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Chicken Farms For Sale In Cullman Alabama

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Chicken Broiler Hatching(Ross/Cobb) & Table Egg
Price : CALL

We supply: Chicken Broiler Hatching Eggs Cobb/ ross . Shipping is prompt . PACKING * 30 eggs laid on paper pulp molded trays. Age of flock: between 30 and 50 weeks. Colour : White and Brown Eggs.
Fresh Free-Range Chicken Eggs
Price : CALL

They are steroid-free, hormone-free, and antibiotic-free. Because they range and get all the yummy goodies they love, their eggs are full of Omega vitamins and are safer, healthier and tastier than store bought eggs.
Im selling six beautifull chickens
Price : CALL

I need to sell these chickens because it isnt fair on them to just have a back garden i mean its fine but i would like to give them to a more bigger garden and were they will be more loved im sellin them at what ever price youu offer.
HEAVY layers yours INSTANTLY!
Price : CALL

36 lovingly hand-fed, expert-raised, all-ORGANIC pullets from my hillside just outside of San Francisco... I normally let them go to friends and neighbours, but I want to keep them together if possible.
San Mateo
Portola Valley
Jubilee Orpington
Price : CALL

Rare and Heritage Poultry. We are a small farm located in Northern Ohio raising several breeds of beautiful rare and heritage poultry. Some of the breeds we offer are Sussex, Jubilee Orpingtons, Marans, Barnevelders, Cream Legbars, Lavender Ameraucanas...
Chicken feet
Price : CALL

Grade a ,chicken feet,wings,claws,hearts,livers,paws ,well cleaned moisture less than 5% no blood ,broken bones all removed serious buyers only thanks
We sell fresh Eggs
Price : CALL

Total Quantity in 40 FCL : 472320 EGGS (1312 CARTONS) Composition in a Carton : 360 Eggs in 12 Layers , each layer in tray with 30 eggs Size : 52 to 54 grams each Shelf-Life : 3 Months from the day of packing
Distinctions Farm
Price : CALL

Martha and Wayne Hipps are Distinctions Farm. We are Breeders and Owners of fine Standard Dominigue chickens. Please see our website We currently have (3)Three Quality Large Fowl American Dominique Cockerels for sell.
Lavender Orpingtons
Price : CALL

We also sell hatching eggs when available and we are NPIP certified. All our orpingtons are absolutely stunning to look at! Their beauty and gentleness make them one of my favorite birds! If you have not had the opportunity to see our varieties of these...
Taking Orders for Purebred Chicks Hamilton Ga
Price : CALL

Blue Black and Splash Cochins $5 Frizzle Standard Cochins $4 Black Copper Marans $8 Blue Black and splash Orpingtion $5 Blue Laced Red Wyandotte $6 Lavender Orpingtion $10 Frizzle Easter Egger $4 Will hold your order till I Can get them all.
HEAVY layers yours INSTANTLY!
Price : CALL

36 lovingly hand-fed, expert-raised, all-ORGANIC pullets from my hillside estate just outside of San Francisco... I normally let them go to friends and neighbours, but I want to keep them together if possible.
San Mateo
Portola Valley
Frozen chicken feet each chicken is 30g up to 50g
Price : CALL

We supply Grade A Chicken Feet, each chicken is 30g upto 50g, 100% fresh, no bad smell, no black & black nail bench (orless than 5%), moisture is less than 5%, no broken bones (or less than5 %), 100% yellow skin moved off with white skin.Shipping Certificate...
Chicken meat
Price : CALL

Chicken meat and other chicken products are available. I have a small scale poultry farm near mahabalipuram,chennai.
Tamil Nadu
Frozen chiken for sale halal and non halal
Price : CALL

We are sure to supply the best quality with the best competitive price for you. We have five years on this line . Chicken Feet, Chicken Paw, Chicken Drumstick, Chicken Thigh, Chicken Leg Quarters, Chicken Wings (2 or 3 Joint), Chicken MDM, Chicken Offal.
Western Cape
Cape Town
Rhode  Island Red Chicken for Sale
Price : CALL

Interested clients should contact us to place their orders from i day ... Interested clients should contact us to place their orders from i day old chicks to egg laying chickens We have several varieties of chickens including crossbreeds and of all age...
Northern Cape
QLD chicken farm for sale
Price : CALL

Development approval for the construction of a further eight sheds offers potential to expand. This is a rare opportunity to purchase a fully operational and highly profitable property in a growth industry.
Whole frozen Chicken
Price : CALL

