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Hudson Never Pumptm Battery-Operated Sprayer, 4 Gallon
Prices start at : 149.99 USD / each

Hudson includes four nozzles with this sprayer: Cone Dual cone Flat fan Adjustable shower Hudson also designed this sprayer for comfort. The Hudson Never Pump sprayer is 3 to 4 times more efficient than a manual pump sprayer.

Product Features


      • Tank capacity: 4 gallons: Specs
      • Built-in filter to tank opening for keeping debris out: Product Features
      • Chemical-resistant shoulder straps with adjustable pads: Product Features
      • Rapid AC charger included: Product Features
      • Battery: Lead acid 12V/10Ah: Specs
      • Wand length: 20 inches: Specs
      United States
      Two-Nozzle Spray Boom
      Prices start at : 25.29 USD / each

      This bed boom works great in vegetable crops and greenhouse applications. You can adjust the nozzle position and angle for proper spray coverage. Use this boom in any areas where you need a wider spray swath.
      United States
      Spray Vest With Padded Shoulder Cushions
      Prices start at : 68.99 USD / each

      Protect your shoulders and back from chemical sprayer leaks and spills! Two large adjustable foam pads cushion the shoulders against pressure from the sprayer. Made of butyl rubber with a mesh front for a cooler feel.
      United States
      Solo Shut Off Assembly For All Solo Sprayers
      Prices start at : 19.19 USD / each

      Features threaded ports for easy attachment, locking mechanism to lock sprayer in "open" position, and a mounting port for a pressure gauge. Replacement shut off valve assembly for most Solo sprayers! Fits 425, 425D, 475, 475D, 456, and 428 sprayers.
      United States
      Solo Drift Guard For All Solo Sprayers
      Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

      Prevents unwanted drift! Plastic drift guard attaches to spray wand to keep harmful sprays from drifting onto plants you don't wish to treat!


        • Has a flat fan pattern nozzle inside funnel: Specs
        • Threaded to go on the end of Solo wand: Specs
        United States
        Field King Max No Leak Backpack Sprayer
        Prices start at : 106.99 USD / each

        Deluxe shutoff with filter, durable stainless steel wand, and a 4-nozzle option - a brass adjustable nozzle, 2 flat-fan nozzles, and a foaming nozzle. Viton o-rings and seals maximize the resistance to harsh chemicals.

        Product Features


            • Gallon measurements molded into the tank: Product Features
            • Up to 150 psi: Specs
            • Full back padded harness, waist belt, chest belt, and shoulder straps: Product Features
            • 4-nozzle option - a brass adjustable nozzle, 2 flat-fan nozzles, and a foaming nozzle.: Specs
            • Weighs 11 lbs dry: Specs
            United States
            Solo Pro-Spot Drift Guard
            Prices start at : 8.59 USD / each

            Popular for use in container nurseries and landscapes. Fits all solo sprayers. Control spray drift in close-up targeted applications! Small shield is favored for spot treatment of herbicides in tight spaces.
            • Fits all Solo sprayers: Specs
            • The drift guard reduces drift when spot spraying dandilions or other broadleaf weeds: Product Features
            • The benefit of reduced drift is it protects the desirable plants around the weed. Also it saves on herbicide: Product Benefits
            United States
            Solo Battery Backpack Sprayer, 11.1V Lithium-Ion
            Prices start at : 363.49 USD / each

            Ergonomically shaped 5-gallon tank with padded back and shoulder straps are designed for comfortable spray applications. Quiet operation with no emissions and low vibration makes this a suitable sprayer for indoors such as greenhouses.

            Product Features

              • Pressure and output adjustable with a two-step toggle switch. Step 1:36psi, step 2:62psi: Product Features
              • Fitted pressure gauge with protective guard: Product Features
              • Battery capacity allows up to 6 hours of operation: Product Features
              • Stainless steel ball valve filter prevents dripping: Product Features
              • Wide, padded comfortable carrying straps with quick release clips. Waist belt included: Product Features
              • Interchangeable spray nozzle system, TeeJet(r) compatible: Product Features
              United States
              Solo Two Section Extension Wand
              Prices start at : 38.09 USD / each

              Ideal for spraying in trees and long reach areas! Tree sprayer extension for 425D or 475D. 60" extension tube.
              United States
              Chapin Backpack Sprayer, 4gal
              Prices start at : 84.39 USD / each

              Four gallon capacity. Featuring four position pressure relief valve, chemical resistant viton o-rings and seals, large opening top, poly wand with three nozzles, comfort grip spray handle and ambidextrous pump handle.


