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Black Seaweed

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Black bengal goat original breed
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More than 10 females are pregnant and good condition.interested person can call 9088012324.Farm location is in bihar More than 10 females are pregnant and good condition.interested person can call 9088012324
Seaweed Extract Powder
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Total Alginate Acid: 16% Potassium (as K2O dry basis): 16% Total Amino Acid: 2% Total Nitrogen: 1% Mannitol: 3% Cytokinin: 300ppm Total Plant Growing Regulator: 600ppm Extracting from fresh Ascophylum Nodosum which are natural.non-toxic.harmless and
Soliciting bids for standing Black Walnut trees
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#1 24.6\" diam, 32.24\' height to branch #2 19.8\" diam, 32.2\' height to branch #3 11.5\" diam, 44.22\' height to branch #4 24.9\" diam, 39\' height to branch #5 20.6\" diam, 35.1\' height to branch #6 29.2\" diam, 29.56\' height to branch #7 16.7\"...
Oak wood flooring
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Description: Red Oak heartwood is similar to other oaks and coloration runs from a light tan to pink with a reddish tinge. The wood is predominantly straight grained and coarse textured.
Supply of black Truffle and red in high volume
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- price per kilogram of black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt) 360 $. The price per kilo of red Truffle 175 $. * Supply and sale of fresh Truffle * - Supply of black Truffle and red in high volume - airlifting black truffle (tuber aestivum vitt) with unrivaled...
Black walnut burl (i think)
Price : CALL

I\'m not a woodworker or craftsman, i work in electronics. Any input or feedback, even an offer, would be very helpful. I didn\'t take exact measurements but it\'s approx 2\' x 3\' x 4.5\' across the top.
Cheap moroccan truffles
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Truffles or Terfess in Arabic or Truffes in French are edible body of fungi in the genus Tuber They r the fruiting body of an underground mushroom earthy tastes U can find Truffles hiding in the sands especially in Saharian areas I love Truffles so much...
Seaweed Marine Pure Collagen
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Calcium - 37 times higher than fish liver. Antioxidant - 550 times more stronger than C Vitamin. VITAMIN A - 40 times more than Beta Carotene or 638 times more than fresh meat. Back to nature.
Telok panglima garang
NJ Black Walnut Tree
Price : CALL

Tree felled in storm on 7/28, in NJ looking to sell, will need to pickup / cut, good access to tree long bed log loader not a problem. Was a healthy tree, large straight limbs, large trunk.
Animal Feed,Fish Meal, Pineapple Pulp
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Seaweed Can Be Used Directly to Feed Animals for Cattle, Pig, Domestic Chicken, Shrimp and Fish Seaweed Can Be Used Directly to Feed Animals for Cattle, Pig, Domestic Chicken, Shrimp and Fish or Mixed Into Feedstuff as Nutritional Feed Additive and are...
Kent Mill
Powder and granula Charcoal
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ACID-WASHED for extra purity HARDWOOD Activated Charcoal Powder NORIT SA4 (Pets & Livestock) Activated Charcoal Powder Charcoal Green SOIL DETOX Charcoal Green SOIL DETOX is an Activated Charcoal Powder Powder Activated Carbon (325 mesh) Granular Activated...
Agribooster Microbial Fertilizer
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Banana wastes or discarded banana trunk and peelings are utilized. It helps stimulate microbes to fix nitrogen from the air, providing additional nitrogen for plant nourishment and growth.
Santa Rosa
2016 Paradox Walnut seeds for Sale
Price : CALL

Seeking growers in need of Paradox Juglans Hindsii Seed Northern California Blacks from Northern California. Contact to confirm our ability and the quantity required. Juglans Hindsii Seed For Sale from Northern California Supplier 2016 Crop.
Yuba City
Black pepper
Price : CALL

Prize Negoitable (Down Payment), FOB Boom Baru Port (container) Palembang City Souh Sumatera Province Indonesia We have black pepper (Dry) with capacity 2-5 MT or according request from buyer.
Sumatera Selatan
Black bean red
Price : CALL

