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Dwarf Asiatic Lily Mix
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / 15 mixed lily bulbs

14-16 cm bulbs. Grows 12-40 in. Create a blanket of color with this delightful mix. Blooms early to midsummer. Excellent for planting in containers, the front row in borders and along walkways.
  • Size: Large blossoms.
  • Form: Upright
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate. Blooms first season.
  • Pruning: Dead-head. Leave foliage intact until it dies back after several frosts. Cut stalk back to the ground and mulch with straw, shredded leaves, wood chips, etc. Remove flowers as they fade.
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, loose soil.
  • Light Required: Full sun to partial shade.
Paul Robeson Tomato
Prices start at : 2.99 USD / approx. 30 seeds per packet

Russian heirloom produces brick-red to black fruits with a smoky, sweet flavor! Vigorous, indeterminate plants bear 7- to 10-oz. Beefsteak-type fruits that are great for slicing, salads and sandwiches.
  • Light Required: Full sun
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.
  • Pruning: Prune by cutting out suckers (auxiliary shoots between the stems and the leaves) to produce larger fruit. Fruit also ripens earlier since the sun can reach it more easily.
  • Soil Requirements: Rich, well-drained soil.
  • Comments: Smoky, sweet flavor. Has a cult following amongst seed savers. Flavor most closely relates to Black Krim. Brick-black color with dark green shoulders. Fruits are often bi-lobed. Russian heirloom lovingly named in the honor of a famous singer/performance artist and equal rights advocate, Paul Robeson.
  • Seed Count: Approximately 30 seeds per packet.
Edelweiss Grape
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / no. 1 1-yr. vine

Early season vines produce large clusters of delicious white grapes Edelweiss is an early ripening white variety with a pleasant sweet flavor that's excellent for fresh eating and processing.
  • Foliage: 6 inch deeply lobed and rounded, quite ornamental foliage.
  • Light Required: full sun
  • Fruit: Heavy clusters of medium size, slipskin, greenish-white to pale gold fruits that are very sweet with mild Niagara-type flavor.
  • Depth: same as in nursery
  • Form: Vine.
  • Color: Pale green
Silver Rose Garlic Softneck
Prices start at : 6.99 USD / 1 garlic bulb

Beautiful for braiding; one of the longest storing garlics and very fast growing. Softneck-type, rose-colored cloves in very smooth, bright white bulbs. 12-15 cloves per bulb.
  • Height: 18 inches.
  • Yield: 40 lbs. per 100 foot row.
  • Spacing: 2 - 4 inches apart in rows 6 inches apart.
  • Growth Rate: Moderate growth rate.
  • Form: Annual, upright, softneck.
  • Spread: 4 inches.
Jersey Knight Hybrid Asparagus
Prices start at : 16.99 USD / 3 asparagus starts

Spear tips stay tight past the harvest, for weeks of delectable eating. Prolific, predominantly male strain. Performs even in heavy clay soil. Rust resistant. U.S. Patent No. 6624.
  • Depth: Prepare a trench 8 inches deep. Spread crowns over the soil and cover them with 2 inches of soil. Gradually fill the trench with soil as the plants grow. (if your soil is clay or heavy, you may want to add compost). Plant plugs are planted like a potted plant. These can easily be planted with a tro
  • Yield: Heavy yields.
  • Pruning: After harvest, asparagus must be completely dormant before mowing. Mow late Winter or early Spring.
  • Spread: 18 inches.
  • Comments: For a fresh alternative to limp supermarket varieties, try growing Jersey Knight Asparagus in your own garden and experience a superior flavor and more tender texture. This prolific, patented all-male strain out-produces almost every other variety on the market today. Performs in even heavy clay soil; spear tips stay tight past the harvest. Best for high yield, fine flavor and the largest succulent spears. Proven tops for productivity, flavor and wide adaptability.
  • Form: Upright
Whitney Crabapple Tree
Prices start at : 32.99 USD / 1 tree

Delicious baked with cinnamon and sugar! Ripens by early September. Firm, crisp, tangy-sweet, pinkish-red fruits by the bushels! Wonderful in jams and jellies. NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time.
  • Light Required: Full sun.
  • Growth Rate: 1 - 2 feet per year.
  • Depth: Graft 1 - 2 inches above soil.
  • Yield: 2 - 5 bushels at maturity.
  • Zone: 3 - 7 (-30° F.).
  • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moist soil with organic matter.
Black Lace Elderberry
Prices start at : 34.99 USD / 1 gallon pot.