                • 4 in wide fill opening: Specs
                • Viton seals: Specs
                • Adjustable brass nozzle (also includes plastic fan and cone nozzles): Specs
                • 4 gallon pump: Specs
                • For professionals and homeowners: Product Features
                United States
                SP Systems Plug Set for Acetone Sprayer
                Prices start at : 8.99 USD / each

                Replacement part for SP10ACT and SP35ACT sprayers.
                United States
                New! Jacto 4-Gallon Battery-Operated Backpack Sprayer
                Prices start at : 359.99 USD / each

                This 4-gallon sprayer provides unrivaled spraying accuracy. Whether you are a market farmer, a commercial greenhouse grower, or a busy landscaper — this is the sprayer for you! Their work paid off! Introducing the PJB-16 — a light weight, ergonomic...

                Product Features

                  • Power source: Lithium-ion battery: Specs
                  • Constant pressure, regardless of the level of the battery: Product Features
                  • Exceptional battery life for all day operation: Product Features
                  • Automatic shut-off: Product Features
                  • 5 pressure settings: Product Features
                  • Lighter weight causes less fatigue: Product Features
                  United States
                  Flow Valve 21psi for SP Sprayers
                  Prices start at : 20.19 USD / each

                  Controls flow and pressure! Maintains constant flow rate through nozzle regardless of variations in input pressure. The valve also limits the amount of pumping as it stores excess pressure at the valve.
                  United States
                  Handheld Sprayer 1.5 Quart
                  Prices start at : 42.49 USD / each

                  60 psi working pressure. 1 1/2 quart capacity. Meets professional standards for plant, janitorial and pest control uses! Precision pumping system with fully adjustable nozzle.
                  United States
                  Hose Reel & High Pressure Hose
                  Prices start at : 669.69 USD / each

                  High pressure hose with reel for easy storage! 600 psi 3/8-inch hose with 12-inch hose reel; choose 150 or 300 foot length below.
                  • Ship wt: 49 lbs
                  • Description: 150 ft hose: 600 psi, 3/8 in, with 12 in reel
                  United States
                  Solo Diaphragm Pump and Cylinder
                  Prices start at : 30.39 USD / each

                  Quickly and easily change out the complete pump and cylinder. Turns a 30-minute repair into a 5-minute task; a great backup part to keep on the truck!


                    • Includes all required seals and O-rings, clamp and hardware: Specs
                    • Makes changing the diaphragm and pressure cylinder easier - fewer steps than ordering a bunch of components: Product Features
                    • Includes a pressure regulator with four settings: 15, 30, 45 and 60 psi: Specs
                    United States
                    Spray Wand Extension, 600mm
                    Prices start at : 13.19 USD / each

                    Add this threaded wand to any Jacto standard spray wand to increase the overall wand reach. It is great for small ornamental trees, fruit trees, and any other hard-to-reach areas. Fits all Jacto backpack sprayers! This stainless steel spray wand extension...
                    United States
                    Birchmeier Backpack Sprayer 4gal
                    Prices start at : 314.89 USD / each

                    UV stabilized heavy duty 4 gallon container with large filtered opening. Recommended for all of your pesticide and herbicide applications. Max output of .58 gpm. Reliable, practical, with a long service life due to: Durable, chemical resistant brass cylinder!...



                        • Recommended for all of your pesticide and herbicide applications except WP's: Product Benefits
                        • Handles temperatures from 41degrees F - 122 degrees F: Specs
                        • One strap goes in the bottom "slot", and the user slips their shoulder into that rig first. Then the other buckle goes underneath the sprayer base; it accommodates a variety of body sizes and types.: FAQ
                        • Quick adjust straps and a strong stainless steel base to keep it upright: Product Features
                        • Why does it appear there is a bottom slot missing for one shoulder strap but not the other (at the metal base of the sprayer)?: FAQ
                        • Adjustable brass nozzle: Specs
                        United States
                        Speed Tip Nozzle from Solo
                        Prices start at : 9.59 USD / each

                        Now with a simple turn of the dial, you can rapidly switch spray patterns on demand thus eliminating the need to carry additional nozzles or perform nozzle changes in the field. Jet stream, flat spray or mist - Just turn the dial! The speed tip multi-pattern...
                        • Red color: Specs
                        • Dial adjusts to jet stream, flat spray, or mist: Product Features
                        United States
                        Spray Gun High Performance With 17in Barrel
                        Prices start at : 232.29 USD / each

                        Adjustable spray patterns. 850 psi, 25 gpm. High performance spray gun w/17" barrel.
                        United States
                        Chapin Hand Held Sprayer Industrial 3gal
                        Prices start at : 81.59 USD / each

                        A quality compressed air sprayer for heavy-duty application! Use with materials that corrode stainless steel/galvanized tanks. 8" diameter, 3 gallon poly tank (3 gallons useable) with poly pump barrel.
                        United States
                        Kings 3pt Sprayer, 50gal, with Boomless Nozzle
                        Prices start at : 1858.39 USD / each

                        Center mount boomless spray nozzle is adjustable in height to suit your application. All aluminum welded frame, 50' of 3/8" high pressure hose with adjustable pattern Green Garde GES gun.


