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Lessons from an Arborist
My neighbor recently dug out an enormous hydrangea he'd planted as tiny shrublet, in a "perfect" location about 10 inches out from his foundation. For example, his favorite potting mix for small shrubs and baby trees is about 3 parts pine fines to 1 part...
El Segundo
Dave\'s Garden Book Review: Forget-Her-Nots
As these events transpire, Laurel finds that women in her family might have had this gift in common for generations, including her mother and grandmother. Here are four tussie-mussies that I created just for this review and their meanings.
El Segundo
Vineyard or Orchard Sprayer
Price : CALL

Low Volume means 200lit. Tank trailed, Sprayer aggregate on tree-point-hich Save 25% and more spray product. No power transmission between tractor and tank, allows for tight turns.
Im selling six beautifull chickens
Price : CALL

Im selling six perfect chickens for what ever price you offer im selling them because my back garden isnt that big so i ould like to give them to some one els I need to sell these chickens because it isnt fair on them to just have a back garden i mean...
Middle Tennessee Shetland Sheep for sale
Price : CALL

$100 each, $75 for three or more. We recently had a house fire and no longer have means to care for all of our sheep so the flock must be reduced. All unregistered full-blooded Shetland Sheep.
Farm Loader
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Rate load (kg) 800 Hydraulic cycle time (s) 8.5 Bucket capacity (m3) 0.4 Max. Turning radius (mm) 3000 Overall dimensions Length*width*height) (mm) 4480*1400*2200 Min. Using direct injection diesel engine as power, with easy startup and low oil consumption...
Urban Certified Organic Farm/Homestead
Price : CALL

2 fully fenced acres, including certified organic gardens and small orchard. Jack s Valley Elementary and Douglas County schools. Zoning is limited agricultural use, meaning you have the right to raise and sell crops and livestock from the property.
Carson City

We strive to be a step ahead of the basic industry suppliers and have research data and... We strive to be a step ahead of the basic industry suppliers and have research data and field experience to stand behind any product we supply.
  • Type: Distributor
  • Slogan: Your horticultural products supplier
Radiant Air Cool Reflector 8\\\
Price : CALL

High efficiency design with a premium European specular aluminum interior means more light from the coolest running design ever offered by Hydrofarm. Radiant Air Cool Reflector super sized, air cooled lensed units - Hydrofarm manufacturer
Los Angeles
We are producers and suppliers of best and highe
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We are producers and wholesale and retail suppliers of the high quality Research chemicals such as. -Mephedrone, - Naphyrone, -Methylone, - 4-AcO-DMT - Benzyl Benzoate -Buphedrone, - Ethcathinone -And other research Chemicals in Crystal and powder form...
Walnut kernels
Price : CALL

The walnut is clean from dust, septa and dry walnut.We pack walnut kernels in 10 kg double-double corrugated cartons. We provide deliveries of the goods to any country of the world, and have the entire package of all necessary documents.
We are the best seller of Basmati Rice
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And we are the number 1 exporter/importer of rice. For centuries it has been exported to the Arab countries and many of their traditional rice dishes are cooked with long grained Basmati rice.
British Columbia
Crude Coconut oil Vegetable Products
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The reasoning behind the benefits of this type of acid is that medium-chain fatty acids are not only absorbed easily by the liver, but they are also metabolized quickly. This means they can further be converted into ketones.
Jawa Timur
Velcro Cushion Wrap Pads
Prices start at : 211.49 USD / each

Angled style design. Velcro climbing pads have a double back cinch loop that provides a snug fit to the leg! Steel insert keeps the climber stationary and is compatible with Buckingham titanium/steel and Bashlin aluminum climbers.


    • 4" width: Specs
    • Compatible with Buckingham titanium/steel and Bashlin aluminum climbers (we don't sell the Bashlin brand but if you own a pair it will work: Specs
    Petzl Grillon Adjustable Work-Positioning Lanyard
    Prices start at : 212.09 USD / each

    The rope is lightweight, flexible, abrasion-resistant nylon and includes a protective sleeve for reduced contact to abrasive surfaces. A mechanical device lanyard, which allows easy flow of line through the cam, but locks when load is applied! Pressing...


