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Destron Fearing Duflex Hog Max Tag, 25 pack
Prices start at : 43.95 USD / each

Apply with the Pro Grip II Universal Applicator. Feature a long neck that hangs lower for greater visibility and larger number sizes compared to the Large tags. Marked with Dark & Durable marking technology, which starts with an initial indestructible...
Athens-Clarke County
Sullivan\'s Lite-Aid
Prices start at : 21.95 USD / each

Lite Aid targets the animals natural system to accelerate bodily functions to increase the excretion process. Contains 36% potassium per tube, plus green tea, cinnamon and juniper extracts, ammonium chloride, potassium chloride and potassium citrate.
Athens-Clarke County
Slotted Hoof Trimming Discs
Prices start at : 474.99 USD / each

Fits on 4" angle grinder. Trims 100-150 animals before blades become dull. Slotted profile alleviates clogging. Includes interchangeable inserts/blades. Blades can be sharpened 5-6 times before replacing.
Athens-Clarke County
Prices start at : 11.49 USD / each

Place 1-2 gms of Keto-Check powder on plain white surface, deposit 1-2 drops of milk, urine or plasma onto the powder, after two minutes read results. Ketocheck KetoCheck Test powder to detect the presence of ketone bodies in milk, urine or plasma.
Athens-Clarke County
Galvanized 2-Hole Poultry Nesting Box
Prices start at : 60.99 USD / each

Galvanized 2-Hole Poultry Nesting Box This 2-hold nesting box with front and back panels is made of rust-resistant galvanized steel with folded edges.Features ventilation holes and a hinged perch to allow closing.Bottom metal inserts are easily removed...
Athens-Clarke County
Glucaminolyte Forte Oral
Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

Glucaminolyte Forte for use as a supplemental source of electrolytes, dextrose and amino acids in cattle.Each 1,000 ml dose contains 300 gms dextrose H2O, 5.4 gms sodium chloride, 3 gms sodium acetate anhydrous, 1 gm potassium acetate, 330 mg calcium...
Athens-Clarke County
Weaver Leather Stierwalt Rust ProTouch
Prices start at : 8.25 USD / each

Weaver Leather Stierwalt Rust ProTouch Use this touch up paint on any breed of lighter maroon-colored cattle like Shorthorns, Maine-Anjou, Simmental and others.
Athens-Clarke County
Eprinex Pouron for cattle
Prices start at : 51.69 USD / each

Advantages broadest spectrum of control biting and sucking lice. Eprinex Pouron for cattle Eprinex eprinomectin pouron is the strongest most potent parasite control product available.
Athens-Clarke County
Agrilabs Vitamin E-Ad 300
Prices start at : 52.99 USD / each

Agrilabs Vitamin E-Ad 300 Vitamin E AD 300 Intended as a supplemental source of vitamins A and D3and natural vitamin E.Contains 300 IU d-alpha-tocopherol, 100,000 IU vitamin A and 10,000 IU vitamin D3per ml.For IM or subcut injection only.
Athens-Clarke County
Feeder Pan Cr20
Prices start at : 4.52 USD / each

Feeder Pan Cr20 Feeder Pan Cr20 is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Can be used in any agriculture or farm setting for the feeding of a variety of different animals.
Athens-Clarke County
Fastrack Liquid Dispersible Powder
Prices start at : 39.99 USD / each

Fastrack Liquid Dispersible Powder A drypowderdissolved into water daily to provide digestion- aiding enzymes that improve overall performance and survivability. Contains a source of live (viable) naturally-occurring microorganisms; a source of protease...
Athens-Clarke County
Callicrate Wee Loops
Prices start at : 41.99 USD / each

Replacement lops for Calliccrate Wee Bander. Callicrate Wee Loops Callicrate Wee Loops is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Can't find exactly what you are looking for?
Athens-Clarke County
Weaver Leather Black Magic Show Halter
Prices start at : 45.99 USD / each

Weaver Leather Black Magic Show Halter Weaver Leather Black Magic Show Halter is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Constructed from black bridle leather and featuring glossy black hardware, these halters blend in so judges get a true,...
Athens-Clarke County
Weaver Leather Breakdown Brush
Prices start at : 6.39 USD / each

Weaver Leather Breakdown Brush Designed to help lessen the amount of show day adhesive and paint residue on hands, this brush with 3/4" rubber bristles is ideal for working-in adhesive removers like Stierwalt ProRefit or ProRemover.
Athens-Clarke County
Prozap Bovi-Strips For Face Fly Control
Prices start at : 19.49 USD / each