We are an Agricultural Production House and Export company. WHOLE FROZEN CHICKEN - BROILER Weight: from 1.5 kg up to 3.0 kg Packing: Individual Poly Bag - Master carton with 25 kg WHOLE FROZEN CHICKEN - GRILLER Weight: from 1.3 kg to 2.7 kg Packing: Individual...
Baleka Batanga
Golden Breaded Chicken Schnitzel
Price : CALL

Golden Breadcrumbs Chicken Schnitzel 75gr-160g, 45% chicken meat content; Halal batch certificate - Color: golden - yellow, specified pre-fried and cooked products. - Taste and smell: flavored, slightly spicy, typical chicken meat and spices, taste without...
Frozen Chicken Paws For sale
Price : CALL

We therefore decided to offer our product Chicken feet / paws. Packaging shall be : 15kg carton (can be other packing as client requires) email for the specification of the product ,inform us on the grade you prefer but we shall like to offer you Grade...
Manna Pro Poultry Organic Scratch 30 lb
Prices start at : 44.25 USD / $1.48 / lb

This product is USDA certified organic and non-GMO. Satisfy this need with an entertaining and nutritious blend of wholesome grains by scattering Manna Pro Organic Scratch Mixed Grains on a regular basis.
  •  Bag
  •  30 lb
  • Brand: Manna Pro Products
  • Animal Type: Poultry Supplies And Equipment
Complete Chicken Farm with modern technology
Price : CALL

I am open for cooperation. You can buy whole factory or only machines/equipment. 2000 birdcages for 25 000 PIECES of Laying Hens. Best Regards, Pawel Golinski
Frozen chicken
Price : CALL

Thus we can produce more than 17,000MT per month due to above advantages. We MarkJonny and Sons Ltd in Cameroon are one of the leading producers and specialists for frozen poultry products with its headquarters in Isanguele,Ndian,Cameroon,which is mainly...
Manna Pro Poultry Feed Organic Layer 30 lb
Prices start at : 46.75 USD / each

Now you can nurture them naturally with Manna ProCertified Organic Layer Pellets. ORGANIC LAYER 16% PELLETS Made without pesticides, medications, or genetically-modified ingredients, our pellets are USDA Certified Organic so you can have the utmost confidence...
  • Bag: Yes
  • Brand: Manna Pro Products
  • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 15.00 x 3.50 x 29.00 Inches
  • Animal Type: Poultry Supplies And Equipment
  • Color: Multicolor
Chicken feed
Price : CALL

Our gluten feed is a very rich diet Poultry FEED We provide highly qualitative Corn Gluten Meal 5, which is procured from the healthy suburbs areas that are non-polluted. Poultry FEED WE can regularly supply corn gluten feed with protein 35-40 pct.
Movable Chicken Barns
Price : CALL

Middle part 1 piece Side parts 2 pieces Street legal or road going; 6 km / h optional 25 km / h Solar at extra cost on request fully automatic 2 floors each with 2 lanes lining and each 8 perches water tank Feeding lines with automatic refill hydraulic...
Slaughterhouse 500 chicken/hour
Price : CALL

Slaughterhouse complete in perfect condition for 500 chickens per hour, variable speed, ship 8x22 meters: Chain Stunner Scalper Peeler Washing channels Camera and cold ... Slaughterhouse complete in perfect condition for 500 chickens per hour.
Castile and Leon
2 in. x 4 ft. x 25 ft. Poultry Netting
Prices start at : 28.98 USD / each

Hexagonal mesh weave. 20-Gauge Galvanized Poultry Netting with a 2 in. Poultry netting can be used to build pens to confine chicken and rabbits. The netting is also ideal for plant protection.
  • 20-Gauge steel: Yes
  • Returnable: 90-Day
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Manufacturer Warranty: No Warranty
Poultry Farm CFL Energy Saver Light Bulbs Sale!
Price : CALL

Dimmable Compact Fluorescent Energy Saver Light Bulbs 15w=75w ULighting America Brand: The average lifetime of these bulbs is 8000 hours, or 7 YEARS if run 3-4 hours/day. Excellent color rendering and light distribution.
Florida Blueberry Farm For Sale - Plant City, FL
Price : CALL

This is a high density planting with 4,200 plants on about one acre of land. The property has an old mobile home which is currently rented to my brother. I also tied it into the mobile home plumbing to provide water for the home.
Plant City