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MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Horse Blanket
Prices start at : 199.99 USD / each

Great for pre-warmup or pre-competition. The MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Sheet helps promote overall healing and natural pain relief. Each 1-1/2" bi-polar magnet is strategically placed for optimal effectiveness; has hook-and-loop closures for a secure fit.
District of Columbia
Cowboy Cut Work Western Rigid Denim Mens Long Sleeve Shirt
Prices start at : 25.95 USD / each

100% cotton work shirt with snap closures and long sleeves. Authentic western styling at an affordable price! Machine washable. *Sizes are based on neck and sleeve measurement.
District of Columbia
Demo Saddle - Topeka Flex 2 Western Horse Saddle
Prices start at : 1825.00 USD / each

Tie strap and off billet. Swell width: 13". Horn: 3 1/4" neck, 1 7/8" cap. Cantle height: 4". Skirt: 27 1/4" L x 13 1/2" D. Demo saddles - try 'em before you buy 'em! The Topeka Flex 2 Trail Saddle by Circle Y Saddles is a stylish, border-tooled, all-leather...
District of Columbia
Correction Clear Signal 6\
Prices start at : 87.99 USD / each

CSE bits have already led horses to notable accomplishments, including the NCHA Non-Pro Horse of the Year and the NCHA Limited Non-Pro Futurity Champion. Clear Signal Equine bits eliminate the common historical bitting problems by providing innovative...
District of Columbia
Comfort Fit 1\
Prices start at : 119.95 USD / each

This 1" pad is made from moisture-wicking steamed felt which provides ideal impact protection. The Professional's Choice Comfort Fit Wool Pad is designed with the horse's comfort in mind.
District of Columbia
Long Fleece Western Tush Cushion
Prices start at : 39.99 USD / each

Unlike gel cushions, it is extremely lightweight and will not hold heat or compress at pressure points. Helps to relieve pain and stiffness, making hours in the saddle much more comfortable.
District of Columbia
Horse Trail Water Bottle Holder and Water Bottle
Price : CALL

A handy on-the-go or on-the-trail water bottle and holder. Hook-and-loop closure to secure your pack. Pocket on the front to easily slide in your phone, keys, money, etc.
District of Columbia
Deluxe Cantle Bag
Prices start at : 26.99 USD / each

Convenient pocket with roll up liner to keep jacket clean and dry. Tough, heavyweight 1000 denier nylon Deluxe Cantle Bag will stand the test of any trip. Single pocket for small accessories.
District of Columbia
Kens-i-tech T Turnout Horse Blanket
Prices start at : 85.95 USD / each

The fabric is 100% waterproof and breathable, and best of all it is extremely durable. Removable elastic/nylon leg straps. Tail flap, shoulder gussets, criss-cross belly straps. Fleece at the withers, open front with double buckles and keepers.
District of Columbia
Cowboy Kids Wade Horse Saddle
Prices start at : 899.99 USD / each

For the serious competitor, Cashel is proud to offer a serious youth saddle, designed with the young rider in mind. A secure seat pocket, roughout leather, and kid-friendly proportions help the young rider maintain correct position and balance.
District of Columbia
Groomer\'s Stone
Prices start at : 9.95 USD / each

A long-lasting and lightweight stone, takes off bot fly larvae safely and easily. You can also use it like a brush to remove hair and dirt and to bring out the oils in the horse's coat.
District of Columbia
Personalized Pasture Long Nose Fly Mask
Prices start at : 37.95 USD / each

The plastic-coated mesh is durable and blocks 70% of damaging UV rays. Patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage, and the unique design keeps the mesh well away from the eye area, making the Crusader the most comfortable mask available.
District of Columbia
Luxury Fleece Western Tush Cushion
Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

Protects sciatic area, tailbone and hips. ½” foam, topped with plush fleece. The Luxury Fleece Tush Cushion is for the larger saddle when a little more cushion for the tush is needed.
District of Columbia
Correction Swept Back Double Bar Horse Bit
Prices start at : 54.99 USD / each

