
Chocolate Pecans
Prices start at : 37.99 USD / 32 oz. Gift Tin

The "Mother Pecan Tree", located in the heart of this orchard, has been used to produce many great pecan varieties. The San Saba Improved, Texas Prolific, Onliwon, Squirrel Delight, No.60, and Western Schley are just a few of the varieties this tree has...
United States, California