                          • Empty weight: 150: Specs
                          • Overall width: 38": Specs
                          • 50 gallon tank: Specs
                          • Pin width: 23": Specs
                          • Category 1 three-point hitch: Specs
                          • 50' of 3/8" hose: Specs
                          United States
                          Farm & Field Hand Sprayer 48 Oz
                          Prices start at : 12.99 USD / Each

                          Chapin Size S Farm & Field Hand Sprayer - 48 Oz.
                          • Weight: 1.0200
                          • Size: 48 oz.
                          United States
                          Kings 4 Wheel 100 gal Trailer Sprayers
                          Prices start at : 2735.09 USD / each

                          Fully assembled and factory tested! This Kings Service 4-Wheel sprayer was originally developed for the nursery industry, but it has found its way into many other fields where a portable unit is needed.

                          Product Features

                            • Pressure: 7gpm @ 150psi
                            • Premium grade polyethylene tank: Product Features
                            • Spray Diameter: 15 feet
                            • Adjustable hydraulic jet agitation: Product Features
                            • Pump: 4-Roller
                            • 100 gallon poly tank: Specs
                            United States
                            Birchmeier RPD15 Backpack Sprayer, 4 Gal
                            Prices start at : 181.79 USD / each

                            This Birchmeier backpack sprayer with proven technology has a new designed external pump which is integrated directly into the RPD15's pump lever. The new hose positioning is also a lot handier.

                            Product Features

                              • Re-defined ergonomics: Product Features
                              • Holder for spray lance: Product Features
                              • Tank outlet via suction system: Product Features
                              • Large filling opening with strainer: Product Features
                              • Top quality mountings: Product Features
                              • Recessed grips: Product Features
                              United States
                              Spyker Pro 175 lb Capacity Powder Coated Tow Spreader
                              Prices start at : 393.79 USD / each

                              Enclosed steel gears warranted for life. Big capacity 175 lbs. All PRO Series Spyker spreaders offer you Product Lifetime protection on Gear Systems. Capacity hoppers provide large coverage areas without stops.


                                • The metal rod used for the on/off is more precise than the cables they used to use: Product Benefits
                                • Accu-way Even Spread Pattern Adjustment: Specs
                                • The Effective Spread Width ranges from 4 - 12 feet wide depending on the volume/density, particle size of the material, and rate of travel.: Specs
                                • Optional Cover (Shown): Specs
                                • 13 X 5 inches (330mm x 127mm) Pneumatic Tires: Specs
                                • 175 lbs. (80 kg) Capacity: Specs
                                United States
                                3-Point 100 Gallon Sprayer with 12 Foot Folding Boom
                                Prices start at : 2400.19 USD / each

                                All welded aluminum frame has a strong skid frame for stability. Quick disconnect 540 RPM pump adapter. Category 1 three-point mount. High volume 12 gpm @ 300 psi 8-roller pump has plenty of output to spray to 30ft.


                                  • 50' of 3/8" high pressure hose: Specs
                                  • Empty weight: 180: Specs
                                  • Quick disconnect 540 RPM pump adapter: Specs
                                  • Pin width: 30": Specs
                                  • 12 gpm @ 300 psi roller pump: Specs
                                  • 3-section 12' folding boom: Specs
                                  United States
                                  Earthway 250 lb 12 Volt Spreader
                                  Prices start at : 1529.99 USD / each

                                  The M80ECM is equipped with the EarthWay Exclusive Electronic Control Module that allows you to not only remotely turn the motor On/Off, but to also control the Open/Close of the shut-off material flow, thus eliminating the need for cables or ropes.

                                  Product Features


                                      • Stainless Steel Chassis with Integrated Vertical or Horizontal Mounting System: Product Features
                                      • Power Chord Length: 5 1/2': Specs
                                      • 300lb/134kg Load bearing capacity - what the frame will support: Product Features
                                      • 5-Year Limited Warranty: Product Features
                                      • Stainless steel frame: Specs
                                      • Effective Spreading Width usually around 7-12ft, but it depends on the mounted height of spreader, rate of travel, weather conditions, cleanliness of impeller, and volume/density/coatings/particle size of the material being spread.: Specs
                                      United States
                                      Orbital Sprayer
                                      Prices start at : 2.99 USD / Each

                                      Orschelntm Orbital Sprayer lets you spray cleaning products under, around or into awkward, hard-to-reach places. This sprayer sprays upside down, on its side and int he upright position.
                                      • Weight: 0.2800
                                      • Adjustable Spray Pattern: Fully Adjustable
                                      • Size: 32 oz.
                                      United States