PP15575 This product is shipping now. Blossoms have a light lemony scent. Plant in full sun to partial shade. Black Lace Elderberry is now available in a gallon pot and shipping now.
  • Blooms: Early summer
  • Pollinator: Elderberries fruit best when you plant at least two different varieties within 60 feet of each other.
  • Comments: Attracts 51 bird species. An all-round great plant! It has beautiful lacy foliage of purple so rich it appears black, huge clusters of pink flowers that attract butterflies in early summer, and glossy berries that feed a multitude of birds in early winter. Very easy to grow, and an annual pruning will keep it any size you want. Wow!
  • Soil Requirements: Moist, humus-enriched, well-drained soil, will adapt to drier conditions.
  • Foliage: Purple lacy foliage.
  • Pruning: It takes pruning well. You may keep it any size you wish, though flowering is more prolific if heavy pruning is only done every third year.
Blueberry Bluecrop
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / 1 gallon pot.

Growing 4 to 6 ft. Ripens in mid July. This product is shipping now. Start growing your edible landscape this summer! Bluecrop Blueberry produces large to very large berries, and is unbeatable for consistent yields, large high-quality fruit and disease...
  • Depth: Place in a hole 2 times as wide and deep as the pot; plant top of root ball at soil surface.
  • Zone: 4 - 9 (-20° F.)
  • Height: 6-8 feet
  • Comments: Flowers do not have a fragrance. Fibrous root system. Prune to desired form in early spring up until mid-summer. Multi-stemmed wood shrub. Large, single flowers. Dark green leaves. The foliage does not show the yellowing in mid-summer that is typical of some hibiscus. Kept to 3-4 feet for a screen or hedge or pruned to make a small tree.
  • Foliage: Loses leaves in the fall. Palmately veined, 3 lobed, coarsely toothed along the margins. Dark green, heavily textured
  • Blooms: Mid summer to frost, continuous blooms
Jackpot Hybrid Zucchini Summer Squash
Prices start at : 5.99 USD / approx. 25 seeds per packet

Sets well all season. Dark green fruits have mild flavor and creamy texture, especially if picked young. Plentiful yields on spineless vines. Space-saving 30-in.
  • Color: Yellow.
  • Size: 6 - 8 inches.
  • Depth: 1 inch.
  • Spread: 30 inch vines.
  • Light Required: Full sun.
  • Height: 12 - 18 inches.
American Sycamore
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / 1 bareroot

A quick-growing tree, it stands up well in inclement weather such as high winds and hail. Tall with a 60 ft. Highly resistant to pollution and salty soils. Spread, the American Sycamore tree has an open, spreading habit with several massive branches.
  • Fruit: 1 inch brown balls that hand on stalks. Most will fall off the tree and litter the ground, while some will remain on the tree throughout the winter.
  • Botanical Name: Platanus occidentalis
  • Light Required: Full Sun.
  • Spread: 60 feet.
  • Pruning: Pruning during the dormant season -- particularly the late dormant season, such as in January -- has many benefits besides giving new shoots a fair shot at life. Specifically, this timing limits the loss of resources when you remove parts of the sycamores, as trees store most of their nutrients in their wood and roots during the dormant season. It also reduces the risk of spring and summer insects entering pruning wounds, which then seal with fresh bark as warm spring weather hits. And during th
  • Spacing: 60 - 80 feet.
Kentucky Wonder Pole Beans
Prices start at : 2.99 USD / Pkt-2oz

Seed counts : A 2-oz. Old-fashioned variety, long on flavor—vigorous, rust resistant and successful in all parts of the country. A good all-around pick for processing. Packet of snap bean seeds (bush and pole) contains about 150 seeds and sows a 25-ft.
  • Comments: Rust resistant. Climbs freely. Distinctive flavor. Good firmness, straight and smooth. Oldest and most widely used. Extends the bean season. Bears until frost if picked regularly. Also refer to pole bean culture.
  • Germination: 6 - 10 days.
  • Spread: Vine.
  • Yield: 150 pounds per 100 foot row.
  • Depth: 1 - 1.5 inches.
  • Seed Count: 2 oz. packet is approximately 150 seeds, 1/2 lb. is approximately 600 seeds.
Rose Glow Barberry
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / 1 gallon pot.

