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Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar
Location Hwy 69 Greenville TX Hunt county Contact Sirish at 512-909-8752 if interested. Need land cleared for agriculture. I am selling Standing Timber on 80 acres mostly Cedar, some Pear and misc.
United States, Texas
Cladding Siberian larch
Dense / Stable (Uniformly Kiln-Dried). Accepts Stain Well Offers Variety of Design Options. High Manufacturing Standards Consistent Quality. All Heart Offers Durability Benefits & A Uniform Color.
USA, New Jersey
Dwarf Japanese Cedar
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

* Evergreen * Dwarf * Drought tolerant * Insect resistant * Disease resistant * Mildew resistant * Long lived * Great for containers * Some deer resistance * Autumn interest This dwarf version, Cryptomeria 'Globosa Nana', is a terrific opportunity to...
United States, Nebraska
Eastern Red Cedar Tree
Prices start at : 44.95 USD / #1 Container range: 2.3 - 3.7 quarts (2.5 - 4 liters)

The bark has a shredding nature that is hidden from view but useful for nest construction. The ¼ inch dark blue cones that are produced by the female tree are a valuable food source for many species of birds.
United States, Nebraska
Deodar Cedar Tree
Prices start at : 74.95 USD / #5 Container range: 2.9 - 4.6 gallons (13 - 20 liters)

Order one today to begin reaping the benefits of this amazing Cedar variety! * Evergreen * Ornamental cones * Insect resistant * Wildlife interest * Heat & drought tolerant * Wind tolerant * Adaptive to a variety of soils * Long lived
United States, Nebraska
SiberWood Ltd.
This allows us to manufacture Siberian larch products of excellent quality with low prices. Our company works without intermediaries, directly cooperating with sawmill factories located in forest regions in Siberia.
United States, New Jersey
159 acres farm between New Liskeard & Englehart
A large stream with fish running through it. It is seeded to registered oats. Enough firewood available on land to last a life-time with proper management. There are gold mines and diamond mines in the area.
Canada, Ontario
When To Trim Cedar Trees: Guide To Pruning Cedar Trees In The Garden
Proceed branch by branch. However, if cutting back cedar trees is in the cards, proceed very carefully. If the cut should fall in the dead zone at the center of the cedar, cut it at the trunk instead.It happens.
United States, Ohio
Precision Cut Lumber - Architectural Structures
OUR LUMBER LIST : Teak, Balau, Pinkyado, Selangan, Padauk, Pine, Oak, Merbau, Alan Batu, Keruing, Mersawa, Kampus, Sandalwood, Beech, Maple, Tamarind, etc. Our markets include : USA, Canada, Japan, UK, SE Asia, Australia, Polynesia, Maldives, Qatar, UAE,...
Thailand, Chiang Mai
Blue Atlas Cedar
Prices start at : 89.95 USD / 3.5-4.5 FEET (5 Gal)

Spidermites have become resistant to most of the old chemicals. After establishment and during the following years we recommend used at the recommended rates. When planting a potted tree, remember the only water source the tree has, is its small root...
United States, Maryland
Cryptomeria Black Dragon
Prices start at : 69.95 USD / 3 GAL 3 to 3.5 feet tall