      Product Features

        • Available in a 9ft. or 15ft. lanyard: Specs
        • A mechanical device lanyard, which allows easy flow of line through the cam, but locks when load is applied. Pressing the Grillon lever will release line even under load, for quick positioning: Product Features
        • Metal Grillon lever for releasing line: Specs
        • Braided nylon construction: Specs
        • Connects to the side or waist attachment points of a harness with carabiners (sold separately): Product Features
        Samson Stable Braid Rigging Rope
        Prices start at : 130.99 USD / each

        Arborists commonly use Stable Braid in combination with block pulleys and slings for a strong, wear resistant method of controlled lowering of tree limbs. It is durable with excellent abrasion and UV resistance.


          • Torque free construction: Specs
          • Flexible and easy to handle: Specs
          • Spliceable: Specs
          • Excellent abrasion resistance: Specs
          • Class 1 Double Braid splice: Specs
          • High-resistance to UV: Specs
          US Rigging Pulley Aluminum With 2.75in Aluminum Sheave, 380 lbs. Working Load Limit
          Prices start at : 29.99 USD / each

          Has aluminum sideplates and aluminum sheave, and the sheave has a bearing in the axle. Aluminum pulley for arborist use! Uses a 1/2 inch rope. The minimum breaking strength is 3,800 lbs.


            • Uses a 1/2 inch rope: Specs
            • Aluminum sideplates and aluminum sheave: Specs
            • Sheave has a bearing in the axle: Specs
            Weaver Work Positioning Saddle Single Sliding D Ring And Seat Straps
            Prices start at : 199.99 USD / each

            A similar fit and feel to the Climber's Best saddle, but with more movement allowance utilizing a sliding dee ring in place of the fixed D-rings. Not for fall arrest. Sliding ring saddle with seat and leg straps.
            • Size: Small
            • Waist Sizes: 30-34 inches (20-inch Dee to Dee)
            Buckingham Safety Snap Double Locking With Thimble
            Prices start at : 31.09 USD / each

            Rope to saddle snap with thimble for connecting climbing rope to safety saddle! Prevents rope wear.


              • Snap has 1in. eye, 13/16 in. opening, and is 5 13/16 in. long: Specs
              • Rated to 5,000 lbs. impact load: Specs
              • Double latch locking system stops hooks from opening by accident: Specs
              • Thimble has outside diameter 5/8 in., inside diameter 1/2 in.: Specs
              New! Kong Aluminum Carabiner with Snap Hook and Eye
              Prices start at : 18.99 USD / each

              Kong equipped this carabiner with a Keylock system. This carabiner features an automatic sleeve and an eyelet. High-quality aluminum construction! Kong manufactures this carabiner using a high-quality aluminum alloy.


                Product Features

                  • Made in Italy: Product Features
                  • Width (mm): 72-1/2: Specs
                  • Minor axis load (kN): 7: Specs
                  • Eyelet diameter (mm): 15: Specs
                  • Automatic sleeve suitable for professional use: Product Features
                  • Open gate load (kN): N/A: Specs
                  Petzl Footpro Webbing Loop With Gate Connector For Handled Ascenders
                  Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

                  A height adjustable elastic keeps the foot in the loop, regardless of shoe type.. The Footpro is a versatile accessory used with handled ascension devices during the "sit-stand" rope climb! The strap can be adjusted to proper length with the double back...