This deciduous shrub grows 3-6 ft. Grows best in full sun. This product is shipping now. Rose Glow Barberry is an attractive shrub that works well as a specimen plant or hedge. Tall with a similar spread.
  • Growth Rate: Slow growth rate.
  • Flower Form: Does not flower.
  • Zone: 4-8
  • Depth: Plant at the same depth it is in the pot. Water well.
  • Spacing: 3 - 5 feet
  • Height: 5 - 7 feet
The Earth Machinetm
Prices start at : 199.99 USD / 1 per offer

Backed by a 10-year warranty. The Earth Machinetm is simple to use, rodent resistant and gives you easy access to your compost. Tight, twist-locking lid and firm attachment to the ground ensure rodent-free security.
Raspberry Nova
Prices start at : 9.99 USD / 1 plant

Nova was released from the Nova Scotia breeding program in 1981 and is still one of the highest quality raspberries you can grow. Adaptable to all climates and can be used as a summer-bearer in the far north—Grow as a fall-bearer in the deep south!...
  • Height: 4-6 feet
  • Yield: Heavy yields
  • Size: 1/4-1/2 inch flowers
  • Light Required: Full sun to partial shade.
  • Spread: 4 feet
  • Spacing: 3 feet
Venus Sweetshrub
Prices start at : 24.99 USD / 1 potted plant

Best in partial sun to full shade. Similar to a magnolia bloom in form and fragrance, this sweet specimen truly lives up to its name! Pure white blooms open in early summer to reveal deep purple centers and an extremely powerful fragrance with hints of...

8 - 10 feet

    • Color: Pure white with purple centers.
    • Height: 8 - 10 feet
    • Light Required: Full to partial shade.
    • Botanical Name: Calycanthus 'Venus'
    • Spread: 8 - 10 feet
    • Spacing: 8 - 10 feet
    Emerald Green Arborvitae
    Prices start at : 29.99 USD / 1 gallon pot.

    Emerald Green Arborvitae is currently available in a gallon pot and shipping now. Plant as an accent plant in the landscape, or plant several together to create a low-maintenance hedge.
    • Zone: 3 - 8
    • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, moist, acidic soil.
    • Growth Rate: Slow, less than 12 inches per year.
    • Comments: Provides nesting and food for birds and small animals. Releases a pleasing fragrance when leaves are brushed.
    • Height: 10 - 15 feet
    • Light Required: Full Sun to Partial Shade
    Pinkeye Purplehull BVR Pea
    Prices start at : 3.99 USD / 1/4 lb

    Easiest to determine proper picking time for shell peas. The pods turn dark purple when the peas are mature. The most widely grown type over most of the South.
    • Zone: 3 - 9 annual.
    • Days To Maturity: 60 days.
    • Size: 6 inch pods.
    • Depth: 1/2 - 1 inch.
    • Comments: Cream-colored peas with big pink eyes. Compact, bushy plants. Heavy yields and adapts to most soil types. #1 for yield and disease resistance. Withstands drought, heat, and poor soil.
    • Yield: 100 pounds per 100 foot row.
    Supreme Grape
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / 1 bareroot plant

    Very vigorous vines produce 40% more harvest than self-fertile vines. Though in many areas of the South, native Muscadines will pollinate Supreme, we recommend Tara as a pollinator variety.
    • Growth Rate: Medium to fast growth rate.
    • Yield: Very heavy producer.
    • Form: Vine.
    • Depth: Plant so the roots are below the soil.
    • Foliage: Green foliage.
    • Light Required: Full sun.
    Sugar Baby (se) Hybrid Sweet Corn
    Prices start at : 5.99 USD / approx. 250 seeds per packet

