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The Poultry Hatchery

Chicks, ducks, turkeys, Geese, Guineas, Broilers Pasture Raised Flocks - Organic Practices - NON GMO We are a humane certified and NO kill facility Farm Family owned & operated Hatchery Shipping Nationwide or Local Pick up
  • Slogan: Quality Hatched Poultry
  • Type: Grower
New York
Clifton Springs
Gragg Ranch

We are a full service mare management breeding facility offering year round mare management and care, breeding, foaling, and embryo transfer.
  • Type: Breeder
Poultry Occasion

Our prices are very competitive in any market. Our prices are very... We offer quality poultry equipment, new, used and re-in of market-leading brands. We also work with the best egg producers, derivatives and feed and have our own laboratory for the...
  • Slogan: Batteries cages and more
  • Type: Agency,Supplier,Wholesale
Castilla y León
100% Cold press canola oil Origin Canada
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100% Cold press canola oil Origin: Canada Zero Trans-Fat No Cholesterol Rich in Omega 3 Does not when refrigerated, remaining clear, consistent and free running Light in ... 100% Cold press canola oil Origin: Canada Zero Trans-Fat No Cholesterol Rich...
What Are Other Animals & Plants That Live by Wolves?
Throughout the Northern Hemisphere, numerous regional variations of wolf exist, each sharing their range with a wide variety of diverse plant and animal species. From the cold taiga to the subtropical desert, wolves adapt easily to a wide range of habitats...
Santa Monica
How Fast Do Conifers Grow?
Thyoides or Atlantic whitecedar falsecypress grows to 50 feet tall at a medium growth rate.Fraser fir is one of the most commonly commercially grown Christmas trees.Abies balsamea or balsam fir grows slowly to a mature height of 50 to 60 feet.
Santa Monica
Performance Equine Vets

Full Service Equine Medical Center, Mobile Medical Operation and Online Vet Supply.
  • Type: Consultant,Retailer,Service-Provider
South Carolina
Mexia Angoras & Fiber

Mexia Angoras & Fiber is a small scale family owned and operated rabbitry located in Mexia, Texas. Our rabbits are humanly raised with love and have constant human interaction and affection.
  • Type: Breeder,Producer,Supplier
Forrest Hill Farm & Kaiser Dressage

Forrest Hill Farm offers riding instruction, horse training, boarding and and extensive internship/working student program. See photos and details on... See photos and details on website:
  • Type: Breeder,Education,Trainer
ICU Small Animal Rugs

Taking Care Of Your ICU Small Animal Rug With simple care, these rugs should last you many years, giving you an extremely cost effective option in the treatment and care of your animals.
  • Type: Supplier
  • Slogan: Let us protect your future income with our ICU Small Animal Rugs
Salt licks for animals
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The entire hydraulic system imported from Taiwan, stability, higher, to avoid oil spills, oil-for-dirty, the pressure is not enough, action is not synchronized for continuous problems.
Powder and granula Charcoal
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Activated Carbon - continuous supply of extremely high quality activated carbon to fit your requirements. ACID-WASHED for extra purity HARDWOOD Activated Charcoal Powder NORIT SA4 (Pets & Livestock) Activated Charcoal Powder Charcoal Green SOIL DETOX...
Fraser Fir vs. Balsam Fir
Both trees make excellent Christmas trees for their needle retention, deep green color, ideal shape and pleasing scent.Balsam firs are found in Canada and the northern United States.
Santa Monica
Animal use feed additives
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2 Promote the development of poultry reproductive system,improve the poultry breed rate fertilization rate,increase a hatchability. 4 Prolong service life, reduce investment. 1 Meet the special requirements of poultry for nutrients such as multivitamins,...
Animals horns and skull
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We are dealer of all kinds of animal horns and skulls you can think of contact now for more details at a very reasonable prices
How to Kill Rose Slugs
Insecticidal soaps have no residual action, so the solution must make direct contact with rose slugs in order to be effective. This less-toxic option desiccates and kills the pests without harming people, pets or most beneficial insects, with the exception...
Santa Monica
Poisonous Grape Vines
While some dogs have no adverse reactions after eating grapes or grape vine, others become extremely ill, so caution should be exercised. The fruit of some plants may be edible, but the leaves and stems poisonous.
Santa Monica
Lion head baby bunnies Ohio
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I have 12 baby lion head bunnies 8 are partial pedigree 30 each double mane an single mane ones I have 12 baby lion head bunnies 8 are partial pedigree 30 each have both double an single mane.when full grown they weigh around 3 3 1/2 lbs
pleasant city
Available pets
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Farm animals African Grey Parrots swans Macaws Gila monster Drill Monkeys/Mona monkeys Baby crocodiles, Sulcatas tortoise and Panther We transport them in mini water Tanks and crates which insures their successful and save delivery to their new owners.
13 Year Old Chestnut Mare Pony
Price : CALL

She is 7 hands high, her temperament is about a 4 out of a 10. I did ride her 2 years ago, but she still needs some work. I need to sell her as I have knee problems, and I can't spend time with her anymore.
Mammoth jennet to good home
Price : CALL

I have owned her since she was born and she has not had another owner. Leads, friendly, sweet temperment, stands for farrier. Mammoth jennet, 15-16hh, 6 years old. Has been ridden, gentle.
Young white female alpaca for $1,200
Price : CALL

A discounted mating to one of our males is available if required. We will retain her female cria in our breeding program. She is a very attentive mother and has produced two cria Haven is not currently pregnant.
Pregnant white alpaca for $1,400
Price : CALL

Her fleece statistics are impressive at age six. Her cria is due in May this year. She is calm and easy to handle. She is currently mated to Millduck Karlos our reserve champion male (a son of Flowerdale Camelot Tor).
Unnamed Mandalus
Price : CALL

Sad sale as owner cannot afford to keep 2 horses. Excellent movements, real gentleman to handle, easy to clip, vet, shoe and load. Contact us through our website to find out the specific price for this horse.) Information: This horse has competed up to...
African grey parrots for sale
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Males and female African Grey parrots for sale at a very good price. We have both males and female African Grey parrots for sale ,this parrots are hand raise,tamp,talking and are nice to children and other home pets found around them,they have all their...
Going out of alpaca business
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We are giving up on the Alpaca business. 1 white show quality female born 2/2009 registered 1 high quality white female, excellent breeder born 7/1998 registered 1 high quality dark brown female, excellent breeder born 1/2005 registered 1 high quality...
San Bernardino
Baldy Mesa
NZ White rabbit pelts frozen or salted
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NZ White rabbit pelts for sale in a frozen or salted condition. We can freeze them or we can salt them to suit customers needs. We can either ship weekly or we can do a monthly send.
Niue [New Zealand]