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2016 CARRY-ON 4x6
Prices start at : 480.00 USD

Ball Hitch • No Brakes • 1"7/8 Ball Hitch
  • Serial Number: 4YMUL0815GG042815
  • Attachments: Ball Hitch
  • Model: 4x6
  • New: Used
  • Year: 2016
Roughcut Hackberry
Price : CALL

If you are interested you can contact me and I will send you some pictures. I will sell all for one money. I have one Hackberry tree that has been rough-cut into 2 inch slabs. It has been drying indoors over the last 5 years.
Cladding Siberian larch
Price : CALL

Aesthetically Beautiful Traditional Look!. Naturally Durable. Great Workability Features = Time & Cost Savings. Priming & Painting Not Necessary = Substantial Cost Savings!. Dense / Stable (Uniformly Kiln-Dried).
Heart Pine Lumber
Price : CALL

I will answer your message within 24 hours. You can also email me. If you are interested please contact me anytime. I am interested in selling 100 year old heart pine lumber. It is 100 years old and is in very good shape.
Ben Hill
Decking Siberian larch
Price : CALL

Great Workability Features = Time & Cost Savings Long Lasting!. Maintenance Optional. Naturally Durable No Chemical Treatments Aesthetically Beautiful Tight Grain and Golden Brown Color looks great! Accepts Stain Well Offers Variety of Design Options...
Bishop Wood
2015 United Trailers XLE 4X6
Prices start at : 1350.00 USD

2015 United XLE 4X6 4' Interior Height Dexter Spring Axles with E-Z Lube Hubs 12" Tires 4 Way Flat Plug (no brakes) 2" Single Tube Coupler 3" Tube Frame Protective Undercoating 3/4" Square Edge Engineered Wood Flooring Lauan Wall Liner 12V ELECTRICAL...


    • Make: United Trailers
    • construction: steel
    • height: 4.00
    • Year: 2015
    • weight: 0.00
    • width: 4.00
    Black walnut burl (i think)
    Price : CALL

    I seem to have inherited this small black walnut burl and have no idea what to do with it or what its worth. This burl is very dark and has been coated with clear varnish, the wood grain and unusual form of the burl will make an outstanding finished piece.
    Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut
    Price : CALL

    Red oak, white oak, white ash and walnut We have a large stock of stable kiln dried semi-processed reclaimed Oak flooring boards from beam-sawn Oak. Available for F Shipment White Oak 4/4-8/4 Red Oak 4/4-8/4 White Ash 4/4-/8/4 Walnut 4/4-8/4 Please send...
    Oak wood flooring
    Price : CALL

    Red Oak has a somewhat less attractive figure than White Oak due to smaller rays Description: Red Oak heartwood is similar to other oaks and coloration runs from a light tan to pink with a reddish tinge.
    Genuine Mahogany (Swietenia Macrophylla)
    Price : CALL

    The Mahogany comes from a 40 to 45 year old plantation. The Mahogany we offer has all the Cites documentation required. We are a forest grower and wood processing company in South America.
    Precision Cut Lumber - Architectural Structures
    Price : CALL

    Besides our furniture manufacturing facilities, our sawmill operation manufactures doors, windows, flooring & architectural timber structures for both residential and commercial projects.
    Chiang Mai
    Mae On
    2017 CROSS TRAILERS 4x6 Flatbed Trailer
    Prices start at : 899 USD

    Many more sizes available. Comes with a fold down reinforced ramp gate. Standard Features: •#2 Pine •3.5K Axle with New Tires •Angle Iron Railing •2K Slide-up Jack •2" A-frame Coupler •GVWR: 3,500 lbs •Standard Lighting •4 Leaf Double...
    Fully-automated Hydroponic Equipment
    Price : CALL

    Pictures of food/rockwool/etc. Exterior blemishes from transport, but overall in excellent condition and ready to grow immediately. Will sell separately if necessary, but would prefer to sell as a package( $3000/each large box, $1500/small).
    2003 F550 W/DUMP
    Price : CALL

    It was used for hauling leftover pieces of lumber and house building trash. Box has barn doors. It has a basket over the cab for carrying a wheelbarrow or tools. Asking price is $12,500.
    San Bernardino
    159 acres farm between New Liskeard & Englehart
    Price : CALL

    Wood furnace (Valley Comfort brand) in basement. Farm house built in 1950 and new addition in 1990. The original barn had burnt, a new barn 26' x 48' was built in 2001 on the same site.
    KD Oak Squares 27-41 mm
    Price : CALL