Lifetime guarantee. This creates a sweet taste in the horse's mouth and promotes salivation. This bit will rust when exposed to moisture. The double bar offset swept back stainless steel cheek has great balance, smooth leverage application, and quick...
District of Columbia
Feather Flex Dressage Girth
Prices start at : 49.99 USD / each

Extra soft virgin neoprene eliminates girth itch and galling under harsh conditions. The FeatherFlex is self-lubricating, antimicrobial, and antifungal with stainless steel hardware.
District of Columbia
English Tush Cushion
Prices start at : 29.99 USD / each

Adjustable nylon straps hold firmly in place, preventing the sliding and shifting problems experienced with other seat savers. Made with closed cell foam, the cushion will not compact or bunch up, nor absorb and hold heat.
District of Columbia
Offside Latigo
Prices start at : 33.99 USD / each

1 3/4" all leather offside latigo.
District of Columbia
Cosequin ASU Plus for Horses
Prices start at : 78.99 USD / each

Avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU) is a potent ingredient to protect cartilage. 14,400 mg glucosamine, 2400 mg chondroitin sulfate, 2100 mg avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (ASU), 10,000 mg MSM, 100 mg hyaluronic acid (HA) and 30 mg green tea per 2...
District of Columbia
MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Horse Mask
Prices start at : 44.99 USD / each

The MagNTX Magnetic Therapy Mask is constructed using a soft coated micromesh material for adequate airflow. Recommended for use a minimum of 30 minutes and no more than 12 hours at one time.
District of Columbia
Magnetic Therapy Horse Blanket
Prices start at : 144.95 USD / each

Over 80 strategically placed magnets, each sewn into place for maximum healing benefits. The lightweight mesh fabric is perfect for year round use; a fleece patch over the withers prevents the mane from being rubbed out.
District of Columbia
Diamond Spurs \'\'Sherry Cervi\'\' Signature Collection
Prices start at : 69.99 USD / each

Stainless steel spur designed by Sherry Cervi specifically for the barrel racer. Features a light 1/2" band, a 1" offset shank and a blunt rowel.
District of Columbia
Nylon Braided Split Reins
Prices start at : 35.99 USD / each

3/4” braided nylon with snaps and leather popper.
District of Columbia
Magnetic Therapy Horse Brow Piece
Prices start at : 13.95 USD / each

Can offer a calming effect for a horse that has difficulty concentrating. Contains three magnets that come in contact with the horse's forehead. Can be used at home or at competitions to help relax a nervous horse and promote a more focused performance.
District of Columbia
Personalized Crusader Fly Mask
Prices start at : 33.95 USD / each

The plastic-coated mesh is durable and blocks 70% of damaging UV rays. Patented three-hole cap eliminates forelock damage, and the unique design keeps the mesh well away from the eye area, making the Crusader the most comfortable mask available.
District of Columbia
Monel Stirrups
Prices start at : 148.99 USD / each

Large, comfortable, wooden bell-bottom stirrup bound in brass Monel and leather lined.
District of Columbia
Favorite Montreal Horse Breast Strap Brass Hardware
Prices start at : 107.95 USD / each

Over the neck strap helps keep the breast strap up on your horse's shoulders. Doubled and stitched constructions, all brass hardware. This heavy-duty breast strap provides plenty of support to secure your saddle in the roughest country.
District of Columbia
Goostree Simplicity II Dr Bristol Horse Bit
Prices start at : 53.99 USD / each

Simplicity II bits encourage natural flexion with their balanced gag action. Designed for light-mouthed horses that need more flex and added control in the turn without restriction.
District of Columbia
Deluxe Roping Glove
Prices start at : 21.99 USD / each

Made from a synthetic blend of hi-tech fibers, it is thin yet highly protective. The Deluxe Roping Glove provides superior rope feel. It has memory to stretch, perfectly conforming to the hand and offering a snug and comfortable fit.
District of Columbia
Horse Helmet
Prices start at : 26.99 USD / each

Designed to prevent horses from causing injury to their head while traveling, loading and unloading in a trailer. With adjustable, elastic straps that easily snap onto the halter, you will not have to remove the halter to use this product.
District of Columbia