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Wanted: Chilean Corralero in Pennsylvania!!
Small and separated ears, eyes and nasal apertures must go behind the facial profile. Over the years, this Chilean horse has been used primarily as a war horse, a cow horse and for traveling through the rugged Chilean Patagonia.
United States, Pennsylvania
Damn Good Red
Prices start at : 13.49 USD / ea

Sometimes you don't want a red that's seriously bold or delicately light. That was the inspiration behind Damn Good Red—to create the perfect "anytime wine" to suit any mood on any night of the week.
United States, Maine
Lapageria Plant Care – How To Grow A Chilean Bellflower Vine
It can’t be grown just anywhere, though, and takes some special care to flourish. The closest approximation to this in the United States is the San Francisco Bay area of California, where growing Chilean bellflowers is common.freestar.queue.push(function()...
United States, Ohio
Beautiful Llama and Cria
The female will be bred back in the fall. I can also send photos of both the dam, cria, and proof of registration if you would like. These llamas would be great to add to anyones herd.
United States, Kentucky
Two, Bread female Llamas for sale
One is all black and one is all white the are both bread to our exceptioal heavy whool Chilean stud for summer crias.We are asking $1000.00 for the pair.They must go together.They are harness trained,They have been well cared for curent on shots and are...
United States, West Virginia
Show quality Llamas for sale!
I have many show quality llamas for sale; Also a few halter champions available too. If you are interested in llamas, Please feel free to check them out on my web site Thank-you & have a nice day~
United States, Florida
2 male llamas
Have never even spit!! I have moved from state and am looking for a good kind home as a number one criteria. Both very gentle and easily managed. They are very healthy and have consistent health maintenance program.
United States, New York
Two Chilean Show Winning Females
Proven in the show ring and proven producers available for sale bred to our suri herdsires. Two Full Chilean show quality females for sale. Chilean Au Naturale: ALSA ROM female exotic locked silky fiber, bone, size, stretch, this girl has it all.
United States, Virginia
Novel Nolana
Convolvulus or solanum?" That should keep them occupied for a century or two!The cropped thumbnail image is by Michael Wolfe, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons and this. In her day, those botanists had given up and assigned the flowerstheir own family, but...
United States, California
Wanted Chilean LLamas
Babies are preferable. A pair or one male and two females. I want to raise them as pets. I have a big property where they can have plenty of space. I don't care for the color, but I do want to consider fur quality.
United States, West Virginia
United States, Ohio
United States, Virginia
Flashy 5mth old Chilean male!
Chocolatte' is colored like a Chocolate Latte. $3,500 To good home. He is light brown, medium brown, grey, base, cream, & silver. Gental and calm guy. Full Chilean! He has incredibly lush lanauda silky/suri type fiber.
United States, Florida
2 wonderful males ready to stud!
Amazing conformation, and has thrown crias that are very similar to his markings! Massive bone structure!1 unregistered 1 registered male with lineage all the way to don juan quioxte..
United States, New York
Nastasi- Bolivian/Chilean stud
Nastasi leads well, is a gentleman to hand breed, (also pasture breeds). Well trained, gentleman, brown offered for sale for $6,000 OBO. NASTASI- the prolific and proven stud of Chilean and Bolivian ancestery, is known for throwing alot of bone and fiber...
United States, Vermont
Llamas for sale must go!!!!
We now have to sell these guys and gals for money for another well and since we don't really have water to spare. Water shortage has driven us to selling these cuddly guys and the one-hundred and sixteen degree temperature summer we are expecting is not...
United States, California
Plum Merlot
Prices start at : 1000 USD

Plum Merlot is beautiful girl with great conformation and her fleece quailities are outstanding. Her color is dark chocolate brown with a hint of purple. My favorite yarn! Merlot first cria was from 12X champion Beethoven a beautiful bay black female...
  • Dam Name: Grand River Esperanza
  • Breed: Huacaya,
  • Dam color: Light Brown
  • Date of birth: 1242172800
  • Sire Name: Crescent Moon's Velocity
  • Sex: Female,
United States, Pennsylvania
Merlot Raisins
Prices start at : 7.99 USD / 1lb bag

