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Dwarf Jade
Prices start at : 32.98 USD / each

Tall in its native habitat, it is an ideal bonsai for a beginner; this beautiful plant is easy to care for and will be a thing of beauty for years to come. Though it grows to heights of 10 ft.


    • Botanical Name: Portulacaria afra
    • Container Size (in.): 6
    • Blossom Color: No Blossoms
    • Warranty: your bonsai tree has been grown in a state-of-the-art greenhouse under precisely controlled conditions to achieve optimum health if for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your tree or with our service, please notify us within 30 days of receipt we will correct the situation to your satisfaction: Yes
    • Age (years): 6
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Green Mound Juniper (Outdoor)
    Prices start at : 35.27 USD / each

    The natural movement of this tree's trunk and branches capture the essence of bonsai, making Green Mound the most used juniper variety. The texture of the Green Mound Juniper's foliage and the ease of trimming make this outdoor bonsai a winner for beginners.
    •  Includes 8 in. humidity tray, deco rock and proper care brochure
    •  Naturally curved trunks and branches
    • Botanical Name: Juniperus procumbens Nana'
    • Age (years): 3
    • Light Requirements: Medium
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Green Mound Juniper Bonsai (Outdoor)
    Prices start at : 36.26 USD / each

    If you are looking for a bonsai that is easy to maintain, consider the Brussel's Bonsai Green Mound Juniper. This tree can be a great choice for beginning your garden and it does well in low-light environments.
    •  Includes 10 in. humidity tray, deco rock and proper care brochure
    •  Textured foliage has a striking look and is easy to trim
    •  Compact and easy to trim
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Botanical Name: Juniperus procumbens 'Nana'
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Pyramid Bamboo
    Prices start at : 27.75 USD / each

    The Brussel's Bonsai Pyramid Bamboo is a unique elegant plant that is extremely easy to grow. Not considered bonsai, this plant will thrive in all light conditions. In China, Lucky Bamboo is thought to bring good fortune.
    •  Place indoor bonsai near windows facing southeast or west or use a grow light 10 - 12 hours daily
    •  Asians associate bamboo with good fortune
    • Blossom Color: No Blossoms
    • Hardiness Zone: 1 (-60 to -50 F)
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    • Botanical Name: Dracaena sanderiana
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Lavender Star Bonsai
    Prices start at : 39.00 USD

    Lavender Star trees are great for bonsai as they can be easily pruned and shaped. The Grewia Occidentalis or Lavender Star tree is a tree that is named for its pink and lavender star-shaped flowers.
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Fukien Tea Bonsai
    Prices start at : 91.1 USD / each

    Pot to add style to your home decor. Humidity tray, a deco rock and a care brochure and is displayed in a 12 in. The 12-year-old Brussel's Fukien Tea Bonsai tree is an indoor tree that produces small white blooms which are followed by shiny red berries.
    • Light Requirements: High/Low
    • Returnable: Non-Returnable
    • Green foliage atop an intriguing trunk with irregular surface bark offers an aesthetic accent to your home: Yes
    • Hardiness Zone: 1 (-60 to -50 F)
    • Blossom Color: White
    • Botanical Name: Carmona microphylla
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    6 in. 7-Stalk Curly Bamboo in Red Container
    Prices start at : 29.94 USD / each

    In China, Lucky Bamboo is thought to bring good fortune. Simply secure the bamboo canes in the decorative rock and routinely fill the red container with water. The Brussel's Bonsai 6 in.
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Blossom Color: No Blossoms
    • Botanical name: dracaena sanderiana: Yes
    • Hardiness Zone: 1 (-60 to -50 F)
    • Light Requirements: High/Low
    • Container Size (in.): 6 in
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Gensing Grafted Ficus (Indoor)
    Prices start at : 41.43 USD / each

    These indoor bonsai respond to a wide range of light conditions. Ginseng Grafted Ficus trees embody strength, with substantial exposed roots that support sturdy, thick-based trucks.
    • Ideal indoor foliage: Yes
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    • Container Size (in.): 8 in
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Age (years): 4
    • Hardiness Zone: 2 (-50 to -40 F)
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Braided Money Tree (Indoor)
    Prices start at : 32.00 USD / each

    Easy to grow in bright light, this bonsai is a good choice for novice growers. Sending wishes for a Happy Birthday or similarly festive occasion. This Braided Money Tree is a traditional symbol of good fortune and communicates your feelings in a time-honored...
    •  4 years old
    •  Includes 8 in. humidity tray, deco rock and proper care brochure
    •  Thought to bring prosperity to all
    •  Meticulously braided by Chinese
    • Container Size (in.): 6 in
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    5-Stalk Straight Bamboo
    Prices start at : 27.21 USD / each

    The Brussel's Bonsai 6-Stalk Straight Bamboo is a unique plant that is elegant and extremely easy to grow. This plant will thrive in all light conditions and the water should be replaced routinely.
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    • Age (years): 5
    • 5-Stalk straight bamboo, or lucky bamboo, is non-flowering: Yes
    • Light Requirements: Medium
    • Hardiness Zone: 1 (-60 to -50 F)
    • Blossom Color: No Blossoms
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree on Rock Bonsai
    Prices start at : 43.92 USD / each

