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Alfalfa Hay
We are suppliers of good quality alfalfa hay used as animal feed.We offer good quality sundried alfalfa hay at very competitive prices.Below are the specifications of our alfalfa hay.
United Kingdom, Plymouth
Alfalfa Hay Pellets from Ukraine
IT S CHEAP Alfalfa pellets is an economical way of feeding of farm animals and birds. Our alfalfa pellets are well kept, full of nutrients and healthy vitamin feed for farm animals.
Ukraine, Kiev City
Alfalfa Seeds
Prices start at : 8.49 USD / 8 oz

Improve body’s defense system. Strengthen the bones. You can sprout alfalfa seeds by following 5 simple steps: Enjoy your home-made sprouts! Protect from cancer. Some plant steroids found in the sprouts have anti-irritant characteristics which help...
  •  High Purity, Premium Quality
  •  Country of Origin: Italy
  •  Certified Kosher by Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Total Carbohydrate: 1g
  • Total Fat: 0g
United States, New York
Hesston Big Square Baler 4755
41,000 bales, rebuilt knotters, knotter blower, new timing chain, rollers, bushings and more. Hesston Big Square Baler $35,000 4755- 99 Hesston Baler.
United States, Colorado
Alfalfa Hay Pellets
1/4 inch (6-7mm)diameter Alfalfa hay pellets with minimum 17% CP and 10% moisture, low ash,forage test report available for each lot. CP and other attributes can be increased with natural supplements mixed in the factory.Can supply immediately 500 tons...
United States, Wisconsin
Alfalfa Sprouts How To: Tips On How To Grow Alfalfa Sprouts At Home
Seeds prepared for planting may be treated with insecticides, fungicides and other chemicals, and aren’t safe to eat. Skim off the seed coats that rise to the surface and then strain them through a colander.
United States, Ohio
Growing Alfalfa – How To Plant Alfalfa
Pure alfalfa seed can be purchased from most feed supply stores.Those living in cooler climates can plant alfalfa in spring while milder regions should opt for fall planting. It’s ideal for improving the soil and providing erosion control.
United States, Ohio
Organic Alfalfa Seeds
Prices start at : 8.99 USD / 8 oz

Solve women’s health problems. These seeds may be used in numerous dishes and even beverages, so the ways to benefit from them are varied. Organic alfalfa seeds have a supply of green pigment which relieves the pain by eliminating this acid from the...
  •  High Germination Rate
  •  Country of Origin: Italy
  • Total Carbohydrate: 1g
  • Cholesterol: 0mg
  • Total Fat: 0g
  • Protein: 1g
United States, New York
Summer Alfalfa - Cover Crop Seed
Prices start at : 8.85 USD / 1/4 Pound