    Apart in rows 30-36 in. Ears with 12-16 rows of extra-sweet corn. Because corn is wind-pollinated, plant several short rows instead of one long one. A great way to start sweet corn season! This extra-early bicolor produces 8.5 in.
    • Height: 6 - 7 feet.
    • Spread: 24 inches.
    • Comments: Bi-color, early, extra sweet. Good cold tolerance. 12 - 16 rows of kernel. Perfect for short growing seasons. NOTE: Isolate (250-300 feet. or by 3+ weeks maturity time) from all sh2 and su corn varieties.
    • Seed Count: Approximately 250 seeds per packet, 1/2 lb. has approximately 960 seeds, 2 lbs. has approximately 3,840 seeds.
    • Days To Maturity: 65 days.
    • Spacing: 10 - 12 inches between plants; 30 - 36 inches between rows.
    Earliglow Junebearing Strawberries
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / 25 plants

    Self-pollinating. Earliglow Strawberry plants produce excellent yields of flavorful, medium-large berries that are firm, uniformly deep red and cone shaped. Earliglow Strawberry plants are well adapted to the Mid-Atlantic, Midwest and Northeast regions.
    • Size: 1/2+ inch blossoms.
    • Yield: Excellent yield.
    • Comments: Early variety. Junebearing. Superior flavor. Freezes well. Well adapted in mid-Atlantic, Northeast, and mid-West.
    • Soil Requirements: Moist, well-drained, slightly acidic, sandy loam soil.
    • Zone: 4 - 8 (-20° F.).
    • Spacing: 12 - 24 inches.
    Golden Showers Climbing Rose
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / #1 bareroot plant

    Abundant clusters of fragrant ruffled pure yellow flowers. Bright green leaves. Blooms on new and old wood.
    • Spread: 4-6 feet
    • Blooms: Late spring to early fall
    • Comments: The finest yellow Climbing Rose. Create a spectacular show on trellises, fences or walls with this vigorous, free-blooming climber. Blooms on extremely vigorous 6-10' plants. Spreads 21/2'. Covered with 4shouldbedeleted double blooms from spring to fall. 1956 AARS winner. #1-11/2 field grown roses. Possibly the finest & most profuse bloomer of all yellow climbers. One of only 3 climbers to receive the All American Rose Award since its inception in 1938. Always in bloom. A constant source of cheerful daffodil-yellow from spring to fall. Moderate fragrance. Blooms on new and old wood. Cool temps give best color and size.
    • Growth Rate: Slow at first because of its very free flowering nature.
    • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, rich amended soil.
    • Flower Form: Large 5"-5 1/2" semi-double with ruffled edges produced in clusters.
    Shasta Viburnum
    Prices start at : 29.99 USD / one 1 gallon potted plant

    Growing 5-6' tall and up to 12' wide, Shasta Viburnum performs well as a low maintenance hedge or specimen plant and is deer resistant. Prune immediately after flowering to ensure numerous, showy blooms for years to come.
    • Zone: 3 - 9
    • Comments: Nice combination of heights and shapes all in the shades of red! Red Rocket Carnation 15 - 20shouldbedeleted tall, Red Astilbe up to 36shouldbedeleted tall, Little Business Daylily 12 - 15shouldbedeleted tall, Tenor Tall Phlox up to 36shouldbedeleted tall and Scarlet Bee Balm towering at 3 - 4' tall.
    • Botanical Name: Red Perennial Collection
    • Color: Red
    Purple Wintercreeper
    Prices start at : 14.99 USD / 5 plants

    Tall foliage turns purple in fall—lovely cascading over walls. Vining evergreen 4 to 6 in. Thrives in a wide range of conditions, from full sun to dense shade.
    • Growth Rate: 24 - 60 inches per year once established.
    • Comments: This is an evergreen clinging vine or sub-shrub. Also, an excellent rambling ground cover, with 1 inch leaves that turn purplish in the Fall and retain that color throughout the Winter. Also suitable for slopes, beneath trees or cascading over walls. Hardy to -20 degrees F. Fibrous roots. These plants are very tolerant to most any condition they may encounter. This evergreen is a rapid grower. Requires little care. Crowds out weeds and controls erosion. FLOWERS OCCUR ON MATURE SPECIMENS ONLY.
    • Foliage: Evergreen, glossy green foliage changing to purple in Winter.
    • Pruning: None needed
    • Botanical Name: Euonymus fortunei var. 'Coloratus'
    • Blooms: Spring
    Bulbs Alive!tm
    Prices start at : 12.99 USD / 3 lbs