Prozap Bovi-Strips For Face Fly Control Prozap Bovi-Strips For Face Fly Control comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Hang over feeders, gates and other high traffic areas for forced use..
Athens-Clarke County
Milk Products Inc Sav-A-Caf Calf Health Supplement
Prices start at : 26.99 USD / each

Designed To Support Early Calf Health and Is Intended To Be Fed For The First 14Days Of Life Dried Bovine Colostrum To Help Support Calf Intestinal Health In The Early Stages Of Life Essential Oils To Help Support Optimal Animal Growth Formulated With...
Athens-Clarke County
Plastic Teat Cannula
Prices start at : 6.10 USD / each

Individually packaged in convenient cellophane tear-off strips. Plastic Teat Cannula Plastic Teat Cannula is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Fits any syringe for injection of medication into animal teats for the treatment of mastitis...
Athens-Clarke County
Extra Calf feeder Nipples
Prices start at : 6.10 USD / each

Color: Black Many of our products ship out the same business day! Check out our Deals and Sales - Unbeatable prices everyday. Ingredients: Rubber. Extra Calf feeder Nipples Extra Calf feeder Nipples comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Replacement...
Athens-Clarke County
Plastic Hub Disposable Needle
Prices start at : 12.49 USD / each

Anti friction coating eases injection and withdrawal for minimal penetration resistance and animal discomfort. Tri-beveled, anti-coring tips are computer ground for consistent sharpness.
Athens-Clarke County
Weaver Stock Whip
Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

Color: Black Size: 50 Weaver Stock Whip 50" Shaft, 14" Drop, and 11" Popper.
Athens-Clarke County
Salt & Trace Mineral Lick
Prices start at : 2.83 USD / each

Allow additional time for delivery. Salt & Trace Mineral Lick Salt & Trace Mineral Lick in stock and ready to ship. Ingredients: Salt Manganous Oxide Ferrous Carbonate Magnesium Oxide Calcium Sulfate Copper Oxide Cobalt Carbonate Zinc Oxide Calcium Iodate...
Athens-Clarke County
Manna Pro Jump Start Plus Oral Microbial Gel
Prices start at : 9.50 USD / each

Provides a healthier microbial balance in multiple species, Helps keep animals on feed during stress, Aids in digestion of nutrients for maximum feed efficiency Size: 60 Gram Manna Pro Jump Start Plus Oral Microbial Gel Manna Pro Jump Start Plus Oral...
Athens-Clarke County
Safeguard Cattle Wormer
Prices start at : 74.50 USD / each

For use in dairy and beef cattle. Low-dose volume paste. Each 290-g paste cartridge deworms 29 head of 440-lb. For the removal and control of lungworms, stomach worms, intestinal worms, bankrupt worms and nodular worms.
Athens-Clarke County
Reptile Ten Stick
Prices start at : 3.33 USD / each

Is a nutritionally balanced, floating stick ideal for all aquatic reptiles (e. Allow additional time for delivery. Fortified with vitamins and minerals , for normal shell growth in turtles program of good nutrition.
Athens-Clarke County
Ultra Start Colostrum
Prices start at : 16.70 USD / each

Ultra Start Colostrum Ultra Start Colostrum comes with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee! Provides a supplemental source of nutrients to calves foals goat kids lambs baby pigs fawns elk calves llama and alpaca cria.
Athens-Clarke County
Sullivan\'s Smoke \'M Touch-Up
Prices start at : 14.95 USD / each

Sullivan's Smoke 'M Touch-Up Sullivan's Smoke 'M Touch-Up is an excellent product we know our customers will love. Smoke M Touch-Up from Sullivan Supply is specially formulated for smoky colored livestock.
Athens-Clarke County
Fly-Ban Synergized 7.4% Pouron for cattle
Prices start at : 70.99 USD / each

Ingredients: 7.4 Permethrin 7.4 Piperonyl 75 Petroleum. Controls lice and flies on beef cattle lactating and non-lactating dairy cattle and calfes when applied as a pour on mist o.
Athens-Clarke County
Sav-A-Kid 26% Milk Replacer
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / each

100% instantized for easy mixing. Premium quality milk replacer formulated for lean growth in kids. Specially formulated for warm bottle-feeding or cold ad lib feeding. Works very well with automated feeding devices.
Athens-Clarke County
Weaver Leather Brahma Webb Pronged Cattle Lead Chain
Prices start at : 25.99 USD / each

Weaver Leather Brahma Webb Pronged Cattle Lead Chain Available with a nickel-plated chain or a black over zinc die cast chain, these leads are designed for training purposes and to help control stubborn or hard to handle animals.
Athens-Clarke County