It is generally recommended to not use power equipment such as gas hedgers to prune Cryptomeria Black Dragon or any plant in my opinion. Proper fertilization of your Cryptomeria Black Dragon will lead to healthier and more disease resistant plants, as...
United States, Maryland
1702 acres 5250 ft beach lake Superior
Living/dining room has cathedral ceiling. 1702 treed acres surrounded by crown land, 5250 ft sand and pebbles beach, on Black Bay Peninsula on Lake Superior, NE of Thunder Bay. Wild blueberries and raspberries abound when in season.
Canada, Ontario
Langstroth beehives
If you would like to make an enquiry about one of bee hives use our contact . We supply langstroth beehives and flat packed hives from white pine and red cedar, ready assembled for easy set-up (we also can provide Crown board , Hive stands , Brood box...
United Kingdom, Essex
Beautiful 5,000+ Sq. Ft. Lodge Style Ranch Home
Beautiful 5,000+ Sq. Ft. Lodge Style Ranch Home Property Type: Single Family Year Built: 1996 HOA Fee: $400 - Annually Acres: 35 County: Douglas Zoning: A1 Unincorporated: Yes Property Tax: $4,703 4703 Terms: Conventional, Cash, Qualified assumption,...
United States, Colorado
Japanese Elkhorn Cedar: Tips On Growing An Elkhorn Cedar Plant
Over the course of the summer, these will swell and eventually break open to spread seed in the autumn.freestar.queue.push(function() { googletag.display("div-gpt-ad-300x250-ATF-1"); });The Japanese elkhorn cedar comes from wet, cloudy forests in southern...
United States, Ohio
Cedar Tree Care: Tips For How To Grow Cedar Trees
Protect young trees with a covering of landscape fabric if you live in a very cold climate.Water small trees regularly and allow them to dry out completely between each watering.Fertilizer is generally not necessary unless the soil is very unhealthy.Once...
United States, Ohio
Deodar Cedar Info: Tips On Growing Deodar Cedar In The Landscape
It is native to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, and thrives in the coastal regions of the United States.Deodar cedar trees grow into a loose pyramid shape, with 2-inch long whorled needles that give the tree a soft allure.
United States, Ohio
Log and stone home with 2 furnished cabins on ri
Sliding doors lead out to a spacious deck with hot tub overlooking the property. Newly renovated full master bath features an extra large walk in shower with double glass doors, custom maple vanity with granite countertop and double sinks, custom floor...
Canada, British Columbia
Log and stone home with 2 guest cabins
Sliding doors lead out to a spacious deck with hot tub overlooking the property. The master bedroom has large sunny south facing windows, built in cedar cupboards, spacious his-n-hers closets and a stately stone fireplace.
Canada, British Columbia
Winter Damage To Cedars: Repairing Winter Damage On Cedar Trees
The temperature drops at night and the needle cells freeze again. They burst as they refreeze and, in time, die off.This results in the winter damage to cedars you see in spring, like dead foliage.
United States, Ohio
Blue Atlas Cedars: Caring For A Blue Atlas Cedar In The Garden
This cultivar is likely to grow about 10 feet high and twice as wide, depending on how you decide to train it.. They thrive in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 8.
United States, Ohio
Japanese Cedar Tree Facts – How To Care For Japanese Cedar
Their short, shiny needles are an eye-catching shade of blue-green, arranged in spirals pointing toward the tip of the stems, like foxtails. Their size makes them excellent for windscreens, borders and groupings on large properties.
United States, Ohio
Cedar Of Lebanon Tree – How To Grow Lebanon Cedar Trees
In time, the cones grow to 5 inches long, standing up like candles on the branches. The cones are light green until they mature, when they become brown. If you are interested in growing cedar of Lebanon trees, read on for information about these cedars...
United States, Ohio
Garden Visitor: The Waxwing
Unlike other birds that dependably migrate from one region to another, the waxwing instead travels spontaneously in search of its favorite food, berries. Waxwings range across most of the U.S., but because they are nomadic, you must remain observant in...
United States, California
Hay storage is on the back of shop. The workers home is a 4/2 2 story brick/cedar house. A large shop with electricity, water & cement floor is by the home. The home is a 2,000 sq.
United States, Oklahoma
Country Home & 5 Acres
This property is located at the END of a 1/2 Mile long PRIVATE driveway for residents only. No through traffic! Partially fenced, with approximately 2 acres in fenced pastures and pens.
United States, Florida
Sweet Chestnut cladding, PEFC/FSC, 20+ mm
Finger jointed lengths up to 6000mm, PEFC/FSC. Other dimensions and species, please check with us.
Spain, Asturias
Belgium, Brussels
All the advantages of a perfect timber façade are united in Natural cladding by Cross Trade.
Germany, Bremen
Belgium, Brussels
**Spacious Country Farm for Sale in WI **
Sliding glass doors open into 3 Season, octagon room, which has two exits to the outside *The Basement has over 2 ft thick walls, 2 doorways, sink, plenty of shelves and a huge, shelved pantry.
United States, Wisconsin