    At time of planting. All-natural formula is ideal for spring-flowering bulbs like tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocuses. When planting bulbs individually, use ½ cup per bulb and mix thoroughly with soil around planting hole before placing bulb in.
    Tomato Giant Beef Hybrid
    Prices start at : 6.99 USD / apporx 20 seed per packet

    Enjoy rich, old-fashioned, true tomato taste with our improved version of Big Beef. Sure to become a home garden favorite, Giant Beef offers larger yields of big 12- to 16-oz. Fruit that are resistant to cracking and early blight.
    • Blooms: Summer
    • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate.
    • Spread: 24 - 36 inches.
    • Soil Requirements: Well-drained, deep, fertile soil.
    • Height: Indeterminate.
    • Pruning: Prune by cutting out suckers (auxiliary shoots between the stems and the leaves) to produce larger fruit. Fruit also ripens earlier since the sun can reach it more easily.
    Mountain Ash
    Prices start at : 14.99 USD / 1 bareroot

    The Mountain Ash tree produces clusters of orange-red berries that provide food for birds and wildlife. NOTE: We are unable to ship our trees to PO Boxes at this time. In late spring, clusters of white flowers bloom.
    • Growth Rate: Medium growth rate, 1 - 1.5 feet per year.
    • Light Required: Full sun to partial shade.
    • Botanical Name: Sorbus aucuparia
    • Size: 1/4 inch.
    • Spread: 20 - 30 feet.
    • Comments: Must have well-drained soil. Short lived, 25 - 50 years. Excessive Summer heat can cause some problems.
    Rosemary Herbs
    Prices start at : 2.99 USD / approx 100 seeds per packet

    Narrow, spiky leaves have a piney,bittersweet flavoring. Favored scent for spicy potpourris, too. Herb plants are not available in CA, OR, WA. Grow as an annual in the North.
    • Comments: Annual. Semi-evergreen, shrub-type plant. Light blue flowers in April - May. Valued for culinary and ornamental uses. Repels insects. Piney-mint flavor and aroma.
    • Soil Requirements: Alkaline, sandy soil.
    • Depth: Seed 1/8 inch. Plants at the same level as in the pot.
    • Zone: 8 - 10. Grown as an annual in colder zones.
    • Blooms: April- May
    • Germination: 15 - 20 day average, erratic, poor.
    Ketchup & Mustardtm Floribunda Rose
    Prices start at : 24.99 USD / 1 bareroot.

    Full sun to partial shade. U.S. Patent No. 23289 Spread, it has a nice, rounded habit. Delightful combination of bright red and dark yellow flowers are standouts in the garden and fresh floral displays.
    • Flower Form: Formal spiraled blooms with a mild rose fragrance. About 25 petals.
    • Depth: Plant at the same level as the soil so the crown of the plant is even with the soil level. Don't bury the crown. Full sun is best for quicker flowering and higher quality plants.
    • Spacing: 2 - 3 feet.
    • Height: 2 - 4 feet.
    • Zone: 4- 10
    • Light Required: Full sun to partial shade.
    Curly Lady Camellia
    Prices start at : 24.99 USD / 1 potted plant

    Growing 6-8 ft. Its dark green leaves are lightly curled. Large red flowers and twisted branches make this shrub a perfect accent plant. U.S. Patent No. 17014 Tall with a 4-5 ft. Partial to full shade.
    • Height: 6-8 feet.
    • Spread: 4-5 feet.
    • Depth: Plant at the same depth it is in the pot.
    • Form: Upright.
    • Comments: It is a large evergreen shrub with dark glossy, slightly twisted leaves and produce large buds in winter which open up into medium sized anemone form red flowers. They grow well in semi shade or shade and prefer acid soil. Plant away from cold winter winds.
    • Blooms: From winter to mid spring.