The raw materials is the spermoderm of black bean This product has been exported to EU, Japan, USA, Asia etc. The physical level and microbiological level can meet the export standards well.For avoiding fakes,this product already has normal enterprise...
Black currant anthocyanin
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It is easily water-soluble and absolute a natural pigment .It is abstracted from the fruit residues of Saxifragaceae ground cherry black currant(also named Ribes nigrum) by modern biotechnology.Widely used in soda,fruit wines, frothy wine-cup,black currant...
Fresh black truffles moscato
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Its inner glebe is beige-brown coloured with pretty clear streaks, its surface is a little rough. Its flavour is quite strong and slightly spicy, the Black Moscato is a truffle that can be used cooked without losing its aromatic characteristics.
Original Barbados Black Belly Sheep
Price : CALL

Will sell individually or as pair. Individual price is $175.00 each or $300 for a pair. Pick up only, no deliveries. Picture shows at 2 weeks old.Can not accept checks or credit cards.Receipt given at time of pick up.
For Sale: 2 Black Angus, Black Simmental Bulls
Price : CALL

Also very Docile and would work for a heifer bull. Baldy is a 3/4+ Simmental (One Eyed Jack X Goldmine) he is not recommended for a heifer bull but would put frame and power into any mature cow herd.
  • Number of Head: 2
Goose Lake
White and Black Sesame Seeds
Price : CALL

Various types of sesame seeds are available with us, White and Black & can be packed as per the buyers requirement.See our product specifications below: Name: White sesame Seeds 1)Purity:above 99%, 2)Moisture:within 7.5% 3)Admixture:5 4)ACID:
Black bear rug with head & claws
Price : CALL

Prepared late 2009 over 6 ft from front claw to other front claw 7feet from nose to hind claws with 3 inch long hair. Prepared late 2009 over 6 ft from front claw to other front claw 7feet from nose to hind claws with 3 inch long hair.Taxidermist hasn\'t...
Buy Seaweed
Price : CALL

Algovore Corporation is a new french firm who wants to import raw or desydrated seaweed. Can you send us please some imformations about yours products: - FOB prices (for minimum order quantity) - Minimum order quantity - Sample availability/cost - Trade...
Potamotrygon Big Sported Black Diamond Leopoldi
Price : CALL

Males and females available. Anybody looking for black diamond rays? This is the right time right place to get 1 or 2 for your tank. 10 pairs are available now and need to go due to relocation.
M4B 1B5
Potbellied Pigs all black and pink
Price : CALL

Asking $150.00. I have several all black and pink with black piglets for sale. Pigs are very smart and make wonderful pets. Call or text (330) 277-6509 if interested. They will not be ready to leave their moms until the end of November.
Sell wood ear mushrooms ( dried black fungus)
Price : CALL

At the moment Nutriworld Co., Ltd is exporting Dried Black Fungus to all most country on the world. None Cut Root & None Cleaned d. Dried Black Fungus is grown in farm production Nutriworld Co.,Ltd, ensuring correct technical Safety Food Hygiene of the...
Dong Nai
Thong Nhat
For Sale: 14 Angus, Black Angus, Black Hereford Bred Heifers
Price : CALL

14 head of bred cows and bwf cows avg weigh 1100-1300 $1200 delivered 3/6 year olds and good framed cows easy keepers of u need more pic just call or text 6786161883 Cows are 2nd and 3rd trimester gauranteed
  • Number of Head: 14
For Sale: 20 Black Angus, Black Hereford, Black Simmental, Blonde d\' Aquitaine, Braford Open Heifers
Price : CALL

  • Number of Head: 20
Bulgarian honeydew (manov)dark brown, black!!!
Price : CALL

Only in this area (Strandzha Sakar Mountain, Bulgaria) extract this type honey! The honey is packaged in 25 kg hobbock out of tinplate (plug lid cans out of tinplate). We have a certificate of honey analysis.
Big, Black Percheron Mare~Broke to ride!
Price : CALL

She is also through level 1 parelli, and well into level 2. Knows all the parelli games! She is a big gentle giant, solid black with only a small star on her forehead. Babe would make an excellent driving horse,sorry not trained to drive yet, or trail...
Oconto Falls