    It is an attractive, fuss-free tree with shiny compact leaves. The Brussel's Bonsai Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree on Rock Bonsai is the perfect tree with which to begin your bonsai hobby.
    • Age (years): 5
    • Returnable: 90-Day
    • Container Size (in.): 10 in
    • Common Name: Bonsai
    • Light Requirements: Low
    • The Dwarf Hawaiian Umbrella Tree on Rock is a non-flowering bonsai: Yes
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    LeAnn Cleyera, Southern Living Plant Collection
    Prices start at : 40.13 USD / each

    Hardy in USDA zones 7-10 Evergreen Uniform growing hedge LeAnn Cleyera, Southern Living Plant Collection: Use a slow release granular fertilizer in spring. When planting this shrub, dig the hole twice as wide as the pot and mix rich garden soil in with...
    •  Easy to maintain
    •  Hardy in USDA zones 7-10
    •  Water twice a week until established
    •  Mature size: 10-12'H x 6-7'W
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 28.00 x 11.00 x 11.00 Inches
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Dotted Hawthorn Crataegus punctata
    Prices start at : 4.95 USD / 1 packet

    * Gray-green leaves, white flowers, red 3/4" fruit in October, native to U.S. East Coast west to central U.S. * A very easily grown plant, it prefers a well-drained moisture retentive loamy soil but is not at all fussy.
    • Species: punctata
    • Common Name: Dotted Hawthorn
    • Botanical Name: Crataegus punctata
    • Collection Locale: IA
    • Purity: 98%
    • Crop Year: 1998
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    40 Shades of Blue Flower Bulb Collection - 40 Count
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

    The Blue Aimable Tulip is the blues of the blue tulips, this unusual variety is a departure from the norm with long, sturdy stems which can be used as a cut-flower or as a highly effective landscape subject.
    •  Require well drained soil area
    •  Perfect for zones 3-9
    • Model: 2045
    • Plant Category: Flowering Plants
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Grafted Desert Rose Adenium Obesum Plants MIXED COLORS Exotic Succulent Bonsai
    Prices start at : 19.99 USD / each

    Desert rose blooms keep thriving in half a year Specifications: Water Frequency: once a week Adenium Obesum Height: 10-16 Adenium Obesum Weight: 6-12 oZ Package List: 1 x Adenium Obesum 1 x Tip Card
    •  At least 3 years old mature adenium plant (approx. 10 in. in height), ready to bloom; comes with no soil or pot, easily grows in any type of soil with full sun exposure
    •  Super easy to cultivate
    •  Grafted double flower rare adenium obesum
    •  Grafted double flower rare adenium plants, gives an exotic and stunning look when in blossom
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 11.81 x 3.15 x 3.15 Inches
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Wonderlawn Pensacola Bahiagrass Grass Seed
    Prices start at : 23.65 USD / each

    Wonderlawn Pensacola Bahiagrass Grass Seed Wonderlawn Pensacola Bahiagrass Grass Seed Grass seed that does well in full sun, high heat, and is drought resistant. Grass seed that does well in full sun, high heat, and is drought resistant.
    • Brand: Barenbrug USA
    • Model: 76202
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Mexican Manzanita Seeds - Arctostaphylos pungens - 25 Seeds
    Prices start at : 5 USD / each

    Prefers dry, shallow, acidic soils that are heavy with gravel and sand.Zones: 6 to 8Germination Range: 30-50%Stratification Requirement: Seed requires scarification by fire or smoke treatment to germinate.
    • Brand: TreeSeeds
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    2 Hardy Kiwi Plants - Actinidia - Anna and Meader - 2.5\
    Prices start at : 14.99 USD / each

    The vines take very little maintenance-just pruning and support to hold about 100 lbs. A nurseryman from Tennessee, reports that in 1996 his large vine of 'Anna' bore over 200 lbs.
    • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    SeedRanch Zoysia Certified Grass Seed - 1 Lb.
    Prices start at : 37.77 USD / each

    Zenith Zoysia provides a dark-green, medium-textured turf for use in home lawns, commercial landscapes, golf courses, sports fields and roadsides from Miami to Baltimore and west to Kansas City and beyond.
    • Plant Category: Grasses
    • Brand: Patten Seed Company
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Double Late Tulip Mix 20 Bulbs
    Prices start at : 13.33 USD / each

    Tulips are one of the easiest bulbs to grow. Height 16-24 inches Great cut flower, Great for containers, winter hardy, and good for borders and beds. Jsut plant these bulbs this fall in well-drained soil in full sun or partial shade for agreat, colorful...
    • Plant Category: Flowering Plants
    • Brand: Daylily Nursery
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Packet of 200 Seeds, Rue Herb (Ruta graveolens) Non-GMO Seeds By Seed Needs
    Prices start at : 3.5 USD / each