                  Product Features

                    • Length easily adjusted with the DoubleBack buckle: Product Features
                    • Underfoot strap is abrasion-resistant and is slightly rigid to make it easier to step into: Product Features
                    Buckingham Tree Climber Set with Nylon Straps
                    Prices start at : 277.99 USD / each

                    Complete with nylon leg straps and foot straps for added durability. Popular Steel Tree Climber Set with 3 & 1/2" permanent gaff! Contoured shank accommodates the ankle bone and the offset stirrup sits in the center of the foot.
                    • The long gaff is good for thick-bark trees: Product Features
                    • 3 & 1/2" fixed gaff (spike): Specs
                    Buckingham Glide Lite Saddle
                    Prices start at : 827.99 USD / each

                    Wide webbing across back reinforces the light back pad for increased back support. 3 accessory loops, ring and snap. The Glide Lite saddle emphasizes safety and versatility, all in a light weight 3.6 lb package.


                      • Size: Large (36-40 inches)
                      • 3 accessory loops, ring and snap: Specs
                      • When ordering type item # 16903+SIZE: Specs
                      Samson Pro Master 3-Strand Rigging Rope
                      Prices start at : 70.99 USD / each

                      Spun fiber on the surface offers excellent grip and knot holding. Holds its shape even with heavy use! Pro-Master 3-strand twisted rigging line. For price and performance there isn't a better three-strand rigging rope in the marketplace.


                        • Identified by a green surface tracer: Specs
                        • Working Load: 630 lb
                        • Tensile Strength: 6,300 lbs.
                        • 10 to 1 working load: Specs
                        • Twisted 3-strand: Specs
                        • Color: White with green ink stripe
                        Buckingham Port A Wrap III Friction Device 10,000lb Tensile
                        Prices start at : 129.99 USD / each

                        Lbf., 2,000 WLL.. For added safety, a formed rope retention bar has been added. Rated to 18,000 lb. A second eye allows the user to attach a block and tackle, using an ascender and your rigging line, and hoist up a limb.
                        Weaver Work Positioning Saddle Four D Ring With Seat Straps
                        Prices start at : 161.99 USD / each

                        Thick Cotton Saddle with Four D-rings for more stability. Not for fall arrest. This saddle is similar to our Climber's Best Saddle in a cotton version. 1" neoprene leg straps keep the seat strap in place during use.


                          • Weight 5.2 pounds: Specs
                          • Size: Small
                          • Waist Size: 30-34 inches (20-inch Dee to Dee)
                          • 1-inch neoprene leg straps: Specs
                          Big Shot Throw Weight Launcher
                          Prices start at : 149.99 USD / each

                          Allows you to launch nearly straight up which is nearly impossible to do by hand. We recommend using the Big Shot with at least 8ft of pole length to eliminate recoil and maximize launch distance of 3 to 20 ounce weights and line.


                            Product Features

                              • Two (2) Jameson 4-foot Fiberglass Poles: Specs
                              • We recommend using two 4 foot poles together on the ground (included with the BIGKIT and BIGK kits) to eliminate recoil and maximize launch distance: Product Features
                              • One (1) FP400B Leonard 4-foot Orange Fiberglass Base Pole: Specs
                              • Works with 3 oz to 20 oz throw weights: Product Features
                              • One (1) FP400 Leonard 4-foot Orange Fiberglass Sectional Pole: Specs
                              CMI Micro Pulley
                              Prices start at : 34.99 USD / each

                              Sheave Dia: 1-1/4"Side Plate: Alum. A myriad of uses, but commonly used for one handed advance of friction hitches along the climbing line! Tensile: 7,000 lb WLL: 700 lb Sheave: Alum.


                                • Weighs 2.4 oz: Specs
                                • Sheave Dia: 1 & 1/4": Specs
                                • Takes 1/2" rope: Specs
                                • Working load limit: 700 lb: Specs
                                Dead End Cable Grips
                                Prices start at : 4.29 USD / each

                                Use with extra high strength or common cable, left hand lay only. Pictured with Galvanized Thimble sold separately. For tree cabling and bracing! Tree grip dead-ends wrap quickly around cable, ends time consuming splicing and clamping, maintains original...
                                • Diameter: 3/16 inch