    Reduced-price sale before retirement for retirement reasons Shutdown of activity on June 29, 2018 Closure of the company at 30/11/18
    • Length: 350 - 800 mm
    • Thickness: 27; 34; 41 mm
    • Delivery deadline: In Stock
    • Type: Squares
    • Volume: 10 m3 Spot - 1 time
    • Region: PAYS DE LOIRE
    Pays de la Loire
    European Solid Oak Beams - Section measures on request
    Price : CALL

    European solid oak beams, length from 2,5 to 11 meters, section: custom cut. Optional: planed and dried.
    • Quality: D18, D24, D30
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Type: Beams
    • Thickness: 100-350 mm
    • Drying: Fresh sawn
    Beams Oak, 225 mm
    Price : CALL

    Sell French oak sawn timber ( Unedged Blocks) 225mm (+5) x 200 et + with max 20% 150-190mm 1.90(+10) 2.00(+10) Possibility of 15 Containers by month
    • Quality: F 4
    • Thickness overmeasure (gross tally): 230 mm
    • Grading system: European grading rules
    • Length: 2.0; 2.10; 2.20 m
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place
    • Type: Beams
    Oak Squares, cutting class S , certified PEFC
    Price : CALL

    Average class S, timbered quality, healthy sapwood responsive, raw, Einschnittmass = calculate dimension, billing the length is in full decimeters, extra charge for Splintfreie goods 35, - + VAT, edge drying surcharge on request, 100% PEFC goods, other...
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Germany
    • Volume: 30 m3 per month
    • Key feature: PEFC
    • Grading system: Tegernseer Use
    • Certification: PEFC/FFC
    • Type: Beams
    Strips, Oak
    Price : CALL

    Large stock of oak friezes 80/27 QF1a length was 0.3 0.50 or 00.50 was 2.00m inventory on request - Translated with google
    • Type: Strips
    • Volume: 100.0 - 150.0 m3 Spot - 1 time
    • Origin: France
    • Quality: F 1a
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Width: 80 mm
    Fresh Oak Beams 50 mm
    Price : CALL

    White oak 50 mm Length 2.40+
    • Type: Beams
    • Width: 150+ mm
    • Drying: Fresh sawn
    • Length: 2.40 + m
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    Teak Beams KD 80 mm
    Price : CALL

    Plantation Teak KD 80 mm thick 105+ mm width 185 - 350 cm length
    • Volume: 5 - 5 m3 Spot - 1 time
    • Delivery deadline: In Stock
    • Type of species: South American Hardwood
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Netherlands Region Zuid-Holland
    • Grading system: European grading rules
    • Width: 105+ mm
    South Holland
    OAK  QFA 26X165/185X1500-2500
    Price : CALL

    OAK 24+2X160/180+5X1500-2500+20 4 CLEAR FACE
    • Thickness overmeasure (gross tally): 2 mm
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Italy Region LAZIO
    • Type: Strips
    • Drying: Shipping dry (KD 18-20%)
    • Width: 165/185 mm
    Beech Packing Strips
    Price : CALL

    Unsteamed, KD - other lengths available
    • Width: 26 mm
    • Drying: Kiln dry (KD)
    • Length: 900 mm
    • Type: Strips
    KD Oak Lamellas, 4.4; 6.4 mm thick
    Price : CALL

    - - Translated with google
    • Width: 145; 175; 190; 210; 228 mm
    • Files: Specification file1
    • Quality: RUSTIC A.
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Origin: Ukraine
    • Length: 1200; 1700; 2000; 2200; 2500; 2750; 3000 mm
    North Brabant
    Oak Beams-Fresh cut
    Price : CALL

    Top quality, other dimensions and length prompt possible
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Germany
    • Width: 120 mm
    • Type: Beams
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Grading system: Tegernseer Use
    • Volume: 30 m3 per month
    Price : CALL

    OAK SQUARE EDGED TIMBER FINEST QUALITY slavonian - Translated with google
    • Type: Squares
    • Quality: F A
    • Incoterm: EXW - ex-works (seller's), goods are at seller's place Country Croatia
    • Volume: 20.0 - 30.0 m3 per month
    • Type of species: European Hardwood
    • Region: Slawonien
    PEFC Oak Squares 85 mm
    Price : CALL

    For sale 80mm x 80mm length 0.80m to 2.80m first prime perfect.

    80 mm

      • Width: 80 mm
      • Thickness: 80 mm
      • Drying: Air dry (AD)
      • Length: 800 - 2800 mm
      • Key feature: PEFC
      • Type: Squares
      Reclaimed Old Oak Beams
      Price : CALL

      Possible 1 truck per month Reclaimed oak, coming from old houses, windmill, farms... Visible iron things cleaned, material cut to size and cleared.
      • Thickness: 50+ mm
      • Quality: RECLAIMED
      • Type: Beams
      • Width: 200+ mm
      • Drying: Air dry (AD)
      Riese Pio X