Our merlot raisins are the ultimate treat for any wine connoisseurs. If you experience a problem with any of our products, customer service, shipping, or even if you just plain don't like what you bought, please let us know.
  • Sodium: 0mg
  • Total Fat: 10g
  • Dietary Fiber: 2g
  • Iron: 10%
  • Calories from Fat: 90
  • Total Carbohydrate: 26g
United States, New Jersey
Merlot Grapes for Sale
6 acres planted 1992, 8x12 cane pruned, 110 R Rootstock, Clone 3 or 4 4.5 acres planted 1995, 8x12 single wire cordon, 110 R Rootstock, Clone 3 or 4 3 acres planed 2000, 7x12 cane pruned, 110 R Rootstock, Clone 3 or 4
United States, California
40 Tons Merlot Grapes for Sale
Short & Long term contracts Harvesting soon, act fast. Short & Long term contracts also available. 40 tons premium Sonoma Mountain \"Appellation\" Merlot Grapes, 10 tons Cab Franc, 2 tons ZIN, 2 tons petit verdot.
United States, California
Merlot Grapes For Sale
Excellant quality- eight yrs contract with Kendall-Jackson through '06 Contact for tour of acreage available Up to 50 tons of bench land Merlot Grapes for sale-Mendocino County-tour and showing of vineyard available to inspect.
United States, California
Young Vines to plant + equipment
Have just under 60 vines developing at present and many more to go in next year. RequiredCanadian sources for pressing, filters, organic 'sprays',Fermentation vessels and stainless steel maturation vats would be helpful as just starting up
Canada, Ontario
Merlot 181-clone 110R 20yr old
Our philosophy of grape growing is that each varietal, clone, specific terroir and management must all be working in unison to produce the greatest results. All in house operation since 60's, average yields: 3-4 tons/acre, well drained - rocky soil, small...
United States, California
Merlot Grapes for Sale
My vineyard is located about one mile from Napa County. Approximately 80 tons. Approximately 80 tons Merlot Wine Grapes for sale . Quality Merlot Wine Grapes for sale. Grapes are located about 1 mile from Napa County.
United States, California
Award winning Merlot grapes for
Mature in October 2009. Vines are well matured. These grapes produce a lush deep buttery Merlot with lots of character. Award winning Merlot grapes on 40 year old vines. Grown in Sierra Nevada appellation.
United States, California
Merlot Grapes For Sale
South and west facing slopes. There are 6 tons of grapes of Merlot wine grapes. Vines 5 to 6 yrs old. Hillside vineyard. Please call for price and for more detail.
United States, California
Merlot and cabernet for sale
These grapes were used in reserve programs of top wineries.We have professionally made wine available to taste to demonstrate the quality of the fruit. Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County premium reserve quality merlot between 25-35 ton
United States, California
Merlot Grapes
We are looking for fully ripe Merlot grapes in minimum 75-pound lots. We are looking to purchase fully ripe Merlot grapes in minimum lots of 75-pounds. Seller should describe vineyard region and approximate harvest date.
United States, Georgia
United States, California
United States, Oregon
Merlot Must
Willing to pay for shipping. Looking to fill our remaining empty barrells for our wine club in Detroit, Michigan. We need 6-15 (6 gallon buckets) of merlot must .
United States, Michigan
Merlot Grapes Wanted
Please contact me with a price quote and additional details. Please contact me with a price quote and additional details I'm looking for Merot Grapes for a very small production of wine (10 to 15 750ML bottles).
United States, Pennsylvania
United States, California
Canada, British Columbia
Premium Napa Valley Merlot
Can arrange picking and transportation on larger lots. Will sell in small lots. 100+ year old vineyard, great quality, great demand for our other varieties. You pick and transport, $600 per ton.
United States, California