    Packet of 200 Seeds, Rue Herb (Ruta graveolens) Non-GMO Seeds By Seed Needs Single Packet of 200Seeds Grow Rue herbs from freshly harvestedRuta graveolens herb seeds. Rue plants are grown as an ornamental, as well as a medicinal herb.
    • Brand: Seed Needs: Herbs
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Blue Point Juniper, Upright Evergreen Tree, Lawn and Garden plants
    Prices start at : 13.48 USD / each

    Use a slow-release granular fertilizer in the spring to nourish this Blue Point Juniper Tree. It can be pruned into nice topiary structures to accent patios or entrances, as well as line fences, driveways and other border areas.
    •  Upright evergreen tree should be planted in a hole in the ground that is twice as wide as the pot it is currently in
    •  Mature size: 12'H x 8'W
    •  Feed it with a slow-release granular fertilizer in the spring
    •  Water twice a week until established
    •  Evergreen
    •  Hardy in USDA zones 4-9
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Cypress Leyland
    Price : CALL

    Cypress Leyland Cypress Leyland: In addition, even in cold winter months, your garden can still appear green and healthy with this tree. Cypress Leyland: This Cypress Leyland adds a green element to your garden all year round.
    •  Evergreen tree helps your garden appear green and healthy even in cold months
    •  Green tree adds a vertical variety to a yard instead of only having ground cover plants
    •  Decorate the tree with bird feeders or ornaments for a festive touch
    • Condition: New
    • Recommended Location: Outdoor
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Van Zyverden Tulips and Narcissus, Pot Luck Mixture, Set of 100 Bulbs
    Prices start at : 58.19 USD / $0.59 / each

    As no two packs will be exactly alike, buy several to maximize the varietal range. Mixed tulips and yellow daffodils are the two all-time best-sellers in North America. Thousands of varieties are grown annually and millions are planted each season.
    •  Plant 4-8" apart, 4-8" deep
    •  Grows 16-18" tall
    •  Easy to plant and grow nearly anywhere
    •  Ship to: 48 contiguous US states, plus the District of Columbia
    • Assembled Product Weight: 4 lb
    • Brand: Van Zyverden
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Willow Hawthorn Crataegus saligna
    Prices start at : 8.95 USD / 1 packet

    Okennonii , have also been associated with considerable taxonomic confusion, despite the statement from Cronquist et al. (1997) that “With only three native species of Crataegus in our [intermountain] range, we are virtually free from the taxonomic...
    • Germination: 91%
    • Collection Locale: CO
    • Crop Year: 1998
    • Height: 6-18 feet
    • Quantity: 0.15 lb
    • Genus: Crataegus
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Miniature African Violet - 3 Plants/2\
    Prices start at : 15.99 USD / each

    The most popular blooming plant in the world is the African Violet (SAINTAPAULIA). And for good reason, they bloom continuously, twelve months a year. Miniature African Violet - 3 Plants/2" Pot - Great for Terrariums/Fairy Gardens The most popular blooming...
    • Brand: Hirt's Gardens
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Brussel\'s Hawaiian Umbrella in Land Water Pot Bonsai - Large - (Indoor)
    Prices start at : 46.29 USD / each

    In fact, this particular Bonsai tree is probably one of the easiest to grow and maintain, making it perfect for beginners. Glossy green leaves are delicately divided and upright umbels produce orange-red to black berries.
    •  Indoor Care - Your order will be carefully wrapped in a custom designed corrugated carton and delivered with detailed care instructions.
    •  This attractive, fuss-free tree sports shiny compact leaves
    •  Begin here if you are interested in bonsai
    • Brand: Brussel's Bonsai
    • Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H): 6.00 x 8.00 x 10.00 Inches
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    Everwilde Farms - 1000 Salad Bowl Leaf Lettuce Seeds - Gold Vault Jumbo Bulk Seed Packet
    Prices start at : 2.5 USD / each

    Wild lettuce, from which modern lettuce is derived, originated in Asia Minor. Columbus brought it with him to the New World, starting its spread over the North American continent. Without a doubt, lettuce now holds a place in nearly every garden on the...
    •  Open Pollinated Heirloom
    •  Ships Directly From Everwilde Farms
    • Brand: Everwilde Farms
    Louisville/Jefferson County
    9greenbox - Live Lucky 5 Braided Money Tree Into 1 Pachira with Handmade Ceramic Pot Plants Lucky for 2012
    Prices start at : 16.99 USD / each

    They are favorably placed as small plants in homes and offices. These trees have the ability to grow up to 60 feet high in the wild. The Money Tree, or Pachira, is thought by respectable Feng Shui Masters to bring good luck and fortune to businesses and...
    •  Brings good luck and fortune to family and business.
    •  As the tree grows, new leaves unfurl into beautiful five-leafed stems.
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Condition: New
    • Manufacturer Part Number: C4-RZ0Z-G13O
    Louisville/Jefferson County