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Nicholson & Associates, LLC
Real estate, ranch and livestock management. Cow / calf operation in south Texas and management and calf facilities in central Arizona.
  • Type: Breeder,Broker,Producer
United States, Arizona
12% Calf Creep Pellets - 50Lb. Bag
Prices start at : 8.99 USD / Each

The benefits of this feed are: Fortified to provide a balanced diet along with cow's milk and forage,  highly palatable to get calves to start eating early, and high energy feed with added protein for optimum nutrition
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein min. 12%; Crude Fat min. 2.5%; Crude Fibermax. 15%
  • Model Number: 33010
  • Size: 50 lb.
United States, Missouri
Show Edge Power PHAT Supplement
Prices start at : 25.99 USD / Each

Nutrena Show Edge? Be sure to thoroughly mix Power PHAT? Into the complete feed, do not top dress. The extruded nuggets for high-energy and high-fat nutrition support skin and hair health for the show ring.
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 12%, Lysine Min. 0.45%, Crude Fat Min. 25%, Crude Fiber Max 8%, Calcium Min. 2% - Max 2.5%, Phosphorus Min. 0.9%, Salt Min. 0.5% - Max 0.55%, Sodium Min. 0.01% - Max. 0.55%, Vitamin A Min. 5,000 IU/Lb., Vitamin E Min. 500 IU/Lb., Zinc Min. 30 PPM
  • Weight: 25.0000
United States, Missouri
12% Sweet High Grain All Stock Feed 50Lb. Bag
Prices start at : 8.9900 USD / Each

It contains molasses for outstanding palatability. Country Lane® 12% Sweet High Grain All Stock Feed is a balanced nutrition for feeding with hay or pasture.
  • Model Number: 33030
  • Size: 50 lb.
United States, Missouri
Show Edge Calf Feed 50 Lb.
Prices start at : 14.99 USD / Each

Calf Feed is designed to give you an edge on the competition. This feed features a balanced nutrition to support proper growth, health and performance. It is compatible with Show Edge?
  • Model Number: 80821
  • Weight: 50.0000
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein Min. 12%, Crude Fat Min. 3%, Crude Fiber Max 18%, Calcium Min. 0.65% - Max 0.9%, Phosphorus Min. 0.45%, Salt Min. 0.30% - Max 0.75%, Potassium Min. 0.60 PPM, Vitamin A Min. 6,000 IU/Lb.
United States, Missouri
Nutrebeef Creep Feed 50 Lb.
Prices start at : 9.49 USD / Each

Creep is formulated to feed to calves prior to weaning and supplements declining milk availability. Use NutreBeef® Creep feed while the calf is also being fed by the cow to support increased weight gain and growth.
  • Weight: 50.0000
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein Min. 14%, Crude Fat Min. 2.5%, Crude Fiber Max. 15.0%
  • Size: 50 lb.
United States, Missouri
Nutrabeef Transition Ration Cattle Feed - 50 Lb. Bag
Prices start at : 11.49 USD / Each

Whenever calves are subjected to stress, such as during weaning, shipping or processing, the primary goal is to keep them healthy. Transition formula is very palatable and is designed to get cattle eating, bolstering the immune system and aiding digestive...
  • Size: 50 lb.
  • Model Number: 80652
  • Weight: 50.0000
United States, Missouri
Calf Starter Pellets - 40 Lb. Bag
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / Each

Country Lane Calf Starter Medicated pellets for the prevention of coccidiosis caused by eimeria bovis and eimeria zuernii.
  • Weight: 40.0000
  • Model Number: 1000609
  • Ingredients: Active drug ingredient: Decoquinate 13.6 G/Ton.
United States, Missouri
20% All Natural Range Cubes
Prices start at : 9.49 USD / Each

20% All Natural Range Cubes are designed to be fed to breeding beef cattle, weaned cattle on pasture, cattle in feedlots, and lactating beef cows. Country Lane®?
  • Size: 50 lb.
  • Weight: 50.0000
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude protein min. 20.0% Crude fiber min. 1.8% Crude fiber max. 12.0 %
United States, Missouri
Premium Alfalfa Cubes 40 Lb.
Prices start at : 11.99 USD / Each

Alfalfa is often the preferred forage for horses because of its high quality, high digestibility, and good roughage value.  Alfalfa cubes should be fed at ground level and can be sprinkled with water for any animals that may have dental issues, feeding...
  • Weight: 40.0000
  • Guaranteed Analysis: Crude Protein - Min. 16%, Crude Fat - Min. 1.5%, Crude Fiber - Max. 30%, Moisture - Max. 12%
  • Model Number: 1180-40101-0-0
United States, Missouri
Country Lane Basics 10% Sweet Feed 40 Lbs.
Prices start at : 6.99 USD / Each

Country Lane Basics 10% Sweet Feed 40 Lbs. is a 10% sweet feed designed to be fed to cattle, maintenance horses, sheep and goats.
  • Weight: 40.0000
  • Ingredients: 5 PPM Max. 15 PPM, Zinc Min. 75 PPM, Selenium Min. 0.1 PPM, Vitamin A Min. 2,700 IU/LB
  • Size: 40 lb.
United States, Missouri
Bunk Feeder w/Galvanized Powder Coated Metal Liner 10 Ft.
Prices start at : 219.99 USD / Each