Seed early in the season so germination will preclude weeds, since it does not compete well with weeds early in the establishment sequence. Specific charges will be displayed during checkout.Sow the seeds at the time and rate specified in the product...
  •  Attracts Beneficial Insects
  • Life Cycle ID: Annual
  • Hybrid Status: Open Pollinated
United States, Maine
Wanted Alfalfa Hay,Cube,Fescue..
We are looking for Alfalfa Cube, Kline, Bermuda Hay and Fescue, Orchard Straw for International Market.
United States, Washington
United States, California
United States, Oregon
Wanted Alfalfa Hay
Prefer in California U.S.A. Supplier company must be within United States West Coast area, close to port cities. Need 1000 MT a month of Alfalfa Hay for export, must able to provide at least 10-12 40' container a week.
United States, California
Wanted Alfalfa
Need Alfalfa 1,000 T per month Packing: Each bundle 30-50kgs Quality: No Moldy Component: Moisture 13% Location in Los Angeles CA. Need to export 1,000 ton of Alfalfa per month to China.
United States, California
United States, Arizona
Wanted hay pellets
Please include options on delivery or pick up and price. Can use up to 10 tons per delivery. I will need a minimum of 10 tons, possibly more. I need a source of hay pellets suitable for horse feed.
United States, Nebraska
United States, Colorado
United States, South Dakota
Alfaalfa, open quantity , for 12 month, open L/C, to Kuwait city , open bid cube and pellets, mr; Salam Al-Bader Alfaalfa,open bid , and quntity, cube and pellets, supply for one year , open L/C, please forward detail to me, any place i the world
United States, California
China, Guangdong
Pakistan, Azad Kashmir
Wanted alfalfa hay pellets horse
Needed to feed ex-race arabian horse bale hay and burmuda in our area contains stickers Need premium pellets for main food supply, horse hay in oiur area contains sand burs that get stuck in mouth and throat.
United States, Oklahoma
Wanted Alfalfa Hay Pellets
Looking for bulk prices. Horse required to have hay cubes only. Must be able to pick up or have deliverd in rural Minnesota. Looking for bulk prices on alfalfa hay pellets. Need to be able to pick up or have deliverd in rural Minnesota.
United States, Minnesota
United States, North Dakota
Alfalfa hay pellets
Please send a message until march 3. Alfalfa hay pellets for animal feed on a monthly basis. For export purpose. Wanted alfalfa hay pellets for animal feed on a monthly basis. Good quality required.
Germany, Baden-Wuerttemberg
Ukraine, Krym, Respublika
Rumania, Arad
Alfalfa hey silage
Wanted alfalfa hey from ontario canada wanted silage corn from ontario canada alfalfa I look for alfalfa hey 16%proteinate pellets 20kg antil 40kg form ontario canada 500ton also i look for silage form ontario
Canada, Ontario
Alfalfa pellets, Alfalfa seeds CUF 101, Mobile V
Cont.Co., based in Kuwait, leading Agriculture Landscape & Irrigation Company, we have three Agro-input showrooms, dealing with all landscape & Irrigation materials. Also we have veterinary Hospital & Clinics.
Kuwait, Al Kuwayt
Organic alfalfa pellets for sale
If you need anoth packaging style just let me know. Please contact me for pricing info. We our certified through Oregon tilth. We can do 50lb bags, 1-ton bags and bulk load. I have both conventional and organic aflafla pellets for sale in Eastern Oregon.
United States, Oregon
Alfalfa Feed Pellets
Send inquiries and get your order in for the 2008 year. Last year we sold out in 3 months. I have 800 tons of Alfalfa Pellets that are high protein and are for Livestock that includes Cattle.
United States, Texas
Organic Alfalfa Pellets USDA
Pricing for 50lb bags FOB San Diego: $400 USD per Ton Our mission is to provide the highest quality alfalfa pellet product focusing on sustainability through organic farming. Ingredients: Certified Organic Sun-dried Alfalfa Meal.
United States, Arizona
Want to Buy Alfalfa Hay, Pellets
Alfalfa Hay Specification : Proteins : 15 - 18 % Rough Fibers : 22 ADF : 31 % max Moisture : 12 % max Color : Green in general Quality : Free from harmfull, odor, seeds, foreign matter, rediation
India, Tamil Nadu
Alfalfa pellets
And shipping cost to Jordan. Could you supplies us with Alfalfa pellets as more than 3500 ton/year ? If yes pls send to me all products details and information you have and price quotation.
Jordan, Al Karak
Alfalfa Hay Pellets Animal Feed
Other conditions & documents required other than shipping. Commercial invoice, certificate of origin and quality analysis certificate to be legalized by the chamber of commerce, ministry of foreign affairs & uae embassy.
United Arab Emirates, Dubayy
Brazil, Rio de Janeiro
Canada, Ontario
Alfalfa hay cattle feed
I need the prices of the alfalfa product for cow feeding to my farm n jordan. I need a list of prices. I need large quantity of cow feed alfalfa to export it to my farm in jordan. I need a good quality
Alfalfa pellets
Alfalfa pellets in 20' containers, permanent exports to Colombia (south America) from canada I am interested in to be a permanent distribuitor for Colombia, I live in Canada with excellents contacts in South America
Canada, Ontario
Canada, Quebec
Wanted Alfalfa Pellet
Please provide me the rates CIF UAE and complete details of your product. Thanks, Ranjith. Dear Sir, We want Alfalfa pellets in bulk & Alfalfa withmoisture ( 15kg piece) to be imported to UAE.
Australia, New South Wales
United Kingdom, Angus
United States, Florida
Need 682 tons of alfalfa pellets
5mmm pellets packed in plastic bag of 40 kg each Need to import to beirut, lebanon, 682 tons of alfalfa pellets for cows by the end of this month Specification of the order is as folow pure alfalfa, dry matter 92%, crude protein 17%, fat 2.9%, crude fiber...
Lebanon, Bayrut
Lebanon, Jabal Lubnan