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Aechmea Fasciata

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How Large Will a Bromeliad Grow?
The Hechtia melanocarpa, a Mexican native, develops a 5-foot rosette and shoots flowers 8 feet into the air.Moderate-sized bromeliads satisfy the needs of most gardeners. Many bromeliads adapt to the growing conditions imposed upon them by their environments.Large...
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How to Identify My Bromeliad
They contain about 730 species, which come in varying shapes, colors and sizes.The Vriesea are related to the Guzmania, the difference being that Vriesea tend to grow soilless on tree branches and their roots are meant only to hold them in place rather...
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Matchstick Bromeliad, Matchstick Plant
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As with most Bromeliads keep water in the basin formed by the rosette of foliage and you can allow the soil to become moderately dry between waterings. As with many of the Aechmea species, the Matchstick Bromeliad is one of the most reliably cold hardy...
  • pH Range: Acidic, Mildly Acidic, Neutral, Mildly Alkaline
  • Indoor Light: High, Medium
  • Soil & Moisture: Well-drained, average moist soil.
  • Container Size: 4.5 inch / 20 fl.oz. / 591 ml
  • Native To / Origin: S America
Plants That Have Sharp Blades
The blades form a rosette around the plant's center, where a flower emerges. Although it helps to wear gloves while you work with these plants, identifying them in advance is also a good idea to help prevent problems.Ornamental grasses have many uses...
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9.78 Acres in East Baton Rouge Parish
Prices start at : 360000 USD

The outer siding of the home was done with an antique cypress siding that brings that unique country feel. Enjoy your coffee or read the paper looking out at the many varieties of flowers and trees that are in bloom at many times throughout the year.
  • Residence: Yes
  • Irrigated: No
  • Bedrooms: 3 Bedrooms
Outdoor Plants That Look Like a Pineapple
When not in bloom, the foliage is unimpressive. Some botanical genera of the bromeliad family display spiny, strap- to sword-like leaves and a plump flower stalk that resembles those of a pineapple.
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Ants In Your Plants
These are great homes for ants, who naturally oblige by using these plants to settle colonies.Two species of Ant Plant found in the mangroves forests of northern Australia have been brought into cultivation.
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