Tubular steel frame that support a single sheet galvanized tub with rolled edges. They are easy to relocate. Priefert Bunk Feeder w/Galvanized Powder Coated Metal Liner 10 Ft. has a 10 ft.
  • Weight: 97.0000
  • Model Number: FBFWML
United States, Missouri
Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeder
Prices start at : 299.99 USD / Each

Color may vary by location. Priefert Heavy Duty Round Bale Feeder is 8' in diameter.  Slanted bars are made from Priefert's Quadaform 18 gauge tubing.  2 14 in. gauge tubing.  Three piece feeder.  Bolts and nuts for assembly included.
  • Weight: 210.0000
  • Model Number: RBFHD
United States, Missouri
Round Bale Feeder
Prices start at : 169.99 USD / Each

Priefert Round Bale Feeder has an 8' diameter. Designed to be free of head and foot traps.  Bolts and nuts included.
  • Weight: 105.0000
  • Model Number: RBFE
United States, Missouri
The AgroBetel, of Sao Paulo / Brazil, internationally renowned for our tradition in the export of cattle, buffaloes, horses and sheep, to countries in Africa, Latin America and Asia.
Brazil, Sao Paulo
66 A.I. Bred Angus Cows
66 Registered without papers Angus cows All 3-4 years old Weighing between 1200-1400 lbs All A.I. bred with sexed semen to produce Heifers Due to start calving in September 66 Registered without papers Angus cows All 3-4 years old Weighing between 1200-1400...
United States, Kentucky
Guernsey and Jersey milk cows for sale
We have a registered Guernsey cow bred AI confirmed by vet ultrasound. Very gentle and broke to lead. For a jersey/calves or Guernsey/calves. We are asking $1600 with delivery Will make a great nurse/family cow &/or ET recip.
United States, Texas
Grade A Live Dairy Cows and Pregnant Holstein
Healthy Pure breed Holstein Heifers.We offer pure breed animals All our livestock animals are vet checked, certified and all 100% healthy. Below are more specifications; Weight : 450 to 600 K.G Pregnancy : 6 - 8 months Milking Capacity : 34 and more litres...
United States, Maryland
Cholistani cattle for sale
We have cholistani cattles for sale.we are located on main road at Khichiwalla Thsiel Fort Abbas Disst Bhawalnagar
Pakistan, Punjab
Mini cattle Jersey Bull
Willy also never weaned until we separated them two months before his dam calved, so I'm afraid if we put him back in with her now he will steal all my milk. We can potentially help with transport depending on how far...
United States, Tennessee
Certified Organic Heritage Breed Beef Herd!
Old cows, heifers and registered British White bull. 7 White Galloway cows and heifers. Old registered British White bull who is also for sale. 5 British White heifers. 25 Black and red Angus/Galloway cross cows and heifers.
United States, Vermont
Holstein Friesian Cows and Heifers
Live Dairy Cows and Pregnant Holstein Heifers Cow for Sale Wed are a world wide distributor of live Sheep, Cattle, Lambs, pigs , piglet , goats , of all kinds.Send your email address for
Netherlands, Zuid-Holland
Cute and lovely teacup yorkie puppies fr
Here we got this cute and outstanding free tea cup yorkie puppies for adoption to a lovely home that is ready to take good care of this puppies, vet check and akc reg love to play with other home pets and animals and love to be held by the hands .
United States, Oklahoma
Registered Shorthorn Heifer
DOB: 05/05/08 Name: CFS Rosie Roan C1 Color: Roan 15/16 Tattoo LE: C1 Sire: K-Kim Tehama 76P ET Dam: GRTK Miss Ruby Red Stuff 7/8 Birth Weight: 72 lbs. AI to: Jakes Proud Jazz Registered Shorthorn Heifer - Placed 1st in Class and Champ in Division at...
United States, Ohio
Boneless Beef Available for Export
Waiting to get your inquiries. Mohammed Abdul Export Manager LIOCAM ENTERPRISE We export high quality boneless beef.Quality Boneless Beef from one of the Best suppliers in Africa.100mt available per week .See our product specifications below: Name: Boneless...
Cameroon, Extreme-Nord
Jersey Heifers and calves Available for sale
Jersey Heifers, cows and calves Available for sale at very affordable prices. Please contact for more information Jersey Heifers and calves Available for sale at very affordable prices.
United States, Vermont
Wagyu Steers, Fed out over 400 days
American "Kobe Beef" Wagyu Beef Steers ready for processing. Wagyu Beef Steers ready for processing. Naturally raised organically with no hormones, no antibiotics or steroids. USDA Prime Marbling! We can have it processed for you or purchased on the hoof.
United States, Tennessee
Calving ease Salers Bulls for sale
Very calving ease with performance. We only keep the top 20% of our bull calves intact so these are the very top end of our herd. Our bulls are never fed grain and are ready to go out on the range and work for you.
United States, Oregon
Miniature Jersey Heifer Calf
Both parents are registered Foundation Pure w/ the AMJA&R. Heifer price at weaning $5000.00. Beautiful Foundation Pure Heifer Calf just born 7/25/11 Both parents reg w/ the AMJA&R 50% deposit is required to hold calf, w/ the balance due at weaning.
United States, Virginia